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Seller: Zappos IP, Inc.

* Few minor tweaks to our iOS 7 look and feel.
* Fix email issues on 64 bit devices.
* Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
* App now requires iOS 7. Onward and upward!

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Our shopping app does its darndest to deliver that WOW service our customers have come to know and love, like free shipping and returns with no purchase minimum, a 365 day return policy and 24/7 customer support. You’ll find the number, live chat, and our support email inside.

Also, just because we love you for trying out our mobile app, all your orders that are placed through the app will be eligible for FREE Next Business Day shipping! WOW! Yep. That's how we do it here at Zappos.

Make sure to check out our complete Shipping Policy and Terms & Conditions for all the deets and special exceptions ... like you live in Zimbabwe. We know. We are sorry that we don't ship there too!

For you loyal VIP Zapponians, thought you couldn't get your VIP benefits when using the app? Well think again because YOU CAN! We've added a snazzy new theme, VIP Center, and VIP points accrual to the app just for you!

We’ve matured a lot in the time our app has been out and are dedicated to putting our Zappos WOW service into a mobile shopping app. Beyond just making the best shopping experience we can think of in an app, we LISTEN to our customers! We love our customers so much that we add the features they want! Here are just a few of the features we’ve added that came from our customers:

* Manager your account info
* Track your order on a map
* Make returns from inside the app
* Retina support
* Save your searches
* Zoomable High-Def product images
* "Keep Me Logged In" so you can shop faster
* Notifications for when desired products come back in stock
* Share products with friends over Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Text Message
* 360 degree view of select products
* Product videos
* Exclude search filtering

Do you have an idea that would make everyone’s shopping experience better? Tell us, we listen!

Dig in. Leave feedback. And ratings!
We love you.

The iPad and iPhone app has products available in the following categories:

Bags & Handbags
New Products
Gift Cards
Specific Brands

Customer Reviews

  • Zappos App

    by NovemberRust

    This App works great. I have not had any issues with it whatsoever.

  • Easy

    by Gooblatt

    Easy app to shop from. Always use Zappos!

  • Zappis

    by Rjjrrjjr


  • Awesome app

    by Sparker100

    The shopping experience from a mobile device is great.

  • Great app

    by scribs83

    Easy to use interface. Very visual, not too wordy. Cute features - when you try to delete old unused addresses in your address book, instead of saying "Are you sure - No, or Yes", it asks "Are you sure - No, I'm scared, or Yes go for it." Actually made me laugh out loud. You know when sometimes the app is even better/ more fun to use than the website? This is one of those times. I think this app is going to get me to buy more from Zappos.

  • Love it... But...

    by Edidario

    Love this app but crashes a lot! Anyway i love it and still good app .. :)

  • Fantastic app!

    by Kk393

    Fantastic app! Wish all the other online retailers learn from Zappos!!! I love it!

  • Crashes

    by MsTeacher08

    Crashes in the middle of browsing. Happens often.

  • Best shop app

    by Buggy as hell

    I downloaded this app just so I could generate a return label for an order; I figured it was a long shot since most other shopping apps require you to login to their desktop site in order to do that. But of course Zappos isn't the norm and it took me less than 2 minutes to login, generate my label, email it to myself, and logout again. It was brilliant. Full functionality shop app. Great interface. Well done.

  • Excellent

    by Ududid

    This is very well designed app that is a pleasure to use!

  • Good app-- but crashes

    by gwjohns

    Love this app. But it's crashes too many times. In the middle of searching. Had to delete and the download twice.

  • Amazing

    by PJFIV

    That is all.

  • Zappos Rules!

    by Annoying alerts

    Best mobile app and shopping experience! Quick, easy, great detail- love shopping here!!!!

  • Great!!!!!

    by Opa Juanoncho

    Great app!!!!

  • Crashes Often

    by Phillyslix

    I like the app and it's interface, but it just crashes entirely too much, as well as saying I'm no longer connected to the internet and should enable wifi or my cellular network when I'm currently connected to wifi. I turn off wifi and connect to cellular data and get the same results. Go figure?!?!?! Sounds like it's time for an update.

  • Great app

    by Cynthiayandrea

    The app is excelent. Easy to search for items. And safe and fast check out.

  • Great App

    by Parguera

    The best...

  • Good

    by Qaqaqaqaqa1234567890

    Works as expected.

  • Great except for crashing

    by Hayen

    Consistently crashes while sifting through search results

  • It's so easy.

    by M. Stapleton

    I love that I can keep things in my cart between visits.

  • Doesn't Work

    by drdrWiley

    Unable to make the search function work at all. No problem using full web version on my iPad, so no reason to struggle with this.

  • Requires latest os

    by bryan121

    This is dumb

  • Excellent

    by Squashify

    Works seamlessly; one of the best I've used.

  • Best shopping interface I've used

    by Summer Dregs

    Well designed and intuitive. Has every kind of feature you could possibly want, but in the most clean, uncluttered interface imaginable. Every online retailer should have an app like this. Add in Zappos amazing customer service (best in the world as far as I can tell) and you've got an unbeatable app.

  • T

    by Chpstl

    The best

  • Easiest checkout ever

    by OurBigAdventure

    I just ordered some boots using this app and it was so easy that I probably won't use the main website again. (sorry Zappos web team) The app stores my past purchases and shipping, etc so once I fill my cart I can checkout in three taps! I am really impressed with how well thought out this app is.

  • Great & easy to use!

    by Hhgjhgjhfuyf

    This app was great for browsing thousands of shoe options! The filters were very helpful too.

  • Zappos app

    by Lrsdmn

    Works just like the website, convenient & user friendly with great zappos service!

  • Love Zappos

    by Emmydocburke

    Great app. Super easy to use. Makes shopping really easy!

  • Good mobile shopping app

    by Ivaz

    I like the zappos app. It's easy to use,look for products, check out and when you favorite something a cute little kitten puts it in your favorites. How cute is that?

  • Mom222

    by Kaspar222

    Love it!!

  • Awesome & Fast!

    by MSUbaseballFan

    EZ to use @ fast!

  • Love the features

    by SwimmingSensation2491

    Really nice app with great features

  • Fast & easy

    by Susan Imbier

    What great service! Fast, easy shopping should alwAys be this easy!

  • Buyer

    by cat0413

    Easy to search products

  • The whole family uses Zappos

    by PattyAMC

    Zappos has largely replaced brick and mortar shopping with my teens. They started using zappos after seeing the many boxes coming for me and ease of return. Zappos has made our life'such easier.

  • Happy Shopping

    by Gillie Rose

    Nice shopping app.

  • Crashes

    by Shella325

    Great app...but shut down 4 times on me already - and doesn't save where I left off.

  • Don't listen.. 2

    by Doglover7756

    This is my second review because I forgot to say, randomly when your shopping cats start flying down the screen.

  • Crashes every time

    by norcallc

    This app looks good overall and it starts out fine each time I open it and start a search. But, several minutes into searching the app crashes. It's done this 3 times now, not very good.

  • Great!

    by blueberries36

    This company knows how to run a business! Fun and easy to use and you can't beat their customer service.

  • Zappos

    by Applehugger

    Simple and it works thats all i need

  • Great App

    by jwc75

    Super easy to navigate, and in tue Zappos fashion, just a bit of whimsy.

  • App Preferred Over Mobile Site

    by kdny.

    I recommend getting the Zappos app rather than shopping from the mobile website. When you return to the list of selections (like when browsing from a number of shoes, for instance) after clicking on one item, the website will take you to the top of the page, which can be a time-waister especially when you're browsing from dozens or even hundreds of items. The browser, on the other hand, will take you right back to where you left of in your search. Also love the Saved Search feature.

  • Fun to use

    by Juniper May

    Despite being an entirely commercial app, Zappos has made theirs actually fun to use. Browsing is simple and easy. But the best part is the when you add something to your favorites list, a cat with an umbrella jumps out to take it to your favorites. And when you add something to your shopping cart, the a cat with a cape jumps out to rush it to your cart. Very fun; makes you want to keep adding things (which I'm sure is the point). Great job making the shopping experience quirky and fun without compromising utility.

  • Thanks gracias

    by Ebayeselmejor


  • Intuitive

    by rockchalk81

    Very intuitive ... Don't see that often in online retailers' apps. It makes sense for them to take the time to make it user friendly and I'm glad they did.

  • Video doesn't work.

    by Purrrplepixie

    The video doesn't work for my iPad on iOS 7. I only get no picture. I'm able to do full size and everything but there's only audio. Annoying.

  • The best app ever made!!

    by Zevmetz

    I have never seen such a well designed user friendly app. An example for all! Keep it up!

  • Addicted

    by Jaredonna

    Love the filters. Love the photos. Love the videos. It's everything I could want in a shopping app.

  • Every checkout should copy the zappos checkout

    by Pableau

    Best checkout ever, Zappos should patent it and make a pile of cash, it is that good. After using the Zappos checkout you will immediately be irritated by all others! Great products, of course. Fast shipping, fast returns. Best company, nicest customer support.

  • Zappo's app

    by Mrkward

    I love love love Zappo's! The app is awesome!!!

  • Please, do yourself a favor & use THIS APP!

    by Pooty Cupcake

    Best app in the world!!!!! Next day delivery and sent with perfection!

  • Excellent

    by Meri S

    Great prices!!!! Excellent service!!

  • Best customer service!!!

    by Milabarini

    I buy online all the time and never experienced such great service! Thank you!!!

  • please fix!!

    by Froggy freak101

    I really like this app but after about 30 seconds of browsing, it crashes :(

  • Good intentions but useless due to crashes

    by JoshLee

    I really like the layout and the functionality the app offers in how easy it is to search and filter, but it crashes after couple of minutes so I find it essentially useless.

  • I like it

    by Farticus101

    I like this app. Very easy to use. I really like the 'I don't want' feature - helps narrow down the results.

  • Nicely done

    by Gamertonville

    Well-done interface and very easy to use!

  • Very handy!!

    by Wvc75

    Easy and always avail with many options.

  • Shoe Lover Heaven!

    by ShannonRubado

    I truly enjoy the Zappos app! My favorite aspect is the filter. Sorting according to color, brand, size and most importantly my budget! It's also fast! I tend to get frustrated when I have to wait on other apps or websites for results. Spoiled w/ technology;) Thanks so much! !

  • Just awesome

    by Ismurfu45

    I love zappos service fast+ respectful. Thank you


    by MzTiasayTALKrealTALK


  • Love Zappos

    by Megan Hance

    Simple and functional, cannot ask for anything else in an app. Thanks Zappos!

  • Found My Hip Shoes

    by Jacob Morris

    Found all my cool hip shoes here and always will! I have never had a problem with them and always get what I want at an affordable price! I ❤ Zappos

  • Fantastic as usual!

    by MRayburn

    Zappos is a great app & a wonderful site. The customer service is amazing & the products always up to snuff. Can't say enough good things abt Zappos.

  • The Best Shopping App

    by BSzen27

    In terms of design and ease of use, this is the gold standard of shopping apps. I have tested 100s of apps in this genre and never seen better. If I owned a big company, I'd have these app developers on speed dial.

  • Scary easy

    by PaulRickelton

    Ordered cowboy boots and converse on a Friday night, delivered Monday morning.....this could get expensive.

  • Good service.

    by Paolandia

    You can find almost all brands you know.

  • Zappos

    by Highnote111

    Fantastic selection and excellent service.

  • Well Done!

    by Byron Yo

    Well done notch app from a top notch company. Love the Zappos!

  • King

    by Loboz1

    Such shopping. Amaze shoes. Wow. Fast.

  • Buyer

    by PatDWoodlawn

    Simple transaction. Ordered off my smartphone. The website is easy to navigate and checkout is quick and easy

  • Crashes consistently!

    by Ginastudysmart

    While I love shopping at Zappos, the app crashes EVERY time I am on it. It's especially frustrating because every time I then have to re-open it, I have to start my search all over again. PLEASE fix this!

  • Great app

    by CrisTee15

    Love it!!!

  • Love this!

    by Llhknitqueen

    It's fun to look at new shoes and accessories on my iPod with this app. Recommended.


    by Ms. Rodriguez

    Love zappos, awesome prices, great finds...I usually shop with a PC so I decided to download the app, which is just as AWESOME!

  • Zappos makes spending $ easy!

    by RosyPea

    Great site. Very simple to navigate . I am withholding a star because I would like to see a Sizing / Measurement chart included on the App. Especially for converting from European sizes.


    by Kittykat189

    This is one of the best apps that I use. It is easy to navigate & understand. I enjoy that it saves your last search & it even gives u the date & time that u did your search. Called Customer Service on Sunday & the representative was very nice & helpful. THANK U ZAPPOS!!! 2

  • Awesome!

    by Mr.FrankyZ

    Its pretty great! Has everything I need for my clothing styles and shopping! Thanks!

  • Easy and informative

    by I teach04

    I love this app. It was actually easier to use than logging onto my PC.

  • Zappos is a great app...oh!

    by Nettie127

    I like Zappos a lot. I am not fond of online ordering but this app makes it simpler. There are a several pictures of the shoes from every angle and plenty of detailed information about the shoes. Also, most (if not all) of the shoes have a demo video that shows even more! Finally, there is information about whether the shoes runs small, large or true to size. I love it!!!

  • Great

    by Rmccall86

    Nice app

  • Love zappos app!

    by Lisa ingram

    Very easy to use and happiness can be delivered the next day. Lots of reasons to smile! :-)

  • Good stuff

    by Hm Colorado

    Fast, accurate. Would like to filter OUT certain brands, as some have hundreds of styles, non of which fit my child's fit since they run narrow. Great app. Saves me time.

  • Me

    by Tagi & Wraith

    This is one of the few apps I keep on my phone. The products are great, delivery is amazing, and I love the sales!

  • My fave app!


    Been buying from them for years and the app just made it easier. A company that actually does everything they say and does it with a smile. Well done Zappos!

  • Overall great app

    by Katherine Moffitt

    Absolutely love this app - a great way to look at Zappos when i'm not at home. Love everything about it.

  • Love zappos and LOVE the app!!

    by Lunaazul123!

    Zappos is my fav website for orders and this app makes it that much easier!! Great that its VIP friendly!! Love it!!

  • This app is awesome

    by WLM1

    I have NEVER had any issues with this app. It works like a charm every time. I also love that it syncs with my iphone app.

  • Fantastic.

    by Rachel Hodgkins

    The site is easy to use. I like how it saves your information for later purchases.

  • Great!

    by R_Kirkpat

    So easy to navigate. I love shopping here.

  • you should try

    by machi mexican

    it is for a good use when you want to get a good price on enything you want

  • Great service

    by JP Ferreira

    I love Zappos. It's probably the best online retailer out there! However, the app crashes constantly on my mini retina with iOS7. It's extremely annoying.

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