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  • Updated: Jun, 05 2011
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Bugs in IOS 6 fixed;

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This application contains a rich collection of 1000+ interesting and useful health tips -- concisely written for quick and easy review. This is a free application, so be sure to check it out!

Topics include:

- Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss Tips
- Muscle Building & Cardio Tips
- Toning, Aerobics & Strength-Training Tips
- Healthy Snack Ideas & Good Nutrition Tips
- Food Safety & Fitness Safety Tips


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Customer Reviews

  • Life

    by Tomuchfor

    Facts information up to guide one in the right ways! It's a winner in care of duration of life gifts

  • Mr

    by Yusufari

    This is a very useful. Thank you

  • Very helpful

    by Kareem BAAGHIL

    Like it!

  • Health Tips

    by Tosanni

    Excellent App

  • For the info

    by B-zzz

    I like it, gives me great info in health and I will share this app or tips to my friends

  • I love this app!!

    by HealthFreak101

    I am a total health freak i run twice a day and pretty much only eat healthy foods! This app is great it helps me SO much! Download it...

  • Tun Khin

    by Tun Khin

    This is a very useful app. Very informative and helpful health tips.

  • Great app

    by Alsticks

    Very informative

  • Keep Working

    by Jefferyk.

    Not spectacular. Good info. Needs more depth and features.

  • Very informativo

    by Zetazetaseta

    A must for Health information

  • I'm sure I'll enjoy it

    by Dolphase

    I haven't had a chance to listen to this application due to getting a quick notice asking if I could kindly rate & my choices were "no I don't want to" and " sure I will why not" well I wanted to do the right thing so here I am not knowing what to say about this application other than I'm sure I'll enjoy it lol

  • Review

    by Hyegoddes

    This app is good !

  • Thumbs up

    by Matt RHCP

    Very important information

  • Okay

    by Zespron

    Needs work - some of the stuff is kinda obvious. But they are hlpfu

  • Nutrition app

    by Anthony Gutierrez

    Seems good. Good tips!

  • Awesome

    by Legohydraulic

    Best app ever and very helpful

  • Health

    by Maria Orea


  • Mostly good tips

    by Jaychemist

    Interesting, but needs a wider variety of tips, and a crisper layout.

  • Health app

    by Ksoarxu

    Like it

  • Could be better

    by acullars

    Little changes could really make this a good app. Too many repeat facts where they just changed the wording.

  • I like it. It's not bad

    by Quietstorm999

    Not bad

  • Awesome

    by Berwes

    Very educational ., there when u need it for work and school .

  • My favorite App

    by Sammyvbv

    I love this App..If you need help finding where to start having a healthier life -Start here!!

  • Great app!!

    by 23jmckinely

    Cool, good to learn new things.

  • Cool

    by theangelofdeath

    Interesting facts, some would do better to explain why the facts help

  • Good

    by Crazy facts

    I liked all of the facts and stuff I never knew a lot of the things it said(: I like it a lot

  • Health

    by Creole Mustard

    Great info! Learning a lot. Look forward to reading it daily!

  • Very good

    by moco100000

    Very goood

  • Awesome

    by Viktoriyavika

    This application is awesome!! I got to learn more facts and stuff that helped me to improve on my health!!!

  • Krido

    by KDE1

    I like it. It has cool info. I don't think I'll use it as a reference may be just for fun.

  • Helpful health reminders

    by Pureheart007

    Handy app to remind me of how to better care for myself. Some of the info on this app I already know, but it is really nice to be reminded and some I health info is a surprise to me.

  • PDX

    by PDX Vancouver.

    Very nice. Easy to use.

  • Great info!

    by breath713

    Easy to use!

  • Inspiring!!!

    by LGWB


  • Good

    by AlexEECO


  • Great

    by Rn Nate

    A perfect way to each and every day get informed on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Awesome app!

    by Kortkortkort

    Great tips for staying healthy! Informative and easy to use. I like this app.

  • Good info

    by Sujjify

    Should be more descriptive.

  • Review

    by Don panchito

    This up its sooooo wonderful I love it.

  • Very helpful

    by Goldsniper27

    I recomend this app for health knowledge!

  • Liking it!!

    by Yadira Boyd

    Just downloaded it :-D

  • Interesting quick facts

    by HorseySue

    A lot of simple, but yet, useful information. A method to start wherever you want, or some kind of organization would be nice. Can keep one's you don't want to forget in "favorites", a nice feature.

  • Pretty good

    by Kent Coleman

    It's not a terrible app. I think there's better ones out there though.

  • Great app


    Very informative.

  • Great app!

    by Reshape 911

    Just started using this app but it seems to be a great tool to add to your healthy lifestyle toolbox! Let's get healthy!!

  • Great Tips!

    by Alexander Willis

    Provides great tips and good healthy lifestyle ideas to create a healthy life.

  • Good information to know

    by Lissa31477

    Helpful information

  • Good

    by N. Elyse

    Very informative

  • Share Option

    by Fosterohio

    Good information but did a better share option with Twitter, Facebook, etc....

  • Great

    by Eddieb13


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