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More reliable sync with Argus
More reliable on iPhone 5s

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The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 according to the jury of industry experts and as seen on Dr. OZ show

See every heart beat on the monitor, just like in ER rooms. Measure your heart rate instantly!

Instant Heart Rate uses your iPhone's camera to detect the pulse from your fingertip - leveraging similar technique as used in pulse oximeters.

Place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds your pulse will be shown. Instant Heart Rate will beep with your pulse. A real-time chart will show you every heart beat.

Join over 35 million users who are already using it.

- Heart pulse measurement
- Real-time PPG graph
- Continuos or Auto-Stop mode
- Heart Rate Zones
- Pulse waveform graphs
- Trends/Graphs for Max/Min/Avg
- Data storage and customizable tags
- Export data for registered users
- Sharing to Twitter and Facebook
- Real time, heart rate map around the world as it appears.
- StandUp test for fatigue and fitness testing as an in-app purchase.

NOTE: Works best on iPhone 4/4S/5 because it has flash. On iPhone 3GS and iPod touch it has to be used in good lighting.

NOTE: Make sure that your fingertip completely covers the camera lens. Press gently, since pressing too hard reduces blood flow in your finger and it's harder to get a result. Make sure that your fingers are not cold. This app is for recreational and fitness use only!

From our heart to yours,

Azumio Team

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Deacon BC

    This app is pretty accurate by one point or two off but compare to an medical heart rate check up its right there with it, so I am impressed with this app.

  • Useful

    by MrBThrower

    A very practical app!

  • Perfect

    by Honest Mango

    I can't believe this thing works during a run, but it totally does.

  • Very useful, good accuracy.

    by Kunochan66

    I have a serious heart condition, and this app has been quite helpful. I was happy to pay for it.

  • Handy tool

    by Big Olu

    Love it

  • Life Saver!

    by Lyndeyluu

    As a heart patient with CHF I am constantly having to keep track of my heart rate. This app is accurate and there when I need it. My cardiologist and my G.P. We're both astounded by its accuracy! 5 stars because I can't leave 6.

  • Heart rate

    by Copperpenni

    Great! Love to keep track of my heart rate. It can be a little slow measuring fast post heart rate but not sure if app or sweat on hands. I have shared it with several friends

  • Accurate

    by SailinAngl

    Has worked accurately for me. I really like the app.

  • Great App!

    by phtfishvp

    Easy to use at rest or on the fly. Accuracy very good compared to BP cuff. Stand up test is interesting feature.

  • Good for a quick readying

    by mtbkAK

    Does what it's supposed to quickly and accurately.

  • Good app

    by Bets281

    I find this very helpful.

  • Very useful

    by Keyoki

    Love app.

  • Keep it simple.

    by Condriac

    I like the fact that this app uses the available features of the phone without the need for extra gizmos. It is precise and keeps good records so you can discover trends too. Sometimes getting a good reading takes a sec but once you get some practice it is quick.

  • Helps you tune into your exercise level

    by tw0759

    This app has helped me learn to exercise within my target rate. After a month of use I can now estimate my heart rate +/- 3 bpm while exercising.

  • Great app

    by Daniel W Reed

    Works great except after a cold run when my fingers are numb.

  • It works well

    by Steve Pope

    Does what it claims to do.

  • Works fine for what it is

    by G8rheel

    Clever app that does what it says it will do. Will find plenty of use for it.

  • Great app

    by SillySue45

    Especially good with their sleep app and Argus tracker

  • Just what I needed

    by skyrian

    I needed a good app to take my heart rate and found this. The best part is the sit/stand test. I have a medical condition. That test has helped me identify what makes me the most tired during the day. It helps me know how high to get my heart rate when exercising. And it saves the info so I can show it to my cardiologist. I'm really please with this.

  • Amazing

    by badbradkk

    Seriously great use of the iPhone and seems surprisingly accurate. Recommend if you think it's fun to follow your HR.

  • Re heart app

    by Shabrans

    I got this hoping to monitor hr while exercising . For me it is very inaccurate. I think anyone who has even slight circulation problems or any type of hand movement would not be able to use this. I personally thought I had no problem with those but something is keeping app from correctly working.

  • 100% accurate

    by WildBill48

    My wife is a registered nurse and I've gotten her to double check it. It's accurate, 100% of the time.

  • Heart rate app

    by OJC202

    This is a great app. Very accurate. If you desire to keep an accurate record of your heart rate during various activities this is the best choice. Highly recommend it.

  • Very Accurate!!!!

    by Yankeefan8995

    I have to keep a record of my BPM and this app is dead on with my Drs readings. He told me to definitely use it and I do with great results!!!!

  • Love it! Use it all the time

    by Bejon103


  • Decent

    by lmodee

    I like it, but it's not very accurate.

  • Works great

    by Steven Devino

    Took a couple of tries to learn how to cover the light and camera without pressing too hard

  • Great

    by Game crazy

    This is a great app. It seems to be extremely accurate. I recommend it to anyone who wants to check there rate.

  • Tachycardia

    by SVseadog17

    Very helpful to keep track of heart rate when it starts racing and watch it as it falls. The rate helps me determine if I need a trip to the ER or not. Very easy to use since like most people have their iPhones close. The tags about what you are doing is great.

  • Awesome!

    by Jim Cuffari

    Very accurate!

  • Epic


    Best app ever. Been using it for years.

  • Good App

    by Jujub719

    I found the readings accurate and quick. Good to have!!!

  • Wonderful!

    by briann0520

    I've done this while using other machines in the ER, an ambulance, and in the office I work at along with measuring myself and all are dead on. The best part is it's faster than any pulse ox especially for little bodies

  • Inconsistent

    by Vtsnail

    I'm reviewing this because it keeps asking me if I want to write a review. I haven't yet because I'm waiting for the app to consistently work. It doesn't. So my review has to be negative. I love the concept but the fact is, this app is still just a concept. I never know if the app will work. Sometimes it gives me a reading within 9 seconds, most of the time it never gives a reading at all. The worst is when I take a reading after running and it says 34!!! Get it to work and it will be a great app.

  • Surprisingly Accurate

    by sconnell2

    I've compared the results with the pulse function on an expensive blood pressure meter and this app is always within 2-3 beats when sitting still. I've tried using it while exercising & have difficulty getting a reading. So it's a fine tool for measuring resting & recovering heart rate, not so much during activities.

  • Killer Ap

    by Chris Younger

    This serves a a great tool for biofeedback and to maintain overall health.

  • Healthy Fun

    by Las Vegan

    Pretty cool app to check on your health.

  • Great App.

    by imciberrana

    This app does a great job of monitoring your BPM.

  • Great

    by Jim


  • Works well for me

    by Michael G. Hackett

    I use as a ruler of what my body is doing. I use it daily.

  • Works

    by Kevbo5211

    Very accurate, just don't press too hard

  • This is a lifesaver.

    by Derf Notsweh

    I developed a serious heart arrhythmia in my doctors office. Later the doctor was on the phone to me and wanted my pulse rate. It was extremely hard to take it by feel. Then I downloaded this app and all my troubles evaporated. I checked this at the doctor's office when next I saw her and this was accurate to the beat.

  • Perfecto

    by Jonas Perez

    ¡Este aplicación es perfecto!

  • Good App for your Heart

    by Gomarkt

    I use this app everyday, the most recent updates seem to have caused the accuracy to decline. Sometimes I start a check and it races to 170 or more, when I know that's not correct. Also would like to be able to email my stats to maintain a record log.

  • Accurate and easy to use

    by Thomas Weise

    I have been using this app daily for two months. Does great measuring resting pulse and work out pulse. The phone does need to be held still to work. Highly recommend.

  • Great app

    by Frenchy 32034

    . Love ability to check HR after various activities.

  • Get it, it works.

    by 129Reaper

    It's pretty awesome that an app is able to accurately check your heart rate. Heart rate app is a no brainer, must have.

  • Mostly Does It

    by Mickey-1

    Sometimes it cannot detect your pulse after a workout that raises your rate above. 100 but it seems fairly accurate and keeps a history. Useful app.

  • Won't load

    by pmall

    Always crashes within a second of being clicked on. Can't believe I wasted 2 dollars on this.

  • Fantastic APP

    by Schnukie

    I have AFib and need to check my pulse often... It is very accurate comparing it with my blood pressure machine. Thanks

  • Used daily

    by Mother of five!!!!!

    Only down side if one is that at high rates when exercising it takes a while to get a steady feed to give your rate. Other than that love it.

  • Helps connect the dots

    by Fylingwookie

    For me this app works just as intended; to help paint a broader picture of my overall level of rest or fatigue, as well as my general level of fitness. Perfect.

  • Great Heart Rate App

    by T2theY

    This app is awesome. I read my heart rate every morning and log the results with tags so I can compare my resting heart rate and my heart rate during and after workouts without using my chest strap heart monitor that syncs to a watch. It's so easy and very inexpensive compared to non smart phone options.

  • Excellent App!

    by 7MM

    This App works wonderful and is very accurate! Thanks!!

  • It works

    by rsstraker

    Love it. Quickly takes, and tracks, my pulse. Also use Stress Check Pro to track HRV.

  • Cool

    by BigDMario


  • Great App


    Have AFIB. Minister helps me know how my heart is doing.

  • Love this app

    by Dmz140

    Easy to use. No additional devices needed.

  • Do not upgrade if on iOS 5.1.1

    by dabier

    I used this a lot but recent upgrade will not open app. Do not upgrade if you are on iOS 5.1.1. Wish I could revert so giving developer low points for missing out on lack of support for older iOS versions. Please fix this bug.

  • Works every time

    by Mziggyshay

    It works great. I can keep a record. And I can show my doctor what my heart rate is, and any abnormalities in my pulse, as I've had A-fib every once in a while.

  • Wonderful!

    by Fleeingstar

    I downloaded this app after ending up in the ER with tachycardia. It's a very easy and accurate way to keep track of your heart health. It's been a great help to me in managing my treatment. Would definitely recommend.

  • Easy to use

    by Budged

    Great app

  • Great App

    by Night-time23

    I love this app! I love the reminders to check my pulse daily!

  • Do not upgrade if on iOS 5.1.1

    by dabier

    I used this a lot but recent upgrade will not open app. Do not upgrade if you are on iOS 5.1.1. Wish I could revert so giving dev low points.

  • Awesome

    by Hybhhnbfffff

    Great App! Accurate and user friendly!

  • Great App

    by Bcavanaugh77

    I take a beta blocker due to MVP but some days it can cause symptoms if my heartrate is normal or even below. With this app, I can get a quick reading to find out if I can skip my meds for that day!

  • Awesome.

    by Liveeasy7

    Accurate reading. Lovely app.

  • Heart rate

    by Fbaol

    Very helpful. Easy to use. Finger position must be correct as well as good lighting. I recommend it. Great record keeping too.

  • Great app

    by Zombienator956

    Awesome app

  • GREAT!!!!!!

    by JWabbs856

    This is a great app, I use it all the time to track my bpm.

  • Works well at times but is slow to

    by The Big Georgia Dawg

    Detect pulse. Needs an update to possibly resolve issue. Overall it works by being patience to allow app to work. The above has not been dealt with. Another is that this app needs more than a graph to view changes. Multiple graphs would be more appealing.

  • Great

    by Duffeymt

    App does exactly as advertised! I use it daily to track and record HR.

  • Heart rate accurate at doctors office

    by ForeverLookingUp

    I showed this app to my GP & Cardiologist we compared it to their equipment and received the same results. In fact the Cardiologist saw a couple of readings over 150, and told me to contact him if I get those again. The fluctuations ... He's going to give another stress test & carry a monitor for 24 hours checking my heart rate. I'm glad I can check my heart rate knowing its accurate. Thank you

  • Big fan, read carefully

    by Dabradley

    It does what it says. When it cannot get a read, it keeps trying. If it cannot get a read then take off your gloves. Sometimes the case causes issues. Don't plane the app, blame physics, specifically the field of optics. But take off your gloves and case before you go postal.

  • Stop asking for reviews.

    by Rollerman5500

    Then I'll revert. Second time in a row, even after I left a 1 star.

  • It works

    by noonespecial.

    It works.

  • One of my favorite apps

    by Velomoo

    I find it to be very accurate. I discovered that a small change in my weight or fitness can affect my ave. pulse. Very motivating to me.

  • Wow

    by Wushupie

    Pretty cool and accurate

  • Use it all the time!!!

    by Carpaniarq

    Worth every penny!

  • Great Tool

    by spmsteve

    Like this application a lot. Just wish it detected pulse quicker and provided other categories for labeling and could keep others readings away from your own readings.

  • Annoying

    by J1m65

    Any app the interrupts my usage to pander for a review will get the worst rating I can give it. If you join me we can stop these continuous requests.

  • Annoying

    by J1m65

    Any app the interrupts my usage to pander for a review will get the worst rating I can give it. If you join me we can stop these continuous requests.

  • Works great for me...

    by Oldmaninwva

    Recent ablation requires me to monitor all the time.. Has never let me down... Even the cardiologist was impressed.

  • Heart rate

    by Steel1450

    Very accurate and easy to use

  • Great for the average athletes

    by ElJefe04

    This app is definitely worth it for the average fitness athlete. Quick and convenient. With the notes and log section (and when paired with Sleep timer app), one can really pay attention to their body notice and identify when they are get well rested, when they hit their aerobic threshold, and when they are getting sick.

  • Great!

    by Rev Phil Pearson

    Love it.

  • Good App

    by Gerardo fernandez


  • Accurate

    by Jay1971

    The app is amazingly accurate and helps with my training.

  • Great App

    by rtknightii71

    This app is pretty darn good. Please continue to update this app, so it can be Fantastic instead of good.

  • Good stuff

    by Hydroguy2008

    I like it! This isn't a novelty. His bad boy works and if you pay attention it can save your life. Nice app in a sea of silliness this is not only useful but true

  • Great tool, very accurate

    by Mamapetes

    I've never written a review on an app, but felt I needed to say what a great tool this is! I have atrial tachycardia and often check my heart rate when in an episode. Love having almost instant response and a record of readings. Absolutely a must!

  • Excellent

    by MarTam1006

    I purchased this as I was coming off of a beta blocker. It is an excellent tool as I am now able to show my MD time stamped pulse checks with comments as to where I was or what I was doing. Very nice for communication.

  • Works great.

    by BirdDog2020

    Simply put, this is incredibly easy to use and very accurate. I have a chest strap heart monitor that I wear when exercising and this matches it every time. Love that this gives me the ability to check anytime anywhere. Great use of a smartphone.

  • Great app

    by matty o817

    The title says it all ! Great app great job !!

  • Very handy!!

    by Judy in Upstate NY

    Before I got a pacemaker I used this app to track my pulse; now it's helpful just to confirm that the pacemaker is doing its thing. I love it!

  • Works great!

    by Ed 15

    This app is pretty cool

  • Instant heart rate

    by pook1697

    Great app. I use it as part of my weight loss plan.

  • Good

    by Sparky5019

    This app is very useful.

  • Simple to learn

    by Mark0716

    And operate. Takes an accurate pulse and keeps your history for you.

  • Awesome App! Works Great!

    by Anb10250

    Awesome App! Works Great! Highly recommend this app!!!

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