Spine Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: ORCA MD
  • Updated: Aug, 31 2010
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • Size: 153.59 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Orca Health, Inc.

- Enhanced app tutorial
- Better explanation of patient retention and satisfaction benefits derived from point-of-care app usage
- Minor bug fixes
- Various user interface enhancements
- Optimized for use by Healthcare Professionals

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Spine Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health (formerly Orca MD)

This version of SpineDecide combines a new design with access to surgical videos and enables you to Draw / Annotate images and Send / Prescribe Digital Handouts (app content) to your patients.

SpineDecide is free for personal use only.

Generate your own ‘Prescribable’ Digital Handouts, using photo or video capture. All Digital Handouts you Send to your patients will be hosted on HIPAA-secure servers by Orca.

This will allow you to take pictures and videos of your patient or patient’s medical imagery (MRIs, x-rays, etc.), Draw on those images and add them to the Digital Handouts you Send to your patients. This feature will help you deliver them personalized patient education, which will, in turn, improve their satisfaction and retention--all while enhancing their understanding of their condition and treatment.

We know privacy is important to you and your patients, as a result, all of these Digital Handouts will be hosted by Orca and is available to your patients via a HIPAA-secure web portal, which will be linked to your search-optimized Orca Health Specialist Profile.

SpineDecide is a multisensory learning tool, which empowers healthcare specialists to teach their patients more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The app includes interactive 3D animations that permit you to explore and explain anatomy like never before.

Studies show that 3D animations are more effective than text, physical models and 2D illustrations, in communicating health information.

Lastly, augmented reality provides a unique way to enhance comprehension in-context, by enhancing the patient’s worldview with relevant visual and auditory information.

Satisfaction levels among people who are well-informed about their health are much higher than those who don’t understand their condition or treatment. Patients who interact with information via multiple sensory inputs feel more satisfied with the course of action they choose and the care they receive.

SpineDecide is free to download and free for personal use. SpineDecide's in-app subscription adds the Draw / Annotation and Send / Prescribe features to the free-for-personal-use Anatomy, Condition and Procedure content and is available through an auto-renewing subscription.

The in-app subscription also includes ongoing HIPAA-secure hosting of Prescribed Digital Handouts as well as regular content updates. As long as you subscribe to these tools, there's no limit to the Digital Handouts we will host for you and your patients or your licensed professional use of app content.

Please note: At the conclusion of your 14 day free trial, **you will not be automatically charged for this service**.

Two subscription options:
◦ Orca Tools monthly subscription for $20
◦ Orca Tools annual subscription for $200 (a 20% discount on the monthly price)

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be the same as the initial subscription cost. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal in the Account Settings after purchase.


Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic App

    by xanawolf

    I was injured on the job as an Emergency Medical Technician several years ago. As a result, I've had a fusion (L5-S1) and several other surgeries. This app is just incredible for those who have back problems, and would also be a fantastic tool for students learning anatomy and physiology. The interface is simple to navigate, and the ability to zoom in and rotate 3d models of various spinal processes is extremely useful. I can also see how my neurosurgeon could use this in the exam room to really educate patients about their injuries and surgical interventions.

  • User

    by Mashuzu

    Great information !

  • Fantastic App

    by Jboss08

    Really realistic and informative.

  • Useful and great looking

    by Pug-Daddy

    I've actually used this for patient education during visits. I love the design and ease of use.

  • SpineDecide and all the other "Decide" series

    by drv1983

    Phenomenal. This is a truly impressive and helpful APP. What I'm also impressed with is how OrcaHealth continues to come out with such great work. I love all their apps.

  • Best teaching app EVER!

    by Ltl Deb

    I love this app! I am a workers comp nurse case manager. I manage many, many spinal injuries. A great number are not always legitimate. Not only does this tool help me to teach my patients who are legitimate and have real injuries, It also helps me with those who have subjective complaints that do not correlate with objective findings. Giving the Dr access to this app as to allow him/her to show a person such as this and during the clinical visit that their complaints do not make anatomical sense, helps put some of these questionable issues to rest. I hope more system related apps are developed so we can have more access based on individual physical injuries. Debby Swanger RN CCM LNC

  • Awesome graphics!

    by Lenabena31

    The graphics in this app are incredible! The short videos that show different spinal conditions are really helpful in knowing what's going on.

  • Loads of information

    by Dead eye bob

    This app is incredibly helpful. Being a soldier who has degenerative disc disease and is being treated by worthless army doctors, I've learned so much that I could teach them a thing or two.

  • Great App

    by Ilikepepi

    There are so many good things to say about this app and its developers. The first thing is they are really quick to respond to an issue you may have with the functionality of the app itself. Second is they seem to be a great group of people and truly concerned with each and every customer. Now for the app. It's is a great tool for learning your spine. Or, in my case, seeing what went wrong, where, and how. The look of the app and the ability to cater it to what you need are both top notch. You will not be disappointed purchasing this app!!

  • Great App!

    by 23mt

    Very easy to navigate! The information readily available on this app is tremendous.

  • Big update!

    by Jordan Brown

    I can finally prescribe my patients content. The app design is way minimal which makes it easier to navigate the library faster. Thank you! 5 stars!

  • Lots of new stuff. Pretty awesome.

    by dancejay

    Looks very different now. Easier to get navigate. Same great visuals.

  • The body

    by Ya mmm

    I like learning about the body . Thank you ; ) Marie Macon

  • Beautiful App

    by JuniorPhotog

    All of the previous bugs have been repaired. This app is beautiful, well constructed, and highly detailed. Great app.

  • Spine Decide

    by William Gochnour

    Wow this app is truly incredible. I am a student preparing to go to a Medical School and know this will help me a lot in my future years of studying and hopefully in my future profession. Great job Orca!

  • visuals

    by glüüslimeitschi

    the visuals are amazing. videos make so much more sense than a doctor trying to explain himself. great tool!

  • Very informative

    by Powers lave

    I really love these apps!

  • Crashes when map is used


    Interesting information, but when I tried to use the map function to find someone local to me, the app crashed - several times. Still needs work for this app to be really good.

  • Thank you for this app!

    by Al Ansari111

    Many thanks to you for this wonderful app, it helped me a lot in understanding my injury, especially with the terminologies that I am not familiar with. Thanks again.

  • GREAT!!!

    by MedTerminology

    This app is great! I love the images and options for viewing! If you could PLEASE make another one with the entire body also free... I just might call you Santa. :)

  • Horrible

    by KateOTown

    The vertebrae are missing many features, it would be "okay" if they were only missing minute features, but the cervical vertebrae do not even have transverse foramen. It has some interesting features within the app, but the vertebrae are no where near being accurate enough to use as a teaching tool.

  • Crashes in iOS 7!!!

    by Craig Hill

    Seems to be a great app but crashes every time I use it in iOS 7. Have reinstalled twice with no luck. Pls fix. Would love to explore the app.

  • Crash

    by Tangodown1987

    King of app crashed

  • Crash

    by cust review112

    Crashing when trying to use other functions within the app. Not very useful yet.

  • Crash when use the map and conditions

    by Cubano2031

    IPad mini,ios 7 crash every time!!!!!!! Please fix

  • It's a great app

    by spritefreak62398

    We use this lineup of apps at the PT clinic I work at, it's great for visual demonstrations. Also, if you want to zoom in to a specific area on the 3D model, you just have to read the directions... "Pinch to zoom" and "pan with 3 fingers" are clearly and openly visible...

  • Not bad.

    by Bdog55

    Cool If someone is looking for great Visuals with the spine.

  • Not bad, but images could be more useful

    by otterman

    This is a decent app for anyone interested in learning something about various spine problems. My only wishes to improve the app would be for the ability to enlarge the photos (screens with 2 images are rather small and can't be zoomed) and to be able to zoom into specific areas of the 3D spine - it can be zoomed, but only into the center. I'd like to be able to zoom into, for example, the cervical spine in order to examine it more closely.

  • Where is the update?

    by MadameDeath

    I've tried several times to download the update to no avail. Has it not been uploaded? I will change my rating once this "bug" has been fixed. Thank you.

  • Great app but.....

    by 062856

    Love the graphics and the educational information. The email doesn't work on this one and the shoulder app I downloaded. Hope they can work out the issue so I can give it a 5 star. Also suggest they add exercises for each condition. That would make it Perfect!

  • Spine Decide

    by missshady725

    This app was featured on App Advice's free apps a couple of days after my dad had surgery for spinal stenosis. I was thrilled, thanks so much for the info.

  • Founder / CEO Note

    by Orca Health

    Welcome to all our new users and thank you for your interest in SpineDecide and Orca Health. Whether you are a patient, healthcare professional, or teacher, we hope you find the app a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps you (or those you instruct) find best practice solutions to your (or their) health problems. We aspire to producing the best patient education tool possible and to that end, invite feedback (both positive and less-than-positive) which we will use to improve our existing apps and guide development of future apps and features. Please email me and I will be happy to pass on your critique to our development team and help resolve any current problems you may be having with the app. Thank you, Matt Berry Founder & CEO of Orca Health berry AT orcahealth DOT com

  • Meh

    by EJ222

    A little light on detail. I feel you could find everything in this app with 10 minutes on google.

  • Not clinically useful

    by Docrik

    I bought to use in my primary care practice to help educate my patients on diseases of the spine. The pictures & images are good but the content is too superficial for medical practice. If you are a clinician looking at this for use in your practice, look elsewhere.

  • Scoliosis Runs in My Family

    by MasterFlex66

    I used this app with my children to describe scoliosis as both of my sisters have had it and required surgery. It helps them understand how the spine works and what to watch out for!

  • Not worth it!

    by Dilemnia

    My first hope before purchasing/downloading this app ($4.99) was that it would have at least a zoomable side view of the spine so I could show others what my personal chiropractor is doing in terms of adjusting my spine. There wasn't any except a back view. Also I was hoping to see some neurological connections between nerves assigned to different vertebrae and organ functions... Overall a disappointment - lack of info.

  • A few mistakes

    by Dr.Piper

    As an interventional pain phiysician, I purchased this primarily for the purpose of showing patients images of their spine pathology. For that purpose, it is not bad. There are misspellings, the word "lumber" instead of "lumbar" many times in the app, inexcusable really. Also when showing the lumbar disc bulge, a picture shows a disc herniation contacting the spinal cord and nerve roots where the text states it does not. An obvious mistake and confusing for the layman. Fix these this sloppy work.

  • 3D Design Really Cool

    by Chi ya2

    The toggle button for the 3D movement and control is really cool! I love that you can actually turn the spine around and view it moving.

  • Nothing spineless about this app

    by rendragK

    It is amazing to see how the body works! I love the motion option, and the annotations are incredible. I love how I can easily turn the annotations on or off, switch to different views, and look inside each vertebra.

  • Love the Email Feature

    by chrliechaz

    My mom has serious back problems and she really liked the email feature so when she is not looking at the app she has a link to the information.

  • Well-Built

    by sveedee

    This app is well-built for the iPhone. It's designed with easy navigation and I love the features they just added! The video out and email, twitter links really round out the app.

  • Packs A Lot of Info

    by darrdevil

    This app sure packs in a lot of info. It's still easy to navigate though and uses the 3D graphics well.

  • Nice Navigation

    by norgborn2

    I'm impressed with the consistency of the app between the iPad and the iPhone versions. The design is really nice and the navigation is really intuitive. Nice design.

  • Spine Decide

    by Eric Yeager

    For the most part, this is a decent program. There are some things I would change: 1- It would be beneficial to have the ability to zoom in on more than just the anterior view of the spine. This would allow for a better understanding of the vertebral units in all planes. 2- It would be great to have stages of degeneration displayed, along with how foraminal narrowing occurs secondary to degeneration of the vertebral units (ie: disc flattening/bulging+facet hypertrophy+ligament thickening) 3- There are some typographical errors that need to be corrected 4- A dermatome chart may be helpful in understanding radiation of pain to the extremities.

  • No complaints

    by JustinNash13

    This has been a great teaching tool for several members in my family. I originally purchased it on my iPhone, later I downloaded it for my iPad - the graphics are unreal!

  • Love the Zoom

    by swingKidByNight

    I love how you are able to view the spine from any point-of-view including zooming in.

  • Simple and Easy To Use

    by wolsky1

    The interface is really simple and easy to use. I think its great to be shown how the spine moves and the anatomy behind it.This app includes real xrays depicting the actual diagnosis.

  • Great for figuring out those back pains

    by garndiggity

    The new video out feature is cool! Now I can display the app on my TV when I show it off to friends! This app just keeps getting better and better!

  • Helped Me Understand

    by wigbee

    Having this app has helped me to understand back pain I am currently having and what I can do about it.

  • so easy to use

    by thedesigngurl

    This app is sweet! The visuals are great, it's easy to use and I like that I can find specialists in my area.

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