Heart Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health Powered by Harvard Medical School Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: ORCA MD
  • Updated: Jun, 30 2012
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • Size: 289.26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Orca MD

- Enhanced app tutorial
- Better explanation of patient retention and satisfaction benefits derived from point-of-care app usage
- Minor bug fixes
- Various user interface enhancements
- Optimized for use by Healthcare Professionals

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Heart Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health (formerly Orca MD)

This version of HeartDecide combines a new design with access to surgical videos and enables you to Draw / Annotate images and Send / Prescribe Digital Handouts (app content) to your patients.

HeartDecide is free for personal use only.

Generate your own ‘Prescribable’ Digital Handouts, using photo or video capture. All Digital Handouts you Send to your patients will be hosted on HIPAA-secure servers by Orca.

This will allow you to take pictures and videos of your patient or patient’s medical imagery (MRIs, x-rays, etc.), Draw on those images and add them to the Digital Handouts you Send to your patients. This feature will help you deliver them personalized patient education, which will, in turn, improve their satisfaction and retention--all while enhancing their understanding of their condition and treatment.

We know privacy is important to you and your patients, as a result, all of these Digital Handouts will be hosted by Orca and is available to your patients via a HIPAA-secure web portal, which will be linked to your search-optimized Orca Health Specialist Profile.

HeartDecide is a multisensory learning tool, which empowers healthcare specialists to teach their patients more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The app includes interactive 3D animations that permit you to explore and explain anatomy like never before.

Studies show that 3D animations are more effective than text, physical models and 2D illustrations, in communicating health information.

Lastly, augmented reality provides a unique way to enhance comprehension in-context, by enhancing the patient’s worldview with relevant visual and auditory information.

Satisfaction levels among people who are well-informed about their health are much higher than those who don’t understand their condition or treatment. Patients who interact with information via multiple sensory inputs feel more satisfied with the course of action they choose and the care they receive.

HeartDecide is free to download and free for personal use. HeartDecide's in-app subscription adds the Draw / Annotation and Send / Prescribe features to the free-for-personal-use Anatomy, Condition and Procedure content and is available through an auto-renewing subscription.

The in-app subscription also includes ongoing HIPAA-secure hosting of Prescribed Digital Handouts as well as regular content updates. As long as you subscribe to these tools, there's no limit to the Digital Handouts we will host for you and your patients or your licensed professional use of app content.

Please note: At the conclusion of your 14 day free trial, **you will not be automatically charged for this service**.

Two subscription options:
◦ Orca Tools monthly subscription for $20
◦ Orca Tools annual subscription for $200 (a 20% discount on the monthly price)

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be the same as the initial subscription cost. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal in the Account Settings after purchase.


Customer Reviews

  • Nursing

    by Ruby rosa

    Very well explained it's brief and concise . I love it. Especially i am preparing for my RN exam. I recommend this as very helpful to all medical students.

  • Great app

    by dancejay

    3d model is great. Latest update fixes an anatomy problem. Nice. I have a few of the Orca apps and this has the best videos.

  • Me

    by Painful Z

    Love this!!!

  • Real cool!

    by John Sacrusoe

    Helps a lot. The graphic and great UI accompany the great content. Congratulation!

  • Great graphics and animation!!!

    by LPN Sue

    Love it!!!

  • Nice

    by Qutaibah Altalib

    Very nice program.....Thanks

  • Pakinyombo

    by Oliaseye

    Really gr8 app explains things in a concise manner. Very helpful!! Got it from one of the NP's that I work with.

  • Very cool

    by See things as they are

    Super informative and very interesting. Thanks you for making this and especially for providing it for free! I can't wait for more.


    by Cyronious

    Wondrous app that shows great pictures of all A&P. Thank you Harvard!

  • I'm happy I saw this.

    by NaterMD88

    This Is amazing recommend, to fellow students and healthcare prof.

  • Awesome

    by TubaD

    I love seeing the anatomy and being able to have the heart beat in 3d is awesome. This has some great new vids. Looks great.

  • Detailed Videos

    by Slake Bimkins

    Great videos and 3D animations. Great way to learn about your heart.

  • Amazing!

    by captain weird red beard

    This app is awesome!

  • Amazing visuals in a free app!

    by GaryIsScary

    HeartDecide has some really impressive fully interactive 3D animations of a beating heart. And the 3D rendered movies of heart related conditions and solutions look stunning. They are a great tool for better understanding the heart. And it's all FREE!


    by nwolensk

    It looks like Orca has really been hard at work! This is a great update. The user interface is beautiful, clean, and simple. It's great to see some new content and additional conditions. The 3D looks beautiful, and it's great to see the heart in relation to the entire circulatory system. Some of the videos also have audio! The app is now "powered by Harvard" so it looks like they recieved a lot of great content. This is a "must download" app if you want to learn more about the function of your heart as well as the many conditions in which you can avoid. I hope all of their existing apps get an overhaul just like HeartDecide!

  • Glad I found this!

    by Bdog55

    Amazing that this is free first off, and the visuals are amazing!

  • Awesome animation

    by Lajeso

    I have never seen the heart this way before. You can actually go inside the valves. Perfect for learning anatomy and studying heart conditions.

  • Great but crashes

    by SVseadog17

    The representation is great but it crashes every time I go to another tab. Does this not work on an iPad 1? I would want more conditions in any updates.

  • Great teaching tool

    by Runner Sam

    I supervise Internal Medicine residents and this app makes an outstanding tool to explain the complex relationships between valves and chambers. More organs please Orca!

  • Great idea....have a suggestion

    by loltasticLOL

    The pictures and animation are beautiful. This could be a tremendous asset to parents whose children are born with congenital heart defects (1 in 100 births makes it the most common birth defect). With major heart centers performing complicated but miraculous surgeries that are saving many lives, more people than ever are living with repaired or palliative repaired hearts. Would you consider congenital defects in your "conditions" section? My 12 year old son had three open hearts by age 2 for Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). What a wonderful tool this app could be for all the families like ours. Thank you!

  • Koop

    by Shportin1

    Review your own apps much???

  • App

    by Supstar21

    Opening of app did not work correctly only has 4 conditions. No real info. Great graphics though

  • Nothing short of amazing!

    by miminemartin

    To think that it's possible to hold an iPad and get this kind of information! Kudos to developers. Thanks so much.

  • Really cool view of a beating heart

    by *kristin*

    I wish I'd had this to help me during my college anatomy class. I would have received an A for sure. Beautiful animations.

  • Great App

    by TeleScott

    It seems like every family has someone with some sort of cardiovascular condition, mine is no different. I love how I can manipulate the 3D animation of the heart and examine it from all angles. I love this app.

  • My husband has sub-aortic stenosis

    by Soccer_Mom

    Until using this app, I didn't really know what that meant for now or in his future. Thanks to this app, my understanding has deepened and I have a better sense of how I can help him manage this condition. Thanks to Orca Health for producing such a wonderful education app.

  • Helped me to understand the heart better than ever before

    by TeriLyb

    My son has a heart problem I've accompanied him to countless doctors appointments and was at his side before and after he had open heart surgery. HeartDecide helped me to understand the heart and his heart problem far better than any one of those explanations from numerous doctors and nurses. Love this app.

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