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Smart alarm clock that analyze your sleep and wakes you up at the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase. Wake up feeling refreshed.
Featured on TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, 148apps and many others...

Version 2.2 has arrived! With this release, Sleep Time is now the most feature-rich sleep analysis and alarm clock app on the App Store.

Why buy a second app you have to turn on every night to play music as you fall asleep? We listened to YOUR feedback and now you get a TWO-IN-ONE app: soundscapes AND a sleep cycle alarm clock in one easy package for the same low price!

This is the only sleep app you will ever need.

Sleep Time uses the sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to detect movements during the night. Our advanced algorithm determines your phase of sleep, and sets off the alarm at the perfect moment. You will never wake up from a deep sleep feeling groggy again.

Find out why over 35 MILLION users love our apps!

* Set the alarm clock with a single gesture
* Fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise!
* Alarm rings even in silent mode
* Choose from any of our 20 built in alarms
* OR wake up to your favorite song from iTunes!
* Sleep Lab™ with sleep cycle analysis
* Detailed monthly and weekly graphs
* Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm
* Instant Heart Rate integration to detect pulse
* Full history and graphs make comparison easy
* Backup and restore your sleep data on the cloud
* No glasses needed for our easy to read interface!

Let us know how you like the app! Visit us at:

Sweet Dreams!

***** Azumio Team *****

This app uses a third party service Flurry Analytics, which uses your device MAC address to track the app's usage patterns.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by _kevinjm

    Works perfectly. Makes it easy to keep track of how you sleep, and tries to wake you based off of 90 minute cycles (as it should)

  • No data export

    by Bob0972637

    Great app, but no way to export the data to analyze it. If they added this simple feature, it'd be 5 stars for sure.

  • Great app, brilliant

    by Resident of North OC, SoCal

    Excellent! My new alarm clock. Can't imagine doing without this app now.

  • Yes it's awesome...

    by Brostif

    Please stop bugging me to post a review...

  • Love it

    by Meeyore1961

    My regular alarm died 8 months ago and I got this app. Amazing app! Love it! Alarm clock florescence lights disturb my sleep and this has no light!

  • Nice and simple

    by Soorms2

    Makes my days better by having a cool alarm that wakes me up when I'm not so deep in Inception.

  • Daily

    by SkeOne718

    Use this app daily and find it extremely useful. Keep up the great work.

  • Absolutely LOVE

    by ToxicRiot

    This app has helped me figure out that I kept waking up around the same time every night and fix the problem. I never go a night without it now. The only downside is that it sends data while you sleep and if you're not on wifi it will use up your data plan pretty quickly. Learned that the hard way. Fixed it by turning off data in my iPhone's general settings.

  • Awesome M7 sleep monitoring

    by Retro-tread

    I was introduced to Sleep Time before other apps monitored sleep movement. Sleep Time continues to reveal more from the data as their experience shows. I'm curious to see what the permission to access the phone's mic pair may be featuring in Sleep Time next.

  • Not sure how accurate it is

    by TravelMike913

    Not sure how accurate it is. When I have a restless night it says I slept 90%+. When I feel I had a good solid sleep it tells me I slept 65%. Not sure why. It is interesting for keeping tract of average time to bed and average overall sleep time.

  • Sleep alarm

    by Barrel Racing Angel

    The best alarm ever!

  • Excellent app!

    by Dl0803

    Waking up is more efficient. It motivates me to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep and get to bed early. Excellent value for a great stress management and recovery tool!

  • Amazing

    by Sass2012

    This app accurately tracks my sleeping patterns. It wakes me up at the optimal time, always leaving me feeling refreshed throughout the day. It also syncs to my argus app allowing argus to work efficiently for my needs. Fantastic app!!!

  • Great!

    by Ladybug¥Queen

    I use it everyday. Now very much aware of my sleep habits. Thank you!

  • The last alarm I'll ever buy.

    by RioJade

    It's amazing to wake up so easily and refreshed. This app also shows when I hit my deep sleep. It's been the beginning of an incredible movement toward better overall health and self awareness just by keeping me mindful of how I sleep and how well I sleep.

  • Wonderful

    by Donizeti junior

    This app is amazing! I use it all night, every day!

  • Beautiful little app

    by Lebog101

    All of azumio's apps are top notch. Nice work.

  • Amazing!

    by AmySharo

    Best app ever. Period.

  • Love love love

    by Big electric fan

    I love this app!! Best sleep app on the App Store!

  • Awesome

    by Robert Dovel

    I have been using this for almost two years. It actually helped my dr diagnose insomnia. With how accurate it was while using it during my sleep study along with there equipment, he recommend that I use it while we were trying out long term medications to treat said insomnia. The data that can be pulled off the app is useful and has had a lot of impact in my life. Great design, great use, best app and product I have ever used. Rob

  • Nice alarm

    by Campingshadow

    I am one who tends to sleep thru alarms but this one is just the right tone to wake me. I love checking to see how well I slept the night before. Just not sure if it is recording me or the dog!

  • Great app

    by wendy_marn

    Only 4 stars because it does consume battery, got to plug phone overnight

  • Awesome

    by Maksim Troyak

    This app is magic

  • Great app for sleep monitoring

    by Nik_me

    Been using for about two months now. Great app that allows me to see what my sleep patterns and habits are. Only thing is like to see is the ability to make notes on the graph specifically to a time. Integrates nicely with the other Azumio app Argus. Other than that, great app!

  • Awesome, but Needs a bug fix

    by Marco Trafecante

    Use it every night! ***** Needs more sounds/wake-up sounds. Maybe optional or in-app purchase clock faces for .49¢ PROBLEM, when I wake up it doesn't ask me for my heart monitor to take my heart rate anymore. There should be an ON/OFF TAB for this in settings. Please, thank you.

  • Not liked

    by pingwinator

    App discharge my phone by 1 night

  • Well designed app

    by George Mathew

    This is a great app to track your sleep cycles. Keeps a history and it is easy to navigate and use. Love this app.

  • Good so far

    by ShawnKS

    Good app. Can't be sure it's 100% accurate.

  • Really works great

    by JerryLMT

    Many options for how to use it. Separate audio for going to sleep & waking up. Easy to set and use. Records valuable data. Wakes during lighter sleep to avoid grogginess. Try it. It's the best of the bunch.

  • Pretty app, too premium heavy

    by .:RealBig:.

    This app looks nice, but it tries too hard to make you buy stuff.

  • Need sleep

    by KekecKKK

    This build fixes the issues

  • Amazing!

    by Danielle Litherland

    This app is so cool. I fall asleep within 10 minutes every night using a night scape and love seeing how my sleep was through out the night. Everyone should use this as their alarm clock

  • Good but

    by Scrapbooking Mom

    Good but doesn't wake me up good some days it says I'm still and deep sleep then wakes me up. Also be care full of the time frame you set if to

  • Great app, but be prepared to go to sleep as soon as you set the alarm!

    by Lelise7&(796(6)$$

    Don't expect to set your alarm earlier in the night because the app starts recording data as soon as you set it (unless it doesn't bother you to have inaccurate results). Also, I've had a problem recently with the alarm not going off if set for a time that falls within my Do Not Disturb hours; would love to see this app override that! I love it but I need it to be reliable. Only complaints though, really love absolutely everything else about it! ::Edit:: Didn't really appreciate losing a year and a half of data with the update... I like the soundscapes though. The waves are nice. Still grumbling about my lost data though..

  • Use this every night

    by Bsmith120276

    Best sleep app out there.

  • Excellent app for what it is

    by Super_Villain420

    Very simple concept and gives relevant data...if you know exactly what it's doing. The alarm function is great as well. The app's theory behind determining REM sleep seems logical in that your body is paralyzed in this sleep phase and therefore you won't move. Determining "light sleep" is a little harder and starts to decline in accuracy. For example, if you get out of bed it may register you as still sleeping...because obviously, the phone doesn't know your small movement was to get out of bed! This is no problem for me though because I never get out of bed at night - so when it says light sleep for me, it may actually be right. Very interesting to see my sleep/movement patterns at night. I highly recommend.

  • It's ok.

    by zcst4eva

    When I first purchased this app, I was very impressed with how accurately it tracked my sleep pattern, but for the last couple of weeks, I feel like it's been off. It tells me I was asleep when I was clearly awake and in another room. I do really like that I can use my own music to wake me up and I like the soundscapes.

  • Fantastic tool

    by telejuneau

    I like almost everything about this app, but find it frustrating that I can't extend a sleep session in progress. That is, if I wake up before my alarm goes off and decide I can go back to sleep/sleep longer, I would like to be able to change my wake up time instead of having to create a new session for the additional time. This affects reporting of sleep data (average length and bed-time), and would be an appreciated fix.

  • Great App

    by missoogie

    This has helped me so much with lifelong sleep issues. It took me awhile to use it most effectively positioning of the phone is essential for accuracy.

  • Changed my life!

    by D.C.V.

    I don't wake up to a blaring alarm anymore. I either rise 30 minutes ahead of the set time or 10 minutes past. But it's always a pleasant experience to be roused awake by the sweet sounds of the morning birds!

  • Fantastic app.

    by Kateastra

    Use it every day. I love the Argus products!

  • Amazing

    by Jessica Scheuerman

    This app truly works and it's awesome

  • Helpful Sleep App

    by Lbapp(432

    I really like how the app wakes me up during my light sleep cycle. This enables me to wake up when it is most beneficial. I also appreciate the charts. It is helpful to compare how I feel with the way that I slept.

  • Good Sleep Tracker

    by IPhoneHugger

    Good app for tracking sleep. I use it every night. I like seeing all my sleep stats. I only wish I could email the info to myself. Thanks!

  • Good wakeup app, requires charger connection.

    by Coach 300

    The only thing keeping this from a 5-star review is that it saps all of the phone's power should the charger get disconnected overnight or there's a power outage. Since it can detect power (if doesn't recommend use when it isn't charger-connected, my recommendation would be that, if it detects the charging has stopped for any reason, that it roll back and stop monitoring sleep and simply alarm at the scheduled wakeup time, rather than having no alarm on a dead phone. Aside from that, this is a great App!

  • Neat App

    by forHISglory103

    I like using this app because it's helpful to be aware of how much sleep you are getting and after 2 weeks I have yet to wake up feeling groggy- I think that has everything to do with the half hour wake-up window provided in this app

  • I love this app

    by Candyze Harris

    I absolutely love this app. I love how it tells you exactly how much time you sleep and how it is specific on the particular times when you are in your deepest sleep!

  • Love it. Solid app.

    by KC-Mike

    All anyone needs to know about this app is that it works! Great! Great UI too. I've woken up smiling 3 mornings in a row.

  • Very helpful

    by Marina Osaulenko

    Thanks to this app, now seeing & comparing my sleep patterns every morning, comparing what I did the night before & how I was the following day, without any doctors, I was able to figure out why I was so tired all the time and was able to adjust my routine to help myself.

  • Great app!

    by kehoya

    Now I understand what I need to do to have a great night of sleep!

  • Works great

    by BrianBohanon

    Works as described. I don't use the sleep analysis, but the sleep sounds and alarm functions are great.

  • Worth to paid for!!!!

    by jenne l le

    Love this app! It really help my sleeping!

  • It's alright

    by Itsuhme!

    It could use more white noise options. But it's okay, I don't think it's really accurate for sleep analysis, but I enjoy the alarm

  • Great app!

    by C Dubble U

    I think this app is fantastic. The recorded times I go to sleep and wake up are very accurate. I'm not sure about the light sleep verses deep sleep monitoring though. I happen to be married and there are two people in my bed at night, and I would think that would have some effect on the motion sensor. I put it under my pillow. I would be interested to see how it compares to an actual sleep study monitor. Still worth the money.

  • Excellent app

    by Divinerobin

    Definitely worth $2.

  • Superb app

    by Chaps88usn

    Accurate and helpful; feel like I sleep better now.

  • Interesting and helpful - would love a chance 2 input subjective info 2 timeline

    by Ewnsea

    Of course it couldn't be as helpful as a sleep study, but the variation between nights seems to suggest that it is picking up motion enough to give me helpful info, and I am feeling better on mornings when it wakes me in light sleep times. That's the real point, anyway... and for only a $1! Sometime later maybe they can add a blue tooth finger sensor or some such thing and one can skip the sleep study. ... Or how 'bout something that can shock u awake if u stop breathing? What do u want for a dollar, u complainers?!

  • Love it!!!!

    by Mrs Bubbles 2 u

    I really do enjoy using the every night. It's now 100% on how I sleep but pretty close helps me and my dr to know about how much or how little I am getting. My only thing about it is I wish I could add more of my own music not just 4 or 5 because I play it for a hour and a half every night to help me fall asleep. But other then that I love it, love it, love it!

  • Good

    by Matthew Campbell

    Is good if true.

  • Great app!

    by EdsISLND

    I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP. This gave me a great reference for how I'm sleeping.

  • Great app

    by Chaser0016969

    Great way to wake up in the morning and track how you slept. Helpful that it wakes you up in your lighter rem cycle to make getting up in the morning much easier

  • Fun App

    by Violinator

    I'm not sure how scientifically accurate this app is, but at the very least it makes you pay more attention to what your sleep habits are. I've been surprised at how little sleep I had actually been getting, and it allows me to see that I would be better served trying to get more. Nice graphs, well presented.

  • Favorite alarm clock ever

    by Happygirl100

    I enjoy my mornings now

  • Love this App!

    by Ktizz13

    I love this app. I use it every night!

  • by Ed.Gale.Actor

    I have narcolepsy and sleep apnea with a bi-pap machine. this app is absolutely perfect for helping me sleep

  • Good app, works well

    by RogueMoxie

    No complaints here

  • My Alarm App

    by jobehr

    It works. I've used it for sleep analysis before and worked quite well. Now I just use it for the alarm. Waking up slowly versus a loud annoying alarm has changed my mornings.

  • What?

    by BBippy

    Something changed in the last update and now I don't wake up to the alarm.

  • Valuable Sleep

    by Lizz_m

    I've struggled with sleep quality and this app is helping me figure out where to make changes. I can change something and then watch how it effects my sleep patterns for a few nights. Brilliant app! I've never felt so good when the alarm went off in my life. I'm starting to naturally wake up after just a couple weeks of using it.

  • Love it

    by Beinny

    Everything I needed.

  • Awesome!

    by MissMita

    I love seeing my sleeping habits! I saw that I spent a good amount of time in light sleep, so I now go to bed early to improve it. And it did! And I'm no longer jarred awake with my regular alarm clock, so I'm no longer groggy! Wish I had this while I was in the military!

  • Good sleep

    by Skrillexrules99

    I love this app. It's cool

  • Works

    by Mike in Oaktown

    It works well. When I don't use it, I miss it.

  • Worth it!

    by Nyjts92

    The app helps you wake up at the right time and the way the alarm gets progressively louder, makes waking up so much easier. Highly recommend!!

  • Best sleep I've had

    by Baba7arizo

    This app has helped me improve my sleep and wakes me up so I'm not groggy I love it.

  • Best sleep I've had

    by Baba7arizo

    This app has helped me improve my sleep and wakes me up so I'm not groggy I love it.

  • The best sleep app out there.

    by Music Man 29

    I was a little skeptical at first, but then i bought it and it is fantastic!!!!

  • Works pretty well

    by Amy AK

    I am a heavy sleeper and it wakes me up enough to turn it off, occasionally I do not wake up enough. Works more often than not.

  • Fascinating gizmo

    by QuirkyJules

    I have a soft spot for things like heart rate monitors and biofeedback stuff...this app nicely provides some monitoring for the overnight hours. It doesn't always perfectly distinguish between light sleep and awake, but for getting a sense of how well you slept, it provides helpful information.

  • Push notifications with spam!

    by Ksuela

    I started to get push notifications at 8 pm talking me to use this app. Can't turn it off. I paid for it, I don't want spam!

  • Delivers on its Promises

    by Braverman

    This app makes some pretty bold promises given that it doesn't require any specialized medical devices to make it work. But it does work. Really well. Each night, right before I tuck in, I open the app, press the single button that tells it I'm going to sleep (it's that easy!), and tuck the phone (plugged in via a long cord so I wake up with a fully charged phone) under my two pillows (yes, two), and go to sleep. In the morning, the alarm (set to max volume because of the two pillows - and I if it's really important I set a second external alarm) wakes me with gently increasing volume so that I'm not yanked miserably out of a REM session. Then comes the fun part! I get to compare how my sleep was last night to other nights and to my husband's. This is especially important for me as someone with a strong mood sensitivity to big changes in sleep from day to day. Especially if they become a 2 or 3 day pattern: I can become depressed or manic. So this has become one of my medical tools to see those patterns before they happen - on night 1 - and make sure night 2 is normal. This app has literally changed my quality of life. And even if you don't have a mood disorder, I'll bet 3 nights of not enough or too much sleep effect you too! So use the app to protect yourself from that!

  • Amazingly accurate

    by PaloAltan99

    I'm really impressed with how well it tracks my wake time even when I'm in bed, trying to sleep (and as still as I can be). Surprisingly, much more accurate than my fitbit wrist monitor. I wish it were possible to change the wake up time during the night, without restarting the alarm and sleep monitor.

  • Great Apps & Monitoring Tool

    by SmileyOod

    I just recently realize that sleeping is one of the most important factors to good health and longevity, beside good nutrition, exercise and the peaceful mind & spirit. The body needs healing and repair naturally, not by drugs. It helps me to monitor my sleep pattern, I need a deep sleep for at least 8 hours, it tells me when did I awake, had a light sleep & so on. It helps me to adjust my sleep time, environment, prepare my mood get worry out of my head before going to bed. I love to see the long band of light blue without interruption of green & orange bands in between.

  • Very happy with results

    by PepperAimee

    Easy to use. A good way to create awareness around sleep hygiene. I can't lie to myself any more- I really do need more sleep and benefit from the results. I need an app that creates more time .

  • Great alarm clock

    by Skirk17

    Although the sleep cycle data is not accurate this is a great alarm clock and is good to keep track of how long you sleep and the times that you sleep.

  • Like a lot!

    by Singingcreech

    Amazing app!

  • Good App

    by Micah.....

    It's very useful to see you sleep pattern and improve upon you sleep needs. The gradual alarm is much better than a typical alarm

  • Love it!

    by NEEDHIM

    Encourages me to go to sleep and try to get more quality sleep!

  • Best Alarm Out There!

    by 2FE1A5

    I love that unlike most alarms that go off at the same time every day, this one is unique to you and the way that you sleep. It's a much more natural way of waking up then just being startled awake by a normal alarm.

  • Great

    by Jitty88


  • Good enough

    by Tomjsarg

    Good enough

  • Cool app

    by Kirby bell

    The app is great but there are times where I wish that it was a little more accurate. Besides that it's amazing what this app can predict.

  • Great!!!

    by moniii77

    Wakes me up in a better mode!

  • Works brilliantly!

    by Biofeelmix

    I've got to say that this app really works. I've tried numerous methods to waking up on time and nothing ever really worked for me. My sleep pattern effort and after didn't change this but I always seem to wake up to this alarm right when I want to. For those of you having a hard time waking up, it's not simply relying on the app to get you up and out of bed, but you yourself. All this app does is wake you up in order for you to get yourself out of bed.(Experience from missing 8am college classes)

  • All my data is lost

    by Japlnala

    After four months all my data simply disappeared . I wasted money !

  • Works Well!

    by Ole'

    IOS 6.0 running on iPhone 4 It works well as I wait until Nov 1 for iPhone 5. Nice package! Actually running occasionally on iPad running IOS 6.0, with 2X display. Just need to kill display with sleep switch. If you specify sync in settings on both iPad & iPhone 4, you can do sleep lab on either!works well

  • Best Alarm Ever

    by Bikealan

    Best alarm clock ever! I also like the integration with the heart rate app since I usually take my waking heart rate.

  • Amazing

    by Chammo01

    This is is phenomenal. Love it!! Works great. I feel less tired when I wake up and it wakes me up nicely.

  • A+

    by Chaz7138

    Great app. Use it every night!!

  • Part of being mom

    by Avbc

    This is really helped keep track of when I actually get to bed and when I wake up. More energy in the morning getting kids going.I do wish that there was an alarm setting for a weekends. Please and thank you.

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