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Get your lab results on your smartphone with Gazelle.
Life is complicated. Managing your health shouldn’t be.

Get your lab results directly on your smartphone with Gazelle® the free mobile health app.

Gazelle® mobile health app, allows you to:
• Chart your lab results
• Manage various medications with med reminders
• Easily integrate and populate Withings body, weight, and blood pressure cuff data into Gazelle.
• Gazelle provides you an easy, convenient, and safe place to store, see, share and access your pertinent medical and health information.
• Gazelle enables you to receive and understand your Quest Diagnostics lab results anytime anywhere.*
• Have access to your health information in case of emergency
• Conveniently and easily share your information via email or fax.
• Schedule your next lab appointment and find the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center location.

*Direct release of results is available in the following states:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Washington D.C, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

*Only physician release of results is currently, available in the following states:
California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming.
Please contact Gazelle Support via email or phone if you would like more information on how you can get your lab results via, Gazelle® mobile health app, if you reside in a territory that only allows physician release of results.

Visit to learn more about Gazelle®, your free mobile health app, that enables you to be more proactive in managing the health of you and your loved ones.

Need assistance? We are here to help.

Call Us At: 877-291-7521

Email Us At: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Finally!!!

    by Moltomateo

    Emailed support twice. Today is the 8th business day. Emails says results there. Still shows in progress in the app. Oh and no reply to my emails. Edit: it's been over a month since I submitted my request. No response to 3 emails to support. This app is a worthless joke as is their "support." Edit 2: after all this time it finally works again. Whew.

  • IBM Retired

    by Jlabranch

    Very good. Except only 1 user per phone without reloading.

  • Great App!

    by CpuDoc

    No problems so far and emailing my report was a breeze. Nice to have my results available on my phone! +++

  • Great app!!!

    by SMiller1920

    I love that I can get my lab results quickly! I did have some trouble but Gazelle Support resolved entirely! Definite must have!

  • Awesome

    by Tout_pret

    Best medical app for patients I've ever used. 5 stars if it explained what the blood tests are for.

  • Excellent. I like the new versions

    by Keith Wheelahan


  • AMC

    by ann marie carrick

    Excellent app! My dr never gives me enough info; grateful this exists.

  • Needs fixing

    by MJ W

    First. The results need to be available sooner. Would be nice to get them about the same time as the Dr. Getting them days later is not that helpful. Second. It would be helpful if the scheduler actually worked. Don't waste my time with apps that don't work the way they should. Ended up going to the web page to make my appointment. Would have been much easier if the app just took me there in the first place. I really hate apps that are a waste of time.

  • Love it

    by Msshavisham

    This app helps me monitor my condition. When I read the results it gives me the info I need to discuss changes with my doctor.. Thank you

  • Useful app

    by Earthmarsha

    It's great for keeping a record of lab results, but it would be better if the results were available on the app as soon as they were sent to your doctor and not days later.

  • Teacher

    by Nada dew

    I love Gazelle App,it's private and helpful!

  • Gazelle

    by Charlene529

    I am so glad I downloaded this app. It's nice to have record of test results right on my phone!! Definitely recommend

  • Love the app,please fix

    by gloria2468

    Med reminders recently stopped working. Please fix.

  • Great App

    by Bradford747

    Much easier to read than bad copy from Drs. Office. Takes a few days, but comes directly to you.

  • Great for keeping track of lab results

    by dogdaze

    I love that I can access my lab results any time without keeping paper copies that get lost. That way I can track improvement (or not) over time. I just wish there was less of a delay between the request and the receipt.

  • Review

    by nkrafter

    Takes a couple of days to get the results but worth the wait as opposed to going to Dr office to get your results

  • A Must have

    by Deborah Gonzalez

    Excellent tool to have.

  • Very useful application

    by dahlrick

    I find this app to be very good for keeping all of my medical and medicine data in one place. The only problem I have found is when adding a medication, it does not allow you to put the times per day when you click on it it just stays blank, please fix. Another feature that would be very helpful is being able to record tests done with their corresponding dates. That would make this application complete. Dahlia

  • Works in iOS 7.0.3 after deleting and redownloaded.

    by mzolen

    I also had the app crashing in 7.0.3. But after deleting the app completely, and downloading it again, it works great.

  • Great App

    by Pattyr33

    Love getting results sent to me! Wish that there was an explanation for each area though.

  • Useless

    by Don Simpson

    Can access my information but not verify my identity. So useless.

  • Glitch

    by Zippiest

    Just downloaded the app. DOB field is stuck on today's date. Can't enter my DOB. This is a fairly basic piece of personal data to have wrong in a medical app.

  • Wish it would tell you BEFORE

    by iwazborn2bwild

    registering that you will need a code from your doctor.

  • Terrible!!!

    by Pgangl

    Lab results are available the next day yet you can not view them from the app for 3-5 days after your SUBMITTED request. (Not after the test date). Lab request is not user friendly. It asks for doctor info yet when provided, does not migrate over to the desired request. I went to another lab per my doctor's request, and was able to get the results the next day printed out for me to pick up. I will delete this awful app as well as not use Quest labs again due to this app or snail mail being their only means for notification of lab results to the patient.

  • Worthless -Crashes on login.

    by Meyerinm

    Can't use it. Every time I try to login it crashes. Don't bother with the app just call your doc.

  • Just doesn’t work

    by TVB Wisconsin

    I’ve had this app for several years and it never works without a lot of interaction, whining and complaining to Quest to send the results. It’s not automatic and it’s highly frustrating to use. I keep wishing and hoping they’ll actually get it to work the way it should as presented.

  • Not getting better

    by RBG 24

    Results that my doctor gets the next day are delayed to me. No good if information takes 5 to 10 days to get. Most every time, I have to call to get results sent. Needs to be automated. But it good for keeping a record of lab results.

  • Won't work

    by Ptria

    Tried to login and I get authentication failed. After trying for awhile now I'm locked out. Not useful at all

  • Not very user friendly

    by dawa106

    Requesting lab test results is a bit confusing, clunky and user unfriendly. It could be designed so results are available quicker and easier to submit a request for .

  • I have to wait 3 days!

    by LalaJason

    It's been 2 weeks and haven't heard from doc so I figured I would do the Gazelle thing since the automated Quest Lab service said "to call my doctor" Well did all the work to sign up for Gazelle, since my doc is closed, and it says I will hear something in 3-5 days!! By that time I'll just get in touch with the doctor lol! Kindof a waste

  • Abysmal

    by renee.megan

    Don't bother with this app. It says it will only give you test results from the past 2 months. However when I tried to access my lab results from last week it could not find them. Waste of time.

  • Won't work

    by LauraBeth64701

    Never can get it to work!! Constantly keeps saying "Overlay error occurred while Hub MemUpdate Patient Prifile" when trying to log in.

  • Not yet worth the effort

    by MetaDoc

    I downloaded hoping to be able to get results in a timely manner. When I click on "request results" from tests taken 3 days ago and click on "What is the prescribing physician" my primary care doc comes up. I highlight him and nothing happens. I've attempted to "view request history" three times and "no pending requests" comes up. Further this registration was of no value when checking into Quest - the phlebotomist told me that neither the online registration information nor the app information talks to her system - so I had to fill out (again) the registration information before my blood was taken. What's the point of the app if it doesn't talk to the Quest system? If I can't get results?

  • Junk

    by Jo Anne Donovan

    I can't even see my lab results. What crap! Time to delete!

  • Not worth the effort

    by Tried of trying

    Can't register. Tech support is slow to respond and all they tell me is to try to register again. Fifth time and still haven't received nte confirmatory email. Not worth the time or effort.

  • Med reminder not working correctly!

    by KLK29

    Since the latest update today (Nov. 5, 2013), the screen to click "taken" no longer shows up!

  • Fine app to list doctors and insurance BUT . . .

    by Mac_Mommy

    . . . but when it comes to specifying dosages of medications or indicating specifics on medical conditions, it seems there's an issue with the pull-down menus :( Hopefully Customer Support will respond to e-mails and it will be resolved quickly!

  • Sign up does not work properly

    by Nubiezz

    Cannot sign up because scroll wheel does not work properly. For example to change the security question or from male to female. It does not work

  • Don't waste the space

    by Thnw

    Gazelle is an absolute joke. What's the point of requesting information when your doctor calls a week before results are posted. Did anyone else find it unsettling that when you request lab results you need to answer questions that you never supplied during enrollment, what state does your father live in, what's his middle name etc. there is no privacy any more!

  • My Gender Is Female!

    by Gigsaboo

    I am a Female. Let me save my profile as such. It's also been "synchronizing" for the last 4 days.

  • So far…USELESS

    by Nurse Gadget

    Unwieldy sign-up process. Tried to get lab result. When I accessed another app to get required info I had to log-in to Gazelle again. Subsequent attempts to access results prompt a message that the app is synchronizing and to try again later. Click OK & the app quits.

  • KJ

    by BHK15

    Downloaded on IPhone. Got to the gender and would not let me change it. Finally deleted app. Downloaded again and was told user name already exists. Then tried to just sign in and told me no patient exists! Needs some serious fixing

  • Really bad app.

    by Meivan

    I have almost 11 days waiting for my results. Do not waste your time, this app does not work and does not have any productive use. BAD very BAD.

  • Waste of an app

    by Buggy-app

    Don't bother with this waste of smartphone memory. The interface to obtain lab results is so mundane they NEVER find your results. The app is constantly resynchronizing and crashes which is just an exercise of logging in, pointlessly to find no results, ever. Can't I rate ZERO stars?

  • Worthless

    by Christine Hetrich

    Very unfriendly and has little information. Makes me wonder if they are just collecting your personal data.

  • Unable to sign up

    by ChakaTania

    Unable to sign up due to the keyboard won't show up for me to type a password in the blank box. Fail!

  • Crashes all the time!

    by pinknpeachier

    This app doesn't work. Every time the app tries to "sync" it crashes.

  • Crashes on iOS7 during sync

    by DaveHein

    Title says it all.

  • Failed User

    by Spanish Vic

    This app is useless. If you look at the reviews that are listed initially, everyone is happy as pie. However, my state, FL , doesn't allow downloading Lab Results without getting a "pin" from my doctor. If they had simply stated which states allow and which do not, I would not have wasted my time. If I could get "anything", on a timely basis from my doctor's office ... I wouldn't need the app. Customer service's position is take it or leave it. Also, don't blame us if you did not read every single word of our extensive and time consuming web site. I will leave it alone, gladly. I do not need the stress.

  • App

    by Gpatry

    I agree this is a horrible app. Having to put in a request for results is dumb. Plus my doctor already has my results and it hasn't shown up on my phone yet. Multiple technical issues telling me it's syncing and it closes down. Plus as others have said you email technical support and you never hear anything.

  • Makes me sick

    by Uniquified

    I don't get this app. I want test results, peferably in an email. Why can't I just sign up to have them emailed to me? Instead I have to download this app, requests results (which somehow keeps kicking me back to the login screen). I wish the thing would keep me logged in, and it would be smart enough to not let me request the same results multiple times, and that I could delete mutiple entries. Right now this app seems user UNfriendly. And why no ipad support? Then I'd have more screen area to view results.

  • This app is terrible!

    by Isismoon69

    I waited two weeks for results to load. I viewed my results once, closed the app, and then I couldn't access them again. The app keeps stating that it needs to sync results. FAIL!

  • Great app

    by Roach0000

    Excellent app. A must have.

  • Gazelle

    by Steve from Bethesda

    Great concept, but performance is erratic - frequent outages. Update of earlier review. Outages frequency may be worse than several months ago. Quest should make the investment to make their system reliable.

  • Great!

    by Rushman112

    Great app. And support is a plus! Get your lab results fast

  • No Stars

    by Mhsmile

    App crashes what's the point?

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