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Seller: RetailMeNot, Inc.

• Submit coupon comments right from your phone!
• Subscribe to email deal alerts from your favorite merchants.
• Use the camera to snap photos and share your savings!
• Bug fixes for app stability and speed.

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Spend less and shop more at your favorite stores.

The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save while you shop in stores and online with thousands of coupons and deals to the places you love.

Never print or forget a coupon again! Easily search for the coupons you want, check out Today’s Hot Deals or browse our Categories and Trending Deals to find the best offers available.

Simply show your phone at checkout to save! It’s that easy. No need to print coupons before you leave home. No more digging through your purse or pockets to find the one you want to use. Just show the coupon on your phone when you check out.

Bookmark your favorite stores for quick and easy access to the stores you shop most. Save coupons for later and access them from any of your devices when you’re ready to shop!

Saving at the mall is a breeze! We’ll send you automatic alerts when there are deals nearby. About to go shopping? Instantly find deals at the nearest stores. We’ll even notify you when the offers you have saved are about to expire.

Download our Coupons app now.

• Find nearby shopping malls and stores with great offers.
• Bookmark your favorite stores for quick and easy access on the home screen.
• Show your phone at the register to redeem in-store coupons.
• Get deal alerts when you’re near your favorite malls.
• Save coupons for later if you’re not ready to make a purchase.
• Get expiration notifications for your saved coupons.
• Access your saved coupons across devices.
• Find the nearest store to your location.
• Explore tens of thousands of stores, with new stores added daily.
• Choose from thousands of coupons from top retailers.
• Browse using RetailMeNot’s Nearby Malls, Trending Deals, Categories or Today’s Hot Deals.
• Discover our highest-quality coupons highlighted by community-powered success ratings.
• Redeem online coupon codes with a simple “drag and drop” feature for seamless on-the-go savings.
• Share coupons and deals with your friends.
• No login or sign-up required.

Customer Reviews

  • N/A

    by Tav3y

    Love it absolutely love it

  • Endless savings!

    by Kasilynn121983

    Since I've download the app, I've used it almost every time I've gone out! I also love how it alerts you of stores nearby that are participating with Retail me Not. Helpful for ANY shopper.

  • So convenient!

    by Luca Mario's mom

    Very useful

  • Terrific App!

    by Jwp0370

    We use it all the time and I love the automatic alerts. Great app!

  • Awesome

    by TheDK13

    Good deals!

  • Homemaker

    by Indycowgirl

    What a wonderful site! Whenever I am near a mall or any stores it pops up with deals. It saved me a lot of money around Christmas! Thank you retailmenot!

  • An Awesome App

    by JobsFan999

    An Awesome app that helps me save a lot of money. I don't have to remember to bring my coupons any more.

  • Great app!

    by 5Ros5

    Alway saves me money when shopping. Love it

  • Awesome app

    by Saver89

    Used to go online and use their website for Papa Johns pizza. A friend told me it could be used in stores. After downloading app saved $10 in Belks on dress pants. Easy to use.

  • Surprisingly convenient

    by Editor

    I was able to use it three times during one shopping trip. Extremely useful for people who live in small town areas and don't have access to flyers with coupons. You can use any discount they have recently published! Pretty awesome for last minute deals!

  • E. Driskell

    by BayBay920

    Much more convenient than shopping papers and flyers. I love it!

  • Great!

    by Emms77267

    Absolutely Amazing! Who doesn't love discounts?!

  • Fantastic app !!

    by Lacusious

    This app is not one of those that just sits on a phone unused. I check it almost every day. It's so brilliant and really easy to use, not to mention the fact that it WILL save you money. Love it

  • Great app

    by Q6714

    Lots of stores to choose from and tons of great deals!

  • Awesome!

    by Iknowagreatsongwhenihearone

    Very useful for saving me money

  • Missing a convenient feature!

    by MJF804

    The savings are good, but this app would get five stars from me if it had a feature to take photos of my printed coupons and save them as well. Like a personal "coupon library" for all the coupons I personally get through my reward cards....or the coupons I get when I check out at a store. Right now I have to use a second app for that an it's rather inconvenient.

  • Retail is awesome!

    by Iowa Irish 03

    Only had this app for a week and have already saved a ton. No more last minute searching each individual store for coupons this does it for you and alerts me to discounts I wouldn't even had known about. Well worth it!

  • Retail Me Not

    by ssvoisinet

    This is a great app~I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to save when shopping.

  • Great and useful app!

    by :-)nice

    I've used it at almost every place we've shopped in the last week!

  • Best app

    by Laymoony

    Saves so much money and I

  • Housewife

    by 1234567801011121314151617

    I would like more in store coupons

  • My Opinion

    by Worst App EVER!!!!!!!!

    This is annoying as crap because I can't search for any apps and I have tried everything and I'm about to scream!!!!

  • Who wouldn't like it

    by Felipie

    Sometimes I wish their were more food coupons for going out to dinner, but retailmenot is great!!! I used all the time over the holidays and saved me tons!!!! I always tell my friends and family to get the app! The best deals at the best times, who wouldn't like it!

  • Stellar app!

    by Dee Phire 

    This app has saved me a lot of money. I am a frequent online shopper and whenever i want to make a purchase, i check this app before completing the order. I like how it asks you whether a coupon worked or not as a way to check accuracy of the coupons.

  • Awesome App!!

    by avac1222

    I really love this app. I always save money :)

  • Love this app!

    by Amontgo9

    I literally use it every time I go shopping and have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I recommend it!

  • Crash! Crash! Crash!

    by sarah DUNCAN

    Love the site.... The app has bee crashing for like 2 months. Used to use and love it

  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Benny1109

    The app is grate. It help a lot!!!!!!!!!

  • Love love love!

    by CrimeCityAddict

    This app is so convenient for those sporadic shopping sprees! No need to clip coupons or surf the internet anymore with this!

  • Good idea, questionable implementation

    by Southern Potts

    Every time I open the app I get the "nag" screen wanting me to rate the app, so here it is. It is pretty good at listing coupons that are expired, or are expiring very soon, or not showing any coupons at all. Haven't found much useful with app so far, about to give up and delete.

  • Excellence at its best

    by Shortymillz

    I love this app/site. I have received some great deals. It is well recommended.

  • Store not allowing the App.

    by Jenduffyphotos

    I have found that many stores have started not allowing use of the app. It seems that many of the coupons are either for specie areas only or superficially for special customers and distribution of these coupons has irritated the corporations. So it now has become pointless as an app if stores don't allow for the app.

  • Crappy app

    by Smgerak

    This app is CRAP! If you want to check out if a store has a coupon you can go online & punch it in on or whatever. Most of the times though I have gone into stores & they don't accept the coupon. I've been told its fraudulent or whatever. Only once or twice I've been able to use a coupon-by a store that's already mailed me coupons!

  • What could be better than finding a bargain?

    by SmarteeShopper

    RetailMeNot is a dream come true. Forget clipping coupons and researching several sites. All the work is done for you. All you have to do is shop!!

  • Awesome!!

    by InterfaceConnoisseur

    Always saves me tons of money.

  • Retailmenot

    by Lainegirle

    Love this app!! Easy and simple as 1..2..3

  • Love This!

    by Nurse JD

    The app is so handy to have. I've used the website before. Now as I drive around or to my favorite stores, I get a notification letting me know what deals are available. That's great. Deals are sweet & saving my favorites are great too.

  • Don't buy w/o checking here first

    by Ajsmommasun

    Love love love RetailMeNot!

  • Bogus

    by OneCowgirl93

    Every code I've tried to use has been invalid or I have been informed by the respective companies when I inquired that they were in fact not supported

  • Love it

    by Patcfd

    I love this app. It works just great on my 4S. Every time I'm near a shopping center with any kind of deal is rings up. Love It!

  • Retailmenot

    by Escribanojohn

    Great app

  • Couponqueen

    by Smeenmom5

    This app makes taking and finding coupons much easier. Every time I have used it, it had worked.

  • Great app

    by Man in ville


  • Love it!!

    by darne

    Great app for shoppers!!!

  • Use to Love it

    by Gerirn

    I've used this ap happily for about 6-8 months. But, lately have had several major stores refuse saying they've had directives from higher ups to not accept this aps coupons!! So disappointing! Not sure why they so opposed, sure frustrating!!

  • Retail me yes

    by Dior Shades

    Love this app. Cha Ching.

  • Good To Know

    by BuckleyDad

    Retail Me Not is an informative reminder of discounts I wouldn't even know of. I love the cha-ching tone that plays when I pass a discount. When the tone sounds while I'm working, I announce "another angel has gone bankrupt".

  • Gremol

    by HolidayGranny

    I looked a long time to find the right coupon app for me. This has met all my expectations, and went above and beyond.

  • I love deals

    by Ljh1999

    This app brings me deals. I like deals.

  • A excellent app for savings

    by Diamira

    Star using it and I had saving over $500 dollars in 3 months.

  • Great app

    by California559 

    Saving money - happy husband!!

  • Great savings

    by Miceli007

    Love it!

  • Terrible

    by TheGamer56

    Never has a good offer that I can benefit from!

  • Retail me not

    by Brianna.s

    Great app!

  • Awesome

    by Mizterdeeznutz

    Love it

  • Great app

    by Thriftygf

    I love this app. It's so easy to use and it's truly saved me lots of money!

  • Crashes constantly

    by misscarlyfornia

    This app crashes before you can even use it. It needs a serious update before it's worth downloading.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by NewEra llne

    Awesome app!

  • Handy!

    by  Thejake510

    Love this app! It's completely easy to use and super efficient! Virtually EVERY store or business you could think of has coupons and we don't even know it! You're missing out on saving money without this app!

  • Great!

    by Shpanks

    Much easier than using the web to look up coupons. Great interface!

  • Love this App!

    by Kathy Miller

    I love it! Saves me lots of $$ Can't say enough about it.

  • Retail Me Not

    by D. Hill

    The recently updated Retail Me Not is a must have mobile shopping app that brings you good to great deals from a wide variety of mass market and local merchants. The app has recently undergone a major redesign that fits in more with the sleek modernistic iOS 7 aesthetic. The main menu benefits the most from the revamp with the ability to navigate easily to any part of the application. Upon launch there is a display of Today's Hot Deals. At the bottom of the menu there is a listing of all the stores you have favorited and have the most interest in. One of the things that makes Retail Me Not unique is that when selecting a retailer you immediately get taken to a page where you can choose to display in store, online or both coupons. Any coupon can be marked and saved as well. Users can search for particular coupons in different ways with the ability to search by category, by what's being offered nearby in a local store or mall and by what's trending. The trending feature can be helpful to both businesses and customers allowing for maybe more of the more popular sale deals in the future. Also the app has all the givens a shopping app should have such as notifications and customer support. I put Retail Me Not at the top of the coupon app list. You should too if you are always looking for deals.

  • Love this app!!!!

    by stinsonwood

    Love this App!!!!

  • I don't get it

    by KiwiGrandMum

    I open the app so I can find which stores sell the item I want for the best price and all I can choose from is which stores do I want to look at. How is that any help? I don't decide on a store then look for coupons. I look for coupons then shop at the store with the best deal. Useless app and annoying dings until I turned that off.

  • Great app!

    by Delight42265

    Awesome! Coupons saves money.

  • Love this App

    by raynmardie

    This app comes in handy especially ordering online. Cool coupons!!

  • Good app

    by Rubensandwich25

    Helps you get good deals.

  • It's Better than clipping coupons

    by Fine young thang.

    Easy to carry coupons . Great for last min. Items.

  • Retail me not

    by Qsnow

    Awesome app. Love it!

  • Never leave home without it!

    by ShoppingMomof2

    Love the convenience of always having great deals when I least expect them at my finger tips!

  • Love this app!

    by Shopper Girl 1999

    Very easy to use! I have found every store I have searched for. This is a great app!

  • Decent

    by AddyGace

    It's convenient for sure! I like it but these coupons are things that you can get on te stores website usually or they're already applied at the store. So it's nothing fancy and exclusive but informative and convenient.

  • Love It!

    by teezynbaby

    easy to use & it gets all of my coupons in an instant!

  • Good app

    by S73fie

    Glad I got it.

  • Useful

    by Fuacd chdcg jscjg eg

    This app is very useful. I can get coupons to all my favorite stores.

  • Best savings app I have found!!!

    by olivia Williams

    Not only does it immediately and effortlessly find local coupons for you, there's more! I discovered as my husband and I were traveling over the holidays. As we were driving past a mall in Quincy, Illinois I got a notification that told me this app had found 32 offers for that mall!!!! I had never been there and otherwise wouldn't have stopped. But since there were so many deals I had too. A great app for shoppers and businesses, immediate advertising As people drive by!

  • Review

    by Ap18790

    Perfect app

  • Very useful!

    by doudou88099

    Great website and great app.

  • Problem

    by Sk8

    I really love this app but there is a problem. I went to Khol's and tried to use a coupon and they said I couldn't. I asked why an they said because Retail Me Not is taking pics out of a coupon book that is supposed to b paid for and didn't ask Khol's permission. Other than that I really like the app.

  • Rating

    by Tori_Lynn

    Awesome site! Especially with the location services!

  • Great

    by Bobbi Jo Vayo

    Love the savings a great app to have

  • Great

    by Sonelib

    Great app! I've recommended it to my sisters and they now use it for great savings and thank me for the recommendation.

  • Review

    by Flody72

    Luv this app! It saves money and time looking for discounts.

  • Creepy

    by The Great GoldenJoe

    Somehow it detects whenever I am near a retail outlet and alerts me to deals, even when the app hasn't been used in days. I thought an app had to be active to do this in iOS? I only want to know about sales when I ask. Privacy concerns ruin this otherwise functional app.

  • Love the app!

    by JMT1126

    Money saver!

  • Great Money Saving App!

    by MissMalis324

    I've had good luck using the coupons... And it's very easy to quickly find and use the coupons you want.

  • Brian

    by Jgds64,9

    Love the app, helped me save big money over the holidays.

  • Public School Employee

    by Parapromammy

    RMN always saves me $. Not sure why everyone's not using it!

  • Great App!

    by Daleingtom 

    Love this app!!!!

  • Shoppers best friend

    by Jennie785

    I really like this app coupons and discounts one click away

  • Good

    by Vudung


  • Like a lot jenny

    by Great Tipper

    Like like like

  • Shopper

    by Rosie112345

    Use it a lot. Great app.

  • Great app!

    by batigz

    Great app! Very useful in finding great deals!! Worth it!

  • RetailMeNot

    by CuteOnABudget

    I love it! It gives me the coupons as I come in the area of the shopping center!!!

  • A great app

    by Clara_ma

    You can save a lot using the coupons from your favorite stores

  • awesome app

    by Fal5243

    awesome app! it has the best coupons and has made shopping so much easier! I highly recommend retail me not!

  • Great App.!

    by Havasumom69

    This App. Is very useful and it's very cool that you can get coupons for those of us that are mostly home bound and shop online. It's also very cool that you can go to the store or a restaurant and get your stuff and the place of business scans your coupon from your phone. I highly recommend you get it and try it.

  • I saved some serious money Christmas Shopping

    by Mom1954

    I was happy I had Retail Me Not for Christmas shopping I saved a couple hundred dollars! It's easy to use, open it up, show the cashier that is it!!! I used it at Bath and Body Works, The Gap, The Children's Place, Kirkland's and other stores without any hassles!!! Thanks Retail Me Not for all the dollars saved!!! I don't usually write reviews and have to be very impressed with an app to write one!! If you like to save money get this app!!

  • Does it even work?

    by LetMeBeBlunt

    I admit, I only tried it once. However, that one time gave me an invalid promo code, and I was rather disappointed that I had to pay more. Maybe the other codes are fine, but stay away from the Papa Johns codes. I was really counting on a $10 large pizza, and it failed miserably.

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