Eye Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: ORCA MD
  • Updated: Aug, 18 2011
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • Size: 113.89 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Orca Health, Inc.

- Enhanced app tutorial
- Better explanation of patient retention and satisfaction benefits derived from point-of-care app usage
- Minor bug fixes
- Various user interface enhancements
- Optimized for use by Healthcare Professionals

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Eye Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health (formerly Orca MD)

This version of EyeDecide combines a new design with access to surgical videos and enables you to Draw / Annotate images and Send / Prescribe Digital Handouts (app content) to your patients.

EyeDecide is free for personal use only.

Generate your own ‘Prescribable’ Digital Handouts, using photo or video capture. All Digital Handouts you Send to your patients will be hosted on HIPAA-secure servers by Orca.

This will allow you to take pictures and videos of your patient or patient’s medical imagery (MRIs, x-rays, etc.), Draw on those images and add them to the Digital Handouts you Send to your patients. This feature will help you deliver them personalized patient education, which will, in turn, improve their satisfaction and retention--all while enhancing their understanding of their condition and treatment.

We know privacy is important to you and your patients, as a result, all of these Digital Handouts will be hosted by Orca and is available to your patients via a HIPAA-secure web portal, which will be linked to your search-optimized Orca Health Specialist Profile.

EyeDecide is a multisensory learning tool, which empowers healthcare specialists to teach their patients more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The app includes interactive 3D animations that permit you to explore and explain anatomy like never before.

Lastly, augmented reality provides a unique way to enhance comprehension in-context, by enhancing the patient’s worldview with relevant visual and auditory information. EyeDecide uses augmented reality to describe common eye conditions, visually. By turning on the camera feature and pressing play, patients can see how this condition affects their vision at the same time they see how the condition affects their eye.

The ability to view conditions in the realm of the real world enables your patients to understand what may happen in the future and help their family members understand how the condition affects your patient. Orca pioneered and patented this revolutionary feature, and knows the value that empathy and understanding have on patient satisfaction.

EyeDecide is free to download and free for personal use. EyeDecide's in-app subscription adds the Draw / Annotation and Send / Prescribe features to the free-for-personal-use Anatomy, Condition and Procedure content and is available through an auto-renewing subscription.

The in-app subscription also includes ongoing HIPAA-secure hosting of Prescribed Digital Handouts as well as regular content updates. As long as you subscribe to these tools, there's no limit to the Digital Handouts we will host for you and your patients or your licensed professional use of app content.

Please note: At the conclusion of your 14 day free trial, **you will not be automatically charged for this service**.

Two subscription options:
◦ Orca Tools monthly subscription for $20
◦ Orca Tools annual subscription for $200 (a 20% discount on the monthly price)

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be the same as the initial subscription cost. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal in the Account Settings after purchase.


Customer Reviews

  • Eye decide

    by McBee5

    I've looked at the eye decide and the spine decide. These are AWESOME apps! I couldn't be happier with them. Worth the download.

  • The eye problem simulation is great

    by dancejay

    Being able to see what the eye condition would look like with the camera is pretty nifty. Wish the other Orca apps had this.

  • Orca is awesome

    by souleben

    I am serious

  • could be better

    by AERHufker

    could be better if you add retinitis pigmentosa, full blindness, all types of color blindness, whatever helen keller had, astigmatism, near sightedness, far sightedness, baby cateracts, and both dry and wet macular degeneration


    by *twinkleytoes

    I have been treated for wet AMD for over two years, with an eye injection administered monthly. I have learned more about my condition from this app than from the mega specialists treating me. It has been invaluable in demonstrating to family and friends what I can actually see - just telling them 'I see wavy lines', or 'I dont see colors', or 'I dont see you' was never enough. This app, with the interactive graphics, will be invaluable for those who have a need to be informed about their condition.

  • doc in pomona

    by Dr. PGD

    As a professional that decided not to list myself on it but the app is fantastic tool to explain to your patients. its worth the download. the 3-d graphics are impressive. I wish manufacturers add more diseases and also make it combined ENT and eye app.

  • Nice camera feature

    by Lajeso

    I DL'd all of these decide apps and this is definitely the most impressive. The camera feature is really pretty amazing.

  • Thought I would review their apps.

    by NaterMD88

    I was searching through the med apps and stumbled on these Decide series love it!

  • Cool

    by Kilyw

    Thanks :D

  • Amazing interactive animations! And Free!

    by GaryIsScary

    My favorite thing about this app are the augmented reality interactive animations of eye conditions. You can see simulations of how certain conditions affect vision in a live video feed from your device's camera. Impressive stuff, especially when you realize that it's free. The interactive 3d models look great also. They are worth far more than a thousand words when helping to understand the eye.

  • Great!

    by Bdog55


  • Great app

    by Vhurwsgcj

    Amazing detail and easy to use.

  • This app is basic and functional

    by LoveMyiPad_MS

    This app has basic content. What it has is useful!

  • Eye Decide really is a step above the rest

    by BuzzAllan

    It worked fine on my iPad, I didn't have any problems with it running slowly, besides i have to think there is so much going on that its impressive it exists today. I don't get how people complain so much over 99 cents, but I love the app. PS- If specialists "aren't showing up in your area," it probably means there are no specialists in your area.

  • Has potential but...

    by Dr.Woody,od

    This is a pretty slick app. Especially with trial version. The 3d model and augmented reality demos are awesome. However, it is quite buggy. If you look at more than one condition it becomes very laggy. This is especially true when switching between eye conditions and the 3d anatomy model. If I would have known that it was this bogged down once you have all the conditions I probably wouldn't have bought it in its current version. If they solve this issue I would certainly recommend it. Until then neat app, but know what you are getting into.

  • Eye Decide

    by Clydetheglyde

    Really enjoy this apps. Great visuals and very easy to use

  • Great App!

    by MasterFlex66

    Wow, this app is now free and I only have to pay for the conditions that I'm actually interested in instead of having to buy the whole app.

  • Where is RP ?????

    by GoofaceSchmidty

    I would give this 5 stars if it had the condition Retinitis Pigmentosa. It's difficult to explain this disease to others and a detailed visual of the conditon as well as what someone with RP can see (both day time and night time) would be awesome. I've had RP for 17 years and would love to show someone this condtion in more detail on my iPad. Still a cool app though.

  • Excellent

    by Random_Awesomeness

    It's an amazing app. The anatomy annotation is absolutely awesome. And I love that I can explore the eye in whatever angle I want. Th conditions section is also super informative. I just love how all these boring medical information is presented in an very interesting way. Great job.

  • Simulates Eye Conditions

    by chrliechaz

    I am blown away by the part of this app that simulates eye conditions. The 3D imaging is pretty incredible. The only thing I found lacking was the number of eye conditions. I would have liked to see a few more (like near-sightedness and astigmatism).

  • Not for patients

    by Cbfmail

    When I clicked that I'm not an eye care specialist, the content was limited and appeared to be written for children. The cool-looking rotating illustrations didn't fit my phone screen.

  • Limited app, mainly advertising

    by Xraynet

    Asks for your email during installation. Has limited anatomy pics, and short list of eye problems, but only discusses dry eye. App is mainly an advertising and referral device. Don't waste time downloading any of this series by Orca Health.

  • Mr.

    by €hip

    I not a review writer, but feel NEED to write about this one. First be sure and notice that this is huge download (600+ Mb) and what do you get; one view of the eyeball {get it online} and one condition which is VERY brief. You must purchase others which are also as brief. Look elsewhere!

  • Good Anatomy Illustrations; Minimal Discussion About Condition

    by Ms. Perusal

    This free app has good anatomical illustrations of the eye. In order to learn about the more common diseases of the eye, you have to pay 99 cents for a condition or $4.99 for all of them. The actual discussion of the condition, such as cataracts, its causes, methods of prevention and treatment are short and basic. You could learn much more by going on the Internet. So, why pay 99 cents to read about cataracts? Because the app includes a link to doctors who specialize in diseases of the eye near your location. Two of the doctors listed in my location are known to me and are highly regarded Board Certified Ophthalmologist. And, there's a link that permits you to easily send an eMail to one of the listed doctors. Of course, certain locations may not have specialists near you. If you live in or near a large urban city, your choices are much broader. Hope this review is helpful.

  • New Upsell Limits value

    by puerh_huangdi

    I downloaded this 6+ months ago and the conditions were free. I uploaded the update today and now see that the same things that I had before cost money now. This is disheartening. The eye model itself is OK, but nothing spectacular. It is free, but still it would be nice to see a little more polish.

  • Absolutely a RIP OFF

    by Carla409

    It does not work!!!!!!

  • Just a toy

    by Roblaser

    Information in Wikipedia is much better than the one sold by this application. Use it as a game.

  • No load

    by Hafcanadian

    After multiple tries, and even resetting our network, this app still remains stubborn and takes way too long to load. Ultimately we give up trying.

  • Bummer

    by Carl Slater

    I installed the app, and it worked fine until I added one of the In app paid conditions. As soon as I tried to use it, the app hung, and then it crashed the iPad itself. I have never had an app do that, and I have tried out more than a hundred apps. I sent a complaint to the developer, but got no response. So at this point I simple feel that I have been cheated out of the purchase prices.

  • Not worth

    by Love959

    ANATOMY: Full and Expanded views have no difference. Annotations are impossible to distinguish. SPECIALISTS: only few are shown in my area (?). Eye Conditions - you have to pay for each of them. Some buttons are not working. Friends are great with their help in promotion! :(

  • Nice work

    by IAmProblematic

    It's well put-together, probably one of my favorite Decide apps. There were a few crashes, but overall it was really smooth. Also, pinkeye grosses me out. Just thought you should know.

  • The bad vision simulator!

    by Aaron Smith

    I love how you can use the camera to simulate cataracts! The anatomy is amazing as well, Very well designed app, a must buy for anyone concerned with there vision!

  • Very Impressive!

    by garndiggity

    This app is a great resource for eye-related questions or conditions. My favorite part was the floaters and how you could use the camera with them. Way Cool app! Worth every penny and then some!

  • Their best app yet!

    by ldsswimmer

    The human eye is so intricate yet in this app you can really see how it all works. On the anatomy page you have to try the joystick because you can see how the muscles that attach to the eye flex and extend to move the eye around. They even integrated some augmented reality in a couple of the conditions so that we can see what someone else's eyesight might be like; way cool!

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