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Fixed an issue where the app was crashing on launch for some users.

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"I got pregnant!! Conception was the exact same day that this app read that I was ovulating. Happy Mother To Be!" - Lady Margarette

"This is an easy way to track my ovulation and periods" - Reneze

"This app is awesome!!! It's very easy to use and if you want to get pregnant it's the way to keep track." - Jacqueline Adap

"Gives you exactly the info you want-no extra fiddly bits. Perfect for baby planning!" - Sarah


Find out exactly when you ovulate! 
In one simple step, our ovulation calculator will let you: 

•Track your ovulation now and in the months to come 
•Find out when your baby would be due if you became pregnant 
•Use your fertile days to your advantage 

Ovulation can be tricky to track, especially since each woman's cycle is a little bit different and not completely predictable. However, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the mix when you know your most fertile days each month. 
Curious about when your due date would be? Alongside your most fertile days, the ovulation calculator will display your due date if you were to become pregnant that month. Talk about planning ahead! 

Customer Reviews

  • Worth every penny

    by Mr Band

    My wife and had a lot of trouble conceiving for the first 10 years of our marriage. We got this app and used it for one month and we became pregnant. We had used all kinds of other products on the market but were unsuccessful. I'm not saying this app is the reason we became parents but it certainly was lucky for us.

  • 3 Stars

    by AVAlsup

    I like the app, but I wish it had more helpful info.

  • Ovulation calculator

    by Nybree

    I love this app

  • Good App

    by Allie Eileen

  • Great app!

    by G-solitaire

    Great app!

  • Love it.

    by Leroy K. Bryd

    I love that it tells me what days I am fertile, makes it easier to know when we should start trying

  • Love it.

    by Hannah T. Kowalski

    I love that it tells me what days I am fertile, makes it easier to know when we should start trying

  • Please Help

    by Scoobydoo1820

    It won't even let me access the app! It goes to the title screen and then completely closes out! I really want to use this app it is everything I have been looking for. Please please please fix this!!!

  • Good app.

    by Yay yay UNO


  • Easy

    by great213

    Easy to use and read.

  • Muy buena

    by Lau Krysthel

    Muy buena

  • Useful

    by Kaitalina

    This app is awesome!! It never fails me.

  • Great

    by NoodleySam


  • Great!

    by Jen0602gh

    I uses this app for 2 months and am pregnant!

  • Love it

    by TeAma31

    It really works

  • Good

    by FogzDest

    Appears to be accurate and reliable! Simple and easy!

  • Awesome app!

    by Missy126

    Love the fact it tells me what days I am fertile, makes it easier to know when we should start trying.

  • I'm pregnant

    by Thomas wifey

    This was my first time using this app and now I'm pregnant. Great!!!

  • Thanks

    by tender879

    Great App...help me out a lot

  • Great App

    by Cre_cre83

    It's convenient and easy

  • No I didn't like

    by HellGirlX

    It didn't do anything for me besides telling me dates.

  • Not so pleased...

    by Angelbaby128

    I've been using this for over 6 months trying to conceive. I haven't even had a pregnancy scare yet! So I'd say it's not very accurate. I had to buy an ovulation kit bc I thought something was wrong. But it was just the app. Wish it were more accurate ):

  • Don't use the app

    by Worst hands down

    I would never recommend anybody to use this app if they are trying to not get pregnant. I got pregnant trusting this app!!! DON'T USE!!

  • Very basic.

    by Krystal Rae

    I am only giving this app 2 stars because it does tell you when you are ovulating like it says and adds your ovulation dates to your calendar, but nothing else. There are other apps out there that tell you when you're ovulating, when your peak ovulation day is, and when you're going to get your period. It's just a very basic app.

  • I'm not sure if it's me or the app

    by Cupcake 30

    This app would be awesome if it worked. When I put in my information and it went to give me result it automatically goes to a bunch of ads and won't let me get back to my previous item. I don't know if you have to pay for your results or what. But it's not working I am uninstalling.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Janellek526

    Don't get this app, it doesn't open.

  • App Doesn't Work

    by UpsetUser19

    I've used this app in the past and liked it, however as of late the app is constantly crashing. When you try to open it, it just closes itself out and returns you to your cell phone 'home' screen. Very annoying, so I downloaded a new app from different creators that opens just fine. I suggest you fix this issue ASAP if you want to see high ratings and satisfied users.

  • This app does almost nothing!

    by Blondy2004

    The only thing it does is tell your is your possible ovulation date and due date in conjunction with that. Not worth downloading. Don't waste your time or memory.

  • not impressed

    by Molly Bitsy

    i could do this on a calendar, this app did not provide what I was looking for- a personalized varient based calculation that fluctuates over time. a fine tuned machine that gives a overview of my menses

  • Not working program

    by Houdinis

    I do not think so it is really works, not recommend to anybody!!!

  • Not Working!

    by LuckyDaniLV

    Ever since the 9/21 update this app crashes at opening, even after uninstall / reinstall.

  • Great

    by Ehmuppets

    Easy to use, very basic but tells you all you need to know.

  • I like it

    by Lil cheetah

    Me and my girlfriend are trying to keep track of when she obvilates because we are working on a kid... This app was simple and easy and seems pretty accurate

  • Super Simple

    by Philly birds girl

    This app is super easy to use. Just plug in date of your last cycle and the length of time days to your next cycle. Love it.

  • Miss petite

    by Petite28

    Great app

  • Simple to use.

    by Mommy of 2 Jen

    I really like this app. It's easy to use.

  • Great app

    by Tharwatfz

    I love it , it's clear and easy and they give you good info , on the other hand I'd like to see more info and development on it

  • Accurate app

    by Jay_408

    According to this app fertility days are before ovulation takes place and before that temp rise. Other apps I used were giving me my fertility days too late and I was missing it. My doctor explained when fertility days take place and this app is the perfect match to those days.

  • Simple and easy!


    I love how easy this app is to use, other ovulation apps had too many extra features and were confusing.

  • Simply less

    by Reenier

    Very simplistic, just gives very basic info about fertility and due dates, if you do become pregnant. No info on cycle.

  • Very Helpful!

    by Mommy2Be2014!

    Love this app-helped me finally get pregnant :) Definitely recommend this to couples who are trying to expand their family <3

  • Not customizable enough

    by Mom any day

    I have a short luteal phase. It doesn't let you adjust that.

  • Great app!!

    by sweetyp2727

    Very easy to use and accurate!!!

  • I like it

    by Regigirl22

    This app is fun to use and very accurate.

  • Great!

    by Susan8791

    So easy, quick and to the point!!

  • Waste of $

    by Stephygannon

    Provides nothing helpful. How do I get my money back?

  • Efficient

    by Briana jazzy

    Very efficient.

  • Simple and easy to use

    by SR's mama

    Simple and easy to use

  • Really accurate!

    by Qwrtegt

    This is a really accurate app, compared to some of the others out there!

  • Nice

    by WO69

    Very nice

  • Love the App

    by MrsJoy1004

    Very helpful & easy to use!!

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