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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Target
  • Updated: Jun, 18 2013
  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Size: 12.36 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Target

Accessibility enhancements.

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Save on the things you already buy at Target with Cartwheel! Select from hundreds of discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off, and add them to your personalized Cartwheel barcode. Then save on your next Target run by scanning your barcode at checkout in store. Use the discounts as many times as you like before they expire. You can even stack Cartwheel on top of your Target REDcard discount and other coupons!

Just sign in with email or using your Facebook profile and instantly start sharing in great savings with your friends! Invite friends to join, or share deals with them, and you'll save even more. It's that easy!

Customer Reviews

  • Freezes

    by Buckeyefan1982

    When I browse and try to add a coupon the screen freezes. I just quit using it.

  • Yay Savings!!

    by Diamon D'Aire

    App works great. Can't wait for the savings to pile up!!

  • Big savings

    by Yum-e

    I love this app. I have saved so much in a few short weeks. I love the barcode scanning feature.

  • Needs easier badges

    by canders123456

    It takes way too long to earn more spots. When most offers are 5 or 10% off, it's not easy to save $100 or more.

  • Best app of my life!

    by Pinterestlover_326

    Thanks for helping me get coupons easier!

  • It's Great!

    by JoreGamalobo8

    I love this app and I use it all the time!

  • Great app!

    by Shopper71990

    I'm loving the savings so far!

  • Love it

    by Targlove

    Best app ever love it

  • Love

    by Matthew Resendes

    Love this. Just wish they allowed more spots from the start.

  • Money Saver

    by Mommydaddy41

    Great app for saving money!

  • Awesome

    by Special J 8

    I love this ap. easy to navigate & I love the extra savings!

  • Great

    by Nataloodle

    I've had this app for about 2 months, I love it! I've saved over $40 so far. It does tend to crash, but still awesome

  • Crashes on iOS 7 & iPhone 5s

    by Steve__C

    Good app for saving money. However, it crashes a lot on my iPhone 5s. Re-installing yields the same result. Please fix.

  • Good can b better

    by Lugo

    There are plenty of good things with this but why don't they have a search button

  • Money saver!

    by Dmstvr12

    In two uses I have already saved $15, this is a must have app!

  • The Best!

    by Cml

    Outstanding App! Great buys on tons of items. You could even combine these offers with items already on sale.

  • No way

    by mrz1942

    I love it. Now on road trips I can listen to music without buying or downloading. It is hard at first and I can not figure out how to make it an alarm so if anyone can tell me please do. If there was more than 5 stars I would give it

  • Awesome Concept

    by dodgermanda27

    This app is really awesome in theory but all the reviews I have seen on the sight say that it's not working. People are not receiving the discounts they are signed up for or the savings they have earned are not being adding to their app. Also it's a big pain that there is no back button a lot of the time so when u click to look on certain things, when u want to go back you need to start all over from the top. So please add back buttons on ALL PAGES. And fix the bugs that aren't giving people their correct savings. Other than this I'm sure once the little kinks are fixed this will be one of my most used apps. It's a fantastic idea and I can't wait to use it more often. :)

  • Useful new service/app for Target shoppers. Still has some kinks.

    by miahz

    [2014 Jan 26 / version 1.4, iPad 4] To be clear, this is a review of the app, not the service. Cartwheel makes couponning fun. It can get addictive scanning items in store to see if there's a coupon for it. But the display of the camera when scanning bar codes doesn't match the landscape-only orientation of the app, so it is confusing and difficult to line things up. It seems to be rotated 90 degrees, so on screen it looks like you want to move the iPad left, but really it should tilt up, for example. There's also no tap to focus and the view is zoomed/cropped, so it's disorienting if you're expecting it to behave like the iPad Camera app. Despite that it detects and scans barcodes pretty well, though sometimes it did report that were no coupons for an item when I knew for a fact there were. Not sure if these false negatives are a merely bad labeling in the UI or just bad scans; perhaps it should report "bad scan" or "item not recognized" instead of "coupon not available" which implies that it successfully found and scanned a barcode then matched it to an item that does not have discounts available. There's some bugginess when adding and removing coupons, which I'm not sure is with the app or maybe due to flaky Wi-Fi in the store. I once added a coupon in-store only to find out after checking out and reviewing my receipt that it hadn't actually gone into my Cartwheel list. The most annoying issue is that it logs me out frequently. I'm using email login, not Facebook, but either way, I don't see any reason I should be logged out unless I manually choose to do so. On my most recent trip to Target I added several coupons as I was shopping and when I got to the check out in was logged out and couldn't bring up the barcode for the cashier to scan. It was closing time, there were people in line behind me, my items were already rung up, and I couldn't remember my password or take the time to try typing it out more than once, so I had to skip it. Shouldn't have to jump through hoops to use this. I understand this is sort of a new experiment with digital coupons, and I'm willing to be a guinea pig to save a few bucks. But most people wouldn't put up with it. Another minor complaint along the same lines is that the barcode should be much bigger so it's easier for the cashiers to scan. When checking out, the only thing that needs to be displayed is the barcode, yet it's only using about 1% of the screen. I should be able to tap it to make it go full screen, or maybe a "Checkout" button that only shows things relevant to checkout. I see that there's a 1.4.1 update. I'll check it out and report back. [version 1.4.1] The scanning camera display is still wrong, rotated 90 degrees and zoomed. Still confusing.

  • A guy

    by Hombre down the way

    Works fairly well. Saves me money,

  • Boo!!!!!!

    by cisquito

    Just downloaded this app and I can't even login back in after creating an account. I expected more from a company as high profile as Target.

  • What's up with Update ???

    by Upnorth12

    App was fine before update . Now crashed stays on home screen. Another Target security hack ?? Get your act together Target or loose more customers .

  • What happened?!

    by Player244

    The app will no longer open and I've tried to reinstall multiple times!! Great disappointment

  • Needs bugs fixed

    by jason witts

    Disappointed in app. Couldn't get it to work after troubleshooting multiple login issues with FB. Great concept, poor execution. Please fix.

  • Fix it!

    by Olivia11_11

    Doesn't work! Since the last download. I just got an email about 200 new savings an I can't see them. Boo!

  • why

    by Bill clinton ,

    why won't it let me sign in??

  • Can't login

    by UmIsThisThingOn

    I'm trying to use my login credentials and keep getting an error. "The email or password you've entered is incorrect. Please try again or create a account." Please fix the communication between services. Thanks!

  • Bad First Impression

    by CasperGemini

    Just installed the app and created a account, and now I can't sign in. I've verified the account works several times and reinstalled the app, but the issue is unresolved.

  • Can't log in

    by Summersk88

    I can't even tell you how the app works because whenever I try and log in it says it's the wrong password or login. Double checked everything. Changed the password. Double checked again. Still won't work.

  • Login problem since the update

    by Jibbylooloo

    I can't seem to login to my cartwheel app since the app updated. I've always used my acct, but now it says that I have entered an incorrect password or I need to create a target acct. I know that the password is correct because I have used it to login to my target acct online and on my actual target app. This app is useless if I can't login! Ugh

  • Session Expired

    by 1278crn97

    Stopped working within the last week. I sign in with Facebook. It keeps telling me my session has expired and to log in again, however I never logged out so I don't get what's going on. Please look into, I need to save!!!!

  • Fix it please!

    by JAGFL

    The app updated yesterday. After that it completely went nuts. My phone won't work, it froze, after trying to open the app. I had to reboot my phone, turn it off and then on. When my phone can back on, cartwheel had completely disappeared. I tried to redownload it but it is still showing in iTunes that it's is no where on my phone. I searched for it. It's gone. Please fix this. I love this app and I don't want to shop at target without it.

  • Fix it please!

    by JAGFL

    The app updated yesterday. After that it completely went nuts. My phone won't work, it froze, after trying to open the app. I had to reboot my phone, turn it off and then on. When my phone can back on, cartwheel had completely disappeared. I tried to redownload it but it is still showing in iTunes that it's is no where on my phone. I searched for it. It's gone. Please fix this. I love this app and I don't want to shop at target without it.

  • Never works when at the store

    by Xrandomdudex

    I though it was great at first but it never pulls up when I need it to even when connected to Targets wifi

  • What happened? Won't open on 4s!

    by Kmarey

    For some reason this isn't opening for me now since the upgrade.

  • Amazing

    by Ardpriel

    I shop here every Sunday and have saved over $100 in 3 months. Love it!!!!!

  • Love it

    by Coralville mom

    Great app, so much more convenient than printing out coupons, then cutting them out, then deciding in the store that you aren't going to use them and invariably having a purse full of pieces of paper. Occasionally one or two discounts don't apply but customer service are happy to sort it out. I have saved over $50 already!

  • Ridiculous-Can only put a few coupons in cart.

    by Mettle Mama

    What moron thought of putting a limit on how many coupons you can put in your cart?? Had to be a man, absolutely without logic or knowledge of how women shop. App doesn't remember sign in info. Ridiculous. This app is a great idea in theory. The execution leaves much to be desired.

  • Great deals

    by Cai906

    Awesome app. Better savings than the coupons on the Target website! Always something good.

  • Was nice while it lasted

    by Andie@BB

    I was using my cartwheel more and more and enjoyed the savings. I love that you can search for specials on the items you are purchasing without having to scan through things I don't want. Unfortunately my app closed one day and won't open. I cannot even retrieve or reset my password. Nor can I find anyone to contact. Sad.

  • Facebook login cancelled

    by Trouble with app 3/4

    App will not work for the past few days. I have tried deleting and reinstalling. All of the permissions are ok to use Facebook login. I don't want to lose all of the points I have if I have to start a new login with my email address.

  • Love!! love!! love!!

    by Rosalesc92

    I am always able to stay under my budget when I use this app! Works perfectly fine; the only time I have trouble opening it is at a target that doesn't have good signal. I love getting my discount here AND my 5% discount with the target debit card.

  • Love the savings, but I can't sign in on my phone anymore

    by MomGul

    I have been using the app for a few months with no problems. Now I can't sign in on my phone. It keeps telling me my Facebook session is no longer valid. I have tried everything. Can't figure it out. Hate missing the savings:(

  • Live to save

    by Mlvogelz

    Love having the easy clipping of target savings however wish it wasn't limited to such a small number.

  • Can't log in

    by Bummed cartwheel user

    The app logged me out and now I can't log back in. What a bummer. :-/

  • Can't log in

    by Bummed cartwheel user

    The app logged me out and now I can't log back in. What a bummer. :-/

  • Easy to use

    by English grad student

    Syncs with passbook, easy to use, and offers on a lot if the products I buy. Good app!

  • Good

    by MichelleAustinm

    Easy to use and understand

  • Disappointed it didn't attempt to breach my credit card security

    by Dongse

    I though that's what Target was best at

  • Love it

    by Amberspider

    Easy to use and there's always tons of Savings!

  • Great app

    by Redgyrlcherry

    Wonderful app n helpful

  • Fun app

    by Ashabro

    Super easy and fun to use app. I can't wait to see how much I save!

  • Love it!

    by Shop1357532579522

    I love all the money I save!!

  • Awesome

    by Scooterriffic

    I have already saved so much money at my favorite store

  • Better.

    by VegasPrincess04

    When I woke up this morning, I was suddenly able to log in again. Back up to 4 stars. The app is still buggy but overall, is good.

  • saves some money

    by stockli

    sure, it saves me some money, but it signs me out ALL the time

  • Does not work properly!

    by BeeGoat2014

    Great idea BUT everytime I use it at the register, the discount is not applied at all, or the full discount is not applied. I do the math myself, let the cashier know it didn't work, they call their supervisor, we wait, the supervisor checks & rechecks the product, then finally applies the credit manually. The last cashier couldn't figure out 10% of my purchase & wouldn't listen to me, so I gave up. If you're okay with all that hassle, then you'll get some great discounts!

  • Hit n' miss

    by Tico Perdido

    Hopefully the wi-fi at the Target store is working and if it is, I find it laborious to scan each and every item. The discounts are usually a mediocre 5% and they're not usually the items I'm looking for. What I can say, it's all better than poking your eye.

  • Great app

    by Ttm153

    If you love couponing, you'll love this app. You can combine it with your redcard discount, target coupons AND manufacturers coupons. Great!

  • So useful!

    by Ann Fields

    This is so useful for people who love Target!

  • Awesome update!

    by Melzinmotion

    The new update is seriously awesome! I love the new scan feature to find out if the normal daily items are on sale!

  • Good app

    by Ojacobs1509

    Useful and easy

  • Great app!

    by Kdy1793

    This app is a must have. I am a college student and love shopping at target. This app plus my target red card allow me to save all the time.

  • Good

    by Melanneric

    No issues with the app and lots of good savings. My issue has been actually getting it to scan in store. 2 out of 3 times I have had cashiers who couldn't get it to scan correctly so I lost out on savings and it was a big waste of time adding items. Not sure I will keep using it if I can't take advantage of the savings.

  • Target cartwheel ap

    by Dewkrie

    Love this app savings on things I'm buying anyway plus my redcard discount, even tells you when close to expiring so can ensure saving!! Recommend this app to all that like to save money

  • Good way to save.

    by Tizzry

    Easy to use and it saves you money. Can't complain about that!

  • Love the app!

    by Mrs. Kmk

    This is the best app! I love saving even more on the things I already buy! It's almost like a game to me :) Since downloading in early September I've saved over $52.00!!! Thank you!

  • Fantastic App

    by HoneyHound

    We end up saving on average about $5 with Cartwheel a week, the same with Target's online coupons and $10 with the Target redcard. Well worth using.

  • So far so good

    by Writingareviewooommmggg

    I like it.

  • Great app!

    by Kevee015

    Nice way to stack savings and save more at Target

  • Too many bugs still!

    by Silvieasia

    It's a great concept, and works in part. Badges don't unlock and totals don't update. Cartwheel team members don't respond to their own community page. This has a long ways to go!

  • Needs to work quicker when in Target stores

    by Keahlello

    I like the app, just the last couple of times I have shopped at target the app would begin loading when I start shopping and doesn't finish signing in until after I leave. This makes it useless.

  • Love!

    by Mackncsus

    I love walking into Target knowing I'm going to save!

  • Awesome!

    by Kallen425

    Fast and easy app that is soooo much better than using coupons!

  • Can't even get in to app

    by Word1134

    I cannot login to the iPhone app. I want to login through Facebook and it gives me a Facebook error. I am logged in to Facebook and everything is enabled on FB, so I have no idea why it won't work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times.

  • Love this app!!

    by Corb12

    I scan everything at target when I shop there. I have saved hundreds of dollars in only a few months.

  • Great savings

    by TamTamMonkey84

    Love saving even more on top of my Red Card. Wish there wasn't a limit to the number of offers though, but unlocking new ones encourages you to keep using it. Great app overall.

  • Love to save money @ Target!

    by Effin hoot

    Great app, which often has the items I'm looking for at the store offering extra savings! I have had two occasions when the bar scan wouldn't work for items, the cashiers looked over the coupon and took it off the items for me. Highly recommended app. I saved $17 dollars in my first month. Remember to tell the cashier before you swipe any cc.

  • Love to save money @ Target!

    by Effin hoot

    Great app, which often has the items I'm looking for at the store offering extra savings! I have had two occasions when the bar scan wouldn't work for items, the cashiers looked over the coupon and took it off the items for me. Highly recommended app. I saved $17 dollars in my first month. Remember to tell the cashier before you swipe any cc.

  • Easy

    by Luv2listen99

    Very useful!

  • Love this!!

    by Mandy mohr

    This provides me a little extra savings on things I need.

  • Nice App

    by Stagal

    This is a really good app and I would have given it 5 stars if you were able to use more than the 10 coupons.

  • Five outa 5

    by NY_Matt

    Enjoying this app...simple way to save a little here and there.

  • Great app, but needs more work on back-end

    by seagoat137

    This app is fantastic, and was much improved with the latest update - no more required Facebook tie-in! However, every time I have used the app in-store, it causes the POS computer to freeze for ~5 minutes, and only a few Target employees are aware of this. Once that issue is resolved, this will be a 5-star app!

  • Works for me

    by BethSco

    Lots of savings on things that are already on my list. It would be nice to have more product details available in the coupon - e.g. Cameras are there now and knowing MP & Zoom would be really interesting.

  • Great app

    by Colin Love-Geiger

    I use this to save a little extra at target (sometimes quite a bit). You can use the app while you are in target to check for discounts so no planned ahead needed.

  • Sweet

    by FanGrrrrl

    I just downloaded this today and saved $11. This combined with my husband's employee discount plus our 5% Red Card discount helps out so much.

  • Niceee

    by blueprintsbaby

    This app is really cool and useful just wish they had more coupons

  • Good not great

    by Target panda

    Great concept but app still needs kinks worked out

  • Tap top of screen update

    by akmcmm

    Finally! It was so annoying to scroll down to look at all the badges and then have to scroll back up. I though all apps and sites had the ability to go back to the top by touching the top of the screen. Thank you for finally doing that. My star rating is my happiness on this part of the update.

  • Used to love it....

    by MissHoneyDip

    I hate the new update. It was perfect the way it was.

  • Greeaaaaat!

    by AceRace2

    Save so much money with this app!!

  • Badges don't work

    by Tbone2377

    Lots of comments on your help page - badges aren't working. Fix it!!!!

  • Legit

    by JSO21

    Just saved $$ at Target using this app!! Woohoo! Love it!

  • Nice and easy

    by Md nurse

    Saved $10 today. Used for the first time today.

  • love the concept

    by appleblossom27

    haven't tried this yet. can you look on the computer and save then open on phone? or do you have to do everything on phone/ipad? if so, can that be an option for next update is to beable to look and save on computer/ipad/tablet then bring in the phone to open the cartwheel? i just didn't see this anywhere and i do have the red card as well. thanks for any reply or feedback.

  • Totally useless

    by ZeldaF

    I signed up but forgot my password. App has no option for reminder, tells me to use a different email address. Archaic compared to apps created years ago.

  • Please fix!

    by firefly_9

    This would be a great app but it is so troublesome to use. When I opt to launch it from the Target app, it would show me an error that it cannot connect to the server or freezes up on me when it does connect half of the time. So frustrating!

  • Great app

    by Helen3683

    It's a little cumbersome to use but the savings are great!

  • Great

    by Jack&Joy

    Great app

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