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- built-in music player now does not conflict with Pandora, Spotify and other 3rd party music services.
- iOS7 compatibility
- bug fixes and performance enhancements

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- Selected by Gizmodo as one of the best iPhone apps ever.
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- and raved by many many others...

JUST UPDATED and now has 1700+ exercises and over 1000+ HD videos!

Find out why gym goers are switching over to Fitness Buddy! With 1700+ unique exercises at your disposal, Fitness Buddy will revolutionize your training regimen. With this app, you will find the workout tracking process simple and easy in order to sustain your motivation and enforce your commitment to your fitness goals.


- 1700+ unique exercises!
- 1000+ HD videos
- Comprehensive exercises for all major equipments including barbell, ez curl bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and stability balls
- Exercise categorization (core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio, stretches)
- 4000+ exercise photos and animations (retina display resolution)
- Detailed exercise instructions and muscle categorizations
- Capabilities to add your own custom exercises and favorite exercises

User-friendly interface
- Quick and simple workout tracking
- Search bar to quickly find your favorite exercises

75+ workout routines
- Diverse repertoire of exercise routines including workouts for women
- Routines specific to your goals (build big chest, tone butt, lose weight, and more!)
- Routines specific to your equipment (resistance bands, kettlebells, bodyweight only, etc)
- Build your own workout routines

Body metrics tracking
- Track your body weight and metrics (chest, arms, thighs, etc)
- Graph your body progress

Excellent Support
- Quick email responses
- Frequent updates

And many other features for you to enhance your workout experience. You won’t be disappointed when you train hard with Fitness Buddy.

Customer Reviews

  • Woulda been 5 stars if not for...

    by Andrew Electric

    I really like this app. Of the workout apps I've tried, it's been my favorite. However, there are a couple of buggy things about it that make it a little frustrating to use at times. For info's sake, I'm using it on a 4S, iOS7. Sometimes when I have the app open, and then the phone goes to sleep after a moment, the app will crash whenever I unlock the phone again. This always happens after I've logged 7 or 8 exercises in a workout, and also seems to always erase the most recent exercises I've logged. Not a deal-breaker, but vexing nonetheless since I have to go back and re-enter any exercises it's erased. Despite what the most recent update from 09/2013 says, this still conflicts with Pandora on my device. The app crashes every time I try to export my workout history. Doesn't matter if I choose CSV or text. Crashes every time, and never actually exports the data.

  • Update app please: crashes.

    by Lutle wanger

    I've been using this app for about a year now. Ever since the new iOS release, it crashes after switching back into fitness buddy. They have not updated the in a year and it needs it!

  • Amazing app!!

    by Ac1-2-3

    It's everything!! Specific breakdown of what to do and how to do it for those who don't know what to do.

  • Freezing issues

    by DR from PA

    Good app. However, when it freezes and you need to go back into it you can't resume your workout. You have to start over. Also quits a bit with the heart rate monitor

  • Loving this app.

    by Lady of the Living Oaks

    I use this app every time I go to the gym, 6 times a week 2 hours at a time. One of the problems that I have is not enough Machine options. Which makes me choose something like the machine and then add them to my custom workout. The other problem I have is my workout includes cardio every time but you can't include them in on your custom workouts. So you then have to add them separate from the workout.

  • Great App!

    by NFLSportsGuru

    So many exercises for beginners and hardcore juice heads! Would love to see a Facebook Share feature like RunKeeper and a audible pace update feature too! But that's just asking for cherries on top!! Love the target muscle group feature too. This has me motivated!!!

  • Awesome

    by bama90


  • Fitness Buddy

    by irish38

    Great app!

  • Love this app

    by WeightWatcher125

    Have been working out for years but every now and the have taken a few months off. I never know how to re-start until this. I also love that I don't have to sit and write a new workout to keep from getting bored. Worth the couple dollars for sure!

  • Beginners luck

    by JohnnyCakes13

    I like being able to keep track of my workouts in my phone

  • Good but needs some work!

    by CorpsmanWife0

    It crashes often and sometimes in the middle of my workout losing all of my data. I workout twice a day and need a feature to essential pause my workout. If you don't complete all of the exercises in a built in routine it won't record that you've done anything.

  • Look eh here

    by Chechi99

    Very helpful!! Do it, stick to it, and live it. That is it.

  • Very Good App

    by Iyhberry

    A decent amount of flexibility, a great dictionary of exercises, and syncs across all devices. I find it stable and very useful.

  • Great app!

    by ajemptage

    I use this app everyday! I made my own workout routines and use it everyday to track my progress, I also use it to track my weights and metrics. Definitely worth it!

  • Sonicast doesn't Work

    by J-rel112

    Satisfied with this app almost completely.. Aside from the fact that I paid for it and can't utilize the feature that lets u share workouts!! Please fix ASAP!!!

  • Real Good Specially the Expert Section

    by Psalms112

    Complete and great source app to make new workout experiences!! Highly Recommended!

  • Solid

    by 4kingz

    Solid app very user friendly, exercises with the illustrations #dope

  • Good App for tracking improvement

    by SagamoreMan

    I'm a beginner and using the app to track improvement. I have had no crashes, even when changing apps. I use another note app to remind me of personal technique notes and when I want to increase or hold. So I switch back and forth. It would be nice to be able to add specific notes to each exercise in a workout. It's useful for beginners. One other item. I'd like to rearrange exercises within a workout. I can't figure out how to do that without deleting and adding it back in where I would like it.

  • Awesome

    by JoeTN3

    This is a great app, for whatever level you are. Various exercises with all the tools and awesome demonstrations to help.

  • My new best friend.

    by B. Prince

    I have tried every app from Full Fitness to I stand by this app. After Full Fitness ceasing to update and being to complicated, this app has everything that those apps have, plus more. My favorite feature is the built-in music player and the auto-sync. I highly recommend the paid version of this app!!!!

  • Good

    by ChhengUdam

    I like it

  • Used to be a Great App--- Waiting for an update

    by Avinash4m

    Update-- waiting on a fix which shows muscle group info since early November.. :( sad Found an issue after my iOS 7 update... Fixed and got an update in 1 day. Amazing! Put in a calorie tracker, it will be perfect. The best $2 I have ever spent on AppStore ;)

  • Training at your finger tips

    by Synkaaos

    Love this app very easy to use and follow I can get a good workout done off this

  • Good App could be great

    by Dameganl

    I really like the app and how easy it is to use. Lots of exercises, i have only had to add a couple exercises. An improvement i would like to see is more interaction between user. Have some where that you could post before and after pics or just progress pics and everyone could see them.

  • So helpful!!

    by ECastellaw

    Lots of great workouts to choose from as well as different equipment (or no equipment) options!!

  • Perfect

    by Jwk333333

    Was looking for a simple app to help me plan my trips to the gym. This allows me to save my favorite workouts and stay focused.

  • Was great

    by Bsangs

    This was great, but now you can not see what muscles each exercise works. Fix and back to 5 stars

  • Fitness Buddy!

    by Allentheodore

    The Best.

  • Good app but...

    by Wannabe fitness guru

    I really like this app. Very helpful when I'm at the gym however, building a routine is time consuming and overwhelming. The bugs are annoying as well. My current issue is when I click the info button it's not giving me info on which muscle I'm working out, secondary muscle, difficulty level, etc, I've removed and reloaded this app so many times and it's still not working and this has been quite a few months now. I'm deducting two stars simply because this has been going on since last year and it's still not fixed. Fix it!!! Thanks.

  • Update was a downgrade

    by Ecc247

    Not sure what happened but after the last update it stopped showing the primary & secondary muscles that are worked in each exercise. I loved that feature because I could find new ways to work out specific muscles when I start getting bored with my routines. Fix this and it'll be back to 5 stars for me!

  • Exercise on the go

    by JenDunNash

    This app is great for identifying some great exercises on the go or to target specific areas.

  • Great app!

    by Run Tell Dat

    Lots of exercises.

  • Great app

    by Mallorrd

    Love it. Tracks everything I need to monitor my workout and gives me plenty of alternate exercises when there is a line for the flat bench/squat rack

  • Incredible App, BUT...

    by Poopzies

    I love this app but there are a couple things that are sort of unfortunate. Like the fact that when making a custom workout, you have to choose the number of sets you want to do with all the same number of reps, instead of maybe like 3 sets (20 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps). Another problem is that you can't start a workout, search through different lifts/exercises, and resume the workout. The only bugs I've noticed is that when I enter a set that I completed it puts it as the first set and not the most recent one, and recently the automatic rest timer has stopped working. Great app in all though and worth the cheap price!

  • Asked me to rate.

    by Goroth Obarskyr

    One star for asking me to rate.

  • Great except for the music player

    by Music Erro

    I've been using this app for a month now and I've lost nearly 5 lbs already! My only gripe is there's a huge bug with the music player. When I enter the app from a locked phone the music stops playing and I'm unable to get it to play again without closing the app entirely. It's really distracting and ruins the flow of my workout. Please fix and then I'll give 4 stars, 5 if you add a way to play music without having to add songs songs individually to the playlist

  • Great

    by Kobra z

    Great app, perfect for the gym!

  • Great app

    by David Land

    This is a great app. Really easy to use and keeps you on target. Great for mixing up your regular workout and I love being able to track progress.

  • Best fitness app

    by Cornelius5050

    Great instruction and easy to use.

  • Well worth it.

    by Lady z33

    Best working out buddy/app and best organizer. This app do it all. Tracks your daily workouts. Tracks your body status. Has all kinds of workout exercise whether you're new or experience. Best of all I love how you build your own workout and incorporate it into your schedule. Even have a timer on the app and will beep and warn you when resting time is up. Awesome app. Well worth the money I spent.

  • Great fitness app

    by K-pug

    Easy to use! Great app!

  • Best app ever

    by Last Hope Nick


  • Great!!

    by USMCdevildogs

    This app has it all! Best app there is for fitness!

  • Almost perfect

    by PuckHr

    It's missing a few of the Nautalus-style exercises; the icon buttons are all a bit too small to touch efficiently; it doesn't have a stair master--style cardio option (the stair option is for stepping up and down off a platform only): and it would be nice if the timer would start automatically when you press Add Log; but it's still a very good app for keeping track of training and workouts.

  • Really helpful

    by Jr. Johnson

    I love how it tracks not only your exercises but your physical size and even blood pressure.

  • 1700 - No Machines

    by Papashap

    I just purchased both the iPad ($2.99), and iPhone ($1.99) editions of this app. I am very, very disappointed as the marketing material states over 1700 Exercises are included. I go to a gym (24 hr. fitness) where I utilize machines, and none of the machines are in the app. You would think there would be some basic stuff in the app. For me, a complete waste of money. If you are looking for machine workouts, you need to go someplace else

  • Awesome

    by Stdoubleu

    This app is extremely helpful for beginners and for ppl looking for a variety of different moves/exercises. This app helps me keep track of my progress and keep excitement in my workouts. If you are just starting out I highly recommend this app.

  • Awesome App!

    by Mrs. W!

    Love this app, I feel like I have a trainer with me all the time. Really like that I can access my music from the app and choose the songs that get me ready to move. My only gripe is that it doesn't list workouts like yoga for example which I do in addition to my gym routines. I have added it as a custom workout, but the different postures are not specifically listed. Because of that I gave 4 stars.

  • Great app

    by Joeseletyn

    Title says all it's perfect for anybody trying to get in shape and better yet know what you're doing with the work out.

  • I love this app. We'll worth it.

    by tim03b

    Would love to see work outs by muscle groups.

  • Updates is so few

    by Cozzy1898

    How about some updates it's been a long time since they added anything new


    by KateGray

    Definitely recommend! I'm new to weight lifting and this is SO helpful. I'm female and this helps minimize my "gym-timidation" so I can go lift with the boys. It's awesome!

  • Needs fix/update

    by CreepyCajun

    Doesn't show muscle groups associated with exercises. Please consider fixing on next update.

  • Very nice app

    by Chase1996

    This app helped me add many exercises to my routine.

  • Awesome app

    by Edward Campbell

    Love this I've been working out for a long time now and I'm always looking for was to shock my muscles and change things up a bit and this app was perfect for that.

  • Excellent

    by Caio Lucas S.

    It is well organized and gives me many options of exercises for all different muscles.

  • Awesome!!

    by Orion191919

    Easy to use without sacrificing comprehensiveness. Exactly what I was looking for!

  • Still the best fitness app!

    by ESAET

    I went from the gym to working out at home again and hadn't touched this app for awhile except to track my results. I logged my Zumba workout today and decided to look through the workouts and see if there was anything I could do from home. To my pleasant surprise there was a female weight loss workout that I was able to do with the equipment I have here at home (dumbbells). Not only was it a good workout but it included a lot of moves I would do at the gym using different methods so it was nice seeing variations and trying new things. The next nice little surprise was the countdown timer between reps. I didn't realize it until I switched apps during my workout to set a timer. It alarmed and I was like what was that! From then on I realized it counted down the 60s rest for me each time I entered my log. I saw another post that says it's not good for tracking because you can't see your previous workout. I do remember that being a problem when I was going to the gym because I would do multiple sets of the same workout but with various weights so I always had to look up the previous day before starting. If you are using the same amount of weight on all reps you can push the "load last set" and it will enter the last set you did for that workout. I also noticed that the date was at the top with arrows during my workout. I would assume I could go back and look at the day before etc that way but I did not try it. I did not have any problems with the app crashing as I went to other apps. I just opened it back up and continued on without any problems so I assume that problem has been fixed. I have a lot of apps for fitness and this one gets used daily! I love it! It has so many great workouts and detailed logging options to track my progress. It's very useful and motivational.

  • It's ok

    by Jhamie!

    Music player doesn't work properly. App crashes in the middle of workouts

  • Nice

    by smoov13

    I used this app in the gym, and I must say I had the best workout in a long time. The preset workouts are great!

  • Impressed!

    by SarahBakerAkers

    I really like this app! Was very surprised.

  • Badassness

    by Joshuaj.hernandez

    Best workout buddy. Pay for the upgrade it is well worth it. The only thing I wish it had, ability to set a default rest countdown instead of always defaulting to 60 seconds.

  • Good app

    by Joej23

    It's a good reference app. Lots of exercises to look over. Hope they add more exercises to the database.

  • Amazing!

    by three-j

    Amazing value for your money. Like having a personal trainer.

  • Very disappointed

    by Pable_CR

    I start two weeks ago and the app is very good, but have two BIG ISSUES, sometimes the app just crash and all my log get miss and they the app does not let me delete the wrong logs, and worst some time wile I'm working out and enter the log of my last exercise does not show the lot, and of course if wants he delete it and make a new one the app doesn't let me do it!!!!!!

  • Good App!

    by TempeAzJ

    Everything you need for a simple workout.

  • Excellent app

    by Erik Coleman

    Excellent app for keeping track of my exercise routines and goals.

  • Great app!!

    by Ogn1463

    Great app!!

  • Great app

    by Montyw1

  • Most amazing app

    by Williamoneal

    Hands down the best fitness app out there. Gives you hundreds of different workouts specific to your goals. Logs your daily routine etc

  • Good app but....

    by T$L

    crashes every time I try to queue up the music library

  • Good but room for improvement.

    by Chris Kohl

    Needs a dumbbell workout. More people have dumbbells than kettlebells yet there is a kettlebell section...what's the deal?

  • The best fitness app!!

    by Pthirty34

    Hands down the best fitness app on the app store right now. You get workouts, exercises, and a music player all in one...this one even lets you create your own workouts and track them through your calendar.

  • Keeps track of a lot - Love it!

    by Marsh D.

    I really like that the app keeps track of the weight that you use with each workout and amount of reps performed. Also, the pre-built workout are great for a quick workout. =)

  • Good app, a few upgrades would make it great.

    by Chris Quack

    This app is cool, but the exercise tutorials should really discuss breathing. Also you should be able to add the equipment you own so it could build the best workouts for you.

  • Great App!

    by PoppyD559

    This app is just amazing to work out at home or even at the gym! Great for beginners too

  • Addicted.

    by Bryda

    I love this app. It took a while getting used to, but I don't know what I'd do without it.

  • I love this app

    by Benjamin Long

    So far I've used this app to do bodyweight only workouts at home in order to get back in the groove of working out before going back to the gym after just the first day I was extremely sore and satisfied.

  • BabyCio Approves

    by BabyCio

    It's so amazing. Great set up for home or gym. Sore with every workout.

  • Iphone

    by Joshua20018

    This app will help every muscle in human body

  • Goood

    by Elisa Matenaer

    Well. I'm sore.

  • Great app

    by Jihad alandanusi

    I've tried many apps programs, but i never seen apps that helpful as this one. It has many exercises that would help you in many different ways. I really recommended it.

  • Nice app

    by Cacaruta01

    Use it every time I work out.

  • Happy

    by Lady of the Living Oaks

    Let's me track everything. I don't feel in the dark at the gym.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Jubalani

    I bought both P90x and Fitness Buddy. With P90x I had the option to purchase exercises if I wanted more, but Fitness Buddy has hundreds included! I would rate 5 stars, but almost every exercise is blank in the info portion that says what primary and secondary muscle it works. Sure every exercise is organized by muscle groups which is great, but why list secondary muscle in each exercise if it's going to be blank.

  • Great app

    by klpaskali

    Nice app

  • A must have app for anyone that is or wants to exercise!

    by Competition25

    I recently started exercising again and going to the gym seemed a little much for me starting back into all the exercise so I chose this app to help me figure out some exercises to do and I love it already! To the gym I go with this app it has equipment that is in the gym and exercises and equipment you may have at home all rolled into one app! Simply amazing! Beginner or advance it is all here for your use!

  • Excelente

    by Sr. Castaldi

    Muito bom o aplicativo!! Completo!

  • Very thorough!

    by Diane Patterson

    Nice compilation of a lot of exercises with illustrations. I reference it a lot.

  • Great app!

    by myron80

    I love this app! It's absolutely terrific and useful! I have the ability to record my workouts. I can activate a timer during my rests. The workout instructions are helpful especially if you do not know proper form and movement. Highly recommended!

  • Great fitness app for weight training

    by Rebelsmiths

    This is the best app I've come across for fitness/weight training. If you are into cardio/running etc., then there are better alternatives, but the list of exercises is very complete, with lots if instruction and good photos to guide you. I use a bowflex and dumb bells and simply find the right exercises on the list and create routines that way. The pre-made exercise routines are quite good too. Well worth the $$.

  • Ideal work out

    by Coolly.

    With that program I finally learnt new exercises and got some results )))

  • Fitness Buddy is an awesome app

    by Gunner173

    This is a great app. I've been using it for almost a year now and it's helped me reach so many goals!

  • Love it.

    by Mathieux184

    Works great! You design your own workouts on the spot and can switch it up to work better on the fly. Love the library and the ability to create your on exercises. Great app!

  • Love this App

    by Shawnie2546

    Best exercise App out by far

  • Good app, have some suggestions

    by Sheriesunshine

    This app does a great job of keeping track of my reps/sets. I like that you can create work outs so you save time logging. I also just found where you can save your measurements, weight, bf%, etc. I would like to see it save how long you rest for when using the rest timer. Other than that great app!

  • Primary and secondary muscle bug

    by Mmaniak73

    Fix it already!!!

  • Awesome app

    by stlElDiablo

    This app is fantastic. It's loaded with exercises and workouts, you can easily track your progress and you can build your own playlist in the app. Great job!

  • Awesome

    by Yamni03

    Lovin it!

  • Cool App

    by The Hip Hop Head

    Helps me remember my workout. Has some great exercises.

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