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Seller: Lemon, Inc.

We're excited to announce that Lemon Wallet has been acquired by LifeLock.

- You can now connect unlimited payment cards with your bank to track spending and balances on the go -- For Free.
- Access to LifeLock's Identity Theft Protection right through the app
- Rebranding of the app from Lemon Wallet to LifeLock wallet. All your information remains secure and accessible anytime.
- 2 one time $0.99 in-app purchases: Customize your wallet with new skins and prioritize unlimited cards with Favorites.

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The new LifeLock Wallet™ app brings you the convenience of a mobile wallet and on-the-go access to the most comprehensive identity theft protection available.

With this free app you can store information about all the cards in your wallet—ID, membership, gift, loyalty and payment cards—so you can access them from anywhere. In the event of wallet loss or theft, we will help cancel your payment cards conveniently with one call.
You can even choose to upload a digital image right through the app. With a click of your camera, all of your cards will be organized in folders for quick access. Bring your credit cards to life with credit card balance updates, spending by category and credit card purchase tracking at a transaction level – all in one place to help monitor for fraud.
Our security and password protection keep your personal information protected, and all of this convenience and protection is free for anyone to use!

LifeLock® identity theft protection members can view alerts in the app and use the proprietary Not Me® technology to respond immediately if the activity is fraudulent. LifeLock’s Identity Alert® system proactively detects fraud attempts to protect members before the damage can be done.* If you are a current LifeLock member, just enter the username and password from your LifeLock member account.

Additional features available for LifeLock members in the app include:

•Proactive Alerts – Receive push notifications of alerts and respond immediately, “No, this was not me,” to confirm fraudulent activities*
•Monthly Credit Score – Helps you identify important changes and see how your credit score is trending over time (requires LifeLock Ultimate™ membership)
•Valuable Tips – Expert tips, news and information to help you protect yourself from identity theft
•Information Security – No LifeLock account information is stored on your mobile device, so even if you lose it, your identity is protected
•Easy Contact – Call a U.S.-based Member Services agent 24/7/365 at 1-800-LifeLock

*Network does not cover all transactions and scope may vary.

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Customer Reviews

  • No password default - otherwise good

    by Music Zone

    This is a good app, but read below on making sure you add a passcode! I've been a lifelock member for several years and just found this app. I was SO surprised that I had to search for a way to lock the access to it. It locks with a 4 digit pin you create. With all the protection lifelock offers and the way they educate continually about identity theft, you would think the app would prompt me to create a password. Otherwise, lose my phone and everything I have entered is as easy as clicking the app. I found this a very nice app otherwise - you take a picture of the credit cards, organize them as you wish, it links to the credit card company website for balances and alerts if you wish, and it looks like this is a way to enter more than the 5 credit card limit on the website (paid subscriber). It also scans receipts which I have to investigate further.

  • Useful

    by Loydkids

    Very useful

  • Excellent! 5 stars!

    by TheMultiverse

    Get this app. It could save you a lot of headache if you lose your wallet or purse, or if (heaven forbid) they are stolen. Great app, easy to use. I don't recommend signing in with Facebook, not necessary. Just create a new account with your email. Also, make sure to go to settings > add passcode/passlock for the app itself. Of course, always put a passcode on your phone also! Thanks to the developers for making this app. I'm sure it can and will help a lot of people.

  • Not bad. Still in trial period.

    by John Fredrick

    I downloaded this app do organize my information and at have a backup for emergencies. I am very skeptic about putting actual bank or credit card info on an app, so im only testing it with photo I.D.'s. The auto capture for photos is a bit annoying. It took me a few tries to figure out the mechanics behind it. In order to get a perfect picture crop of your card, you have to focus the shutter lens really close, and zoom out slowly and the picture will snap automatically and capture it perfectly. The vibrate on capture i believe makes the picture quality blurry. Vibrate is not needed. Not really a negative quality, just wish there was maybe a hint or tip option to instruct you how to take the picture. I really don't care for the Facebook connect feature. I think like most people, i want my information private and secure. I want nothing to do with any kind of social media feature when it comes to sensitive information. If you remove this feature I believe many more people will find this app more trustworthy. On the plus side, your app is the cleanest interface I have seen for a virtual wallet. None in the market are anywhere as clean and user friendly. Im still testing this app and giving a try. I will update latter with any more useful information.

  • LifeLock

    by Marychiles Pamelar-Harmon

    Fabulously user-friendly...A MUST HAVE APP!

  • Great App, BUT

    by The Mr Eric

    I want to be able to have Life-lock check my CC expends but it will not allow me to completely log on to USAA Banking. Once it prompts me for my pin and I enter it, it than ask me a security question without erasing the pin entry, causing me to always enter the wrong answer. HELP LIFELOCK!

  • Great App

    by Fjlitehsebear

    Really Great app No major problems that I've found

  • Good

    by fadhel naji


  • Could be so much better

    by jhewey

    Works good for storing all your wallet contents and not much else. Could be much more.

  • Haha

    by Ratmoneyson

    This app is good. That be awesome. I am a boy.

  • Very nice...except shoving Facebook on every turn

    by TXPamIAm

    Very organized. Flexible. A good start. Nice color clarity is pleasing to the eye and info is easy to read. Would have given 5 stars if the app had these improvements: -Lose the Facebook ties. Period. Talk about major conflict of interest. -let us label own wallet cards (eg insurance, AAA, permits, state or govt ID for officers civilians military etc) - more than one address - 2 phone numbers (not one) - list wallet/set a separate second number since most people now own only a mobile (if it's lost, that's not who to call) - also add email to lost wallet - add account retrieval questions - work on camera quality. Moving the camera to frame photo for auto snap pretty much guaranteed it won't be sharp. - photo frame not well thought out. Not all cards are symmetrical and risk cutting off info. - need a way to print all this out for a home copy for travel and police reporting and fax purposes if phone and wallet are both stolen !!

  • Surprisingly Useful

    by Exile714

    I got this while on a mobile payment search and was disappointed that you couldn't use it for purchases (at least I can't, though it may be possible with gift card bar codes I guess). I decided not to delete it and boy am I happy I did. Why? Because I use it way more than I expected. I used to have to grab my wallet every time I needed something in it, say for ordering pizza or when filling out a government doc that needs my drivers license number. No big deal, just walk a few feet to get it, right? Yeah, but then I either forget where I put my wallet or worse, leave the card I needed out and find it missing when I need it. First world problems I know... But whatever, there's an app for that. My one complaint is that the screen darkens but is still visible from multitasking. I keep my phone locked down and when unlocked the app is unsecure, but still why not just go black? I wish Apple would open up TouchID for app unlocks, as that would fit here. No points against this app for that though, just Apple for now.

  • Pretty Good but....

    by PAldridge

    Overall good ...

  • Love This App ...

    by Trappin Aint Dead

    I recommend this app to anyone who likes viewing there bank account often. This application is very good. What I like the most about this app is the spending summary for each bank card shows you exactly what your money is being spent on. It's a easier way to view your online banking accounts all in one app.

  • Hey

    by Lizzie Fisher

    It's really easy to use. It looks pretty good. And it saves me from carrying a bulky wallet. Even manages bank stuff. Cool. Lol.

  • Does all I need simple and effective

    by Saucjim

    Does all I need and is easy and effective

  • Ian Shoff

    by Eaglescout Ian#1

    This is a wonderful app just what everyone needs !

  • Love it

    by iOS 7 upgrade

    Berry good

  • Why the bad reviews?

    by Terrie Powers

    Just downloaded this out of curiosity. So I haven't had much time with this app. But reading the negative reviews... omg, can't fix stupid. So facebook: there's a button to tap in below it and you can just use your email. The horrible pictures: why would you want it to be crystal clear? The card is in your hand to take the picture anyways so you can just read off of your card right there. I think taking pictures of your credit card is useless. You have to type in the info after snapping pictures. Now what I like. Organization. Pass code (look for it in the settings). I can put all of my cards on this thing. Like one reviewer said, it makes a good back up. I can put in my bank's phone number so everything's there and neat. 4 stars for ease, simpleness and this app doesn't deserve such low ratings. It didn't take long to setup and all that. I'll give it 5 stars once I've had it for some time and no issues.

  • Life Saver

    by tonania

    This is app is awesome. Love having all my cards in my phone instead of having to carry them all around. And my cards are much easier to find this way as well.

  • Image handling really really needs work.

    by chippwalters

    For the most part, I like this app. But, unfortunately it has a fatal flaw. You can't edit images nor can you import images from the camera roll. Many times already have a photograph or something that I have been forwarded that I want to put into this app and I cannot do it. So, for me, it's useless.

  • Lemon is right

    by Ladyhawk 5

    Can't get the app to send me a code to log in. Lame lemon!

  • Update to Lifelock from Lemon not so good

    by Dreemgirl

    Since Lifelock took over Lemon Wallet, it no longer requires a password...not so secure. I used to LOVE Lemon Wallet, but I can't keep my secure info on Lifelock. What's the point if having it, if you can't keep your secure info on it?

  • Very buggy

    by Hate_ads

    This app is buggy as he'll! Cards disappear, can't edit card photos, slow, keeps asking me to verify my email and when a card disappears or is deleted the spending does not refresh like it should. Lifelock, this is an extension of you company...very bad execution! Fix it!


    by Craponacraker

    Ever since I was FORCED to upgrade to the wallet version I have been unable to access at all!!! I wish they had a negative star rating. On that I would rate them minus 10,000!

  • A lot of improvements needed

    by SMauriceR

    - Drop the Facebook interface. - Allow picture retake and import. - Provide a more secure password. - Add "not applicable" for expiration dated and CVV. Some credit cards don't have expiration dates. App forces you to enter one. Same for CVV. - Allow entry of spaces and letters for credit card numbers that are not automatically recognized. - Add fields for user name an PIN for payment cards. - Allow user to bypass/ignore the Luhn Algorithm. Once these issues are addressed, you will deserve five stars.

  • A lot of improvements needed

    by SMauriceR

    - Drop the Facebook interface. - Allow picture retake and import. - Provide a more secure password. - Add "not applicable" for expiration dated and CVV. Some credit cards don't have expiration dates. App forces you to enter one. Same for CVV. - Allow entry of spaces and letters for credit card numbers that are not automatically recognized. - Add fields for user name an PIN for payment cards. - Allow user to bypass/ignore the Luhn Algorithm.

  • Good when it was Lemon

    by mamacha

    Can't get past the new TOS after Lemon became LifeLock. Cannot use.

  • It used to work.

    by VirtualStash

    Lemon Wallet used to work. This app doesn’t. Automatic picture taking doesn’t work. No feedback.

  • Lost Info

    by MrStenoMan

    Somehow in the upgrade from Lemon Wallet, it lost my membership card details. You can't shop at Sam's without a membership card. This app was my backup for when/if I lose my card and it just failed me!

  • lifelucky

    by tampaartist

    passcode did not come up so anyone with my phone could get my card numbers

  • Had to read a little further

    by R077

    The whole concept is a great idea in itself. The Facebook thing did bug me but the one thing that completely turned me off was what I read on their (lifelock/lemon inc.) website. It says under the section "is my data safe", "We suggest users turn on the App Lock feature for LifeLock Wallet and in the unfortunate case where your phone is lost or stolen, you can unlink your device via the web." This tells me that I have to buy the total package to use ONE app. I've heard good things about lifelock but I'm not ready to commit to it just yet.

  • Very time consuming

    by Blue H20

    Confusing options. If you back up to main you will have to fully resign in every single time I just wanted to see all the options it made me sign in over 10 times. I sent in a question through the app saw they responded so I signed in to the app. Now I can not find their reply to my question.

  • Do not want a wallet just access to lifelock.


    I could care less about having a wallet where I store all my cards digitally that's what I have a real wallet for. I just want to be able to login and view my LifeLock data. Each screen you visit requires you to re-login which is extremely annoying. Deleted. This is the first 1 star review I've ever written. The app should be made for the consumer. I have a subscriber of LifeLock. I did not ask them for a digital wallet. If they remove the constant logging in I would give this app 3 stars. I still would not use it because it links to Facebook, because it wants to store my cards & ID's in my phone which I don't feel comfortable with and do not need.

  • You Paid 50M And Messed it up

    by jc ihtif

    I have been using this App for a long time, I had gone through several iPhones and this Wallet had never lost any of my info. And now Thanks to Lifelock's account management I cannot for the love of God retentive my account! Now after entering and scanning cards for the third time. I still have no access to my data. To make matter worse it cannot even find my account to cancel it all. Highly recommend you do not connect your Facebook account with it. Because these folks are collecting your info and expanding their own ambitions unlike the older wallet app which was straight up digital wallet storage.

  • No Real Security!

    by Step II

    When anyone can log in by simply clicking a button for a forgotten PIN number & that temp number goes to an email account on the phone, you have to be nuts to keep your credit cards and other info in this app. It should be setup so that you have to go to the lifelock web site to get a new pin.

  • Bad photo capability

    by Howardnewkirk

    It takes the photos of the cards so they are out of focus and twisted. Stupid way to do it.

  • Really?

    by Rclarkc

    Is this the same programmers working on the healthcare web page? Surely your working on getting this pass code fixed! FRUSTRATING!

  • White power

    by Jfkdlsmxjsksnd

    WHITE POWER!!!!!


    by Mamaovtwinz

    iPhone 4S I can't even sign up! Step 1&2 fine then step 3, I try to put in my spouses info, the keyboard won't stay up. I get a flash up then down. Ok NP I'll just skip and pay so the credit card info I have in there is secure. NOPE! The keyboard in step 4 won't stay open. Now I'm scared! I have info in and I can't protect it. This is suppose to be the worlds most secure credit monitoring company, yet their basic intro page is terribly flawed. I can't figure out how to delete the card or the fact I entered my SS # at one point. Yes I deleted and reinstalled the ap. No change. Terribly disappointing. I really thought this was going to be awesome. Well it's not! I should have believed the other low star ratings. I know it will get fixed but until then..... Don't do it!!

  • Unable to use wallet app

    by Lakeman1234

    After many attempts to download credit and debit cards to lifelock wallet app it still does not work. I was told to wait for new update!

  • Can't Upload but Good app

    by Green zombie

    I like the app so far but you can't reedit a picture wich not so bad but my biggest dislike is that you can't upload pictures directly from your camara roll!! I rather scan the picture in my air scan and upload to have a better image but Im obligated to take a picture of my Id and thats no good! If they add this I'm sold!!

  • Great App

    by Someone0525

    Pretty neat it's actually helped me keep track of my finances a hell of a lot better and that's saying something considering I'm 20 yrs old

  • Hi

    by Awesome Beartic


  • Don't get it!! Ripoff!!!

    by Joanna Lessor

    I was really happy w/Lemon Wallet, even paid for the Premium service & loved it!!!! Now that they changed to "LifeLock"(I don't trust them!) all the $$ I paid for premium services is a waste!!! I want my $$$ back! At least w/changing & becoming LifeLock you could have given us Premium members the same services we had before! NOW you want more $$$$ from me! WTH? It's bulls**t! LifeLock is crap! Can't even access my cards because the update DELETED ALL OF THEM!! Now I'm DELETING LifeLock! Also not a good idea to be linked to Facebook! Duh! Not safe...

  • LifeLock

    by Good grief135839427

    Works well I like it

  • Can't take clear pictures of credit card

    by HunterDG

    App always takes credit card picture too soon, end up with blurry unfocused image (especially back of credit cards). Come on, give me a manual capture button for cards (like with receipts) or let me import a high-res image from my camera roll. Also missing the automatic receipt processing. That was really cool while it worked.

  • Nope to Facebook

    by Scott Sea

    I read on a review that you have to have/use Facebook to use features. Didn't even sign up. Deleted. Change this and I'll look again.

  • Very impressive

    by Redeemed0904

    It does store my personal and confidential data

  • Too many bugs

    by wtrwmn

    And the Facebook idea is terrible!! Luckily, I just entered a rarely used debit card with pocket change available. Delete! I prefer storing my private info in my Keeper app, which feels MUCH more secure, has a much more user-friendly interface, and syncs all my devices. Plus KEEPER knows how to send an email for confirmation of new account activation. Duh!!!

  • Annoying ugly pictures

    by KabaGoge

    The "auto" picture feature is stupid and it makes all my cards look ugly and as if it was taken by a 3 year old. Then you can't change the picture or manually take a picture. It's annoying that all of my cards can't be beautiful and professional. Fix it!

  • Not User Friendly

    by MissChargers619

    Once I turned on the app lock feature and signed out, everything was gone. I HATE THIS APP NOW. I've entered all my stuff twice & verified my account via email, created a PIN, but when I close the app and reopen, it wants me to create a new account from scratch. Also - Unable to edit blurry photos- the app should allow the option to use or retake photo, rather than deleting the whole card and starting over.

  • Personal information

    by Mariacote

    I really like the app, but when I was half way into putting all my personal information including passwords and the 3 digits on the back of my card I got afraid, who can prove me that it's safe to put all my personal information in here and it won't get stolen? I didn't finish and I erased everything I did. Too afraid to use it.

  • Good.

    by Biggdog_Jau

    Even after life lock bought this app from the creator the quality hasn't dropped. Keep it up

  • Needs improvement

    by 1RAIDER1

    Not very intuitive, poor help screens, Lifelock wants money for add ons even if you are a subscriber, this app really needs work

  • Finally!!

    by 23Pink3y

    Love this!! I hate walking with a wallet full of cards!! Easy & always reliable!!

  • Finally!!

    by 23Pink3y

    Love this!! I hate walking with a wallet full of cards!! Easy & always reliable!!

  • Love this app!

    by /matt

    This app is a lifesaver and I love not having to carry around a bunch of cards.

  • Logs you out every time you click the back button

    by Superfly151

    I'm one of the few people that got this app because of the life lock protection services. Unfortunately it's worthless accessing using this app. Whenever you click "back" or quit the app it logs you out. Makes the whole "app lock" pin feature stupid because with that enabled you have to enter a pin and then log in again. Belt and suspenders or just redundant? Can't comment on the lemon thing. I do wish that feature were more mature though since not everyone supports passbook (it's 2014, c'mon folks). Anyhow, the app is more annoying than useful. I'm pretty sure the folks at lifelock aren't users of their own app or this stuff would already be fixed.

  • Pic stitch

    by Ashanti_Unofficial

    I only installed it for pic stitch

  • LifeLock Wallet .....:)

    by MountainMan614

    It is what it is. Designed by lemon you get a lemon.

  • Terrible

    by Jjd425


  • Support?

    by wlmorin

    Virtually no support since LifeLock took over. Wallet finds USAA and NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union in the bank’s name section, but despite several attempts at entering my online login information have been unsuccessful. I get a Credentials Error despite having entering the correct credentials.

  • Good App

    by TJEnigma19

    I love this app! Easy to shop online too!

  • Great app needs some help

    by B B Williams

    This app is great but it needs some help. Can add categories can't edit categories I have the need to add certification values in there and can't add them. Needs more flexibility otherwise great app should also be able to add family categories and cannot add family IDs that's not good. This wallet needs family categories. Otherwise a great app. BW

  • Nagging cow by MTCaddy

    by cmeb4uleave

    It works fine. Don't ill being nagged to scan in money cards. Bothered by Lifelock's interest in my money.

  • So far so good.

    by @facevalue

    This merge of Life lock with Lemon Wallet has been a pleasant one so far. Actually the app is pretty much the same. However I have noticed some very minor differences. So, I was very surprised when so many people gave the new app bad rating simply because they loved the Lemon Wallet. Yes, the app icon has changed but that is just about the biggest change I have ran across. I also noticed that some of my cards were deleted when the apps merged; it was a pain reentering them but in my opinion it was a very understandable situation. Also I did not do the FB login option however I was still able to enter my licenses etc.. So far the only time it asks me to login to FB is when I tap on the shadow figure where my picture should go on the wallet owner info slot.

  • Perfect phone wallet

    by Angry Coot

    Love it! Once I got my cards loaded up, and went into settings loaded my pass code PIN. This app works like a charm. I no longer need to carry all those random reward cards in my old wallet.

  • Appnana

    by Ezio110909

    I only got it for appnana points

  • Not that great

    by liam_photo

    Hard to digitize a wallet when this app when most businesses don't accept this type of app as payment. Some other problems: 1. It changes barcodes into QR codes. I couldn't convert my student ID to this because my college uses bar code scanners that do not support QR. 2. Taking photos of cards is terrible, pics come out blurry and the auto focus never works. Can't import a food photo then with the native camera app. 3: Why must I log into Facebook to put in some ID cards? Since it doesn't do what I need I will be deleting my account. I had heard Lemon was very good. But it seems lifelock has not done it justice.

  • Mr

    by Shad1111


  • I like this app !!

    by Flanny 26

    I am using this app to store/ keep track of the gift cards and balances I have. Also just uploaded my membership cards too. I think this app is pretty easy to use so far.

  • Terrible!

    by iDextor

    This app is terrible! The automatic capture feature is completely unacceptable. The app snaps the picture BEFORE there is an opportunity to properly position the image. And there should be a way to take and edit front and back images of your cards with the iPhone camera app, and then upload them instead of the app taking the picture, which does not work well at all. I cannot believe that life lock released such a lousy product. You should be ashamed! Do not download this app. It's quite frustrating!

  • Nice but could be better

    by Coooooooooooooool dude yeah

    Would be nice if you could edit the photo. Eg I have a new insurance card every 6 months. And I have to create a whole new card each time.

  • Bad

    by Drewbert84

    Aweful pictures and difficult to edit. What's the point of having a photo of your cards if you can't read them.

  • Thank You lifelock and lemon wallet

    by Taureans77

    Finally, coming close to a wallet-less society. There is a PIN set up for security. Love that it tracks bank and credit card transactions. I don't have to keep on logging in and out of different banks and credit cards just to check balances or if there are fraudulent charges. Best of all, if my phone gets lost, I can just erase my iPhone remotely. Unlike if I have lost my wallet then I call each bank to cancel a card. Plus all the safety that lifelock gives me...thanks !

  • Life lock

    by Literacy dude

    This app was great for storing my bcards and credit cards. I really like the features. Now if only me phone had a pocket for my d license and cash then I could get rid my other wallet

  • Cool!

    by ruiribeirotk

    Nice app to organize cards.

  • S E C U R I T Y A L E R T!!!

    by Imafatass

    No password protection for this application! Really? From an app now owned by Lifelock?

  • Useful

    by RingoGrey

    No longer carry most cards :)

  • Love it!

    by ddavissports

    This is the perfect combination of security and convenience! Great app!

  • Thanks for messing up Lemon Wallet

    by Sabiá

    I loved lemon wallet and this app has changed to try and have more if your information than I'm comfortable giving. Why do I need to sign in with Facebook to save my ID??? From now on I'm saving all my ID's in a photo album. Whoever bought out Lemon Wallet should kill themselves for ruining a very useful app!

  • convenient

    by Sara

    love the app, saved me from losing one of my cards!! I was first a little scared about privacy, but that was definitely not an issue I realized later on

  • Lost features

    by elisahidalgo91

    Passbook integration, where did it goo??? Images look blurry too

  • Auto capture fails

    by fbcsdale

    Why have an auto capture that doesn't work nor give you an opportunity to frame your own picture. Pointless without being able to get a picture.

  • Used to be Great. Now About to Delete Account

    by DPD87

    Lemon wallet was great for the main purpose I installed the app. It automatically scanned receipts which kept my info safe, secure, consolidated and organized. I was able to throw away my old paper receipts to get rid of clutter. For some reason the feature was tossed. Now I will be tossing the app. Thanks for the memories.

  • Right Idea but...

    by Mr WatDa

    When storing a receipt it cannot capture from the photo library. It has to be an actual receipt that you have to scan in front of you. Not as good as shoeboxed or onereceipt.

  • Great

    by iKizziah

    I think this app works great!

  • STUPIDEST APP OF THE WORLD and so not cool that you do not give out the 2nd 3rd 4th generation ipad

    by Synthia02


  • Nice one

    by Never basic

    Wow cool good app

  • To much!

    by Kaboomite

    Life lock should be a separate app, like it was before. I don't (and won't) digitalize my wallet, so this app is useless fluff.

  • Scam alert

    by Grizlee adms


  • Unsure!

    by Lesalpn

    Privacy concerns!

  • Does NOT Work

    by Thomas Hoffmann

    Cannot confirm my password change when asked security questions. The keyboard blocks the user's ability to enter the answer the last security question... Such a simple tasks that doesn't work. This shows they never validated the software... Furthermore, this is such a STUPID mistake that I question lifelock's credibility. A monkey could catch this mistake if the software was tested before release!!!

  • Deleted My I.D. Cards!!


    I was out of town and had my wallet stollen, I thought I was smart enough to had thought ahead in case of something like that happening and I copied my Driver's License to what used to be "Lemon Wallet" & now is "Lifelock Wallet" (I never received a notification of a change), but when I went to show proof of my I.D. all of the contents that I had stored in "Lemon Wallet" were gone. Not very comforting, or trustworthy. Will not be using this app anymore.

  • Easy to use

    by Flmglsbds

    The first time I checked out this app, I read the reviews and decided not to purchase. I wish I had investigated it myself, because some of the problems people were having were user error. I found that in the case where someone said: there's no password lock on the app. There is a password lock in settings. Someone else said that: why do you have to sign into Facebook to put your license ID card in? In reality, you do not have to sign into Facebook,just press the button at the bottom of the page to take a picture of your license and proceed from there. I feel that my credit cards and information are safe with LifeLock. They haven't let me down yet. I love all the benefits I get from LifeLock. I'm able to check my balances on my credit cards, look at all purchases made, where they were made, When they were made and then I can track all my expenses with this app also. For somebody with ADHD this is the best organizational app I have found. Love it!!

  • Okay

    by Katbat1111111

    I think the app is okay. First time user. I don't like the 99 cent skins, which are only solid colors. Just plain ugly. My pin works fine to enter the app. I just want to make sure this wallet can be used everywhere. I HATE THR FACEBOOK LOG IN! Why on earth would I link my mobile wallet to a social networking site? Dumb. That's just dumb. Come on now. Make it more attractive please. It makes my eyes soar.

  • Adequate

    by arlene55

    Too many steps to enter a loyalty card.

  • Scares me..used cc from wallet to pay sub

    by Seattle87654

    I would not trust lifelock, lemon was good...used my cc in my wallet to pay subscription ...locks you out and wants fb login..why? Looking for a better wallet

  • Extremely Disappointing

    by Sardinian1

    The original LifeLock app worked well. The new one is terrible with many bugs and poor features - had to register e-mail address multiple times (still asks every time I try to log in); should NEVER be associated with FB; tried to set PIN to access the app multiple times but it never took. Very clunky app. I'm a first time LifeLock member before this app came out; my confidence level in the company just plummeted. Fix it fast or I'm taking my business elsewhere and will never recommend to others.

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