Monogram - Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD DIY with Christmas Glitter Themes Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Yellow Lab, Inc.

* 6 new badges!
* 3 new Vine Monogram fonts in the circle monogram font pack
* Fix for sharing on Instagram from your iPad or iPad Mini

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Monogram is the easiest way to design pretty, custom wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad.

Select a background inspired by the latest fashion and home styles. Or use your own photo. Customize font, color, monogram frame shape and more.

Change your lock screen design seasonally, or even daily, just because. Send a personalized surprise to friends. Share your designs via email, text or Facebook. Save your designs on your camera roll.

What people are saying about Monogram:

● "This app is so addictive! I love printing my creations and using them as cards. I'm not sure I'll ever buy note cards again!"

● "Love love love this app! Obsessed with monograms & now obsessed with this app. So worth the small price."

● "Girls is the south monogram everything and this app is absolutely perfect, it's safe to say I'm obsessed."

● "This app is amazing, I use it for everything from my screen saver to signs to even credit cards and t-shirts!"

Follow @monogram_app on Instagram for design previews, DIY ideas & more monogram fun!

Customer Reviews

  • Best Ever

    by Jenn583

    I love monogram it is the best background maker ever.

  • Amazing! But crashes every once in a while...

    by Adaemi

    App is great for making monograms and backgrounds but I think if you pay for the app you should get all the fonts. And at the latest version (as of 2/11/14) crashes every time I open it. But it's a great app if it doesn't crash!

  • Buy it.

    by molliemusician

    It's so worth it. You should buy the font pack too-- it's only .99 and perfect.

  • Love

    by Blonde-Leelee

    Absolutely love it!!5

  • Awesome!!

    by jonbaty

    Love the app!!!

  • Amazing

    by Sixtop46

    So much fun and very easy to use.

  • Perfect for monogram lovers!

    by Cassblast

    Great backgrounds, easy to customize, and current with color and pattern trends.

  • Awesome

    by Kathylmb2344

    Really cute and makes great backgrounds!


    by Add ipad

    please add more chevron wallpapers. I am getting tired of the ones y'all have now. Please add more chevron wallpapers and maybe another wallpaper category. Thanks!

  • <3

    by Keespree

    Worth the 1.99


    by baybur123

    I love this app!

  • Amazing

    by Becca376118

    This app is fantastic. If you are not sure if it is worth the money, IT DEFIANTLY IS! They developers stay very recent with holidays and are constantly getting new backgrounds. I would highly recommend this app to any monogrmohlic.

  • Monogram

    by DYI fun

    This app is awesome

  • Love! So worth it!

    by OutBackLover

    This app is amazing! The only improvement I would make was more lily patterns (under floral) or have it possiable to do your own pictures with monograms! Me and my friend took a picture together and wanted to put my initials on it! Thanks!

  • Awesome

    by Scooter is good

    This game is awesome

  • LOVE IT!

    by Directioner1213

    Love this app

  • by You bee

    Love this game!!!!

  • Love it!!!

    by Murphyohana

    Love the fresh backgrounds and variety available.

  • I love this app!

    by SasserA

    Cute wallpapers!

  • by Elyse2011

    Love it and use it almost daily.

  • CANT WORK IT!!!!!

    by bE aWeSoMe!


  • Fun App

    by Ashbug80

    I really like it made my first one today. It is really cute

  • Awesome. Always great updates for seasons!



  • Just What I thought

    by HD cupcake mix

    This app gives you lots of choices and is just what I wanted. It's a well made wallpaper maker app! Need to buy a extra 1 but worth it for all the other choices!

  • Best monogram app!

    by Jigglyj

    This app has millions of wallpapers to choose from! I am in love with this app! All of the other wallpaper apps have like 10 wallpapers to choose from, but this app has hundreds!

  • Jen

    by JenLuvsRem

    Love it!!!!

  • Great App!

    by Momof3kabh


  • Love this app!

    by Swaggyunicornsthatonlyliveonce

    Awesome app! Love it!!

  • Great App with wonderful customer service!

    by maple8181

    I love this app and have been using it non-stop since I purchased it. And an added plus? Fantastic customer service! I had a small issue and sent an email to the company and within 15 minutes I had received an email that resolved my problem. You can't ask for more than that!

  • Amazing

    by Katerbug91

    Definitely worth the $1.99!!!

  • by MsGingertastic

    Love it && keep up the good work!!

  • More Frames/ Movable Frames

    by kpconteh

    I love the app! It is so much fun. I make wallpapers all the time. People always ask me about my wallpaper. I would love more frames, the option for no frame and to move the monogram to different parts of the screen.

  • It's good, but a few minor flaws.

    by Best Game On I.

    What irritates me is that it takes FOREVER for the background to load. A lot of the time I will just exit out of the app because it is pointless. I like the app, but still. And then, I think I paid $1.99-4.99 for the app (I've had it for a while) and you have to pay for MORE stuff?! But otherwise, it's okay. I like it a lot. It's one of my favorites, and a must download. :)

  • Monogram

    by Laffylucy

    Monaghan just totally rocks!u can make all theses cool monograms that are cool and pretty!i always use monogram so 5stars would be good.

  • Monogram

    by David Kaganovsky

    It's a great game

  • Wallpapers

    by Resa6240

    Love it..!!

  • Rate really

    by LaToya Stephens

    As soon as u get the full version u have to rate them so u can get all of the wallpapers

  • Love it

    by Jay bae bae

    I love it... I always have a new wallpaper I can customize. I love uploading abstract pictures I take & turning them into monogrammed backgrounds!!

  • ❤️❤️

    by TayyRaaee

    Love love love it!

  • Love!

    by AnnieBonannie

    So much fun and tons of options. Love it!


    by jenna danielle

    This app is FABULOUS!! I love that they constantly update it and give you new backgrounds and fonts and colors. If you want a monogram app, pay the money and get this one. You will not regret it!!

  • by Mikabell liked


  • Awesome app

    by Tay_Case

    I love this app!! It's so cute I love it when there's new wallpapers!

  • ❤️

    by ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️

    Love this app!!!(:

  • Best monogram app ever!!!

    by chelsea13

    Constantly adding new things, and super cute! I cannot believe that I didn't get this sooner! Please keep adding new wallpapers and fonts! :)


    by G.......G


  • Perf.

    by TiffBonita

    Omg, so cute

  • Worth the money

    by Kcrow0212

    Fun easy to use app. Love all the different colors, fonts, backgrounds! My favorite

  • Closer to 4.8 stars....

    by chenley55

    I normally don't even write reviews but, I really like this app!! Totally worth the $$. The only thing that I want to see change is the banner styles. Please make some that go all the way across the screen, like the wide stripe with the design in the center...

  • Love!

    by SKnipe

    I love this app. Too much fun. Wish the text could be sized and positioned but other than that, it's great.

  • Good

    by Awesomeblahblahblahawesime


  • Good app

    by chasehazel

    Does what it says and i love how customizable it is

  • Gorgeous

    by gley23

    I'm in love!

  • Awesome app

    by Sarahbeth23637204

    Love love love thus app!!!!!!

  • by HannahKatherinne

  • Best Monogram App!

    by JaimeCaye

    This app is amazing! There are so many backgrounds, fonts and colors to choose from in order to have multiple combinations. It's easy to navigate and quick. Highly recommend this app. Worth the price. :)

  • Monogram

    by AnsleyBooth

    Monogram app may be the best app anybody could ever buy. I'm so happy that I actually spent my money to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's a really good app worth the money

    by sam:D

    I love it and use it a good bit. I love how you don't have to use their wallpapers you can use ones from your photo library. The only thing I do hate is the frames. I wish they had more cute ones. Or at the least the option not to have a frame sometimes. Either way it's a good app and I always have a lot of people asking how I make my wallpapers all the time.


    by _brucca

    Sensacional Esplendido Incrível Sem palavras O melhor do mundo

  • Crazy Easy to use love it!

    by Awesome girl jr.

    I found this app from my friend, she said I had to get it! I saw the price and I thought it was a little bit high, but then I bought it and I was like there is so many backgrounds to use. All you have to do to make a pretty monogram is type in your initials! I love this app, it's the best one on my device.

  • :)

    by tavyn13

    love it! the only thing I do not like is that there are in app purchase. I feel like of you buy the app it should come with all the features! but besides that it's a great app. :)

  • Perfect monogram maker!!!!

    by Mr.slushie

    I love this app it is so easy and the monograms turn out perfectly!!

  • Monogram

    by Gdagbh

    So awesome u will blow up

  • Love

    by Pin ++

    Perfect way to prep my phone! -XOXO

  • Great app!

    by Rmj67

    Easy to use and looks great on my iPhone!!

  • Love this app

    by Ilymorgannn

  • Love it!!

    by bdphotos

    I can't stop making monograms with this app!! It's so easy and fun... I make them for all of my friends :)

  • Super great monogramming app!!

    by It's Oona

    I love it

  • by #needhelp!

    Best monogram app I've ever used by a long shot, works smoothly and is totally worth the money. Love the Lily Pulitzer backgrounds and I'm a total sucker for the glitter, it looks so great with a gold iPhone!! I love admiring it when I unlock my phone and these are by far my most used wallpapers. Get it!

  • Love it

    by Allenamorgan

    It is awesome love it

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Jane1206

    The awesomest app out there!!!!! If I could rate it 6 stars I would!!! This is the best monogram app out there. You can have different colors, fonts, and designs!!!! You can make it your own!!!! GREAT APP!!!!!

  • Love it!

    by Ashley Walters

    I absolutely adore this app! My only complaint is that when you buy the extra fonts on your phone it doesn't transfer to the iPad. :(

  • Great App!!!

    by rebester09

    This app is great!! I love all the different designs, fonts and colors. I really recommend this app!!

  • Love monograms!

    by Hinson88

    Amazing for us southern ladies!

  • Best Monogram Wallpaper App

    by GabrielFMV1

    I like this app because unlike others, it let's you use your own custom background from your camera roll to add a monogram on top of, plus it has the most monogramming options. Well worth the price.

  • GREAT!

    by GCKennard

    I love this app!

  • One of the best apps!!

    by De-gezzid on U

    A must buy, even when you are broke!

  • Newlyweds dream!

    by Samantha Tiedman

    As a newlywed I love this app! It's a lot of fun to mess around with new initials in such a cute way. Had to pay a little extra for some extra cute fonts but it was worth it.

  • Great app!

    by Twigss

    This app has all the features you need to make cute monogram wallpaper!!

  • Wish I could move the monogram

    by Cupcake_2012

    This app is almost perfection! It has great font styles, colors, and backgrounds! I'm absolutely in love with it! I just wish you could move the monogram placement so that it was more compatible with your own pictures


    by Molly Ree

    This is an incredible app!! Get it!! It's amazing!! I use this app DAILY ever day all day!!! Amazing!!!

  • Love it!

    by Hoskinsplace

    One of my very favorite apps!

  • Love this app!

    by Simple & Quick

    Great selections. Awesome options.


    by Lolo logan.

    I recommend this app to every one that wants to monogram. It is great. Yes it is money but you won't regret it. It has many pictures to choose as our background and if you don't like any of them (which I'm sure you will love them) you can use one from your camera roll! Get this app! You'll love it.

  • Love it !

    by Lonrgcsfvv

    It Works!

  • excellent

    by Carson Jade03

    worth every penny

  • Amazing!!!

    by lakyndanielle

    This app is perfection. I went through multiple monograming apps before finding this one. I wasted my money on all those others, this is the only one I will use from now on!

  • Perfection

    by BaileyPSmith

    Us southern girls got to have monogram everything! We love them! I love looking at my monogram when I unlock my phone. I love how you can express your personality in so many different ways. The updates lately have been amazing! It was worth it to but it instead of the lite version. Worth every single penny. I've probably made over 100 of them... It's addicting.

  • Awesome

    by Tinkerbell8141

    It's cool all the different styles love it!!!! Thank you for creating it

  • Awesome!!!! A+++

    by Thygrl

    This app is so best and let's you design some great designs that coordinates with you case and personality !

  • Soooo fun

    by nicole

    Love this app, super fun, I make a new wallpaper every day the possibilities are endless ❤️

  • Great

    by Baconbaby16

    I love it!!

  • Excellent

    by Bucee88

    Love the app.

  • Awesome!

    by Selabug

    This app is fun!!!!!

  • Cute!

    by LostDiamond

    Great design choices and easy to use!

  • Fun and Beautiful

    by Pennymoxie

    This app stands alone as the BEST way to make your iPhone screens customized.

  • Next update

    by Basket girl momma

    I LOVE this app but for this next update I would like a section for stripes

  • Best app ever

    by Abirrrrrr

    I love it!:) I'm always using it!

  • I love it

    by musiclover49326

    It is soooo awesome

  • Great App!

    by Prodigest

    This app is great to make cool wall papers for yourself. The only thing I don't like is it locks some of the fonts any you have to pay an extra ninety cents for the rest. Also they need to have more back rounds for the words. Overall it is a great app.

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