Emoji Free Emoticon Keyboard for Facebook, WhatsApp & Kik Messenger Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Simon Huang

* Fixed bugs

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200 Ratings
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13687 Ratings


NEW VERSION of Emoji Comes Finally! More Fancier EYE-CATCHING emoji Are Here!

More new super vivid smiley icons are totally free for you to select. A series of amazing animated emoji are newly offerred. There is more wonderfully well-designed CARTOON images with all kinds of colorful actions and expressions, such as the most adorable rubber duck. Besides, coolest fonts are available to bring you incredibly marvelous messages.

You can add them to your SMS, emails, notes, websites and ALMOST ANYWHERE you can type text. The most splendid and remarkable SMS is written by you!

Awesome Features:
* NEW *
Amazing animated emoji and more vivid smiley icons are offerred.
Innovative and well-designed CARTOON images
Gorgeous icons:CAT, RABBIT, rubber duck, LONGFACE, TURTLE and so on.
You can add to SMS, emails, notes, websites and ALMOST ANYWHERE you can type text

You can get whatever kind of emoji you want here to finish brilliant messages! Download it at once!

Customer Reviews

  • Good but...

    by Thisrocks1,000,000

    Ok. I love the app. I have used it for many years. But, we need NEW emoji's. It's been the same forever. I have a specific one in mind also... A volleyball! I am a player and I would appreciate it greatly. On the other hand, it is a really great app and has given a nice flavor to my messaging.

  • QUESTION!?!?

    by nwpeach

    i have downloaded the app, but i can't figure out how to apply one of the emoticons to my imessage. can someone enlighten me? i have tried downloading the emoji keyboard in my settings, but it only gives me the emoji emoticons, not the ones in this app, particularly the clay faces. i've even tried pasting a particular emoticon to my "clipboard", but i can't find the clipboard!! need some advice about that too, if anyone has an answer. thanks!

  • Cool app

    by CherSmith1210

    I love the emoji app I use them all the time !!! But I'm furious that there isn't a unicorn !!! They need to work on that!

  • Emoji

    by Maxie0126

    I love emoji I know how to do this

  • truck

    by Tgweathergirl

    put a big lifted truck roalin coal on update rednecks will go nuts for it

  • Lil BUB

    by Sophthemanatee

    I think that it would be awesome if there was a LIL BUB emoji!!!! What if the emoji was 99¢, and the proceeds went to animal shelters?

  • Love it

    by Maria Larraguibel

    Love it...

  • Way cool!

    by Ned-77

    My wife had this and I just had to get it too

  • Awsome

    by Vital_blockade

    Best app eeeveerr

  • Addition

    by Mmarkus1984

    Great app but it needs a clown emoji

  • Hello

    by noemirx7

    Esta bien bueno

  • Makes texting n emails fun

    by Bkwm15

    Really enjoy personalizing all my texts and emails. There are tons of icons to chose from which makes picking them out great fun!

  • I like it

    by Budngabe

    I like it

  • Amazing

    by Fruitcakes58


  • Great app

    by Railago

    Really fun!

  • Excellent!!!

    by Best coment writer

    Great app!

  • Cute

    by CCuljat

    Super cute!

  • Great app

    by DuperMD

    Superb app, fun to use, adds pizzaz to email.

  • Texas

    by ابن عراق الطيبين

    It's fantastic

  • Ms Ella

    by Mshotshot1

    Cute app, very entertaining


    by MrMuchoMunchies

    the emoji keyboard comes pre-installed on every apple device. Simply go to the keyboard settings in the general settings of the phone, and add the emoji keyboard. THE APP DOESN'T CHANGE YOUR KEYBOARD. The device would have to be jailbroken to do that, as ios is closed source. This app is SIMPLY MAKING MONEY FOR A CON ARTIST MAKING MONEY OFF ADS BY TRICKING PEOPLE. Do not support this. Simply add the keyboard in your phones settings. NO APP NECESSARY. settings>general>keyboards>add keyboard>emoji

  • Emoji

    by Mine craft rocks yea

    It didn't work it just told me to sign in to something.


    by Shahin Beihaghi

    this is such bad app. DO NOT install, I used it and sent my friend some cute stuff and then it froze both our phone.. After we had hard time deleting them.. I had to delete some twice to be gone. So terrible. Don't ruin your phone or messages.


    by sillylittlejazzy

    I thought I needed an app to get an emoji keyboard but I don't - this app was just an ad for paid emoji apps! Go to settings> general> keyboards> keyboards> add a keyboard...> emoji To use, click the globe

  • ??

    by <3TaylorSwift13xoxo

    I don't have a clue about how to do this... I don't know how to get this on my keyboard on my iPad. Do I have to download something or what?!! Wish this app was easier to do...

  • black emojis

    by bisshwhiet

    okay . wth . there is no black people emojis . starting to look a little rasic no ? New emojis needed asap ! especially a black person emoji

  • A black emoji

    by Black guy #2

    This app is okay but it needs a black person emoji in your next update or just make another app!!!! I'm being serious I want a black person.... Okay thanks !!

  • Yuck

    by Mom con

    In order to use anything connected to the keyboard you have to upgrade. And the pics are HUGH yuck

  • Cool

    by Jr3999


  • Awesome

    by Ry4n#64

    This app is awesome

  • Good

    by Reynita22


  • This app doesn't work

    by Chrisclock65

    Do this work for apps like Instagram

  • Like it

    by Imuraj

    It's a good app

  • Love it buuuuut...

    by Monkiluv

    Please add more emojis. Can we get some African American emojis

  • App is AWSOME

    by Guru 972

    Good app luv it

  • Emoji

    by Bantie999

    So much fun great app

  • Emoji Madness

    by Twinjac

    Love them


    by Sica75

    What did we ever do without emoticons??!!

  • Great

    by Kingwerewolf


  • Great App

    by Seeker Learner Human

    Love this app. Some very fun emoticons that are eDy to send.

  • Add a dog

    by Yivggvjjfyxtnyfjnfyffyj

    Mack it more animal ok ?

  • Love the app

    by Mickeyghdng

    I love this app

  • Great

    by Totopjdeueidic

    Love it

  • Works well

    by Syncshaft

    Just downloaded it and since i text allot its cool to send my facial expressions.

  • So much fun!

    by Gatormama

    Love this app. Easy and fun!

  • Great app

    by Alical1109

    Many to choose from and very cute and funny!!!

  • Blondie 23

    by Blondie 23


  • Amazing!!

    by Sucksforyou

    It's helps so much in conversations

  • I love the many choices!

    by Mtomecko

    Wonderful and perfect!

  • Bobus

    by Bobus808

    Great App. Love all the great characters!

  • More kinds pls

    by Iphonedapri

    We are tired about the same faces. Please give me more emojis types!!!

  • Love the app!

    by Ldrugjljv

    Very user friendly and I use it all throughout my day when I text, email, create calendar events or want to personalize a to-do list or use a fun symbol to represent an ongoing event or meeting for quick reference. I love, love it!!

  • B8bygirl

    by B8bygirl


  • :

    by $b5g

    Kool app

  • Great app

    by Auto lingo

    It looks great

  • worth it for talking to people

    by Nicksampson ok


  • Works pretty good

    by Col.Mom

    Just started using it. Needed a Deer symbol & there is Not one. It needs more REAL Animal symbols & Not so many Goofy symbols.

  • Smiley

    by Bret11031988


  • Love it!

    by MyaBelle

    Love all the emoticons and their cross-app integration!!!

  • Decorator

    by Wilermen


  • Wohoo

    by Zsmile

    This App is awesome love it!!

  • Good app

    by FloridaBoy86

    Very good app

  • Love this app

    by Batman1525

    Add Doctor Who emoji

  • Awesome

    by Scrappy Hawaiian


  • I like it

    by GabbyGlez

    I just started using it and I like this app. Needs some options but nothing to get my panties in a bunch.

  • Awesome

    by GodsmackSlayer

    It's ok

  • Luv it

    by Briannana2424

    Love it

  • Cool

    by Canadian_Piggy

    Cool app

  • Good

    by Hallie star

    Good app!!!

  • Biased

    by ZebraZuesZulu

    Can we get some other races please?

  • cool

    by dhatkidlazy


  • Fun and Creative

    by Young Bundz

    You can deliver pretty much any type of expression via text now with this emoji app.

  • Buenísimo

    by 3l p4nda

    Muy buena aplicación muchas gracias !!

  • Tupac

    by Bounceonfan


  • Love it

    by Carol 45

    Gives pizzaz!

  • Emoji

    by becky germaine

    Love emoji.

  • Emoji

    by Nova6969

    Love it

  • Annoyed at the app

    by NewtoEverything

    I haven't used it yet, or even opened it and it won't let me. It keeps sending me to this page. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Awesome!

    by MommaB08

    I love my emojis and use them all the time! Great app!!

  • Lots if fun!

    by Chellie0331

    Adds some spec and fun to text and email.

  • Fun easy cool

    by Cool-U 59

    This is is all that

  • Nice one!

    by Cream with ice

    I just downloaded it, looking forward having a good time

  • Love it

    by ChiefJoe19

    Great and fun app. Awesome choices!!!

  • Fun

    by Ba Gock!!

    Would be nice if there were more American foods/locations icons. Otherwise, super fun.

  • Like

    by Yessteeton

    I like it but you guys need to add more pictures to express our emotions and things we do etc. It just need more more more is big and better and more than 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • So much fun!

    by Mimii69

    Love it

  • Nice

    by Siempre1D


  • Awesome

    by ALaGreatness


  • Cute

    by RivNikki

    Makes sending messages fun. Can make people smile.

  • Great app.

    by Cannadeazucar

    Fun to use. Covers all expressions.

  • Fun

    by You are what you eat!

    It makes me giggle!!

  • Fun app!!


    Great way to spice up text messages

  • Pretty Cool

    by Sweet*Buy-n-Buy*Girl

    Just downloaded! Looking forward to trying but so far so good!

  • Cool

    by Gesellegalarza


  • awesome

    by Kablaum

    enuff said :)

  • Excellent app

    by T/K Fitz

    Great app

  • Lies

    by Sunnystars76

    Okay so this is my first time getting this and as soon as it was done downloading I opened it and it was not what i expected the graphics where horrible and everything it had like other faces you would have to pay for.In my opinion dod not get this it is a waist of time an space idk how people would say this was a good app,but if you people want to take the risk kk i have an ipod and this app is just HORRIBLE!!!!

  • Love

    by tiana54

    I just love it

  • Mom

    by Nini s

    Love this app and friends love seeing them!

  • Love

    by Pppp.porter

    Great love it

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