10 Second EM Medical App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: EM Gladiators LLC

Version 3 contains a new search function, making the app even more efficient than prior versions.

Salter Harris image corrected

ACLS tachycardia algorithms updated for 2010 Guidelines
Wells DVT/PE, PORT, Centor scores "calculate" button removed (easier to use)

New Material:
-New Heme/Onc Section
TTP, Cancer emergencies, HUS, Fever and neutropenia

-OB/GYN Additions
PID, Post-partum hemorrhage, Rhogam dosing

-Miscllaneous Additions
Arthrocentesis Landmarks
Central Venous Line Landmarks
Push-dose pressors
tPA in Pulmonary Embolism
Mallampati classification
ASA classification
Ranson criteria at admission
ROSE Syncope
Boston Syncope
Spinal Cord Levels
Rash Descriptions
Tall R Wave in V1 Differential (EKG)

-Pediatrics Additions
THE MISFITS mnemonic, Vaccine Schedule, Peds Appendicitis Score

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
19 Ratings
All Versions:
41 Ratings


10 Second EM (Emergency Medicine) is designed for emergency physicians, medical residents, healthcare students and professionals that practice, rotate through or are interested in emergency medicine. It is designed to be a rapid reference tool with on-the-job applicability. It may also be helpful to internal medicine and critical care physicians.

Topics include the following!

Code timer
Airway drugs calculator
ACLS medications
Ventilator settings
HTN emergency medications
ACLS Hs and Ts
Pressor dosing
Anaphylaxis treatments
Sedation drug calculator
Canadian Head CT Rule
New Orleans Head CT Rule
Nexus C-Spine Rule
Canadian C-Spine Rule
Status epilepticus medications
NIH Stroke Scale
Ischemic stroke tPA inclusion criteria
Ischemic stroke tPA contraindications
Ischemic stroke tPA administration
Anti-hypertensive meds in ischemic stroke
Stroke mimics
San Francisco Syncope Rule
STEMI protocols
Lytic contraindications
STEMI lytic dosing
Essential EKG findings
Dysrhythmia management
MAP calculator
Wells DVT
Wells PE
PERC rules
Pneumonia – PORT/PSI
Pneumonia – CURB-65
ARDSnet protocols
Asthma medications
Influenza therapy
Ottawa ankle/knee/foot rules
SIRS/sepsis sefinitions
Severe sepsis
Early goal directed therapy
OB wheel
Pediatric fluid calculator
Corrected Na (Glucose) calculator
Parkland burn formula
Centor strep score
Tylenol/NAC dosing
ARDS P:F ratio calculator
Pediatric IV fluid calculator
Pediatric vital signs by age
Pediatric ETT size/depth
APGAR score
Fever guidelines by age
Otitis media antibiotic calculator
Specific drugs/exposures/antidotes

Additions in Version 2.0:

--Critical Care Additions
ICU Sedation Drip Dosing
2010 ACLS Bradycardia Algorithm
2010 ACLS PEA/Asystole Guidelines

--Pediatric Additions
PALS Medications
Pediatric GCS Score
Pediatric Hyperkalemia Medications
Pediatric DKA Treatment Calculator
Pediatric ETT Blade Size and Depth Calculator
Pediatric Blood Product Dosing
Pediatric Pain Medication Dosing Calculator
Pediatric Bilirubin/Phototherapy Calculator
Pediatric Intranasal Pain and Anxiolysis Medication Dosing
Salter Harris Classification Illustration
Pediatric Elbow Ossification Illustration
Westley Croup Score and Treatment
Kawasaki Disease Clinical Findings
Pediatric Head CT Algorithm 2-10 Years Old

--OB/GYN Additions
Shoulder Dystocia Mnemonic
Perimortem C-Section Rapid Reference
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Reference

--Cardiology Additions
Sgarbossa Criteria – AMI in LBBB

--Neurology Additions
Spontaneous ICH Blood Pressure Recommendations

--Dermatology/Burns Additions
Tooth Number Illustration
Dermatome Illustration
Hand Nerve Anatomy Illustration
ABA Burn Center Transfer Criteria
Necrotizing Fasciitis Score (LRINEC criteria)

--Toxicology Additions
CEWA (Alcohol Withdrawal) Score
Hunter Serotonin Toxicity
Snake Bite Severity Score with Crofab indications

--Endocrine Additions
Thyroid Storm Score and Treatment
Goldman-Reilly Chest Pain Rule
Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis Rapid Reference
Addison's Crisis Rapid Reference

--Ortho/Trauma Additions
Bohler's Angle Illustration
Synovial Fluid Analysis Information

Fixed Timer Bug that crashed in iOS4
Changed "Sedation Drugs" to "Moderate Sedation"
Pressor sections simplified

This application is not intended to be a complete reference source. It is only a tool to assist in teaching students and residents some main topics encountered in clinical emergency medicine.

Please note that this program contains information on medications and procedures that are used to treat critically ill patients. Any use in the clinical setting should be done in the immediate presence of a credentialed, experienced attending physician.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    Used it when speaking with my grandmother about her TIA. Health is social and it is not ethical to deprive the people of it. I rendered no opinion of my own. I merely reiterated what the medical evidence states. Kind regards.

  • Sweet

    by ED Attending

    Used it in residency, use it now as a new attending. Great app that I had all my junior residents download. This app is there quick when you need it.

  • Badly needs an update

    by medic350

    This used to be my go to app in the emergency department and the one that I'd recommend to anyone. Unfortunately, it's been over a year since the last update, which is really kind of ridiculous. The user interface is badly in need of an update. Forget being designed for iOS 7, this app was never even optimized for the iPhone 5 screen! The search function is largely useless and organization leaves much to be desired. That said, the app remains on my phone as it still has some of the highest yield EM info accessible very quickly. Perhaps because it doesn't contain as much information as competing apps anymore, I've found that the information this app does contain can sometimes be easier/faster to access. Although I am not holding my breath, I do still hope that this app will get a major update sometime soon. In the meantime, palmEM is my new most frequently used emergency medicine application, and the new one that I recommend to anyone new to the field. It has a great user interface, significantly more information, and is updated regularly.

  • ICU Intensivist NP

    by ICU NP

    The best app ever. Just the facts type information needed in emergency situations.

  • Incredible info, no organization

    by mkz1

    This app is what I use now on a daily basis as a med student going into EM. It has an incredible amount of information and is so useful--just wish it was more organized so searching for specific things wouldn't take a whole minute. Categorizing by organ systems would be great!

  • 3rd yr ED Res

    by Such a great learning tool

    I work in an urban and heavily populated trauma center as a 3rd yr EM resident and I find this app to be my initial "go to" every time. I have many many apps and this one is, hands down, the best! Thanks a bunch. It's quick, simple, and to the point.

  • Great app

    by TheRedBarron

    Use daily in ER! Interface could use a little face lift though.

  • A++++

    by Jcollins2020

    Best app for ER!!!! Can't believe it's free!!!

  • Great app!

    by DavidGEMMD

    I use this app almost daily throughout my shifts! Its so handy to have during those brain jams on medications and dosages? Could you add an eye emergency section such as acute narrow angle glaucoma, temporal arteritis, etc.?

  • Fantastic For Med Students

    by HolmanFamily

    I used this app constantly on my EMed rotations as a 4th-year med student. It helped me impress, especially on my visiting rotations!

  • Bad UI

    by PDX Dad

    Three stars simply due to the fact that there is a lot of clinical info, but the user interface stinks and there is a total lack of organization. How about categories or alphabetizing the content? The potential is there, but navigation and user-friendliness is severely lacking...

  • Love it

    by Em em em em

    This app is great. Best $2 I have ever spent. Use it daily.

  • ER APP/D.O.

    by Biz123

    Awesome!!!! Very useful!!!

  • Highly recommend

    by charesepel

    Anything you can't quickly find in this app probably need a reference textbook anyway. Must have! Love it.

  • Amazingly good app

    by joemeyer

    This tiny app is loaded with information for the ER Physician but I find it also useful as a Hospitalist. It is very easy to use and lightening fast to navigate the menus and find what you need. The ARDSnet calculator for determining tidal volume is superb and I have used it several times. The update added much new content. Thank you.

  • 10 Second EM 2.0

    by jonmarti

    Long overdue but well worth the wait. Very handy app that I use daily in the ED. New version filled in the gaps that 1.0 was missing. A must have!

  • A killer app that assists in saving lives

    by Wrtrdoc

    Great app for when you're in the heat of battle in the ER and need that life saving fact stat. If it's something you can leisurely look up, it's probably not here. But who cares, that's what bulky texts are for. Would highly recommend this app to fellow ER attendings and residents. Developers take a bow.

  • Outstanding

    by Peace prevails


  • Fantastic resource

    by OK1980

    Excellent application overall. Please add TIMI score and ABCD2 scores to the clinical calculator section.

  • Fast, Easy, Comprehensive!! Must have App!!!

    by HollinsNeuro

    This is a great App for anyone in medicine. As a neurosurgery resident, the quick access to comprehensive information on the run is invaluable. The amount of content included at this price is fantastic. This will be one of those Apps that you will use almost every day...

  • It's been 2 years since an update!

    by tdallstar

    For a paid app to not be updated is insulting. The information is great, but the UI needs a iOS 7 overhaul.

  • EM App

    by Sean In Houston

    This app abbreviates the information in many of it's sections. Quick, yes. Thorough, no way. It has a variety of quick references, but if you want thorough ACLS drug info and algorithms, get Informed critical care guide along with this one. I'm keeping it, but don't see myself running for this app over one of my others. -an EMT-I in Houston.

  • Must have app

    by ERDoctor

    This app is absolutely perfect for the EM physician. There are many times in the the ED when you need to know a drug dose and need to know it quick. 10 second EM gives you all the info you need without having to sort through bunches of info you don't need. I honestly use this app numerous times every time I work a shift.

  • Awesome-saved lives!

    by GradyED

    Amazing Application. Accurate and to the point. As an intern, it helped me out a lot. I used it daily and recommend it to anyone working in an ED.

  • Great Program

    by CZZ03

    This program is all what it says to be. Critical information is readily available and easy to find when time matters. I would strongly recommend this to not only emergency medicine physicians/residents, but to any housestaff. Ideal for the new intern about to start in July. Great program!

  • Useful in the ED

    by Coney.

    Great app! Lots of algorithms, info that is relevant to everyday ED care. Good for all those random algorithms and formulas that you can never remember off the top of your head that you just need a quick reference for.

  • Great Emergency Medicine tool!

    by s-to-the-k

    This program is a great reference for the ER. It has all the major criteria and management algorithms built in for treating life threatening emergencies. I think as a tool, 10 second EM can really improve patient care as access to critical information is at your fingertips. I highly recommend this purchase to any one working in an ER or critical care setting. A definite buy!

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