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Languages: Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, HE, Hindi, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: novitap GmbH

Important bugfix: Themes can now be saved again on devices using languages that are not mentioned in our app description: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Thai, Malaysian and some more. Sorry for that bug!

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34 Ratings
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*** INCREDIBLE STYLING *** New themes added all the time *** GET IT NOW!! ***

Each of our themes consists of a lock screen and a home screen -
their designs match and transform your interface in a unique and superb way.
Try it now. It’s a cool and new experience.

iOS 7 compatible! - more than 500 themes have been adjusted to fit perfectly for iOS 7.

New version - lots of improvements
- new and cleaner interface
- full screen preview on the iPhone & iPod Touch
- adjust saturation, brightness and contrast of each theme.
- view all themes sorted by artist
- edit each theme to suit your taste!

*** It's the best iTheme ever ***

iTheme is an universal app - compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and now also the IPAD!

Theme Editor included: Edit each theme to make it suit your taste! Infinite possibilities!

Change the Lock Screen
- Choose your favorite part of the original artwork, change Colors, add Calendars and other Overlays.
Change the Home Screen
- Change Colors, add Frames, Bookshelves and Special Effects

Make your own, unique themes! With iTheme it's a snap!

Style your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with stunning and custom designed backgrounds!

More than 500 great themes included (More than 400 for the iPad). All kinds of designs - check out the screenshots…
All themes are available in Retina Resolution!

We got over 1500 five star ***** ratings in the US! Thanks for that!

Some Reviews
'I love the choices. Most apps give u 3 or 4 good backgrounds. This app is loaded. My favorite app' Auvejc
'I love the new feature where you can redecorate screens. Awesome' Barbara Cortez
'Great! Well worth it!' Crispette

Press statements:
„ … you can tweak and edit your selected theme to make sure you have it just as you want it… “
Best new Apps of the Week - December 2012

Both images will be downloaded to your photo gallery.
Please go there after download and install them
as a Lock Screen or Home Screen.

If you're having trouble installing Home Screens, check out the tutorial at:

We don't change your icons – it is not possible for all icons and it results in duplicates.
We think this is not a very desirable effect.

Please also check out our other apps!

Customer Reviews

  • Greet themes to choose from.

    by Sheepdoggvl

    Awesome app.

  • Sweet ithemes,

    by Millie1963

    Awesome really recomndnd

  • love it

    by Dude I love this game

    this is a great app

  • Awesome app

    by I'm jUst 11

    It's the best app I've ever spent money on. Lots of choices which are all great!!

  • Dipper pines

    by Dipper23425


  • App review

    by Mr. Awesome

    It's a cool app. Many many choices, great way to transform your phone.

  • Awesome

    by Dope$

    I love the backgrounds and the editing is awesome

  • Love This App!

    by Liam D. Hoffmann

    I've been wanting a custom wallpaper, so I got a app called PicLab, it lets you edit photos that are in your gallery, but I wanted to personalize my wallpapers even more, so I used iTheme and it really helped!

  • Epic

    by ShahSahib666

    Loving it !

  • Ke bueno es esto

    by Inosensia

    Yo sile doy 5 estreyas aaa itheme

  • a really good app for iphone iPod iPad backgrounds

    by USA USA!!!olimpics

    This app is a really good for backgrounds on you home or lock screen of your apple product has good hd and you have many good varieties to Choose from

  • Love it

    by Caleb.D.Buddy

    I live finding cool backgrounds this app is worth the money

  • Amazing!

    by Puppylov3r

    This app is AMAZING! It does exactly what it says it does!

  • Very nice!! :)

    by Waseem G Pola

    Very nice!! :)

  • Great, high quality, backgrounds and lock screens

    by Nickings2

    There's not much to say other than, it does it's job and it does it very well! There are many backgrounds, and they are all creative and beautiful!

  • Nice

    by U must get

    Very nice Much wallpaper Such background Wow

  • Crash and choices

    by Nick Koto

    For 2 bucks the app crashes every time I try and edit a background. And the selection seems to be a little feminine. • Fix the crash • add more backgrounds

  • Itheme

    by VivaLaAshCouture

    One of my favorite apps. The wallpapers and lockscreens are great! Very good app!

  • Ok

    by Azzhat23

    I was hoping for more themes, but appreciate the effort!!!

  • Eh

    by Jbeast12

    I love this app could use more wallpapers doe

  • Waste of money

    by Nickr180

    This is not a theme but an app full of background photos. What a waste of money!

  • Don't waste the money.

    by Zachkane_18

    It's completely generic, you could easily find all these on google. Very disappointed.


    by Soxhound

    DONT BUY THIS CRAP. That's it

  • It's OK

    by Shinzato1978

    I like the concept of this app...being able to edit with your own colors. But every time I try to edit, it crashes! Please fix this. I paid for it, so I would like to use it.

  • 2

    by stylish women

    not good themes and little

  • No Interesting theme on this App

    by Rafs_Rafs

    This app has only boring and annoying themes. It's not worth the price

  • Expected more

    by LindseyJo91

    I think this app has potential but I expected a lot more options for themes. Deff need to add more themes then it would be worth the money. The options in the categories aren't great.

  • Great

    by saragirl12321

    Real great

  • Horrible app!

    by Sbalieiro

    Only a few options, all ugly and unprofessional. Crashes all the time, a waste of money. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR ABD DO NOT INSTALL THIS CRAPP! I want my money back!

  • Great App

    by hemifan55

    Does everything with speed and accuracy. Designs are upscale and colors are terrific.

  • Very good app.

    by Makyah

    I love being about to search for themes for my iPod Touch. This app also allows me to create my own themes. Haven't had any glitches occur while using the app. I just wish they had some more themes to choose from in their collection.

  • Not worth the $2

    by Bos Bos

    Editing the home screen doesnt work. It doesnt show u the shelving when editing it. It is the same thing u get when u save any photo from online.

  • It's ok

    by Ohio Stalker

    I think I expected more when I BOUGHT this app. That's all I have to say.

  • Junk

    by Marc0222

    Piece of junk crashes every time I try to edit a theme on my iPad mini. Save $ take your own photos and load them (developer also seems to think all girls want hearts, flowers and unicorns,

  • Absolutely not worth the money

    by Camcam12946$$$

    Dont waste ur money on this

  • Love it

    by AlaBamagil

    I love it I just wish you can search for themes

  • More

    by TheeQuietOne

    I like the app, I just desire more options between shelves and effects. Thumbs up though

  • Love it!!

    by Saundraella

    Was afraid to get it with no reviews BUT I must say , I LOVE IT!!

  • iTheme for iPhone and iPod touch

    by Silvia Denegri

    Why did don't put same frames for iPad mini?

  • Could be better

    by sublime.steph

    It's ok but could be a lot better. They need more to choose from.

  • The worst app ever

    by MusyaQeburia

    Worst skins ever i waste my money for nothing :(((

  • Nope

    by Milwaukee Wisco

    Waste of $$$. This really grinds my gears

  • Nice

    by Mc Hein

    It is a nice app. But provide more and more wallpapers that are beautiful and strange.

  • Glitch

    by 711louis

    It's glitchy. On the 3D cube wall, u can not edit the "home" wallpaper. It keeps giving the "lock-screen" photo. App shuts down EVERY-time I play with the color adjustment. Not gonna say its not worth the $1.99 cause it does have some pretty nice high quality wallpapers but its a very GLITCHY app!!!

  • Best App Ever

    by Michael_Jordan23 Fan

    I can send it to my family and friends.Its fun,it's not a rip off so people who said that are JERKS

  • Wack!!

    by DanielAlmazan81

    Don't do it!!

  • Best app ever

    by Beatlesboy211

    It works perfectly and has tons of themes. Definitely worth the 1.99.

  • Great app

    by Garrymatt

    This is by far one of the best wallpaper apps I've ever used.

  • It's ok...get what you pay for

    by Jspleasant

    I am a little disappointed with this app. It doesn't have as many backgrounds as I would have thought it would. But it's like going to a dollar store- you get what you pay for.

  • Ok

    by gerardo perez


  • Itheme

    by Deb3765

    Holiday wallpapers don't come out far enough ahead if the day.

  • Terrible waste if $$

    by JOJO6899

    If you don't know how to set your own desktop and lock screen images, then this app is for you. That's all it does, then you have to download the images and waste data. DONT BUY!!

  • Wallpapers

    by Sc1216

    Nothing special really. Make it sound a lot better than it is. Wouldn't have bought it if I had known it was just wallpapers.

  • No new wallpapers

    by Simmoni7

    There are no new themes

  • love it

    by Tree rexer

    awesome app but my mom wishes there was a wallpaper that represented the true meaning of Christmas

  • Crash problems

    by fdavidn

    iPad Retina. I paid money for the upgrade to be able to use my own photos. DON'T! It crashes at the 99% through point. I spend a minute or more placing the photo where I want it on a custom home screen. It isn't easy especially when it comes to lining up the photo so that it is straight in the frame. After that difficult action it gives you the option of brightness/contrast. WARNING: Don't touch the bar. If you do... CRASH! Everything is down the slopchute! Otherwise if you don't buy the upgrade it works just like all the other wallpaper apps work.

  • Terrible

    by kells705

    All of the pictures in the theme do not save to your phone. I want my money back.

  • Truly Great!!

    by Huskergreggory92

    If you like to customize your phone or iPad, this is without a doubt one of THE BEST apps that is available. Initially, there is a minimal charge for the app. They continually add new theme at no additional charge, especially holiday themes. Also, the wallpapers are easy to install. Try it , it truly is an excellent app, You will not be disappointed!!

  • Beautiful Wallpapers

    by SoCal Lady

    I find nothing wrong with this app. I like the design and the photos make great wallpapers. But what I like most is the editor. You can customize the wallpaper.

  • -.-

    by asdfghjjklljd

    Not worth $1.99 at all

  • Good

    by Akstar99


  • Excellent App

    by Victorious One 4315

    Love the different themes. Need apps for the New Years

  • I want my money back!

    by Obenfrost

    Waste of money . Why are there ads when I paid for the app?

  • The worst

    by Jjgofsfbbcsdf

    Don't waste your money. It's like a child made it


    by Dnot buy

    If i cud i would give this negative stars! The wallpapers they give you are for little kids. Get ZEDGE. Way better and has a ton of variety.

  • Review

    by Ip 426278272

    Great app i love it


    by Carrie75998

    Love it!! ❤❤

  • Waste of $

    by Hermoza84

    I would jus like to say am not pleased with the app wat so ever n would like a refund simple as dat!

  • Don't listen to the worst reviews

    by Himfan5

    It's worth it pple. I've had it for a while now and they just updated it to iOS 7. (For the makers) can u make the themes non-parallax? Or make a choice between them for pple who don't wanna use the parallax mode. Thanks☺️ Have a happy holiday everyone

  • Don't buy

    by Dmariscal

    Waste of money...

  • Pictures

    by James Thibodeaux

    Basically paying for pictures found on the internet. There are some cool ones, but they are just pictures. That's all I found at least.

  • by Jnj08

    Waste of money

  • Missing something

    by OrgnizedChaos

    Has two biohazard wallpapers but needs a radiation one for all the x-ray pipeliners.

  • Just ok

    by best jinge


  • I theme

    by Baby J 2342

    Keeps crashing when I'm trying to edit the theme. 3 times in 5 minutes.

  • Wow

    by Mjsjajajajwhajwhshhsbsvs

    Such a clean and easy to use interface. Totally great app

  • Itheme

    by Noah olvera

    This is an amazing app and is very graphically precise in each picture ...very unique

  • I Love It!

    by Mogul_T-DiDdy

    I think it's an awesome app. It works great. It's nice to switch it up a bit. Not sure why people go all "angry" and comment crazy stuff! It is themed, it gives you great options, I didn't mind paying 1.99.

  • 5 stars plus

    by michelle gibler

    This was so much fun. Totally radical. Mich

  • great app?

    by xX_sir will_Xx

    This app is nothing more than a wallpaper search engine. It's a waste of money and dose not theme your iPod in any shape or fashion. It is a complete waste of money. I only wish I could be refunded for the amount I speeds of this crap. Completely preposterous that someone would charge money for this piece of crap.

  • Swag

    by Swag doop

    This app is awesome they have wallpaper that I would never get

  • Piece of crap

    by Obamanow2009

    Don't waste your $1.99..

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