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You’re looking for a new home. Get there fast and find it first with the easy to use, top-rated® real estate app for homes or apartments for sale or for rent. Our app is the only app to get real estate listings sourced directly from over 800 MLS’s-90% of listings refreshed every 15 minutes. listed as one of the best apps for house and apartment hunting - Apps Gone Free 2014

"Makes searching for homes with schooling in mind a little bit easier..." --James Zahn, The Rock Father

“Great schools in the area? Now you're talking a parent's language" --Terrence Gaines,

• 90% of listings updated every 15 minutes. All the rest updated at least once a day.
• Quickly swipe to see rich and detailed photos of real estate properties, apartments for rent and homes for rent that interest you.
• The only true search of homes for sale and rent by school or school district - make sure your next house is near your dream school!
• Property listing details now include property tax, sales history and more school information including ratings for each house.
• Draw your own custom search area right on the map!
• Search nearby schools, homes for sale, open homes, recently sold homes, apartments for rent and houses for rent with just one tap.
• Use Area Scout to see results and average values update as you move.
• Stay updated on the true status of real estate and apartment listings, including foreclosures, just taken off market, and price-reduced homes for sale.
• Sign-in to save searches and listings. Access them again on your mobile phone or online at
• iOS 7 compatible

For real estate agents:
• Connect and search with your clients!
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Customer Reviews

  • Great product

    by Danielletd12345

    Great product, easy to use, accurate and up to date information. We purchased our first home with help from this app!

  • Love the pictures and map view

    by Jason1256

    Love the quick access to pictures and the ability to narrow search location by drawing on a map.

  • Great app

    by Mellwoo

    Highest quality content updated every 15 minutes. Other apps cannot compete. Great ease of use.

  • Great app

    by Speedy99999999

    Really accurate data. Fun to search everywhere I travel. Lots of power packed into this app - still finding features to play with.

  • The best home search tool

    by iAppGenius

    This app is pretty cool, map search and nearby listings is a very useful function....when I request more info an agent always follows up within minutes! Good job never knew you even existed....and compared to others that never remove sold homes this makes for a good experience.

  • love it

    by Mary Padilla Villanueva

    Love this app! The map is so easy to use & the data is updated in comparison to others out there!!! Love it

  • Awesome app!

    by PC Money

    Great app user friendly and informative

  • User friendly app

    by Nesting dolls

    User friendly and easy to navigate around.

  • Great App

    by cgc0617

    Gives you everything you need. Quality pictures and can narrow down your search!

  • The best!

    by Ericsch13

    Easiest, simplest, and most accurate real estate app out there!

  • Up to date and accurate information

    by Melissa81

    The new update to the app is incredible! Everything is accurate with homes that are current on the market, and I love that realtors get back to me right away when I have a question about a property!!

  • Awesome

    by Eugene1112

    I love it!


    by kbnowak

    I too think that it would be nice to have side by side comparisons and list view with configurable fields for display.

  • Most accurate info available!! Love it!

    by Just4Jeffrey

    The biggest thing I can say about this app is its accuracy! I've tried others and you hate falling in love with a home that's not actually for sale or rent! Time is valuable & wasted time is frustrating!

  • Improved functionality

    by mimikins14

    Love the drawing on the map function. Love the capability on the search parameters.

  • User friendly/current listings

    by Luvs2shop36

    Very easy to use. I could search properties in my area that are up to date. Even works well with my iPhone

  • User friendly/current listings

    by Luvs2shop36

    Very easy to use. I could search properties in my area that are up to date. Even works well with my iPhone


    by Lady Cope

    So easy to use anyone can do it!! Can search for exactly what I want!

  • Great

    by Mpreebs

    Accurate data, map search is great. Draw your search and the homes in your search appear. Way better than searching an address or zip code.

  • Best Site!

    by TeenaBart

    Everything is Awesome!!!!

  • ⭐⭐

    by pink2anna

    nice... But doesn't have updates! Most of the houses are already in contract or sold. Should be an option to send report.

  • Great app!!

    by Gatorkeith18

    Great info & easy to use

  • Great app

    by Jesse McGough

    This app is way better than zillow or trulia's. I can search by school, my determining factor. Not to mention their listings are actually for sale

  • Great App

    by Jwelles

    Used this to find and buy a house half way across the country. Now using it for other ventures. Love it!!

  • Nj house lover

    by NJ house lover

    This is my go to app for real estate. Most up to date info out there.

  • Best real estate app for two reasons


    This is the only real estate app that has a direct feed from the MLS, so you can rely on it for accurate price and availability. Don't waste your time using other apps where the homes could already be sold.

  • Best Real Estate App

    by Lee and Vicki

    This the the best app out there with the freshest content. They keep making it better and better, which seems hard to do. Will definitely be keeping this one loaded and updated.

  • Awesome app

    by player200009

    Love the real time info I see from MLS my agent was right it's almost the same as what she sent me from her emails

  • Accurate and easy!

    by Bnoodles59

    Very easy to use to see what homes are available in the area near the desirable schools.

  • great updated info

    by joujoujill

    the app works great and all property information is accurate and on point. does not waste time

  • Best real estate app

    by Chunk chase

    The mapping feature is top notch.

  • Great easy app

    by Xyzloid

    Makes house hunting simple.

  • Great Home Buying Resource

    by Scott Solomon

    I will use this everyday until I buy a home. Great App!! Every update makes the app better!!

  • Accuracy!!!

    by Colleen Gamble

    I have used for years and I am loving the mobile application! What a great tool for searching homes and rentals in my area. I found this application to be the most accurate as far as active properties for sale and was disappointed that other apps had homes that I couldn't see or put an offer on. That wasted my agents time! Thank you for having accuracy and if your looking to see the true availability then this is the BEST application on the market!!!

  • Most up to date information

    by Amitwear

    Easy to use. Up to date homes. Use it daily to find homes.

  • Home owner

    by Mobettabattas

    Best app ever for finding a house

  • Terry O

    by rick vega

    Great app!!

  • One of the BEST!

    by Cheekks

    Great pictures! Prompt real estate response!

  • App is so helpful

    by Mohit barjatiya

    I must say this app is great and very useful. The listings are so accurate and up to date. All other features are very useful too especially when I want a house near good school areas. Awesome job guys.

  • I use this app daily

    by Thumblelinah

    No matter where i am I can find real Estate i want to look at. I wont use anything else!

  • Finally an accurate and easy to use experience!

    by Rental property seeker

    I cannot tell you how many times I had my heart broken using other real estate apps, finding my dream home only to find it was already sold (despite the listing info) or didn't even exist!'s app has never steered me wrong. I currently have an offer pending and can't wait to see the status change to recently sold in this app soon!!!

  • Most Accurate Real Estate App

    by LukeGlass1

    If you want accurate listings, this is the only place to go.

  • Great App!

    by Willie2727

    This app is fantastic!!

  • Decent App, but...

    by PJR81

    Only 3 stars until I can click on a link and have it open in my app instead of in the web browser. If Trulia can do it, why not

  • Love This App!

    by Jamariel

    I loved how easy to use this app was, how much information was made available on each home, and how I was able to get directions with this app using my phone's navigation system to any home I wanted to see with the touch of a button. It truly made finding our new home so much simpler. I highly recommend

  • Best House Search

    by AuttumMarie

    I have tried them all! Zillow, Trulia, Remax, etc.. I have tried ALL of them and is the only one that will show me ALL the houses in Bibb County. It is the best!! I thank you for helping me find the perfect home!!! :) <3

  • Rate me rate me rate me

    by Bodabdan

    Any app that insists that I need to rate it gets an automatic 1 star. I'd rather be using it.

  • Love

    by Manegan74628

    Great app. Very informative.

  • Terrible

    by Mommie2649

    Terrible app. Doesn't show the range of priced properties unless you keep adding, etc. we are willing to spend from $250k to 450k but the app shows only the highest prices. Keep hitting more and your finger will get tired and, even then, you can't get them all. I'm sticking with zillow. It's much more user friendly. Oh, and lately, my saved searches are not working. No homes for sale in all of Boca Raton, FL and a five mile radius around Boca?I think not.

  • Misleading info prevails!

    by Critic01

    I have been a fan of for years, so it was natural that I would turn to this app for my iPad. I know realtors around here are playing games with listings, but for the last few months listings on this app are completely wrong. I just looked up a neighborhood I have followed closely for a few years now, and there have always been several houses for sale in it any time I look. The last few weeks however this app has only shown 1 house for sale and about 60% of the neighborhood is listed as recently sold. That's just wrong, so I compared it to the listings for the same neighborhood on from my computer, gee wiz it shows 10 houses for sale, which is about the norm for the last 4 years. This app is simply unreliable.

  • Criteria, not status

    by Haunted Rooftop

    Great for the search-school district, sqft, etc. But then the place is already sold. THAT'S really lame, but Edina Realty--or your local realty app--could really learn a lot from this app.

  • Very useful app during home search

    by HBCalif

    Realtor app is very useful for home search. Tons of features. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Realtors app

    by Eyeluvlezlie

    The best!!!!!

  • Feels like a scam

    by Pjarchon

    Is this app paid for and managed by real estate agents trying to drive prices up I think so

  • Mr

    by 8626 7-8

    Great app works everywhere

  • I absolutely love this app!

    by YvonneYMoriel

    Out of all the house searching apps I've used, this is the one I've loved most. Thanks!

  • Fantastic

    by Jedgar966


  • Clunky interface, hard to share info

    by JoellenAnna

    While information is up to date, access is lousy. Search by address, and you still have to drill in to find it. Send someone an email link to open from a smart phone w/the app installed and the link recognizes the smart phone and offers to download the app, but doesn't offer option to open info in the app.

  • User friendly and accurate

    by ZTwilighter

    This app is super easy to use and the information is accurate. Love this app!

  • Love the map search features!

    by jrhgibson definitely has the most up to date listings. I spend more time looking at homes that are actually on the market. I love the map interface and the school search feature is really useful for someone with young children.

  • I found the home I bought with

    by VA House Guy

    I found the house I bought using this app, found the home and beat out multiple offers by 24 hours - would not have gotten the house I live in without! Great app, shows homes other apps don’t have and updates a lot more frequently. Love it!

  • :(

    by Tina&Randy12

    For 2 days now I've been trying to download the app and it will not work...horrible

  • Ok app

    by TaylorFerre

    Does what it says

  • Good app

    by Piel-canela


  • Good app

    by Mqp123

    Pretty good home search app. Especially the school function.

  • Love this App

    by Describing addict

    We were looking for a rental and I came across this app it was awesome we found a home very quickly and we were able to speak to the realitor (property manager) within hours of sending them a message!

  • Getting less perfect over time

    by 0101101z

    Different details than some other similar apps and more current info than Zillow; Area searches are strange and not very intuitive; -> Search for a specific address. Results are not that address but everything in that home's area, even when you have just specified the only house you want to see. Infuriating 'feature' -> If a home you have saved is sold, the address just disappears, leaving a blank record that says the home is no longer on the market. WHICH home, you ask? No way to tell unless you keep a separate list of your saved properties so you know which one is missing. -> How can 'sort by user ranking' (number of stars) NOT be one of the sort choices for saved listings? What good is the data if it cannot be used?

  • Great app

    by Neka101

    Love this app! Makes searching for homes easy!

  • Easy to use and accurate info

    by kadus33

    Very happy with this app. Even my son figured out how to use it. Info is very accurate and up to date unlike other apps I used before.

  • Nice

    by Ne1canplay

    Awesome site. Really is helpful.


    by LaB.Babe

    PLEASE FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS WITH REALTOR.COM... It would be helpful and appreciated if all the problems that have been documented by users were fixed all at once to make this app. the ultimate go-to app. that it once was. UPDATES should enhance the performance of the app. and the experience for users, not decrease performance, especially some of the basic functions and or features. Please read all the problems since the last update in the reviews and fix all.

  • Great App!

    by Tomj702

    Helps me find properties in areas that I do not have MLS data in, doesn't seem complete but works good enough for me!

  • Great search help!

    by MaisaFM

    Really useful and easy to see pictures!

  • Awesome

    by Ray-Ray 0807


  • Nice app but limited

    by Mikenna Pierotti

    Compared to the web version, the app really limits what you can see. No property taxes or details like school districts. Map and favorites list are still useful, however. Overall I am pleased with it.

  • Enjoyable fun!!

    by Che_Leche

    I really enjoy using this app! It's user friendly and for the most part very informative! It even provides you with the address in case you want to take a little trip to visit the property!! Love this app

  • Awesome and very handy

    by moorech0

    This app is great. My wife and use it all the time. The graphics are really informative and to have the map included surpasses the competition. Thanks to the developer!

  • Why can't I search for land anymore?

    by dhayman

    I used to be able to search for land, but now there is no way to reduce the number of bathrooms and bedrooms to 0. This means that I always get a null result, no matches, because there isn't just a lot that has one bathroom or one bedroom....please fix because the website drives me batty asking me to download the app and there is no way to make it stop doing that even though I HAVE the app.

  • Great app

    by Puneetlko

    Easy to use comprehensive

  • Most accurate data

    by House hunter 2014

    Best features and most accurate data!!!

  • Best app around!

    by homeowner14

    Accurate, easy to use, cool draw feature. Love it!

  • Best Real Estate app!

    by Riguer

    When compared to the rest of R. E. Apps this one wins hands down!

  • Best real estate app ever

    by Dnvuser

    I like the new school icon. Helps me find the right school and school district where I plan to buy house Awesome app!

  • Great data

    by mtwvu

    This app has the most up to date data I’ve seen. Great app!

  • Great app!

    by Mydream121

    I could find really good and reliable information from this app. Love to use it.

  • Mr.

    by Heckler737

    Have been using the app for awhile and like the ability to search within a drawn area. All in all it's a great app!

  • Best real estate app!

    by dukeya

    Even after buying our home which we found on, my wife and I still use the app all the time to check out other homes for sale.

  • I use thisApp everyday

    by Thumblelinah

    No matter where i am I can find real Estate i want to look at. I wont use anything else!

  • The only real estate app I trust

    by Udai M

    I'm just tired of chasing homes on Zillow & Trulia that are just not for sale.'s app is the best!! Real listings, awesome interface

  • All the listings, plus schools

    by FWG001

    My kids education is very important to me so I love being able to search within the exact school zone I want. This app is the best tool for finding active listings based on schools.

  • Best real estate app for consumers and realtors!

    by Suzanne Roy

    This is hands-down the BEST, most user-friendly app on the market! My realtor invited me to use it and I'm SO glad she did! Love the ability to draw my own search area and just one click gets me in touch with her to see any house at any given time.

  • The best real estate app

    by SoundGeek

    The always updated listing data and images are awesome.

  • Need to fix "acres"

    by Jneumann1982

    I've been searching for homes near Dickinson, ND and almost everyone shows lot sizes over 7,000 acres when they clearly are not. Most of them are in the city limits. This just started happening recently. Is this something the developer(s) are aware of?

  • Mrs

    by Tskeilman

    Best app ever! So much info plus easy to navigate!

  • Needs work

    by Glin Boy

    I like it and everything but lately it been crashing a lot, running a little slow and it takes forever for the photos to load and when it finally loads it crashes.

  • Makes home searching fun!

    by Rsrchgal

    Very good app. I love seeing the bigger photos and being able to find homes for sale either on a map or right where you are - using the scout feature. The information is really accurate too - it updated my neighborhood listings promptly as they changed.

  • This app has everything you need to find your dream home

    by lady_rara_621

    Just like, this app has the MOST up-to-date listing info — no getting your hopes up that something’s still on the market when it’s already been sold. Clean interface, easy to use, beautiful photos — this is my go-to app when looking for houses (or looking up where my friends and family are buying property!)

  • Nice

    by Freedomfytr

    Very helpful, I have no complaints

  • Love it!

    by OriginalFan

    Convenient, user friendly and really covers all aspects of the "home browsing" experience. I can pull up the app and search for potential homes quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. Makes the home-search process much more tolerable.

  • Helpful

    by Ye.elks

    Many sorting options

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