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√ New flat design for better iOS 7 engagement
√ Fresh new look for profile pages
√ Add & Follow Friends feature improvements
√ Finding tips quicker through search and sorting options
√ Tip browsing down to the sub-category level
√ Leaderboard improvements & category additions
√ New Virtual Good: Bag of Likes

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Share and discover tips, tutorials and how-to guides on beauty, wellness, DIY and more from Trusted Helpers with friends, family and fans.

Introducing Trusper, the app that allows you to share and discover tips from daily life with friends, family and fans. Whether it be beauty, cosmetics, wellness or DIY, Trusper has tips, tutorials and how-to guides for you!

This app enables you to quickly publish tips and tutorials with pictures, video and captions providing fans with beautiful and informative knowledge.

Download now and start sharing your tips with your friends, family and fans.

√ Learn & share tips, tutorials, how-to's
√ Browse tips quickly and easily
√ Create tips in 30 seconds or less
√ Help Out: Q&A with tips
√ Topics range from Beauty, Skincare, Hair, Wellness, DIY, and more
√ Earn rewards, gift cards, and beauty products for contributing great tips
√ Earn Status and level up to unlock access and goods
√ Choose to share tips to the public or keep them between friends only
√ Share tips to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email
√ Save your favorite beauty tips, makeup tutorials and DIY projects

Trusper App Store Reviews:

"Love it! Too many helpful tips! Love the hair and makeup tips! Thanks for creating :-) #happyuser"

"I am completely addicted to this app!!!! Everyday I get new tips on hair and makeup to DIY home decorating ideas. Love this app"

"Perfect for everything - From organizing the house to make-up and hair tips to food and drinks to healthy life styles and exercise to entertainment and more there's is something for everyone!!!!! I love this app!!!!"
[email protected]

"I love this app! It really does have useful tips and information. I find things like new braided hairstyles to easy cooking recipes to decoration ideas for holidays!"

"Such a cool app. Relevant to daily life. Addictive. Helpful. Money saver. Inspires creativity. Endless possibilities for creating things, solving problems, decorating, health and beauty, etc."
-@Alli Drapes

"The best app I've ever had ......In Love - This App is a must must must. Anything and everything you find interest there's a tip for it. From recipes, decorating, health and beauty, crafting and so much more. Very easy to use and it isn't overwhelming. Download it now and it would change your life."

"Awesome app!! - I love this app so much I spend more time on this than any other app on my phone! It's the first thing I click on when I get out of bed and prolly the last thing I do before falling asleep I have learned so much from this DIY app it's Amazing !! An app I never wanna be without."

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Beauty Tips, DIY Tips, Cosmetic Tips, Skincare Tips, Makeup Tips, How-to Tips, Health Tips, Fitness Tips, Home & Garden Tips, Family Tips, Kids Tips, Parenting Tips, Entertainment Tips, Restaurant Tips, Food & Drink Tips, Shopping Tips and Travel Tips.

Customer Reviews

  • Addicting & awesome!!!!!

    by Kel-c Jane!

    The best!

  • My favorite app!!!

    by Nissangirl

    I love this app! It's so much fun! I go to when I have nothing to do, and I always leave with great ideas got to be the best app I have... Now.

  • Best app!!

    by Hktmcb

    Love this app:) everything u need to know about everything in one spot. Very easy to search.

  • Awesome

    by ShaYYnee

    Tips are great.

  • Great resource nice variety

    by Erin Walsh

    I like the step by step pictures if DIY vs video

  • by Lauren

    love this app. it's amazing(:

  • Best App

    by Illi15

    Great App !!!! A lot of great ideas. I simply love it.

  • Great app...

    by Eliu2292

    Lots of helpful advices....

  • Good app helpful hints

    by Gigi1003


  • Great tips

    by CApple35

    I enjoy all the great tips. Some I have never seen before.

  • Amazing app

    by Justdoit444

    I get so many great ideas on this app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It

  • Kool

    by Letsrunfarawayx3


  • Very Good App

    by KimberlysEyes

    It's very very nice and so useful

  • Love this app

    by Rachelmarieeee

    It's so user friendly and the tips are awesome. (:

  • Yay!

    by UndrcvrDisneyPrincess

    This app was made for people like me!!

  • Luuuuuv It

    by Awesome$54

    Its a really different app, u wont regret downloading it, trust meee

  • Awesome

    by Marielyssa

    Amazing App I love it and awesome tips! A must have!

  • Get this app!

    by Honugrl33

    Love this app! It has tips for almost everything! No ads no gimmicks just real people retrying to help others! My go to app for new ideas!

  • Cosmetologist

    by Starz2troll

    Best app ever! Already earned a Starbucks giftcard and I've only been on it for 3 days!

  • Love tips

    by Judibums

    Love it

  • Not worth it

    by Nickname6778

    They have made so many changes we went from unlimited likes to hardly any to buying likes many users have deleted the app sure the gifts are great but it's just not the same anymore.

  • New points system

    by Shellylynn23

    I used to love this app but I hate the new points system! :(

  • I LOVE this app.!

    by AbbyGalan22

    It's my favorite at, by far.!

  • Amazing!

    by Ccassandra2309

    I absolutely love this app! Ever since i downloaded it and opened it i haven't put it down! I have so many projects to do! Im going to live on my own and there are so many cheap things that i wanna do to decorate. It could be a good idea to use some of these DIY projects for a fundraiser too!! :D

  • Hey!!!!

    by Lorena Bobette

    Love it!

  • Great!!!

    by eldy32

    I love this app.. Can not stay away from it

  • Awesome

    by Icy1970

    Great ideas


    by CancerY69

    I love this app!!! I'm able to browse & find GREAT tips to different types of things plus AWESOME recipes!!

  • Great app!

    by Chendrell Stewart

    Great app, highly recommend it.

  • Love it

    by Sully Rosado

    Love this for great tips on makeup and beauty care!!

  • Great app

    by Negraa18

    Love the tips:)

  • I Love This App

    by Gdashbfgh

    This app is awesome I use it for alot of thing. I learn so many things from this app! I am often bored at my house, but sence I got this app im not bored it gives me ideas on stuff to do! I love this app and im sure you would to! It doesnt give tips on just one subject but on many like beauty tips recipes SO MANY!!!! xD work out i love Victoria's secret 10min work out I have lost alot if weight from it!

  • Interesting and Educational

    by Pathfinder671

    So many ideas and wYs to make better use of many simple items around your home...

  • Puzzle pieces fit like a charm.. If you got the right pieces...

    by BrOoKeRoO37

    This puzzle piece certainly fits together like a charm! They have so many useful tips for me to use! I can come here to find food tips one day, then come the next day to find tips about working out. They have tips from all ends of the spectrum and I love it! <3

  • by Awebb12

    I love this app!!

  • App user

    by Stacey Boccuzzio

    Love this app! I have a great time browsing tips and sharing my own tips with others. I was weary about the new changes to how points are accrued but as long as you are original in posting your tips and sharing others tips to other social networks, your earning potential is actually greater then the old system. Thanks Trusper!! You guys rock!

  • Great app great tips

    by Sarah ibrahim 1991

    amazing and easy also you are learning tips from others although you are getting pints and gift cards for giving others your tip that you had a good experience with ,which is so awesome

  • Tru

    by Taylorza

    I love this app

  • One of the best app!

    by Happy N Proud Mom

    Love this app, I learn a lot of helpful stuff!

  • Great Source of Information

    by SamanthaLynn31

    I love everything posted on here

  • Excellent!

    by guiselle


  • Update

    by Star ang123

    Yes I would like a new update

  • I love it

    by IceCream08

    Awesome app very useful

  • Great!

    by Love❤ly

    Love the different tips!

  • Trusper

    by Yummmbuns

    Fun & enjoyable ideas

  • BEST APP EVER!!!!!!

    by LexLo21

    I love this amazing app! It's taught me more useful & cool things in the past month or 2, than I've learned in the past 5 years pre app!

  • Tips and DIY

    by Katpenn

    I love this app!!! Great tips!!

  • Amazing

    by e_baxter2

    I love this app! Whenever I'm looking for a quick easy trick it's right their! It's perfect!

  • Cool

    by BlondOSUB


  • Amazing

    by JohnDile372749194

    This is such a good app! So helpful!! It's a great idea. This is exactly what I need.

  • Love it!!

    by Blcifaldo

    I love this app!! I would recommend this to anyone!!

  • Best app ever

    by Confused in Pittsburgh

    I haven't had any problems! Three words BEST APP EVER

  • I love this!

    by Chris cg

    Great for DIYers everywhere!

  • Love it, it's great...!!!!

    by AESY35

    This App

  • Very fun!

    by Shilo larae

    Love that it's real people giving tips and tricks!!

  • Tip

    by Johnkassy

    Really helpful and cool app

  • Love it!

    by Lili Smith

    All the tips & recipes are fantastic! I love this app!

  • Very cute ideas!

    by Tfosnot

    Love this app.

  • Useful tips

    by Sonnybee 1

    Ideas I can actually use. Very helpful. Ty

  • App

    by Bree Zeppenfeldt

    Awesome app

  • This is a great app!

    by Smilingeyes4you

    I love this app! I always recommend all my friends to download this app!

  • Meets it's purpose

    by Saamrbg

    Meets it's purpose

  • Love it

    by Hannahmarie 123456789100

    So useful

  • Love it

    by Fanessy8

    Very helpful DIY tips makes like a lot easier in the pockets

  • Love this app!!!

    by stinkbug1

    I'm addicted to this app! I love all the how toos and DIYs.

  • 4 stars for useful information

    by LoveeAshley

    I give it 4 stars for the useful information. However earning points seems impossible, especially if you don't use them within a 6 month period.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Mbduo817

    I love and use this app all the time. Love learning new ideas.

  • Great appt!

    by tweedie31

    Beautiful!!!! Truly amazing!!

  • Stupid

    by llliooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Won't let me download

  • I was expecting more

    by Alcatraztoy

    A majority of the users post the same tips over and over again in order to get points. The tradition "add me" "follow me" and " like for a like" floods the help page

  • Don't know how I survived before this app!!

    by Eddkattom

    Just love this one. I find great new tips everyday. Have tried many of them and the really do work!!!

  • DIY tips

    by Samyhao

    Love all the great DIY tips cuz it saved me some money.

  • Great app

    by *letitia*

    I love those useful n great tips

  • Cool

    by Misfitming

    5 stars

  • Some great links

    by Apple1$2

    Interested in using it more. Sending tips to evernote to store and organize.

  • Love it !

    by Like a real flashlight

    It's so informative and easy to read .

  • So enjoyable and helpful!

    by Kcruhf

    So much better than Pinterest and Craftgawker combine!

  • TA

    by Momma S 3

    Great sight!!!

  • This is great

    by Babii_jhay

    I love it its too cool

  • I love this

    by Butterfly198725

    I tried a few things very cool def one of my fav apps

  • Awesome!!!!! LOVE THE TIPS!!!!!! =D

    by Gris:)

  • 10/10

    by Crissabel

    Totally useful awesome n interesting

  • Informative App

    by Ann_Persaud

    Pretty handy app. Has a lot of great features and DIY videos as well as explanation.

  • Trusper

    by Kat<3ya

    Amazing, I just love this app!!

  • Cool app, lots of neat ideas

    by Laneal1987

    Easy to use

  • Great App!

    by Cherrydarly

    This app is extremely usefull! It has so many DIY's and helpful tips for almost anything you can think of!!! Because there are so Manet creative projects it helps kick start my own creativeness too!

  • Great!!!!

    by Aangeleyes15a

    I love this app!!! The tips are great... I give it a 5 star rating :)

  • Amazing

    by Meara08

    I absolutely love this app! Contains great tips that truly work and apply to just about anyone

  • Easy to use

    by Crice7111

    Great variety of tips and so easy to find my favorites. I love that there's new stuff all the time.

  • How do I stop notifications?

    by Held up in a Crossfire

    I really like this app, but will be deleting it until I can figure out how to stop the notifications. I get a TON of notifications that people have added a tip, I don't need to be notified every time someone adds something. Does anyone know if you can change or opt out of being notified?

  • Super fun app!

    by Rachel Lara

    I love all of the varied topics! Super fun to browse around and maybe learn something new! :)

  • Perfect app for everyone!

    by Queen_of_swaqqq

    So many categories to choose from and all the tips are so helpful and it's so convenient they're all in one app!

  • GREAT!!!

    by ShaeWilks


  • Awesome

    by Tammiejo_reed

    Great app

  • Love

    by Julkster

    I love this app... Who knew ;)

  • Everyone should have this app

    by Queen1776

    It's perfect it has help me with sooooo many things and thing I don't even know about it! ✌️

  • Great app!!!

    by Stacy626

    I love this app! Organized with great suggestions!!!

  • I love it!

    by Kelly Perchatsch

    I love this App! Very informative and helpful!

  • Gettin tipsy!

    by Dreamsofu92

    I love this app! So useful!!

  • Awesome

    by Bex2684

    Love it!

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