Hand Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: ORCA MD
  • Updated: Jun, 01 2011
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • Size: 214.7 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Orca Health, Inc.

- Enhanced app tutorial
- Better explanation of patient retention and satisfaction benefits derived from point-of-care app usage
- Minor bug fixes
- Various user interface enhancements
- Optimized for use by Healthcare Professionals

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Hand Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health (formerly Orca MD)

This version of HandDecide combines a new design with access to surgical videos and enables you to Draw / Annotate images and Send / Prescribe Digital Handouts (app content) to your patients.

HandDecide is free for personal use only.

Generate your own ‘Prescribable’ Digital Handouts, using photo or video capture. All Digital Handouts you Send to your patients will be hosted on HIPAA-secure servers by Orca.

This will allow you to take pictures and videos of your patient or patient’s medical imagery (MRIs, x-rays, etc.), Draw on those images and add them to the Digital Handouts you Send to your patients. This feature will help you deliver them personalized patient education, which will, in turn, improve their satisfaction and retention--all while enhancing their understanding of their condition and treatment.

We know privacy is important to you and your patients, as a result, all of these Digital Handouts will be hosted by Orca and is available to your patients via a HIPAA-secure web portal, which will be linked to your search-optimized Orca Health Specialist Profile.

HandDecide is a multisensory learning tool, which empowers healthcare specialists to teach their patients more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The app includes interactive 3D animations that permit you to explore and explain anatomy like never before.

Studies show that 3D animations are more effective than text, physical models and 2D illustrations, in communicating health information.

Lastly, augmented reality provides a unique way to enhance comprehension in-context, by enhancing the patient’s worldview with relevant visual and auditory information.

Satisfaction levels among people who are well-informed about their health are much higher than those who don’t understand their condition or treatment. Patients who interact with information via multiple sensory inputs feel more satisfied with the course of action they choose and the care they receive.

HandDecide is free to download and free for personal use. HandDecide's in-app subscription adds the Draw / Annotation and Send / Prescribe features to the free-for-personal-use Anatomy, Condition and Procedure content and is available through an auto-renewing subscription.

The in-app subscription also includes ongoing HIPAA-secure hosting of Prescribed Digital Handouts as well as regular content updates. As long as you subscribe to these tools, there's no limit to the Digital Handouts we will host for you and your patients or your licensed professional use of app content.

Please note: At the conclusion of your 14 day free trial, **you will not be automatically charged for this service**.

Two subscription options:
◦ Orca Tools monthly subscription for $20
◦ Orca Tools annual subscription for $200 (a 20% discount on the monthly price)

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be the same as the initial subscription cost. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal in the Account Settings after purchase.


Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful, too simple

    by Rvt2mt

    Wonderful to play with. Amazing to rotate. Not enough detail for therapists. Might be ok for public or high school students.

  • A Hand For HandDecide

    by headstack

    A very cool app for any one interested in exploring the anatomy of the human hand. Well thought out and implemented GUI! Thank you

  • Amazing visuals, great content, FREE!

    by GaryIsScary

    The crash referred to in other reviews was fixed by the latest update. Thanks for the quick response developers.

  • Nothing else like it

    by See things as they are

    Super informative and very interesting. Thanks you for making this and especially for providing it for free! I can't wait for more. One thing I did notice, shouldn't the flexor muscle pull rather than going limp?

  • Will NOT open !! (Opens now)

    by The Pop Monkey

    Update: opens now after four reinstalls- downloads . Must have been the email I sent to the publishers..... The program freezes on the opening screens. I'm trying to run it on my iPad 3 .... All your other Med. programs work Fix or pull it from the App Store

  • It works great!

    by NaterMD88

    This is awesome!

  • A++

    by Bdog55

    Great app

  • Excellent educational tool

    by jetatexy

    I am an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist. I was shocked when I randomly found this app for free!!! It is outstanding! I use it daily to educate my patients. I highly recommend! It is far superior than traditional 2D pictures.

  • Wrist Problems

    by MasterFlex66

    I always have problems with my hands and wrists because I sit at a keyboard and type all day. This app is very useful to be able to understand what is going on under the skin when I've been working too much.

  • Apps Keep Improving

    by blomky

    I've loved all the other OrcaMD Apps I've gotten, but I have to say they keep getting better. The new interface is really nice, and now I can see all the different layers of the hand from bone to nerves.  Keep up the good work!

  • Love Anatomy Layers

    by hollyday2

    The new 3D animation for the anatomy section is awesome. I love that you can turn the skin on and off. I was interested in the carpal tunnel surgery as i have to have that surgery myself.

  • Helps Me As A Med Student

    by aannie2

    I'm a med student and this app is totally helping me understand the anatomy of the hand in better detail.  Also the xrays and videos are extremely informative.

  • Wish I Had This for My Pre-Op Discussions

    by owensian

    This app is perfect. I've had surgery for carpal tunnel and this app would've been perfect to have during my pre-op discussions. Perfect visual aide. I bought it just for the 3D models. Absolutely a must have app

  • Really Cool 3D Rendering

    by caldwellian

    Totally appreciated the 3D rendering. It's not that easy to work up something so detailed about anatomy.

  • So Much Information At Your Fingertips!

    by wolsky1

    Hand decide is an amazing find!  So much information at your finger tips.  I love the anatomy view of the hand and all of its muscles, ligaments, and nerves.  The specialist information is such a winner.  You can find a doctor nearby that deals in your condition!

  • High Quality 3D Imagery

    by Chi ya2

    High quality imageries and excellent motion.

  • You Can Easily Understand Your Condition

    by rockclimber2

    This app is awesome!  Theres several 3d rotatable views of the hand, and tons of conditions to look through.  If you have any problems, you can easily find a specialist in your area that can take care of you!

  • Easy Navigation

    by wigbee

    Hand Decide is so easy to navigate through. The descriptions of the conditions are fantastic and very easy to follow. Highly recommended!!!

  • Solid, Authentic App

    by ldsswimmer2

    It really is amazing what doctors can do now-a-days with surgery in all. I loved to watch the surgery videos. The app is solid, authentic, and informative.

  • Every App Is Better Than the Last

    by jondohnson

    i love these orca apps, the graphics and interactivity just keep getting better with each app!

  • Very Poor

    by Buggy download

    Will not download and update to new software. It has just froze in mid download and will not revert to old version

  • Unhappiness with upgrade

    by CaliNona54

    The upgrade put the annotations in blue boxes so you can't see the anatomy it's pointing to. The previous version was readable and viewable without the boxes!

  • App crashes

    by bfrank22

    App crashes upon the 3rd intro screen. I've tried thee delete and three reinstalls without success. Buggy app!

  • Hangs every time!

    by Chooch440

    I have installed and deleted this app 4 times and I can never get to the actual app. I am deleting it for the last time.

  • Freezes

    by George Landis

    I have downloaded this program twice now and after answering no to the physician question at the start it freezes. If I get a chance I'll delete it then download it again and this time pretend like I'm a doctor.

  • Locked up

    by NRGMED

    Downloaded the app and it immediately locked up. Have several of the others and wished this one worked.

  • Pook

    by Shportin1

    Shameless!! Review your own apps much.????

  • Decide Not

    by veryWest

    Besides some initial expressive graphics this app misses even the basics. Yeah, it covers the mallet finger but does not mention the central slip injury (boutonniere deformity). An app such as this should at least provide some basic information on examination and treatment but does not. Instead the developers devoted most of their efforts to referral specialist. Disappointed and I want my five dollars back.

  • HanDecide

    by Prof StV

    Beware, the seller double dips the $$$ charges when you put this pricy app on any other of your Apple devices.

  • Love New Conditions Tab

    by segwy

    The hand is so amazing. I love the new conditions tab with the 3d hand. Good work!


    by JustinNash13

    Great app.

  • Never Fails to Impress

    by Aaron Smith

    I have been a strong follower of Orca MD since they started the Decide series a little less than a year ago, Their Caliber of APP's and the quality they put into them is amazing! I love how they take advantage of the Power of the iPad 2, the 3d find your condition section is mind-blowing! iPad 1 users never fret, they thought of you as well. I cant wait for the next application they create!

  • Awesome

    by TubaD

    Had no idea the bones in my hand moved like that. The human body is amazing and this app gives you a good chunk of info on the hand. Awesome app, love the images and the details on conditions.

  • Amazing Apps

    by shamrock8

    I am a new Physical Therapist and find these APP's absolutely wonderful. They are great for my own knowledge but even better for patient education/interaction. Please keep them coming Orca MD!!!

  • Amazing Features and Details!

    by thedesigngurl

    Love this app! The details and features are awesome. I especially like the 3D view that lets me look at the different areas and conditions on my hand. Great job, Orca MD!

  • Fantastic!!

    by garndiggity

    The graphics and features of this app are incredible! The videos of various hand surgeries are way cool! I've had a ganglion cyst for over 10 years now, and now I have information about it at my fingertips! Great app, must buy!

  • Ortho Surgeon

    by drv1983

    If I had a gold medal for medical apps I'd give it to this group ... hands down the best APPs out there. Informative, easy to navigate, educational and just plain fun to go through. Always something to learn from OrcaMD APPs. They seem to want to keep a standard of excellence rather than make a quick buck on APP production. I imagine they'll be around for a long time - I hope so. Great work as usual, OrcaMD and thank you!

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