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- Fixed memory leak bug

- Nasty bug fixed for Autofill
- Login improvements
- Usual bug fixes & performance enhancements
- Deals & Coupons
Just in time for Holiday shopping - save mucho bucks!
Relevant coupons when you need them most - at checkout!

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What if you could find anything that is for sale online, from any store, in one search?

Shopping by TheFind does just that. Think about where you shop online? Seriously, anywhere. You’ll find it all on TheFind. One search. Every store. Any product.

TheFind puts 500 million products from 500,000 stores at your fingertips. Yes, that is pretty much the whole world of online shopping. Get the best price available online, or scan a barcode and price match while in-store. Easily checkout at any online store. Save and organize your searches, purchases, receipts and shipping info. 

TheFind has been featured in ‘Best App” round ups on Mashable, VentureBeat, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, USA Today, Time, People Magazine and InStyle.

Here’s what the media is saying:

Forbes says, “The Find is probably the best looking and most functional [shopping] app.”

People Magazine says, “TheFind is rounding up every possible sale you can imagine and making them super-easy to shop.”

Time says, “Search for whatever you want to buy and TheFind will help you keep track of what you’re browsing, what you’re buying, and even where the packages are in transit.“ says, “TheFind’s shopping app is good for streamlining checkout at online retailers, but the on-the-go shopper will also find this handy.”


• Get the most comprehensive shopping results available, anywhere
• Shop seamlessly wherever, whenever on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and on
• Get personalized shopping results based on your taste and style
• Find and apply online coupons to save even more
• Scan barcodes quickly and accurately to get the best price available
• See items available online and at local stores
• Get a Price Match on items in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Toy-R-Us and Target
• Organize your receipts, purchases and shipping information automatically

For the best personalized shopping experience, sign-in with Facebook. We take your privacy seriously. We will not share anything with anyone, ever. Period.

We love to hear your feedback. Send us an email – [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • App Update - please fix login options

    by Erin Lotz

    I have been using for years. It's great and is my go to site when making purchasing decisions. Please allow us to use our original login information to access our accounts. I am very disappointed the app update requires a Facebook account.

  • Check out this app!

    by Bacardianton88

    Are you on a tight budget? I recommend you to check the app

  • Found the best product in a reasonable price

    by MichaelHernandez76

    I like this app because it lets me find the best product in a reasonable price.

  • Found best gift!

    by SusanWilson75

    I bought a gift for my niece with of help of this app! She loved it.

  • App helps in comparing prices

    by DorothyTaylor76

    I always check this app before buying anything from physical store because this shopping app helps in comparing prices.

  • I recommend this app to everyone.

    by MarisaMiller76

    This app has actually saved my money. I recommend this app to everyone.

  • mimi - iPhone 5s

    by Miimiigurl

    App works great! It lets me scan and gives me prices from online AND local stores! It helps me pick the best store to buy my product and it literally finds anything!!! :) I use the app mainly for scanning all the items we buy most frequently, so we always save money on them and don't forget where to buy them or what they are. I recommend this app...I downloaded about 20+ apps before finding this one. At least try it out! You won't regret it..

  • Good

    by Thatboyswagg

    Good app helps me find everything I need.

  • TheFind saves you time & money, big time

    by SarahLewis76

    If you need any help in finding new deals and best prices, this app is the one!

  • All of us who loves to do shopping

    by MCJolle85

    This app is totally for all of us who loves to do shopping. I like it because It's quite easy to find stuff and compare the prices.

  • People start shopping

    by DanielJack80

    This is the best shopping app. People start shopping!

  • Collections at one place

    by MattyMcDowell

    So many collections at one place. Everybody should try this app once.

  • Saves me a whole lot of time

    by NancyThomas 76

    Shopping online saves me a whole lot of time. It’s great that someone has come up with the app like TheFind.

  • TheFind will help you.

    by SarahLewis76

    If you need any help in finding about new products and its prices, TheFind will help you.

  • Found a perfect gift

    by Davisjenn89

    Found a perfect gift for my best friend's wedding day :)

  • Looking forward to viewing them all

    by LizzyBrown82

    I have spent so much of my time on this app and I don't regret it at all. Looking forward to viewing them all.

  • Lots of stylish dresses

    by JonesBarbz88

    Found lots of stylish dresses! Can't wait to show off.

  • Looking forward to viewing them all.

    by MargaretMoore74

    I have spent so much of my time on this app and I don't regret it at all. Looking forward to viewing them all.

  • The Find app help you

    by Schwanhubert15

    If you want to discover new stuff, The Find app help you. There are plenty of brands available here

  • Many products in one place

    by Steve@dennis

    It’s a great and user friendly app. So many products in one place which it makes it easier for the customer.

  • Iphone 5

    by Dsizzle34677

    App is great but never lets me search up anything which is dumb. When i switch the keyboard to the letters it automatically freezes. Please fix this.

  • Useless

    by ziguang liu

    Trash app

  • Awful

    by Holyghost00

    Won't let me view stores so I can make purchase. Displays orange screen with the little loading circle on the bottom. Tried on multiple connection sources and devices. Please fix and try again!

  • Need sort by, & not accurate prices!

    by weiliew

    Love the tracking & favoriting it provides rather than google searches and screen captures. Needs a "sort by" price low to high, etc. Also, I refined a search for boots max $10, and it brought up about 70 items, but when I clicked on them to view, they said $10 for frye boots (impossible), and went to site selling, and they were $298! Happened on multiple sites through this site. :( Fix please or I will not go back to use and will uninstall the app. Thanks.

  • Sign in with FB acct.....really?

    by Curiosity01

    WHY do I have to sign in with a FB acct? I think FB knows enough about us without them needing access to my shopping experiences. Deleting until, if or when they do away with the sign in feature

  • Always find the lowest price with this. Wow!

    by Walker79J

    I am an infrequent shopper, but when I do, this app helps me research the lowest price! So smooth - from finding, comparing and then making the purchase. Luv. Luv. Luv.

  • I recommend this big time!

    by BannerFedrick!

    I can't tell you how many times this app has saved me money!! So many deals, so many coupons. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Perfect Valentine’s Day gift

    by LindayWilliams 83

    I am going to use this app for finding a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my husband!

  • Find! Click! Shop!

    by Allen978

    Find! Click! Shop! This app is quite addictive.

  • Addictive!

    by Davidwright79

    This app is so good that even my mom started using this app!

  • Im in love

    by Me:) peepster teehee;)

    So easy to use, and has up to date and trendable things

  • This app is great for finding tons of stuff

    by Johnsonpatty87

    This app is great for finding tons of stuff. You really don't need to go to stores to window shop!

  • Easy way to find and buy products

    by WiilaimJames83

    Easy way to find and buy products at just one click! You have to try this once.

  • More choices

    by LisaAnderson75

    I like this shopping tool because it levels the playing field between the small mom and pop shops and the big name stores and gives me, the consumer, more choices!

  • Love shopping

    by Kimeberlylyee71

    Love shopping with TheFind app! The products look gorgeous. I can see close up details of that Coach bag and other bags in the online stores... lot of fun.

  • BYE BYE!

    by 6od

    USED TO LOVE THIS APP. then one day I updated and suddenly the ONLY login option was FACEBOOK. I have been a user of thefind along with the other apps they used to have for a few years now. I have an account and log-in with them, but I cannot access it with the app anymore. to make matters worse, there's nothing remotely resembling your "recent history" when you use it as a "guest." if you are one of those people who logs into everything using Facebook, have a ball. but honestly it's embarrassing that any app should exclusively allow membership for Facebook users. THIS IS AN IPHONE APP, NOT FARMVILLE. it's a shame.

  • Best shopping app

    by CalifDude

    This app is great for finding the best deal online, once you know what product you'd like to buy. I've tried several price comparison apps and this one seems to pull from the most sources. I found a great deal using this app for a store I never would have thought to check. For a $175 item this app saved me about $50! I also like how this app is universal -- for iPad and iPhone. I can do most planning on my iPad, then use the app on my iPhone as I head to the stores. Of course, there's room for improvement. I do wish this app included consumer reviews. And I don't like the Facebook login. You can use the app without, but get less features. They could offer alternatives, like iCloud sync and/or email login.

  • Facebook only?

    by MagicalRealism

    Wow, Facebook only? I don't understand why this would be the case.

  • Awful

    by Tabs12765

    I don't know if this app has a bug or what I just downloaded it and I've tried opening it multiple times and it won't give me a keyboard to type just emoji keyboard and then freezes.

  • Found a perfect dress

    by Jess87love

    I wanted to buy a nice dress but had no clue about good online stores so I stumbled upon the find app and found a perfect dress for my birthday!

  • Easy to use

    by SonyALEX81

    This app is very handy and easy to use!

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Abigail Avila

    It's a great concept, but there is no way to easily add your favorite brands or stores. It does not ask you if you want to save your searches. It has no tutorial, so when you start the app, you are looking at a blank canvas with no idea of how to use it.

  • Thanks to The Find app

    by SaddieCrusher

    I can sit at home and shop peacefully! Thanks to The Find app

  • Worth the time.

    by JamesonJ87

    You have to try this app. It's worth the time.

  • Try this app

    by DeborahW78

    Try this app. You won't regret it - with the time and money that you will save.

  • All-weather shopping app

    by JamesHjall

    It is an all-weather shopping app. From the comfort and warmth of my home. Especially with this nasty cold weather we are having.

  • Best deals

    by YoungRobert571

    During the holidays, I used it to shop for gadgets and find the best deals.

  • One stop shopping

    by WilliamTheKing72

    Wonderful app. Keeps getting better. One stop shopping.

  • Facebook signin? No!

    by AAM.Asia

    A Facebook sign-in page upon opening the app? No way. Deleted immediately!

  • App not opening

    by Ms_Nae

    I have an iPhone 5 and this app isn't opening, and I'm unable to delete it. Very annoying

  • People Who Think They Got A Virus From This...

    by ISUMule

    Should have their review rights revoked. Same for those who "can't figure out how to search for something." Try typing in the SEARCH BAR! Jeez...

  • Bad

    by Hqhshdneidieje

    Doesn't even work for me anymore, started off alright but didn't use it for a little and now it always freezes when I try and search something

  • Why Facebook?!

    by stcroix46077

    I LOVE this app overall except for the fact that I have to login through Facebook to have an account! No thank you! Why can't I just sign up for an account with my email address like all other apps??? The last thing I want is shopping activity and shopping searches interacting with my Facebook account! Change that part, and I'd give it 5 stars.

  • Not intuitive or broken

    by jrnyoflife

    I am a very technical person and familiar with the iPad. I could not figure out how to search for anything. The home page brings you to saved searches. Too bad I wanted to try this app.

  • Would be perfect . . .

    by Fliparagon

    . . . If it included a 'Sort by' feature, such as price or availability.

  • BAD

    by ari_me


  • Useful shopping app

    by Apple-Fan-15

    This is a pretty useful shopping app. It has a nice design and offers a nice user experience. I find it particularly useful when looking for hard to find items, I had been looking for a rare shirt all over the internet for about a month with no avail; I found it with this app in about 5 minutes. Just needs 1 thing- more retailers and website partners. Needs to have more items in its database.

  • FB login required

    by Leezlemon

    Love being denied use of your app for choosing not to have a FB account. Deleted.

  • Convenience not worth my privacy

    by Zarafa

    I downloaded this app after I used the web site. Then I discovered that the app wants me to sign in with Facebook. It will let me proceed as a guest, but I have to tell it my sex in order to do so. Give me a break! I am so, so, so sick of being asked to sign into everything with Facebook. And I am so, so, so tired of apps that want to collect data about every last thing I do on line. Particularly as I haven't a clue who the heck these people are and what they will do with the info they collect about me. The app is just not worth it.

  • Great app!

    by Gurughantaal

    Downloaded it while sitting in a mall! Helped save us a few bucks right away when we found the shoe my wife was trying out abt 20% cheaper at neiman marcus! This is the new way we plan to shop! While my wife tries out stuff, I look for it on thefind!!

  • Great shopping app

    by Clark77Clark

    This is a great shopping app. It is very intuitive. If you haven't tried it yet, you must!

  • So much fun!

    by SharonRobinson

    It is so much fun window shopping with this app. Without being cold or wet!

  • find the best deals.

    by Martinez7413

    During the holidays, I like to keep an eye on gadgets and TheFind app helps me to find the best deals.

  • One of the coolest apps

    by JeamBeam86

    This is one of the coolest apps and the best shopping app. I know how I will shop this Holiday Season.

  • Lots of products in one place

    by Billy84B

    Great app. Lots of products in one place. Looking forward playing (shopping) with the app.

  • Facebook

    by Elijah Ride

    Yuck! Must sign in with a FB acct to basically do anything with this app... Sad....

  • Download this app and save your precious time.

    by LevineBuck79

    This app saves lot of time. I don't have to go out and waste my time by going to each and every shop. Download this app and save your precious time.

  • browse through the products anywhere and anytime

    by StanMorrison

    Are you one of those who love shopping but are tired & lazy to go out? Then this app is for you. You can enjoy the entire shopping experience by browsing through the products anywhere and anytime sitting at home.

  • Must try!

    by Mckyle87

    I always check this app before making any purchase decision, because this shopping app helps me in comparing prices of the products very easily

  • Good varities

    by Jlenon89

    So many amazing collections at one place. I found hundreds of varieties of products through this app. A must have app for everyone.

  • Need improvement

    by Wei Bao

    Nice interface, but there are two obvious problems. 1. Please add email sign in, the exclusive way of Facebook at present is annoying. 2. Sort by distance and price should be added.

  • Classic case of good looks, no brain

    by cdrane

    Terrible user experience. Nothing worked like I expected it to. Beautiful minimal design but just kinda dumb - for example, I searched for "jcrew" and it wasn't smart enough to remember the site nor the brand. This is but one example of it failing in ways that an app like this should excel.

  • Great way to find and compare fast!

    by Epic boredness

    Pretty and accurate. Can quickly find exactly what I want and then compare prices across stores and then buy it. Truly 1 stop shopping.

  • Helps me find a lot of products

    by PercyRalph82

    I like TheFind Shopping App. Its helps me find a lot of products and the extensive catalogs are an add on to the overall experience.

  • Saved my money

    by FlanderThomas81

    This app has saved my money so many times!! I recommend this to anyone who likes to shop.

  • Great shopping resource

    by CalifDude

    This app is great for finding the best deal online, once you know what product you'd like to buy. The auto fill feature doesn't work for me after several attempts. Otherwise, it works great.

  • Requires facebook

    by Smash790

    Facebook is a no no.

  • I can't use it!!

    by Simmayyyxo

    Everytime I go to search the app freezes! When the keyboard opens it goes straight to my emoji keyboard. When i switch it to my English keyboard thats when it freezes!

  • Woooooooo

    by rockstar24365

    This is my new fave app. Even if I'm not buying it all, it's a window shoppers wet dream. The only thing missing are the sharing options. Still 5 stars!!

  • Requires Facebook login

    by Patrick_H

    Although I have a Find account for the site, the app requires users to login with Facebook. No thanks. I've deleted the app.

  • Ditto: Boo-Hiss

    by leslie_jeffords

    Yet another app that requires FB sign in, no other option. Freaking tired of being extorted by app developers.

  • Nothing special

    by Wilsonlevee

    I downloaded it, saw that the prices were the same as some other major retailer and then deleted it. Waste of time. DELETE! :)

  • Good app

    by Blackswag67

    Best app in the world

  • Mikey likes it

    by Robei1

    I like it!

  • Love it!!

    by Zoopiesmom

    I absolutely love this app!! It's so handy I get lost on it for hours!:)

  • I love the choices

    by Carol Gracis 75

    My friend recommended this app to me, I love the choices and how easy it makes your shopping

  • Helpful App

    by DonnaThompason

    Given my time commitments, I have to get the best in a limited time. This app always helps me in find what I am looking for, quickly.

  • Great stuff!

    by SandraM7413

    This app works for me every time I am looking for stuff on a tight budget. Download and you will shop online all the time.

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