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Expecting? Get the best and most complete pregnancy App to follow your pregnancy week by week.

More than 1 million pregnant women and their partners already follow their pregnancy with Health & Parenting. 
Get the ONLY App with full size images for every week of your pregnancy.

The App can also be personalised for dads, grandparents and other family members.

Created by Health & Parenting Ltd. together with leading healthcare professionals.

Most RECOMMENDED pregnancy application by healthcare providers and paediatricians.

- DAILY info on your pregnancy

- Beautiful colour and 2D ultrasound images

- Diet, exercise and medical advice

- Track your health and weight
- Preparing yourself for labour

- Baby shopping list

- 1000s Baby names

- Log doctor appointments

The team of Health & Parenting Ltd. wish you a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.

Customer Reviews

  • Great application for this new mom to be

    by Jramireztlu

    This app is very informative on what is going on with my body, my baby's development and what to expect each day and each week. I get to read daily advice for health tips and see the progress the baby has made. Really great app!!!!

  • Great app!!!

    by Agoodgam

    It has everything all in one! Even my hubby & mom have the app to get updates of me. it has information for your partner as well. Love this app!!!

  • Great App

    by NAS2babe

    I really enjoyed using this app throughout my pregnancy. I missed checking in and getting info after my baby was born.

  • Wonderful app

    by Otero2

    Love this app! No pop ups nothing is confusing about this app! Full of info and forums! Love love love!

  • My Favorite Pregnancy App!!!

    by jennyms0530

    This app is one the money! 100% accurate! I downloaded many pregnancy apps and this is the only one I turn to an trust. The rest I deleted.

  • Its a great tool!

    by Sandiazz

    Love my app, very clear, easy to follow and read!

  • Great App!

    by NML19

    I definitely recommend this app - the timeline is especially helpful.

  • Must download this app!!!

    by Vettechgirl07

    I loved the weekly updates and the daily tips/info. Loved the weekly pictures! Also loved tracking my weight, doctors appointments, blood pressure, and pretty much everything about this app. It also will post to your Facebook weekly how far along you are.

  • Great info

    by MsLibbyConway

    This has been a fun tool to jump start the learning process for our first pregnancy. The images are great and I love all the tips.

  • Great App

    by LoriLynn38

    I am a New Grandma & I've found this app to be very helpful. It gives a ton of information. I Love the fact that it also gives family members, friends, etc a chance to be involved by tracking the pregnancy themselves. I haven't seen anything like that on any other apps I've looked at. Thank You for this informative, helpful & awesome app!!!

  • Love this APP

    by cbellexo

    This is a great app for expecting moms. I love how each day I can see what my growing baby measures and weighs. The daily tip is always dead on that sometimes it's scary. Haha The information is terrific and I love how you can add the tips to a To Do list to keep track of tasks. Very well thought out app that is much appreciated by this mommy-to-be!

  • Comprehensive and Useful

    by Binksu

    Easy to use and navigate, informative, an overall excellent tool

  • Great app

    by AuntieOQ

    Great app. Very informative and lots of tools to help with getting prepared for new baby.

  • The best pregnancy app

    by Olga_Belarus

    I love this pregnancy app the best so far. It has not only weekly updates about your growing baby, but also daily. It also has weight tracker. The only 2 additional things I wish it had are: days count till labor (i.e. "You are 236 days to go") and body measurements (waist and breasts size change).

  • Love this app!

    by amni83

    I have downloaded several but this one is my favorite!

  • BLMartin

    by BLM_saved1

    Love this app!! It is very useful & it has everything I was looking for! I also love the pics & daily tips!

  • Recommended app!!

    by Diana Hall

    I had another pregnancy app but their daily tidbits didn't coordinate with the pregnancy timeline so at 19 weeks I started looking for another app. I tried about 8 others including this one. I love the daily tidbits and the weekly updates are very detailed. There's a lot of extra features with this app. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I read several books with the first, and I enjoy reading a out health and our bodies so I found this one to be accurate and up to date. I would highly recommend this app!!! Worth the money!!!!

  • Good and bad

    by VerizonRep

    Best pregnancy app! Love the daily. And the color image. All the advice and insight. Love. BAD: bought FULL VERSION on my iPad, cannot restore to my phone. = angry pregnant mom

  • Amazing

    by Sabmir

    I used this apps during my pregnancy. It was very helpful

  • Love it!

    by Sunshine914

    Wonderful and very informative!

  • Don't buy it!

    by Kharrin9

    You have to pay for the app after you pass the first trimester.

  • Great!

    by Snowstorms55

    Love it! Even upgraded to the full version! Worth it!

  • Awesome.

    by OMGitsLJ

    Best pregnancy app out there!

  • Wonderful! ❤️

    by Mimi tejada

    I tried almost all of them and this is the only one is completely full of everything u can need ❤️

  • Awesome

    by Scott Frickey

    Great organized app easy and informative

  • Decent

    by Kuppole

    This app is a little more 'medical' than I would like... Since I have a midwife and am having a homebirth. But, I appreciated all the additives in this one app I stead of having to have 5 apps to get everything it offers.. So I can overlook the things not necessary to me

  • Decent app

    by Mama50517

    Pretty pictures. Not always the most relevant article relative to where you are in your pregnancy.

  • My go to pregnancy app

    by T-peas

    I love this one

  • Useful, but....

    by Anhila8

    The app is super useful, but the push notifications are incorrect - when I complete 12 weeks as per the app (which is correct), I get a push notification telling me I've completed 13 weeks. I would recommend turning off push notifications until this is fixed.

  • Great and useful app

    by 1233765

    This app has been very useful in keeping me informed and helping me to record important information about my pregnancy.

  • first!

    by Aehmomof3

    The app was fabulous at first, but only covers first trimester. Beyond that, you must buy the full version! Would have been nice to know up front!

  • Great app!

    by Aaa-1234568

    Like it a lot.

  • I loved it :)

    by Jenia15

    I recommend this app to the first time mommy it is very helpful.

  • Great, useful app

    by Keggle1190

    I did some research into the app(s) I'd find most useful and this came up a couple of times. Very useful and easy to use. I love the size comparison of the fetus to fruit week by week.

  • ISEFUL!!

    by Hero Shark

    A lot of information, and I kept this app until my baby sister was born!!

  • Pregnancy app

    by Chybear:)

    It's okay I enjoy the daily and weekly stories and pictures but I hate that I don't have the full version so I can go through the whole thing

  • Wonderful App!

    by Mariahn10

    I have many pregnancy apps, but this one was by far the best one I've downloaded. It's informational and interesting, all the while showing images of your baby in utero (2d and 3d). I highly suggest downloading this app if you're expecting a child!

  • by TejjedahLove<3

    Very usefull

  • Love it!

    by Emmy3k

    This is such a great app with great tips and information. I love the graphics showing how the baby most likely looks in the womb.

  • Pregnancy App

    by Imavol

    Great little app, but I am doing it for my own edification as my daughter is the pregnant one so I wish it would not announce to me congratulations "you are 14 weeks pregnant"

  • Pregnancy app

    by Wag dog

    Love it easy to use

  • Don't bother

    by Numburrrr1

    Deleted it as soon as I downloaded it. Won't let you see anything without purchasing. Waste of data.

  • Great App!

    by MCapa

    This app is so useful for tracking how far along I am in my pregnancy and how the baby is developing.

  • Best pregnancy tracker!

    by Kenny's mommy

    Best baby tracker yet! Amazing!! Deserve more stars!! Love it! If you're pregnant you definitely need to download the full version..

  • Great app

    by Michalene

    This was a great app to use while I was pregnant.

  • Awesome

    by Promiseginger


  • Great App for the father also

    by Papa to be

    This was a great pregnancy app for fathers to be as well. This app provided me with great information each day. This information allowed me to know what my wife was going through, what she needed and how I could assist. This app also allowed me to know how my baby was developing each day. Great pictures and supportive articles.

  • App is great, but no backup

    by Addicted to solitaire

    I really like this app for tracking my pregnancy, especially weight and stats at each OB appt. BUT, there is no backup for the info on here. It does not backup to your computer or iCloud. So if your phone has to be restored for any reason, you will lose all your info entered in this app. I sent the help desk an email and they confirmed this. Buyer beware!

  • Love, love, love

    by Mommy89100

    I absolutely love this app! I wake up everyday and read my daily update on the app and I love reading the weekly updates as well! I also take advantage of the many organizational tools, such as the shopping list & packing list! Those features are great! I also like that I can record Dr. visits and track my weight! Overall, the app is fantastic and I would highly recommend it!!

  • Hands down great app

    by MC_MisterE

    Best pregnancy app. Informative and organized.

  • Awesome!

    by Caro973

    Love the daily tips and messages as well as the week to week. Very informative and helpful. Had to buy the full version around week 12.

  • Great for first time mothers

    by HappyIPhoneUser#2

    I like the way the app is set up and the information was very helpful! Love it:-)

  • A lifesaver!

    by K2Pipes

    This app was truly a lifesaver to a couple of clueless, first-time parents. I purchased 3 other apps, but this one was the best, by far! My husband and I started every Sunday by reading our weekly update. The daily reminders were timed perfectly, and the related blog entries were helpful also. We used all of the features on the app - names, hospital packing list, kick counter, contraction timer, dr appts, weight tracker, and others! It was worth every penny!

  • Love it

    by Sudeeptomar

    Awesome app... Really helped us

  • Amazing!

    by Mrs. Aitken

    Soo informational! Tells what's going on with the baby and myself! Helps me keep track of everything!!

  • Awesome Ap

    by Chaspta

    I love this ap! I look forward to looking at it everyday! It is so informative!! All kinds of neat things about your babies growth! Definitely worth the small charge for the full version! I recommend this to all my pregnant friends!!

  • AMAZING!!!!

    by AVlopez

    Amazing app, takes you hand and guides you through your pregnancy as no other. Thank you!

  • Very useful great

    by Ashroberts2007

    I look forward to opening the app every morning!! Seeing how my baby grows everyday is awesome!

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