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  • Updated: Nov, 11 2010
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Called the "Wikipedia of interior and exterior design" by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 2,000,000 high resolution photos. Browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual ideabook — it's the equivalent of clipping design magazines to a scrapbook — making ideas easier to search, save, and share. Experience Houzz.com as an iPad app and save your photos locally for offline access. Join the discussion and get the community to help with your design dilemmas. Find everything from products curated by our editorial team to top-rated local designers, architects, contractors and other home pros who can help you realize your ideas. The best part is, browsing your ideabook, they'll get exactly what you're trying to do.

What the Press has to say about Houzz:
• "A digital look book for interior-decorating ideas" - The Wall Street Journal.
• "It's the Flickr of design idea sites" - The Washington Post. • "One of the most comprehensive collections of home design images on the iPad" - The Independent.
• "Could be the ultimate home decorating resource!" - Fox43 / WPMT-TV.
• "Quite an addictive site" - San Francisco Chronicle

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Customer Reviews

  • Great source

    by Desingbox

    Love to use this app to jog creativity & help clients be clear on what their style is & what they like

  • Fantastic and inspiring!!

    by Keljeanwes

    I have gotten so many good ideas!

  • It's a dream come true!!

    by fred kamin

    I don't usually write reviews but....houzz is an app that I completely adore!! I spent lots of down time just browsing the different photos and creating idea books. I have virtually built my own dream house on houzz. I love it!! Perfect for anyone obsessed with design.

  • Houzz the Great!

    by Sfahnisha

    Love this app.

  • Great site!

    by zasdf

    This is my go to App to find great ideas! A picture is worth a thousand words and even more ideas! Wonderful site!

  • Houzz Rockzz

    by Emybecca

    Houzz is a great app. My husband and I recently bought a new house and I was able to organize and keep ideas for just about every room. Each aspect of design and decor were easily maintained, including where to find and buy particular pieces. Houzz app really helped me visualize my decor dreams.

  • great app

    by 小云nini

    This app really provides me with some fantastic idea of decoration!

  • Nice home app

    by .......

    Relevant articles and good layout.

  • Inspiring

    by Ayelet Designs

    Love Houzz and this app is great!! Very useful, friendly and inspiring! Besides of being fun to use, it's a great tool of communication! Ayelet Designs

  • Please show floor plans!

    by Kinhy

    I enjoy this app very much, I use it for ideas constantly. I would like to see floor plans along with these beautiful homes and pictures. I feel this would be beneficial to the app users as well as create business opportunities for the architects, designers and builders.

  • Great app

    by TheLainster

    Many awesome ideas!

  • Love this app!

    by TerriVA

    The pictures in this app are beautiful and so full of information! The whole website is user-friendly. I can spend lots of fun time just looking and studying. Great resource for decorating!

  • Bevie

    by EddieBCuervo

    Excellent app. I always enjoy getting my notice for a new newsletter. Lots of great information. One of my favorite apps that I use routinely.

  • Pretty Cool Ish

    by Sterling B

    User friendly. Great ideas. Helpful community. What more could a guy want?

  • Specific audience

    by Big Dan westerhauser

    Generally it caters to an affluent audience as indicated by the photos and the products. I have to go to the articles to find something outside this. I am likely not your audience, but would appreciate seeing images in my financial range. I am not talking cheap, but rather eclectic. Give it some thought. I am anxious to see what you come up with.this may take more work than making your rounds at the latest home show.

  • Searches are frustrating

    by Carlyparly

    No question this app is an expansive resource for design ideas. I use it often...but, searches are frustrating. Images appear that do not fit the description entered in the search box. This means sorting through superfluous images to find ones that match the criteria needed.

  • Favorite

    by Bellebabyrun

    Before I do anything in my house, I look through Houzz. I have tons of images saved for my dream kitchen and master bath. I even found an architect that I'm going to use for the projects.

  • highly recommended!!!

    by SamRa cee

    love it!!!

  • Excellent content and interface, buggy

    by Ibdrummin342

    I've been using this app for 2 years now, I love the content. I open and browse a couple hours a week. However, some photos haven't been loading recently, and have lead to app crashes. Please fix this, and I will happily rate 5 stars!

  • Yes

    by Katherine drago

    Nice ,easy to navigate site

  • App asked for a rating

    by denguydj

    The app asked me to rate it this does nothing more than anger me.

  • (((

    by Nonicknamepleasej

    The app is great if it didn't have some issues. I did Enjoyed it for a few days..then it would close as soon as I open it..,please fix it. K, I found some suggestion that if you delete app from you device and download it again it should still have all of your ideabooks , so I did that and it's working now

  • POS app

    by JLG9977

    Love the website but all I see on the app is a bunch of houzz logos instead of the photos. What crap!

  • It was good

    by Foxrox208

    All of a sudden the images are loading very slow

  • Helped us custom build

    by Benny1232


  • Houzz

    by Karen Donofrio

    Great resource! Getting ready to sell and build. Tons of ideas! Great new looks. House is making the process so much fun.

  • I recommend this site

    by Utzmom

    I really enjoy all the pictures! Great idea makers! I like to browse the photos and dream! I tell a lot of people about it.

  • Big help for remodeling

    by Phxnewgal

    Our contractor recommended it and it's taken a lot of stress out of choosing new kitchen contents.

  • Best App I have!

    by dag0258

    Houzz is like a never ending decorating, home improvement, design magazine geared to whatever you are interested in. Awesome!

  • I love this app!!!!!

    by ILEANA 2014

    This app is wonderful

  • Great app

    by Rossprof

    Great app....lots if ideas...very inspiring and helpful

  • Great ideas just a touch away

    by TRGlosser

    I love this app. There are so many great photos with awesome ideas. I highly recommend this app to anyone in need of some creative home design inspiration!

  • Great easy to use app

    by Ladyhart95

    I LOVE this app! Better than searching through magazines for ideas. This is a one stop shop and idea source.whether it's a new home or old this gives you excellent ideas and a great place to store them!

  • Awsome

    by Asc1217

    Best app ever

  • Love it!

    by Krissie99

    This app has a great design and anyone can figure it out. It has amazing ideas from different! designers, different styles, and we have been using a lot of the ideas for when we build our house. My only complaint(and this isn't the app's fault) is that when you ask the designers questions and they never respond. It should be a requirement that if you post pics you have to be willing to answer questions! :) overall, love, love, love it!!

  • Fantastic Design App

    by Justin Kestler

    Terrific in every way, a rare achievement

  • Houzz Interior Design

    by Sks47

    I do like this app. Enjoy the pictures and dream of making my home like a million of yours!!

  • I given up purchasing design magazines. This app does it all!!

    by "Aaaargghh!"

    I crazy love this app!

  • Houzz

    by Gbmetro

    I love this app. The photos are great. I actually made design decisions from some of the photos.

  • Designer in my mind

    by Barsntone

    I'm addicted to Houzz!

  • Awesome app!

    by Christhegirl

    Easy to navigate, beautiful layout, with hundreds of different ideas to learn from, and not to forget, how-tos and explanation of materials.

  • Exceptional App

    by HouzzAddict Designer

    Interior Designer by trade, absolutely the best site for expressing my ideas to my clients visually. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words is exemplified by the Houzz app!!!

  • Good App That Drains Battery

    by Boston Designer

    I love Houzz. I'm an interior designer who uses this app with clients to share ideas. I also have my own work showcased there. My big complaint about the app is that it immediately drains the battery. My iPhone went from 40% to 0 in just a few minutes. My new iPad Air crashed using it last night. Please fix this and then I can give the app 5 stars.

  • Real World Decorating, Building, Updating Ideas at Houzz

    by Betmm

    if you haven't yet tapped the overflowing ideas at Houzz, today's the day. It's pricing, new ideas--and practical inspiration all wrapped into an app. Amazing.

  • Best interior design app

    by FIBlake

    By far the best in its category. Easy to search, view the high resolution pictures, and save for later reference. Love it.

  • The Best ideas ever

    by El Alba

    It is a Great tool to make your dreams come to reality, thanks, thanks and thanks for such as great work.

  • Almost perfect

    by PalomarLexKY

    Perfect with one exception - no slideshow. Add an easy to use slideshow for my Houzz and you've achieved perfection.

  • Love this app

    by SG700

    I have always searched for an app like this and I am so glad I found it. You can search however you want and tons of pictures show up. I designed my house thanks to this app. Love it.

  • Great app!

    by Iconic max

    User friendly and fun to browse!

  • Great Ap

    by Victory field

    Love the articles, pictures and features.

  • Great App

    by Dimbobbing

    I think this is the best app for home design that there is. Thousands of pictures on all subjects for the home. Being a professional I find this help very helpful in my business and with clients.

  • LOVE it!!!

    by GRITS1234

    This app is invaluable! Love it!

  • Great App

    by cd13

    I love Houzz and the supportive and helpful design community it fosters. It is my go-to place for ideas when I get stuck with my own home renovation.

  • Awesome!

    by SMcGuire45

    Best house or remodeling app out there! Very slick design, fast and actually offers information and pricing info. I'd rate it 10 stars if possible.

  • Favorite app for me!

    by Diannstunes

    Had friend recommend and if your looking for ideas to improve your living space, tons of ideas. One of my favorite apps.

  • Eng. Othman like Houzz

    by Basba2003

    It is wonderful app i like it a lot

  • Absolutely wonderful

    by Giddysgurl

    I just want to know if there is an international version?

  • LOVE

    by Bvenny

    This is the best app for those of us who love looking at decor and designs. It has so many ideas and is a great tool for any homeowner! 6 stars!

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Lhejka52

    There are so many things I like about this app.

  • What a find!

    by Luxvitae

    Wonderful app. Excellent information, gorgeous pictures. A great resource for lovers of interior design.

  • My Bathroom That Houzz Built

    by Mary Warren7

    Took the hook with the Houzz style,variety,and price ranges. Eagerly anticipating ideas with each newsletter, I was able to visualize perfect fixtures, colors, vanity, and wall hanging for my now finished throne room.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    by ediesgirl

    I go to this site for ideas and inspiration and I always find both. But, once I get into this site, I just go on and on. I want to see every photo. I love this site. It's beautiful and imaginative and full of useful information.

  • Houzz

    by jawad fageha

    It's a great app

  • New Construction not such a nightmare when you can HOUZZ

    by KW787

    We have been Houzzers for 2 years, collecting as much inspiration as we can for our new construction home in Iowa. Our "rustic contemporary" taste has been fulfilled by pix on the site! Also advice on mixing metals or types of countertops have guided us to make good decisions. We have even purchased products from suggested retailers. We are in the final stages of construction and hope to post pix on the site and maybe some of the other "Houzzers" will add them to their idea books:) lots of love from you most loyal Houzz junky!

  • Awesome App!!!!!!

    by Usana Mom

    I am having so much fun looking at ideas for our new house. I have spent hours looking at pictures an saving ideas in my idea book. I have recommended this app to lots an lots of people :)

  • Great App!!! In love, but.....

    by 3Duggie

    What the heck is going on my app doesn't work. It's a white screen.

  • Best Architecture App on The App Store

    by I Rike It

    I am still a 14 year old kid and I play mine craft for the building. This app is truly amazing! It taught me so many different styles of architecture. You definitely need to have this app!

  • Houzz does it all!

    by Must see TV!

    Best app around for home improvement ideas and the potential to buy what you see and like. Very functional and very easy to use.

  • Best design ideas all in one place!

    by Ebfryman

    Love flipping thru pictures and storing them onto my own Houzz site...great search feature!!!

  • mgarza

    by Mandy1a

    Love love love. The best for building new or fixing up an older home. You can learn all kinds of things.

  • It's everything!

    by JoeyBronxtale

    I am so in love with this app. It's amazing in every way and helped broaden my taste and knowledge on home decor. The best app on my iPad!

  • God Bless You

    by GodlyStrongWoman

    I found my Dream house through you and will be building it in 10years


    by Pamela Schiele

    I can't say enough great things about Houzz! I am constantly searching for keywords like: "oversized couch", or "neutral casual den", or "breakfast room cafe table" or "home business inventory storage" & all the results are fabulous! I have several idea books saved & I am adding more to them everyday. I have shown this app to several friends & colleagues & most already have it & love it's much as me! I highly recommend this app to anyone buying a house, new furniture, having a baby, renovating, or selling their home. I'd like to sincerely thank the creators for their hard work & the designers for lending me inspiration. Thank you!!!! Pam, Wash. DC

  • Clean rooms!

    by grammi7

    I just enjoy looking at all the clean rooms. Inspires me to dust!!!!

  • HDidea book

    by Mrwhitekeys83

    Thousands of HD photos that an really spark your creativity. Also, the discussion boards really help you pick out colors and bounce ideas off of designers and DIYers. Love it,

  • Best ever!

    by 1234git

    This app is a must for anyone doing any renovations or redecorating. Great ideas right at your fingertips. I even use it for ideas for Christmas decorating!

  • Real Estate Broker

    by Lady Realtor

    This app gives great ideas for my home helping me to make decisions on home decorating and to make changes that make my life happier. I enjoy looking at the pictures and passing this information on to my friends and clients. Good job !

  • Best home app⭐

    by iKaff

    If you are looking for an app for remodeling ideas design ideas or just love house inspiring pictures this is the app for you. Great interface easy to use and customizable options. You can save a favorite design or find that one special item for your home by tapping the screen and a green tag appears over item of interest. The pictures are in High Definition and beautiful to look at. I absolutely LOVE this app definitely the BEST app for home related interests hands down. This definitely gets 5 stars in my book.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Love this magazine!

    by Speechsue

    This app has lots to offer! Beautiful pictures and interesting text. I love it.

  • Houzzz

    by Geoff the Kiwi


  • Love it!!!

    by Cmhuber8

    Great app for ideas & inspiration when planning a room makeover or even trying to get a color scheme :)

  • Wonderful Resource

    by lrbaird668

    Everything in one great app. Design, ideas, products just makes it simple and so convenient.

  • Wow!

    by Cyberboojum

    Excellent app.

  • Blank screen

    by StaceyMah

    My Houzz won't open. Only getting a blank screen. Anyone else having issues? I love this app and would like to use it. ☺️

  • Love it. So fun.

    by Cali57168

    Easy to use. Tons of great ideas and inspiration.

  • Amazingly Complete

    by Dogdawg

    Beautifully organized, filled with stunning pictures and an untold number of ideas you haven't seen yet, this app has everything. You'll love the little tags that give you instant info at a touch, as well as the links to portfolios of designers and architects.

  • Inspirational

    by 3spottedpenny

    I love the variety of topics! There are many talented and knowledgable people who share ideas and advice.

  • Nice

    by kozabear

    Nice idea site.

  • Boooooo

    by xlarryx1

    No more automatic full screen images. Please, please re-enable this or at least give us the option to do so!!!!!!

  • An Invaluable Resource

    by Brinabop

    I really enjoy the pictures and idea books. Furthermore, when you are considering a renovation or small redo, this is an invaluable resource. I would still be floundering on my bathroom, if I hadn't found a picture which served as inspiration for my own renovation.

  • Great home app!

    by Lbowg

    Love this app for finding gorgeous home ideas even if some are purely dreams!!

  • Great App

    by cohenman

    Love it!

  • Houzz

    by FirstWarrior

    Five stars rating no longer correct. Navigation has become very difficult. Can you add a short Help manual?

  • My New Place

    by Houseless

    Simply inspirational. I wish all were available for purchase.

  • My favorite escape!

    by Mk101606

    Inspires my hopes and dreams! Awesome app! Thank you!

  • Houzz

    by Yes sir dude

    Absolutely love it!

  • Brilliant!

    by Homeinvestor

    This app has stunning photos to inspire your creativity when it comes to decorating or renovating a home! The only downside is the guaranteed home envy that comes along with being inspired. LOVE THIS APP!

  • Houzz

    by Ask Kathleen

    Use this for inspiration, love to look at so many photos! It does crash every so often so no 5 stars, but love it.


    by Associndesign

    AWESOME.... My favorite app.

  • More addictive than Pinterest

    by Rniambi

    LOVE it!! Gives me great ideas for decorating. Love love love. Must download!!!

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