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Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: Waynett Cheung

>> Fixed bugs.

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>> There are more and more people chatting with friends on phone by using some social contacting apps.

>>However, they are troubling with some common points.

>>While greeting to stranger, don’t know what good words to accost;
>>While chatting with lover, you feel the text message could not express your mood in deep;
>>While on your friends’ birthdays and meets some important festivals, you don’t know to type what to send your wishes with the phone holding on your hand.

* While meeting the problems above, do you know how to solve?

>>It’s very simple that all you need is to click the button FREE. Download this app and turn it on. You will find you fall in love with it and all the troubles above would have been solved.

>> It is very simple to use this app. It could be said that although you were no familiar with iPhone, as long as you can play it for several minutes and then you could totally master this app!

>>The three superiority of this app.
*Firstly, in the classification module, we’d collected the most popular emoticons which had been most widely used. We’ve classified these emoticons into different types and it could save your time on picking the emoticons.

*Secondly, in the new module, you can modify the emoticons base on what we have already. Of course you can create your emoticons according to your own creation and personality.

*Last, in the setting module, we have a Group Switch in Group Function. As long as you turn this Group Function on, you could classify your friends who you often contact to into different types, and it could make you sent mass texts and e-mails more convenient.

>>Attention, there is one point needs to be specially explained. For the users who have downloaded this app, please do not forget to check out the HELP in Setting Bar. It would guide you to add the emoticons keyboard into you iPhone and import all kinds of gorgeous emoticons.

>>All right, stop here, you will know everything while playing this app.

>>Contact us:
>>Email: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Emoji

    by Funsized_

    It's good.

  • I hope this works

    by Matthew Clifton

    Does it work?

  • Good

    by Dayannara Martinez


  • Good

    by Phillip_epic_123

    It's good

  • Txting

    by Squirlwashere

    This app is amazing makes txting fun :)

  • great

    by seeennniiiaaa

    love this

  • Me?!

    by Lu_Xia

    Love it

  • Ms.

    by Happie43

    Great Pics

  • Good

    by Cupcake 2345678910

    It is good

  • Very nice

    by MoonMoonahly


  • OMG

    by :( :( :( :( :( :::(((

    This app is so awesome

  • You have to buy more emojis

    by Acceptthisusername__

    I find it stupid how u have to buy more emojis.

  • Ur app

    by Ok<3how bout idk:)

    Its awesome!!!!!! Love it

  • Cute

    by Tee721

    Love them really cute

  • Cool

    by Sam14151128


  • Awesome

    by NSD01

    Really great appp

  • It's awesome

    by Musclefreak96

    I loveit!

  • So cute!

    by Julesluvsjoe

    Love this app!!

  • Best app

    by Jsjm58

    So easy to use!!

  • Its alright

    by Gangland518

    Its an ok app just needs more work

  • Emoji

    by Mandalynn703

    If I can text these I will like it much more .

  • Crash alert

    by 666smd

    Every time I click on my emoji keyboard it crashes. My messages close out and I'm back to my home screen. I haven had any problems with this app up until now and I'm mad. I can't send any emojis in my messages, snapchat, twitter, nothing. Needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Bad

    by Maclamo

    This app is horrible. It makes you write a review or pay more $ to use.

  • Good

    by Yooo_hahah

    A good app

  • Great App!

    by ZePinkPanda

    Great app for texting friends and family!

  • Awesome

    by Zahra Tavakkolidastjerdi

    Awesome app!!!

  • Great!!!

    by The c-lin

    Best one I've found yet!

  • Emoji

    by C.J.C. PR

    Nice app, easy to use!!

  • Cool

    by skatemancam


  • Eee

    by Prr777

    Cool app.

  • Great app

    by Line backer 36

    Love the app

  • Kool

    by Jbuster brown

    Awesome app

  • Awesome

    by Libya346442673

    Great app

  • All kinds of emoji

    by kenneth jackson

    Great app lot to choose from

  • Love

    by Hailie lynn

    I love this app it the best

  • GreAt

    by bryan javier solis

    Love it

  • Amazing

    by B/Man963

    It was truley amazing

  • No

    by kammii02

    Really we have to give feed back to get stuff

  • Awesome

    by Xxxscenelingxxx


  • Review

    by Travis gryder

    It is a real cool app

  • OK

    by Jellysplashlove

    Some of the emojis did not work so some did so I give it a 3

  • Awesome!!

    by St4jj

    These emojis are so cool

  • badger

    by SuperTony

    Awesome app plz make a epic face one

  • Yes

    by Frogo cool

    Its awesome

  • April

    by PearlsBijoux

    I love the faces but I am not getting what I paid for. I paid do have all emoticons unlocked and I still can't use a lot of them.

  • Gray

    by Swoosh74


  • Awesome

    by Boss7man674

    Great app! Wish there were gif emoticons but it's still a sweet app.

  • Ric

    by Grumpier smurf


  • Must have app!

    by Rodgeoove

    Really cool app, easy to use and it comes with many different emoji choices. Go download it now!

  • Very cute

    by app-lover79

    Really enjoy these emojis, make all messaging fun and a great way to add some emotion to texts.

  • Emojis

    by Ibedareal1

    Need more emojis

  • Awesome app

    by Ball player 3052412

    Sweet app guys Really <3 it

  • Love the app!

    by Mustang racer 225

    This app is incredible and makes texting friends fun!

  • Cool app

    by awsmface

    This is a good app but the upgrade thing is isn't that good

  • Love it

    by santi1361


  • Cool app

    by Holabroski

    Love it

  • Emotion

    by Charprincess

    I like but I don't have Facebook or Twitter so it is kind of boreing.

  • Amazing

    by Tmatt1972

    I wish they had a middle finger

  • Awesome

    by Ash13_is_awesome

    I love this it makes my txts so more awesome

  • STUPID!!!

    by HUNTER 5678


  • Please Read This

    by Spidey631

    You need to make a fingers-crossed emoji!

  • Yay

    by Rockabillyhellokitty

    Love it!!!!!

  • Review

    by Golfinfanatic

    Awesome app! Highly recommend

  • Emoji

    by Emmanuel1way2go

    Just what i was lookn 4.rite on tym cnt wait 4 more

  • Epic

    by Me

    Awesome app I loved it!!

  • Moon

    by Lollimewiretide


  • Awesome

    by Young scooter 11

    This app is awesome!!

  • Zee

    by Z de trini

    Love it!! Best version!!

  • Please get this app

    by Likeaboss111111


  • Not sure yet

    by QueenBleed

    Haven't been able to use the app yet. Hope writing a review actually let's me use it. Lol

  • Creative!

    by Guitarfareak

    Very creative and it shows that u are limitless with emojis

  • Love it

    by 7890/'m

    Love it

  • Good App

    by Sydbgirl

    It's awesome. I love it.

  • Not good not bad

    by Gigi 1233211234567

    I just installed this apps and I found it quite interesting, hope there will be more packages provided in the future

  • Dislike

    by Anonymous @@@@@@

    Won't send any emoticon.

  • Review

    by GauchoPive

    Great app

  • Cool so far...

    by Candis Robinson

    Cool so far... Trying it out and seems to be pretty darn cute!

  • Amazing

    by Ashlee121314

    I love this app

  • This is good

    by Ogsmack

    Great app

  • Very confused

    by Elisa12204

    Very confused y can't it just b easy

  • Emjoic

    by Jennifer Pulliam

    This app rocks.People should use this app.

  • Good app

    by Matthosenfeld

    It's alright as far as the faces but some of the categories have some really funny ones

  • Love it

    by poopybutt425

    Great app

  • No idea how to use it...

    by Mas is boss

    No clue

  • Nice

    by Starzc

    Nice emojis

  • Love it

    by Aime-russelI

    I really like this app its soo stinking awesome

  • Love this app!!

    by Mr2mama

    Great way to have fun and personalize your messages

  • Nice

    by MMarr


  • Ok app

    by So7Cool77

    I just want more icons

  • Amazing

    by Jojo_boys_life

    By far the best emoji app on the market today

  • Good app

    by Toni Hinton


  • Go for it!!

    by Naughty- boo

    It's nice!!!

  • Emoji

    by Ottsoundn

    It it works it is 5stars!

  • by Ashley

    The app is really cool it's ok not all that but it's amazing I like it a lot

  • Amazing

    by Lotrchris

    I love it

  • Love it

    by Abbyerdsber

    It is really cool!

  • Good

    by Supa awesome

    I love emoticons

  • Omg this app is so awesome

    by Bigvboi

    Omg this app is so awsome

  • Awesome!

    by Dat kid next door

    This app is so awesome, the emoticons are really cool

  • Amazing App

    by Satisfied Emoji Using Customer

    I love the apps variety I feel like I will always discover a new app.

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