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Seller: Tinder Inc.

- Swipe from the left edge of a chat to return to matches
- Improved iPad support
- Speed improvements
- Bug fixes
- Shake your Tinder for a holiday surprise :)

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Tinder finds out who likes you nearby and connects you with them if you're also interested. It's the new way to meet people around you.

1) Tinder shows you someone nearby it thinks you should know, and lets you anonymously like or pass on them...

2) If someone you like happens to like you back, then Tinder makes an introduction & lets you chat within the app.


What the press is saying:

"It's a rare feat for any app to mirror real-life, but the app does just that."
- Fast Company

"The application is clearly addictive."
- The New York Times

"'Tinder' is a verb. It has become so popular that the name of the application is an action."
- The Huffington Post

"Everyone I know is suddenly talking about it."
- New York Magazine

"Tinder is essentially a postmodern nod to a most primitive form of liberal dating."
- The Man Repeller

Customer Reviews

  • Still haven't gotten laid

    by Ls22343

    But I feel like there's still hope

  • Amazing

    by Hatboy7292772

    Great app

  • Sick

    by Niggz Jacobson


  • GrreAt

    by Userjamie5566

    Tinder is great! Use it to whatever your little heart desires!

  • tinderific

    by Hoosier69

    met so many interesting beautiful women using this app. totally changed my love life for the better

  • Genius

    by Summons1210

    Creative and revolutionary

  • Interesting app


    Wonder how it works... But fun

  • Great app

    by Mookie_smash


  • Amazing

    by Jeff AKA Metaphore

    Tinder helps me have an outer body experience and judge people as if being judgmental were an admirable quality.

  • It's okay.

    by Brettoblaster

    After you shuffle through all the profiles, it says it's searching for more. This is where all the fake ones pop up. Kind of annoying, and pretty obvious they're fake.

  • It's

    by Ryanc23467789

    Not bad

  • Awesome app

    by Warbaby Fox

    Makes it easy to date people. Get this app.

  • Lil Wayne

    by E=Mc^2*_*

    It's dope hahahahaa

  • It's Cool... Could be better

    by HotMochaJava

    Not the the most user-friendly. For example, how do you find a list of the profiles you've liked? If you liked a profile by mistake, how do you correct that? If you skipped pass a profile, how do you get back to it? So many things could be better regarding this app, but it's fun to meet new people in a non threatening way. I do like the "It's a Match" feature.

  • Take a shot

    by Jkskskshavd

    Time killing at it's best, or worst I suppose

  • Spontaneous Romance

    by John & Hunni

    Dear Prospective Tinder App Downloaders, I was once like you , alone in the dating world looking for love. Then I downloaded this App. Little did I know that the app I was once so skeptical about downloading would change my life forever. I found my hunni. My soulmate. BEST MATCH EVER DOWNLOAD NOW

  • Ideas

    by itinder

    Tinder is an interesting app. Maybe in the future users will be able to send pictures messages.

  • Thanks Tinder!

    by MrMisterGreat

    Thanks Tinder! Since using this I'm making babies left and right!!

  • Easy to use but needs work

    by Max_123

    I like how easy it is to use but the messaging system needs work, seems like messages are taking a long time to be sent. Would rate 5 stars if this is fixed

  • Left or right. Simple.

    by MntMnky

    Hilariously simple app. Maybe you meet someone maybe not but entertaining at least. GPS burns a bit of battery if you're addicted to it.

  • Fake accounts

    by R-men

    Majority of the ppl are spam, advertisements and scammers

  • Doesn't work!

    by Guil Demelo

    The app keeps saying that there's no new people around me. No matter where I go, it keeps saying that exact same thing. And I'm on my iPhone 5s.

  • Disappointed

    by serg 1o

    I just downloaded the app, I can't speak for its functions yet as I can sign up since I don't have a Facebook account. And that is the only way to get this app going. It's disappointing! I get it, just about everyone has a Facebook account but there are those that don't care for one. Now i find my self restricted from using this app and others that I have come across over the past year just because I don't have a Facebook account. I wish the developers would have given an option to create an account and not just link to Facebook. Until then this will be my review for this app

  • Kind of useless

    by BobKrohn

    No instructions. No features.

  • Fun

    by Yuyuttte


  • Good

    by Sir_Locksly


  • Recomedo!!

    by Rubr0negr0

    Muito bom, objetivo, e simples!! Otima opcao para solteiros!!

  • Great App

    by Ryan Strickland

    I love it, got a few #'s already in just a few days. Only complaint is it freezes up and crashes sometimes, I've had to delete and re-download a couple of times.

  • It's coo

    by Mr.Drewww

    It works

  • Great concept, bad execution.

    by Pweston93

    My main qualm with tinder is the bots. I'm pretty sure most of the profiles aren't real people. Hmmm Ryan Gosling's look-a-like is on tinder and is matched with me!? Yeah, right... I also have well over 30 matches I'm sure. Only 3 of them reached out to me first. After writing all of them, (as a test) only 2 replied! If this person also liked me, why wouldn't they reply? I'm calling BS on tinder. I don't need an ego boost, I'm cocky enough. I need cool people to talk to and meet. Another problem with the app is I've accidentally "nope'd" several people by accident that I wanted to "like" but there is no way to go back and change it. A "back" button that let you go back even just one person would be very useful. And finally, this app crashes ALL THE TIME!!! I literally have to redownload it every effin day! Like I said, it's a great concept. I love the idea that I can only talk to someone if we've both liked each other. And I like that it's basically online shopping for men ;P but what's the point if it doesn't work and the people aren't even real.

  • Great

    by Brendy1234

    I've met some great people on here but it would be nice to have an undo button because sometimes it goes on an ugly streak and then attractive show up out of the blue and I accidentally swipe them to the left great app though

  • Great app!!

    by Juan AbreuRG

    In ios 7 version is better

  • Like ke$ha said

    by Jennaaaaag

    It's going down I'm yellin tinder!!!

  • Great app!

    by Mr. Zack Williams

    Met a ton of Hott girls but also good networking tool

  • Very good

    by Gugakramer

    Good ap for hook ups

  • Fun app

    by MikeHoncho62

    Surprisingly addictive but still fun

  • Joke

    by Endurance01

    You need Facebook to use this crap? What a joke.

  • Doesn't work for me

    by kendog95

    I only get like 2 girls to rate a day and my search settings are normal and I live in a big city

  • It's fun...but...

    by EmStanda

    I love going on tinder! But whenever I match with someone and they show up again later on the home page and removed off my match list, but I don't know how you can delete people in your match list? I thought you could only block. & if they blocked me I wouldn't be able to see them again on my home page but I continue to see them...

  • Promising

    by RobbyWeldon

    Interesting idea that seems to have been executed well. I believe that users are the problem, particularly all the auto catfish sex bots we have to sift through

  • Would gave 5 but...

    by Me7282848

    Load screen appears then crashes and doesn't let me into the app, used to love Tinder but now I can't even open it!

  • by $tanley yelnat$

    Like it

  • Great app, at times buggy

    by spencewah

    Clever interface, messages can get lost

  • Needs a way to report spammers

    by Yekimak

    My main gripe with the app is there isn't a way to report fake profiles and spammers without having to make contact first. There are a bunch of profiles for some uber app.

  • This technology it's...

    by Stannis_ Baratheon

    Meh *grinds teeth*

  • It's simple

    by Tiny Sean

    And that's it's beauty.

  • Great for its purpose

    by act7p

    Which may be superficial but it works pretty well.

  • Very cool idea & executed well

    by Sp3v

    Good stuff


    by Beccaxbicha

    Been on this app for about 2 weeks... 2 days ago I started getting the "there's no one around you" and hasn't gone away since!!

  • Good

    by Andrew.Abelleira


  • Fun

    by JustMusic7813

    Tinder is just for fun

  • Its cool

    by Jaime p72

    Working for me so far

  • :)

    by Everett Welch

    Love it

  • Good app

    by Derek Russell

    Good app bad matches. Lol

  • Please!

    by Rhoff1313

    Please update to let us upload a picture to tinder instead of having to do it on Facebook

  • Awesome!

    by blooieque

    Keeps the creepy people away while preventing you from trying to talk to someone that isn't interested in you. Great idea and awesome design!

  • Good stuff

    by David I.

    It should display height, that's my only gripe.

  • Good

    by Jramona

    It's pretty good app

  • Well made app!

    by Hoogacker

    It's designed very well, with this app u don't spend time spinning ur wheels. The only way to chat with someone is if they've already shown interest. Very nicely done!

  • Mr

    by OlePitbull

    Enkel og ufarlig

  • I was an outcast...

    by Andre Benjamin 3000

    ...until I met Ms. Jackson on tinder.

  • Meh

    by Ivan Klerk

    Its okay

  • Fake users

    by Claudio Duarte

    There are lot of fake users lookin for webcam customers for their own website link

  • Meh

    by Nazizombiefan

    Needs new update

  • Ehhh

    by jsweet42891

    I have been voting and tinder still hasn't matched anything. Waste of time.

  • Bugs

    by Robman2629

    There are just a couple things I see wrong, one it either tells me I have a new message/match then nothing's there, or it doesn't tell me and it sits there. The other thing is if you go to click on a picture and don't tap it then swipe as of you're going through them, you lose that person.

  • Wow

    by Philmango

    Great app

  • Great!

    by Murilo000

    Need some kind of "back" button. Sometimes we skip people that we didn't mean to. Besides that, it's working great!

  • Not so sure

    by Klissel


  • Love

    by Btat1234

    Could use a few more features, love it though!

  • Addicting

    by abo130

    This app is seriously addicting. Can't get enough.

  • Fun app

    by betseylou94010

    Addicting!! Wish there was more features to spell out what you're looking for from a particular person. The info button is too close to the nope button, have let some good ones get "noped"

  • Good Fun

    by Jay MD

    Tinder is easy and intuitive. Just don't swipe left too fast, once they're gone, they're gone.

  • Decent

    by Jahabevhs

    Fun time

  • Broken App

    by slimeking900

    I've been trying to use this app for the last day and no matter what I do I am unable to find anyone near me, while people that are in the same room as me are scrolling through hundreds of people in our area whenever they so choose. Am still waiting for a response from support as to how I can use this broken app like everyone else.

  • It's good

    by Moooriiisssssss


  • Good

    by BrLuan

    I liked this last version

  • It's ok

    by Yjon86

    Still fishing haven't caught anything . It's great if you want to look at girls, but they don't really match up. It's about the same as e harmony with out the money.

  • Great

    by Ratessss

    Awesome app for meeting new people.

  • Interesting but not practical

    by XenonReaction

    I've met a lot of interesting people in Tinder, but never actually gotten to meet them in real life. Good app for conversation, not for actual dating.

  • More interactive

    by Robbie Dunmead

    Allow more pictures, allow back and forth forwarding of pictures in chat, use more of a filter process by linking profile with tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram and vine... As well as linking up with other apps such as FourSquare and Yelp, so you can see who has similar interests in the city your in or have been to...

  • What I expected

    by Stoner22

    It's a fun app. Not sure how serious it it, but it's fun.

  • Cool simple app

    by camiloandresmd

    It does what it is supposed to. I miss the "undo" option when accidentally deleting a profile... The chat should allow to send files.

  • Fun Fun Fun

    by Insert Nickname Here 123

    Ridiculously entertaining.

  • Fun and simple

    by xazugx

    I wish you could delete conversations and go back to people you have rated. I've X-ed a couple by mistake.

  • Crashing

    by Portdfgh

    This app crashes all the time and won't even load. The main page will sit there for a second when I try and open it then go back to my home page. I've had to delete and reinstall this app numerous times and the problem still happens.

  • Could be more user friendly

    by iAmien

    Most of the time one has to check details and see the other pics because the first image has multiple people in it. Rather keep the yes/no buttons and use the swipe for swiping thru the rest of the pics immediately.

  • Seems ok

    by Jchalom

    Has great potential but hasn't blown me away yet, most of the people in my area haven't logged in over a week, kind of makes this app useless to me

  • Good

    by Mjjm675$887


  • Keeps crashing.

    by hot lil blonde

    Won't let me open it.

  • Simple

    by Adam Lopez

    A bit odd. Kind of fun.

  • Sad sad sad app

    by P'cola Ryan

    Used it for several months it picks up people that are maybe visiting in town creates a chat, five minutes later they are thousands of miles away...!?! REALLY Then changed my FB password not the app never EVER launches DELETING FED UP WITH DATING APPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    by klovee89

    Expect to have sexual intercourse. JUST SAYING! I've actually made friends through this app and they've met my friends.

  • Cool app

    by Zefren Edior

    It's quick and easy to use. Doesn't share critical info that we should know about prospects.

  • Sweet

    by Max Bakshi


  • Horrible

    by MattyC1189

    Inundated with fake profiles, don't waste your time

  • Good App. One suggestion:

    by ryanfox

    Could we get a sort matches by distance feature?

  • Cool

    by Jessssicaaahh

    Pretty interesting app.

  • Ya

    by Colin Alcorn


  • Facebook

    by Super awesome111

    It needs to let you use your own photos out of your library.

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