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  • Publisher: shopkick
  • Updated: Aug, 16 2010
  • Version: 4.2
  • Size: 16.13 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: Cross-Platform Corporation

• Bug fixes and improvements.
• shopBeacon BLE support (iOS 7 users only).

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◆◆◆◆◆ Over 6 Million Users
Shopkick is the ultimate shopping app. Don't miss out on the hottest deals, discounts and must-have items nearby. Shopkick even rewards you for shopping—you get kicks (points) just for walking into stores. It's amazing! Get even more kicks when you scan items and make purchases. Over 6 million people use shopkick to discover extraordinary things at stores like Target, Macy's, Old Navy, Best Buy, American Eagle, JCPenney, Sports Authority, and Crate & Barrel. Best of all, you can redeem your kicks for gift cards at your favorites, including Target and Starbucks.

What the press is saying:

• “This app is addictive.” –

• “Shopping fans tout the app...shopkick just revamped its app so shoppers can score even more by starting their shopping at home.” – USA Today

• “Best Shopping App” – Reader’s Choice Award

• “One of the best apps for holiday shopping.” – Huffington Post

What shopkickers are saying:

• “Makes shopping more fun." – Angelica N.

• "I have a morning routine, which includes checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now, shopkick." - Denise F.

• “I’m hooked, and a frequent 'shopkicker'." – Jonas B.

• "The new app just builds on the awesomeness of shopkick!" – Bolanle S.

• "I like the fresh updated look." – Krista S.

Customer Reviews

  • Shop kick in review

    by SweetAmor

    Used to like before. Now you have to scroll and "find" the scans. When you live in a large city, it's hard to find the items to scroll, stand somewhere, and then put the item back. Used to be sooooo much faster. 1,2,3......all done.

  • Good so far

    by DonkeyTuan

    Just started but excited to scan n earn

  • It's not bad but needs some improvement

    by Debbiedoo123

    I often have trouble receiving "walk ins" because it wont link. I try to use the scan option but at times it does not work. I have received a target gift card and the cashier was not able to scan so she had to bypass it in the computer. I really don't use much anymore bc of the frustrations but the concept is great. Just needs to have problems worked out. We will see...

  • Shopping fun!!!

    by rosiegd

    I love this app ;-) it's a fun way to shop and explore new things in the different stores... Special offers and prizes added, GREAT!

  • It's fun

    by CuppyZombiecakes

    I haven't used all the features, (seems like they might get glitchy. The one thing I truly hated about the app is that if you left the kick sounds on it will make audible noises and ding if my phone is on vibrate! And even if I turned the vol down and had it on vibrate it would ding! Finially turned off all sound for the app. It's fine now. It's a great way to earn (slowly) gift cards, I have redeemed one so far. I would hope they would extend the list of stores that shop kick though! But my frequent trips to mostly target are enough to get me by.

  • So so

    by Webb4

    Last update not so good software guys keep trying. Scans rarely work anymore. On the upside Great shopping app with rewards as a bonus! Thanks advertisers!

  • Best Shopping App!

    by HRS99

    I love shop kick, very easy to use and offers great deals to all the popular stores!!

  • Ok...but..

    by Pharmgirl98

    It doesn't always recognize the store when you walk in. Therefore, I've missed out on a lot of kicks because it's so frustrating.

  • This app is the best!!!

    by 703to210


  • Great!

    by Super Scanner


  • Kicks issue

    by Munchkin727

    Kicks not loading up after 1,000 and after 1 week it added 3 more kicks. Now I'm not getting my daily kicks. Please fix issue. Love this app.

  • Love it

    by lauraly96

    Love it

  • Awesome

    by Lutachic

    Love it

  • Love app but....

    by [Echelon]_Pooky

    I was recently introduced to this app and I do love it but it does have its problems. First, scanning drains the battery immensely! When scanning the item identical to the pic and description, it says "wrong barcode". Several items will not scan when I have the exact item needed for kicks, especially Tom's toothpaste for kids and adults. Please fix. Entering some stores for kicks doesn't always work; sometimes needing to walk in all parts of the store to pick up signal or none at all. Also the number of kicks shown in shop kick sometimes changes before entering the store. Was promised 100 kicks at Best Buy but changed to 80 right before entering the store. Overall, I do enjoy this app but please fix these. Thanks!

  • Good but still needs improvement

    by robsky690

    Consume both battery & data plan

  • Great app!!! Fun and easy to use.

    by Molina52

    Great app!!!! Fun and easy to use. Uses a lot of power.

  • Ok but needs work

    by L in SA

    Most times I am unable to collect kicks when walking in a store (Target, Old Navy). Extremely frustrating when that happens. Do like getting access to gift cards for shopping.

  • Love this App!!!

    by rejeme

    Love collecting my points. I can't wait to do my shop kicks everyday.

  • Shopaholic

    by Upset251

    I love this app!

  • Great app

    by MasterCaleb

    Fun way to shop.

  • Killer app. Killer concept.

    by legoman2020

    New update is different and you need to get used to it. Way better than other apps. Fun to search for scans. Love it. Would love more stores for walkins and scans! 12 months and I have earned over $400 in gift cards.

  • Scanned UPC codes don't work

    by Ntguteras

    Item picture matches size and description. Try to scan magazines or boxed or canned foods in stores and they don't match the app . Frustrating !

  • Awesome app!

    by Marvelous34

    Loving it!

  • Like it very much

    by Raimond Booker

    Good little app

  • Legit

    by Kayteadid

    The look books are fun to scroll through I like seeing new products. I made $6 so far but there are glitches. I have trouble getting kicks from walk ins and if you don't scan the exact item that the very small picture indicates it's more trouble then it's worth. Seems the kicks are not worth as much lately. It can take hours to make $2 so really not worth the time.

  • Fun, Fast, and Wonderful Prizes

    by Black Flames

    This app is a great way to earn quick and entertaining prizes and gifts for doing your everyday shopping.

  • Love this app

    by Rajpinnu

    Just love it

  • Better

    by Prettyjuls

    I'm getting use to it now

  • It's pretty interesting

    by Carmenr302

    I mean I just got it. So I'm liking it. But I don't go shopping as much so I can't get the points as quickly as I hoped I would.

  • Great app!!!

    by Bobsenior75

    Easy to use, easy to redeem points at stores and accurate recordkeeping of points.

  • If you want to spend the day scanning...

    by oandrino

    Nice app, and the easy part is walking into the store and you get a few kicks. The really bad part is all the scanning you have to do in order to get more kicks. You have to find the product, easy enough, then scan it, easy enough, but then you have to answer questions about each product you scanned. If you have all the time in the world to go around scanning things you don't need, and then answering survey questions about each product, then this is an app for you. If you have a life, then don't use this. Good idea for people who have lots of time to spare.

  • great

    by Vanessa Sorrentino

    I love this app

  • Great !!!

    by jhoey

    Love this app !!! Love Love Love !!!!

  • Overall great app!

    by TrueAggie

    Overall I love it! It would be nice to have more walk in kicks and sometimes it doesn't work, but I enjoy getting paid to shop!

  • Used much more before last upgrade

    by Laurpator

    I hardly use this anymore since the last big upgrade because I find it harder to navigate and find different stores information. Also can never get the signal when in Macy 's.

  • Some improvements needed

    by montia09

    Great concept. I enjoy earning gift cards for the shopping I regularly do. But the app itself has had a few problems that persist in the latest version: not being able to get kicks at some stores (Macy's is consistently problematic), difficulty figuring out the specific item to scan.

  • Love the new look! Minor glitches!

    by Lotofnothing

    Easier to navigate! Love the 100 walk in kicks! Some of the stores in my area won't work! One was relocated a few feet away from previous location, but the walk-in kicks won't work now. Another shows the right address but it's on a different location on the map. Again, no walk-in kicks! I have missed over 500 kicks because of that!

  • Old Bridge Grandma

    by SandeeM56

    The old version was a lot more user friendly. The new version requires much too much effort to get minimum points. So sorry I allowed the new version to install. I don't have the time to navigate through all required books to possibly get 1 measly point. This site needs a major overhaul. How about going back to the old one. That one worked just fine. It was certainly a lot easier to navigate and didn't waste as much time .

  • Having fun.

    by Karemel

    Saving up for a Coach gc.

  • Love it!!

    by NiciBoo27

    Hope it works like I hope it does!!!!

  • Great App

    by Sleeper24

    Easy to use and points add up quickly.

  • Love it!

    by Robin204

    Hubby and I have fun looking for all the scans

  • So far so great !

    by Maryyloou

    I love shop kik it's so amazing !

  • A must have for the thrifty!

    by MrJeffery21

    The newest update left a little to be desired but overall the app is an amazing addition to my shopping experience. You'll love it!

  • Sometimey app

    by Tafiti Ajamu

    Not very good at sensing when you are in the store. Customer service not enthused about assisting with the resolution of issues.

  • Best app I love it!!!

    by Vinc186

    Best app I love it

  • Great app

    by Carissa Fulkerson

    Fun to earn rewards wish it were easier to use it can be confusing

  • Easy on the limits

    by Almendarez_

    This app is great overall, I just wish that the limits for how many times you can get kicks from a store within 30 days were higher. I mainly only use this app every time I walk into work and I don't like hitting the limit for 30 days so soon. I understand if people may abuse the system and go in and out of a store maybe two or three times a day, but this is because I work at the store and go there four to five times a week.

  • Scan broken

    by LaMorindaMom

    Tried to scan for kicks in Target and I would get an error stating theorem didn't match. Don't have this issue with ibotta... Fix your bugs please or I will delete this App and stop wasting my time.

  • A little bit slower

    by Zzzzzzeeeeeeuuuu

    I think some of the older versions worked better have a little trouble doing things sometimes How do u get rid of old gift cards that u used already

  • So fun

    by El Corbino

    This is an awesome app.

  • Awesome app!

    by ameganb9


  • Sweet dude!

    by Cjohnson428

    I really like this app so far!i have $35 in rewards to target now! Just need to go spend it.just love the kicks!wish there were a few more stores that were on there, but I'm sure there will be someday.Target is evil, as always!

  • Sweet

    by Sweet808girl

    Shop kicks is pretty cool. The only place I have issues with is Macys.

  • Great app!!!!

    by Softball13

    I love this app! It is amazing! I have earned many rewards.

  • Based on past reviews

    by PPppp:)

    Did not start on my kickback yet but from what I read and heard its a 5 star app that takes time

  • Great app

    by Roxsully

    It gives a lot to offer & I really enjoy getting rewarded for just using something! Love it

  • The best app

    by Alughjg

    I love this app it saves u money and saveings

  • Update

    by LS1008

    It's not working

  • Fun

    by ms_seaside

    Fun at first but too hard to earn rewards

  • Nice

    by TedTheBear_92

    Has been working just like describe

  • Amazing.

    by BigRoche

    This app is great in all ways. The rewards that you save up for are worth it and there's no scams. It's all legit. Great way of saving your money and using this to buy what you want.

  • This app stinks!!

    by OCott

    Won't work on walk-ins. Requires to much time for cheesy returns.

  • Rate shop kick

    by Soultanie

    The new app is not user friendly At all. Do not like can not find Surprises hard to get kicks for Going into store. Do not like The old version was much easier Now when u go to mall u need To search all to figure out which Stores give kick. Make more User friendl so sorry I updated.

  • Fix issues please!

    by Jrigngifmgj

    Reward redemption does t work very well. Some stores don't register that you're inside them so you can't get your kicks there. Both can be very frustrating! Please fix then I'd give 5 stars!

  • Fun app

    by Mopargirl27

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Such a fun app. Addictive but fun.

  • Comes in handy

    by Lonz77

    As much as I shop I'm loading up on points. Love this app.

  • I Ike it!!!

    by Qu33n Of H3@rTs

    Cool App!!!!

  • Love love love love love

    by Soopafloop

    Love love love love love

  • Great App

    by Jlive0709

    Thank you for a fantastic app!

  • Kick

    by Loveloislane

    Very good app. Love it

  • Pleased but frustrated

    by Lasarah555

    Overall good but since last update walk ins quit working. Haven't gotten a single walk in since!

  • Sluggish

    by ufgrad2001

    This used to be one of my favorite apps. Since the latest update, I am unable to scan items. The screen says validating scan and then the app freezes and crashes. Fix now please. It takes forever to load and it's confusing with all the junk on the "home page"...

  • battery draining excitement!

    by h2o_vw

    this app is becoming a larger and larger maze of frustration. it hasn't been fun for several iterations. the only reason it's on my phone is on the rare occasion I'm at target or the mall and have a full battery. but the product scans have gotten less reliable with "updates" and 20-60% battery life is easy to blow through during use. I just turn location services off for the app unless I'm walking in at that moment.

  • Crashes every time I try and scan something

    by kaseyxboo

    Literally anything I try and scan makes the app crash. Used to work just fine but now I can't scan anything!! >:( kinda pointless!

  • Love it!!

    by Daniel Chiu

    Awesome app!! Just started a week ago and I'm already about to redeem my points for some cool stuff.

  • K. Eloise

    by katinaeloise

    Definitely can make some minor improvements but overall a wonderful app! Redeeming gift cards is never a problem. I love it!

  • Excellent App

    by Coblepot

    Very nicely done app. Very easy to accumulate points. At least in my city there are always thousand of points that can be picked up each day. It is as easy to walking into some stores or linking a credit card and receiving points for simply making purchases which you would have made anyway (with minimum dollar amounts required to receive points). Although getting points from scanning items can be work and quite time consuming, it is worth it and there are plenty of opportunities available. Great overall app. I will say I am not a fan of the latest update though.

  • Cool app

    by Grape_Jello

    I'm adjusting to the new style but I still love it.

  • Awesome App

    by Meeh Money

    Super awesome & fun... Just a bit time consuming. But I love it.

  • Great app!!! Fun and easy to use.

    by Molina52

    Great app!!!! Fun and easy to use.


    by Cabearkat

    Great App., wonderful update recently to make it easier to use and a bit more universal with more than one store accessible at a time.....

  • Lots of fun

    by Andrew Mundwiler

    Lots of fun

  • It's alright.

    by Mfrios


  • Love it

    by Alq26

    This is an awesome app but I wish they would fix the bugs in it already.

  • Don't always get shop kicks when I walk in. :(

    by Paterrific


  • Love it

    by PhoenixKay

    Great app.

  • Hot hot hot!!

    by In love!! :)

    Amazing! I just joined and I'm already hooked, it's good too cause I'm a target employee :D

  • Unhappy with Update

    by beka531

    Update 1/27/14: I’ve added back a star because the walk-in kicks work as they should now… quickly, without having to walk around the front of the store for several minutes. However, I’m still upset with the editor’s books. First, not all of them are listed under the “editor’s books” tab… when I go into the “all” tab, there are suddenly more books. Second, the “new” and “checkmark” squares in the upper left of each book are a great idea (similar to the stars in the previous version) but they don’t work! A book will be labeled new that I looked at before, and you’d think that’s because there’s a new surprise envelope to open, but that’s not the case. And on the other hand, sometimes there’s books with a checkmark that do in fact have a surprise envelope. This needs to be straightened out because right now the squares mean nothing. 11/7/13: Since the redesign, I haven't been able to get walk-in kicks to work in any stores where I've had no problems previously. I don't enjoy spending 5+ minutes walking around the store trying to get it to work, it just SHOULD! That's the number one point of this app, and it's incredibly frustrating for this to not function as it should. I like the new tab at the top that allows you to just see the walk-ins/scans. However, I do have some corrections I'd love to see: - The stores should all be organized within their own page that can be clicked on. I don't want to scroll and scroll and scroll to find the store I want. Or, I'd appreciate a mini alphabet on the side where I could click on the letter for the store I want, similar to iOS's Contacts. - I want the stars back that show which editor's books have a reward! I don't mind going through the few new books that are posted every day, but having to go back through every previously posted book to find new rewards, which happens occasionally, literally takes 45 minutes. The app should make things easy for us to use, not a hassle! - This existed before, and if it still does, I haven't been able to find it. I enjoyed being able to see the items I liked within each store so that when I go shopping, I can easily pull up my list of likes. I appreciate that the developers are trying their best to make improvements, but I encourage them to work on the simple functionality of the app before the UX. If the app doesn't work, the design doesn't matter. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Great app!

    by Bcl1028

    I am so glad I found this app. Really fun and great rewards.

  • Super cool idea!

    by Asabea


  • G

    by ثج

    Won't let me invite friends

  • iPod Touch 4th Gen

    by vagrants24

    It works /w my WiFi hotspot. But, walk-in store, get points, not so much. Not sure if I have an extended battery cover on this iPod...rate of success is very low.

  • Great app

    by Pinkycupcake09

    This app as been very FUN ^_^ LOVE it!!!!!

  • great app!

    by rorox9

    quick & fun way of treating yourself! for anyone that loves to shop this app gives an easy way of collecting points & then being able to redeem for gift cards! it's that simple!!

  • Like it very much

    by Raimond Booker

    Good little app

  • by Jimmy Johnson hugger

    Bud gun. It's great!

  • Favorite shopping app!!!

    by Bailey_pappas

    I love this app! Awesome. I walk into stores and scan stuff to get points!! I have earned $25 in target gift cards, a 5 dollar Starbucks gift card. Plan to earn more in the future. How could this not be awesome??!!!

  • Shady company

    by DandFandJ

    Takes a week+ to respond to emails. If they bother to respond. Runs out of giftcards and will not let anyone know when to expect them to come back. This matters during the holidays when you are counting on the extra $ for gifts. Slow to a accumulate. 1250 kicks = $5. If you shop too much or accumulate too many they deactivate your account with out notice. Really not worth it. Only time lots of kicks can be made is at Black Friday (peak holiday) season and then cash out immediately. Because once they deactivate your account you loose all of your kicks and they will never respond back with a reason. It's a nice concept but the company does not care about members. It's sad since the members are the reason they still have a company. They have no appreciation for your time and effort.

  • Shady company

    by DandFandJ

    Takes a week+ to respond to emails. If they bother to respond. Runs out of giftcards and will not let anyone know when to expect them to come back. This matters during the holidays when you are counting on the extra $ for gifts. Slow to a accumulate. 1250 kicks = $5. If you shop too much or accumulate too many they deactivate your account with out notice. Really not worth it. Only time lots of kicks can be made is at Black Friday (peak holiday) season and then cash out immediately. Because once they deactivate your account you loose all of your kicks and they will never respond back with a reason. It's a nice concept but the company does not care about members. It's sad since the members are the reason they still have a company. They have no appreciation for your time and effort.

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