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Seller: Max Binshtok

• Chinese horoscope for 2014
• Zodiac horoscope for 2014
• Improved support for retina displays
• Horoscope are cached once downloaded resulting in faster downloads and offline access after it was downloaded

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The DailyHoroscope is a horoscope application which is updated on a daily basis.

DailyHoroscope is THE MOST POPULAR horoscope app on many major smart phones. Tout by being the most accurate and compelling horoscope app out there by its users!


• Daily Zodiac horoscope
• Zodiac sign compatibility
• Chinese horoscope for 2013 and 2012
• Zodiac horoscope for 2013
• Get to know your Druid horoscope
• Missed a day-scroll back
• Custom colors and font size (set in app settings)
• Share and save readings

Get your daily horoscope everyday on the go through intuitive and user friendly interface.

With DailyHoroscope, your daily horoscope is just one click away!

Customer Reviews

  • AMAZING APP!!!!!!!

    by Good Apollo I'm Your #1 Fan

    Everything it's told me has been true so far. You should get this app regardless of if you believe in this kind of stuff.

  • Fun app

    by Tebvie

    Actually pretty accurate but then again you can apply anything when you try. It works well and it's fun better than other horoscope apps I've looked at.

  • My favorite app.

    by MarissaEstelle

    Obsessed with this app. It's always spot on.

  • Very accurate

    by B_Cap12

    98% of the time it is spot on

  • Always seems to be on point

    by ...,.,.,,,,/,/,

    I've been looking at this app for about a year now and I love it. It seems to be quite accurate to my day to day life. If you're a believer of horoscope then I highly recommend this app.

  • It made me surprise everyday

    by cozy418

    Unbelievably right things are written. Why does it know so personal thing and advice in it, again, so precise and helpful. I seem be able to grow as a human if I read every day!

  • Absolutely LOVE!!

    by One_love2

  • App error

    by Rubeng4

    Great app! Constantly use it, love it! It's a great resource that I recommend to friends. It comes in real handy for a horoscope freak like me. BUT! The app does not show up on my home page on my iPhone. Instead to open the app I have to go into my App Store and look it up and click "open" as you can imagine these extra few steps are annoying when I frequent and use this app day and night. Please fix as soon as possible. If the problem doesn't lie with the app please tell me where I can go and see to get it fixed. Thank you.

  • Freakishly accurate

    by Cstesia


  • Best in the world

    by Sim lover for ever4321

    Just amazing

  • really accurate

    by billings2004

    it's really accurate just like anyone else said and it has a lot of features I read it every morning

  • Eerily Accurate

    by LaAerial Owens

    Great App, super insightful and incredibly encouraging :-) You will enjoy!


    by Stephiee20

    So accurate and true. I read mine every day! I'd definitely recommend downloading this app

  • Best app ever

    by Chichi_Yayo

    I recommend anyone to get this app. It doesn't lie. It's so great

  • Amazing!


    This has the greatest horoscopes ever. They are so true and you really can tell how much you relate to your sign when reading these.

  • Love it!

    by Junebug44228

    So accurate! I love it! I read it every day!

  • Forget the Hokey Pokey... This is what it's all about !!! Get the App.

    by TakenTonya

    Love this App... !!! I highly recommended this app to all my friends & family who now love it also. At first I was a bit of a sceptic but now it's how I start my day !!! Sometimes I'll wait till the end of the day to check my horoscope just to see how accurate it was and its amazing how on point it always is. Now I won't leave home before I check it because I know I can plan my day around its accuracy... Now thats What I call Amazing !!! Do yourself a favor and download this app you won't regret it. Forget the Hokey Pokey... This is what it's all about !!!

  • Crazy Accurate

    by Zusseth

    It's amazing how dead on this horoscope is and at the same time it's creepy! I think it's very useful. In a way it gives you advice and helps understand what you're going through. Get it!!

  • Get it!

    by Bovoduchie

    Absolutely amazing app! It is scary accurate most of the time. I recommend this very much


    by MusicalReality0523

    Great app! 5 stars for a reason!!

  • Great! :D

    by Jericah<3

    I love this app!

  • Ms

    by NikkiDenee



    by Ryanjohnperry

    This is the most accurate horoscope app I've ever used. I highly recommend this for horoscope lovers.

  • Review

    by Stephaplayin

    Amazing how dead on my horoscopes are!

  • Great app

    by Gauss5546

    This is a great app. I've told my friends to get it. Thanks for putting time into making it great.

  • Yes

    by Thecintz

    My horoscope is on point every single time I check it

  • Addicting!!

    by Turbofox7

    I can play for hours. These games are addicting, fun and the app is very user friendly. Great way to pass the time.

  • Accurate

    by Hades10

    This is so accurate it's creepy.

  • It KNOWS Me!!

    by Best Game On I.

    I know it sounds crazy. I know it's impossible. But the app KNOWS me. It knows my personality, it knows my issues with anger and my silence and... It's FREAKY. It's so exciting, so accurate. Especially the Druid one for me. I've always been disappointed to be a fir tree - but now I see it describes me PERFECTLY! It's so good, I'm using caps!

  • Amazing

    by Moose7511

    It's creepily accurate... Gotta love it!

  • Wow

    by Sinlessbeauty116

    I'm not sure how to rate this bc I'm a Capricorn, and nothing they say about Capricorn relates to me.however after reading all 12 zodiac personality , I identified with libra most and have been reading the libra horoscope since 2009 until now and it has NEVER been wrong, weird huh? It's also accurate for my bf who's an Aquarius and my other friends , it also tells u ur lunar sign , some tree horoscope? And your compatBilty with each signs, been using this app for 5 years, definitely one of my must DL for any phone

  • Moon.

    by Brenterween

    Love this app. It's very poetic. Only room for growth would be to add rising and moon sign aspects.

  • Used to be dead on

    by Brandy L Quinn

    Now its vague and lame. Could apply to any thing/situation. I used to recommend this because it was amazing but something has changed.

  • Love it!!

    by Beaheartsyouu

    It's good and great! I can always see my horoscope everyday and it's amazing thanks!!

  • Excellent app

    by Jim52479

    A really fun

  • Love it

    by Tumi Ayorinde

    I love it . Read it everyday .

  • Great!!

    by iphonelover1896

    I must say this is always on point & leaves me with new insight. Being a huge zodiac buff I love these kind of things & this is one of my favorite apps. Team capricorn!!! Never fails to state the facts!! It really makes me think & know how I feel.

  • Good

    by ClubAmerica98

    It very helpful

  • Love this app!

    by Techno-challenged

    My horoscope is always spot on. :)

  • Love it!

    by Brio15

    Love looking forward to reading this everyday. Almost creepy how much I can relate to what it says! #virgo

  • Feels REAL!

    by MichealSupa

    This is the truth. I remember when I first read it felt to real.

  • Love love love

    by Jaritssa

    Super accurate! I don't know what I would do without it!

  • Amazing

    by SlidThunder


  • Great app!

    by Isiisdivinelove

    Great app. Look forward to this year!

  • Love it

    by YoungGod27

    Would five star it if it was able to tweet to twitter

  • Michael

    by Michael Pickens

    I love this app

  • Great apps

    by Mystique_girl39

    I love it. Everyday before i go to work i check my star thAnk you

  • Mrs

    by Jennah momma

    This app reads me very well I'm very shock!!!!

  • Right on..

    by Sylverfoxpeggy

    Great app...

  • great

    by fosterdirection

    this app is amazing. every single day the horoscope is right on point. its all true and i think that is truly amazing. ive never seen any horoscope that was really true.

  • Nolovelost

    by Locos/wife

    I love this app I look foreword to reading it everyday and most of all so far it is very accurate

  • Love it

    by BGICuties

    Great App!


    by Bcnn

    Update the yearly zodiac!

  • So Intensely Accurate

    by LupeX03

    I'm blown away in its detailed accuracy, I love it! My coworker showed me and its very scarily accurate for all of us, I mean what are the odds of that? Well here are the odds... You ready for this? 100% dead on accurate. Well so far lol :)

  • Awesome

    by  1Chicagoblackhawks

    This app is super accurate than other that I have tried.

  • Horoscopes daily

    by happy wisdoms

    This app is very good!! I like tracking the signs like Taurus, and Cancer. There are also Chinese zodiac signs, like the Rat and the Dragon. The Druid horoscope, I find intriguing. I like this app! One question: Is this accurate?

  • Love it!!!!

    by Nicki I <3 you

    It truly scares me how accurate this app is about 96%of the time I feel like its dead on the other 4% I feel that they take a day off and let someone else write I love the app had it for years and going to continue to use for many more thank you !!!

  • Amazing!!!

    by eveobee

    It knew my personality and everything! I love this app!!!

  • Scary

    by Llamauni

    It's scary how predictable right this app is!

  • Love it!

    by KamKyoni

    Love this app, it has the most accurate horoscopes and never fails to apply to my life. And the compatibility widget is a plus too

  • It's scary accurate!

    by amazineyez

    It is so accurate that it kind of creeps me out. But it's awesome. I have never come across any app that yields so specific details. Love it!


    by BrownSuggar712

    It's not 100% accurate, but some thing are very close to what, I'm going through in my love life. I really like this app!


    by Kekodafreako

    Daily horoscope is literally the most accurate horoscope reading I've ever gotten in my entire life. EVERY SINGLE DAY I receive a reading that is exactly relative to what im dealing with and going through, not only is it always positive advice.. It's also very spiritual and I love that aspect of it. I'm not going to say it is for everybody... Everyone is different, but me, as a Capricorn. I am absolutely in LOVE with this app. And I will ALWAYS download it first. It's a necessity. I love it!

  • It's pretty accurate if I do say so myself

    by Daydayyyyyy

    On point

  • Good app

    by AppleDCP30

    Minus two stars for recently added advertisement.

  • Useful to unwind your mind

    by aacalde

    Nifty app that works w/ slow or fast Internet. Quite accurate when seeking a hint of how to handle your surroundings. 5/5 for relatable 'predictions'

  • Great App

    by Metaphysical Gal

    These daily horoscopes are spot on almost every single time! I'm blown away by their accuracy! I highly recommend this app! Two-Thumbs Up!

  • Crazy good !

    by CassieTene

    I love this app, i feel like it knows me !

  • Love it

    by Bsmike

    It's so accurate it's just amazing

  • Amazing!!! ♡♡♡

    by Bryanaxx

    This app is amazing I literally use it everyday and you wont regret getting it!!!

  • Just what I've been looking for !

    by JessyAnarchy

    I have never come across a Daily Horoscope that was so precise. It really does open my eyes to the things that are right in front of me. Thank you for reading the stars and elaborating them in such an easy to read way ~

  • Motivational

    by Cooladela716

    I really find this app quite motivational. I am not one of those people who believes in astrology religiously, but this app always has a detailed indepth excerpt of motivation or wisdom. I think anyone can find something useful under there sign.

  • Great App

    by cmsaldana

    Needed a replacement for Susan Millers once fabulous astrology app and this was it, detailed daily horoscopes are fantastic.

  • Best of the Best

    by Alicia de NJ

    This has to be the most accurate readings ever!!! Wish I could get personal readings.

  • Perfect Scorpio

    by Jenafalin

    I swear I have little zodiac fairies in my phone bc this app is beyond legit. I could never live without it!

  • N

    by Kdnsnsnid


  • Amazing

    by Veerrrrooonniicccaaa

    At first I was not sure about the whole horoscope idea, but now I love it! It gives me such amazing advice and helps me understand my self and others.

  • Awesome and real!!!

    by Ladan vzr

    I love this app. It's some how so real to me. Check it out for sure.

  • Love it!

    by Paiigeeexo

    I love it but I really would love to be able to share it onto my twitter! Then it will be 5 stars (:

  • Love it

    by Me c j

    I read mine and my boyfriends horoscope every day, and it almost always hits the nail right on the head.

  • Great app!

    by Pink4357

    Gives good advice

  • Rate

    by 7737229924

    Fun to check daily and usually right. Great job keeping up with this app daily and never has glitches

  • Fantastic app!

    by LACityGurl

    This is the best horoscope app I've used in a long time. Very insightful and often surprisingly accurate.

  • Great !

    by DegrassiFean

    Really good . Helps me get through !! & honest .

  • Awesome

    by ?????????????ER

    This app knows exactly what's going on in your life. I love it!

  • Awesome Horoscope

    by Surfside Girl

    I've had this app for about a year now. Thank you for your insights. Keep up the good work. I look forward to my horoscope everyday. Amazingly accurate!

  • Great app

    by Cj_says...

    Prob the best one i found and it makes my day! Haha i got it a week ago, give-or-take, and it's now a habit for me to look at it every morning

  • Absolutely love this app!

    by Dsabetta

    This app seems to be on point each and every time unlike other horoscopes - absolutely love it!

  • Super nice!

    by HollywoodHillsGal

    I really like it, nice and to the point not like other horoscopes that are filled with fluff. It's fun from how strangely accurate it is day to day, I'm not a firm believer in horoscopes by any means but even I've raised my brow at how accurately it applies to my 'sign'. It's a very nice app!

  • Fair

    by Alaroseblu

    I liked this app the first year. Then i realized it gives the exact same horoscope every year on same day.

  • Ms. Bunny

    by The realMz.Bunny

    This app was given to me by my daughter and I tell you, it is so accurate!!! I've told several of my friends and they all agree that this is the most accurate they have ever seen.

  • Incredible

    by Sk8alienworkshop

    Always accurate

  • Love this app!

    by ABF80

    The best and accurate thus far!!!

  • Works great!!!

    by Cdog1120

    this app really works!! im telling you!!!

  • Realist App !

    by Kaaaai

    This app is so accurate it blows my mind ! I absolutely LOVE IT !

  • Great app

    by Lock heart

    Seems like they are following me around and predicting my life.

  • Great app

    by Sunnyd8203

    Been fun to use. Informative

  • Love this app

    by Merrushe

    Actually LOVE this app


    by inonezip

    I feel like whoever writes in the Gemini horoscope on this is secretly stalking me. In other words, splendid app (~•_•)~

  • Good stuff

    by KrisyH417

    Love it

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