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The Medical Wizards Library is a collection of award winning medical reference guides and decision support tools for healthcare professionals across a wide range of specialties. It is an easy-to-use, customizable, application where you can build the perfect, personalized clinical resource.

Get a complimentary extended preview of Emergency Medicine Suite (EM Suite) with download!


Browse the Add-Ons to view the extensive list of medical reference titles available. The first year of updates is included with purchase and our products never expire.


The Add-Ons catalog allows you to download a free, 10-day preview of each reference. We invite you to try our software and see for yourself why healthcare practitioners are turning to Medical Wizards as their trusted mobile medical resource.

Popular software titles available through the Medical Wizards Library include:
- Emergency Medicine
- Critical Care
- Family Practice
- Internal Medicine
- Cardiology
- Pediatrics
- Dermatology
- Anesthesiology
- Neurology
- Gastroenterology
- Hematology

and more!

How it works

The Medical Wizards Library provides one point of access for all your medical software, allowing you to keep important medical information at your fingertips. By combining all your resources into one standard application, you can freely cross-reference among multiple purchased medical titles at once. The Medical Wizards Library features an easy-to-use interface, quick navigation, an in-depth user guide, and automatic product update notifications.

From the main Medical Wizards Library screen you will see five menu options across the bottom: Library, Search, Add-Ons, Account and Updates.


The Library is the main application screen. When you initially download the application a "Quick Start" icon will appear. Tapping this icon will launch a Quick Start Guide which will guide you around the Medical Wizards Library. When you add new software titles, they will all be listed on this screen.


The search feature allows you to search medical topics and conditions across multiple references at once to ensure easy organization and information flow.


The Add-Ons catalog includes over 100 programs for a wide range of medical specialties. Instantly browse and purchase your favorite medical title in seconds!


Create and manage your Medical Wizards account information and preferences.


Resources are constantly updated to ensure that you are receiving the most current medical information. The Medical Wizards Library will automatically check for available updates. Select the updates icon to purchase your updates.


Medical Wizards Customer Support team is here to help you!
Email us using our form at
Call our Customer Support team at 800.462.0388 M-F, 9am-5pm, PT (US).
For frequently asked questions visit

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Minute Clinical Consult

    by spolack

    Awesome information for any provider at your fingertips. Would highly recommend to any clinician!

  • Nurse

    by Dr. Smg

    Easy to use for on the go nurses like myself.

  • Getting better all the time

    by doc_rc

    I've used this app since it first came out and am happy to see that they keep improving it. EMSuite is still the cornerstone of the books I use, but I have also added the 5 Minute Consult and ICU references. Some of the same titles are available from other companies, but Wizards always seems to have them cheaper and in the new version they don't disappear after a year.

  • EM Suite on iPad 2, works great!

    by S. White, NP

    I used this product on my Palm and now I have EM Suite on my iPad 2, nice work!

  • Pretty good app!

    by Mommacaul

    Pretty good app!

  • MR Suite

    by GMoney71

    I can finally get rid of my PDA completely  The information is the same as I can tell from ER Suite 7. Meaning it is due for an update  but for now it is great just to have it finally on my IPhone. The interface is very bland but nothing I can really complain about.

  • ER Suite

    by onechattynurse

    Just another person anxiously awaiting the ER Suite release. I have come to rely on that application and its contents! I am shocked it is not yet available... Please hurry!

  • Update to Release of ER Suite

    by CaliforniaRN

    I received an email today (3-17-10) from medical wizards informing me that the "Suite" and "Toolbox" series will be available by the end of March 2010! Yeah! I have been waiting since last summer. I have used ER Suite and Davis Drug Guide for Nurses with Integrated Calculator (DDGNIC) for many years in the ER, ICU, and Air & Ground Transport environments. They are the BEST! I'm looking forward to the release.

  • Terrific app

    by charesepel

    Very detailed for peds. The high quality, great detail and user- friendliness of the free @ Hand peds app---great marketing tecnnique I was afraid I had accidentally bought a very expensive but unnecessary (for my prsctice) app. I am hooked. when ER Suite arrives I am certain to purchase. Thanks

  • ERSuite available soon

    by ERSuite

    For all you waiting for ERSuite and the other Toolbox series products to be released, I spoke with Medical Wizards support today. They said they are working on this program now, and it should be realeased sometime this spring!

  • Disappointed

    by john55520

    It sad that they require $49 each year to continue to use the ER Suite app.

  • Transfer

    by Treevrn

    I used to love this app. Used it for a while and recommend to co workers. But then when I purchased a new phone I was unable to transfer the app. I was able to transfer everyother app on my device except this one. I contacted the company and they were not mych help. To pay twice for the same thing no thanks.

  • Dumb and NOT FREE

    by Meet the amazing

    It's a free app that requires you to buy add ons and extras. Deleting it. I would have given NO stars.

  • This app is misleading

    by Brutane man

    I deleted this app. Don't waste your time .

  • Nothing there

    by DrHurt

    Deleted after I installed. Everything is an extra fee. First thing I looked cost $69.99.

  • Utter Crap

    by Peter HR

    This app does not work as intended. It crashes and freezes often. Im deleting it after I write this.

  • Rn

    by ER 123456

    Just found out you have to renew every year. This is an ok app but better ones are out there for a one time cost.

  • Emergency nurse

    by Jim RN

    What crap looks good but doesn't work. I deleted it right after I installed it. I have to put one star to send review, but this app isn't even worth one star.

  • Needs fix

    by Kessee

    App worked fine until i installed a trial period add-on item. App wont even open, just crashes back to home screen (and i did reboot my device). Fix please.

  • Not so impressed

    by CoastalRE

    Fortunately this is a free app, but beware that the "1 yr free subscription" to their pedi app only turned out to be for 3 months. Without purchasing any of their other titles, this app is totally worthless and I was not all that impressed with the content in the pediatric app.

  • No

    by DaEms

    Not a game... ): don't get it unless you are in the medical field other wise it's's a bunch of freaking words!!! It's practically a handbook.

  • ER/ICU toolbox

    by bisdak01

    The software is great but now it's based on yearly subscription. Too bad... If you don't resubscribe then you will lose what you paid for the software...they just want to make more money...

  • Medical Wizards

    by Jan FNP

    You have been advertising on PDAMD that Medical Wizard is coming to iTunes since last summer. I have used ER Suite for several years and have not updated on my Palm because I have been waiting to put it on my iphone with Epocrates Essentials. I won't update until you have it on iphone. What you have here is not useful to me. I need the ER Physician Bundle. Thanks

  • PLEASE make ER Suite for iPhone!!!!!!

    by mshellc

    PLEASE make ER Suite available for iPhone!!!!

  • Er Suites?

    by Longhorn RN

    When will ER Suites be avail? This should of been the first app put out by MW for the iPhone/iPod touch.

  • Not what I wanted

    by Zumbakim

    was looking for something that had more pictures and that I could search for things. Not what I wanted.

  • Nuts....

    by SkidMD

    Where is ER Suite? After waiting so long for the best ER handheld software out there, they are missing the best product? Go figure.

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