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- #Hashtags! Hashtags have come to Vinted making shopping and discovery even easier, and fun! You can add and access hashtags from the item description, comments, messaging, forum and member profile.

- Tweaked functionality of brand listings- now you can follow the brands you love and see all the items from one brand in one place!

- Bug fixes.

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Sell, buy and swap your pre-loved clothes instantly from your phone!

Browse the catalog and see what’s new, instantly upload your clothes to sell or swap, chat with other girls in the forum or through private message – all from the free Vinted app!

Download the Vinted app today if your closet is full, but you have nothing to wear!

* We are continuously working hard to develop the app and make sure our members are satisfied. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] *

Customer Reviews

  • by AarionNichole

    Awesome app. Highly recommend :)

  • Amazing!

    by Nikkilynngiles

    I love this app. Wonderful people amazing bargains. You need this app!!!!

  • Great app

    by hannnahe

    I wish I had this app all through growing up. So easy to use. They even send you the shipping label so sending items out is so simple. I've sold over ten pieces of clothing that I otherwise would've never been able to get rid of. Highly recommend this app.

  • Lovelovelove

    by Jane Walton

    I absolutely love this app! Now that I have an iPhone, it works even better! I love that you can search for things, & it's easy to figure out. The site makes transactions really safe & easy. I've recommended to friends already & so far no complaints!

  • Awesome App!

    by bowbuttonetiquette

    I absolutely love this app! You can find soo many great items! Shipping is pretty reasonable. I love being able to swap with other vinties from all over! It's easy to search by brand, item, and even descriptions! Only thing I wish was a little easier is directions on how to use the app when you first get started. I had to ask other vinties on how to swap or message people through the actual items. But other than that I 100% recommend this app to every girl no matter what clothing style you are!

  • Great Site and App!

    by Kmp7311

    I absolutely love this app. It's very user-friendly and it helps me get rid of my unwanted clothes in my closet! I've sold and purchased so many items since joining about a month ago. :)

  • Vinted-ly pleased!

    by cassandra anderson

    Started this new app! I am always looking for a way to make a little back on items that I am no longer using or have no use for. This is awesome! I have already made a purchase and it went so well!! Every one I have talked to is so helpful and it's real easy to post your own items! Definitely recommend this over consignment stores ' they give you so little and make three times as much off of your things!

  • Love to sell through this app

    by Xkisshugo

    Only downfall is the percentage they take is 19%.

  • Perfect!

    by Brittaney7768668

    I love this app. I buy clothes here a lot! It's awesome and a great way to get rid of clothes in your closet! The categories are pretty general, so I'm hoping they add more specifics ( like scarfs, sunglasses, jewelry instead of a "accessories" folder) so it makes searching and selling easier :)

  • Great & fun app, a couple big fixes needed

    by lolwut7690

    I've been using this app for a while now and love it. It's fun and easy to buy, sell, and search. It's super safe to buy because your payment doesn't go through unless you get your item and OK it (hear that, eBay?) I also enjoy the community of girls. I think the most major issue I've come across (and the one it seems causes the most problems for people according to the forums) is the shipping system. There's only three weight options and a huge percentage of items fall right between the first and second (over 8 oz but under 2 lbs), a difference of about $3, making it pretty tough to sell these things unless the buyer is willing to make up the extra out of pocket (which many do with extra stamps in order to make the sale). Also, when you print a shipping label, the date on it is advanced 5 days. This is supposed to be an expiration date, but the post office actually refuses my packages because of this, saying it needs to be mailed ON that future date and not before...very annoying for both buyer and seller. Many girls also don't weigh their items before posting and just take a guess, and it's not uncommon they guess wrong...leaving the buyer to have to pay extra postage when the package gets there, or it will get all the way to the buyer's hometown and then the PO just sends it back without trying to deliver! They should NOT allow sellers to mail packages with postage due, it causes too many problems and frustrations for the buyer. This just happened to me and makes me want to never buy again. If the seller guessed wrong, THEY should have to make up the extra postage, NOT the buyer...maybe that will encourage them to actually weigh their stuff. Scales are cheap and you can get one just about anywhere, if you're going to sell you should be required to put in an actual item weight and not guess (there should be an app for this by now with a mini scale attachment, like Square! Grab this opportunity, Vinted!) Vinted's support seems friendly but rather useless. Every time I have an issue and contact them, they get back to me a week or two that time the issue is usually either no longer applicable or greatly exacerbated. They really need phone support or live chat or something. The swapping system also needs revamping...many people get scammed and thus no longer swap; including me. There has to be more controls for this to protect the swappers...maybe, say, both need to put down a collateral equal to the item's value, or have some way to have a package returned to sender through the tracking number if the other swapper doesnt upload valid tracking within 24 hours. Don't know if either of those could be implemented realistically but something has to change. Lastly, I wish there was a way to see the most recent items uploaded, and the most recently sold items. This would be a great way for sellers to see what's trending. Although I have given detailed criticism of this app, it's only because I really do love using it and I want it to improve very much! It has so much potential and so many great things going for it already, I want it to keep improving so the community can grow!

  • Great app

    by BellaSoAmazing

    Loveeeeee it I'm addicted lol

  • Great

    by Jenniferlopes2001

    I love this app. Everyone is so nice.

  • Pretty awesome for selling!!

    by Beepbopbipidybop

    This is a great app! The vinted team has gone above and beyond to help me with any questions or concerns I've had. It's been a really awesome experience. If I send them a message, I get a reply within minutes! The vinted team has been so so cool with the most interesting posts on their forum. I highly recommend this app to anyone that wants a "closet refresher" and a way to get rid of those things you bought and already seem to own (we're all a little guilty of this cartoon character habit of buying the same things over and over again.) lol It's a great way to share the love of good clothes and fashion! The shipping labels are simple and super easy to print and use. The convenience of photographing and uploading from your phone is tres chic and magnifique! Unfortunately, like any site where there is an exchange of thoughts, ideas, or clothes in this case, there seems to be a bit of bickering and rudeness (lay off the soy ladies, there's enough estrogen up in this!) seriously relax with the rude comments and feedback. (I read a seller's negative feedback left by buyer of a sweater. The buyer left a negative review on the seller's profile bc the sweater shrank after it was washed by the buyer. How is it the seller's fault that the buyer doesn't know how to wash clothes or read tags about washing clothes?) It's unnecessary and doesn't get you far. Believe in karma and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Also, I purchased two items both claiming to be in "mint condition/ new with tags never worn" and both of these items were not as described to say the least. I was appalled by the way women treat each other. How does a rip in the inside lining of a jacket not need mentioning? (Oh and no tags were to be found anywhere.) A dirty dry clean only dress was honestly described as "never worn new with tags". My mind is still blown. The dress was clearly worn with the tags reattached after what seemed to be a dirty night out. I didn't make a fuss with the vinted team bc it is not actually their fault at all and I really loved my purchases. I just contacted the sellers who were a little reluctant to help, but nonetheless the issues were resolved. It just makes me wonder if these women would've appreciated it if they had been the buyers and receivers of these clothes. Well, I'll leave it to karma.

  • It's a good app

    by Whiteification

    I love this app the only problems if you stop looking it puts you back to the beginning or it will get really slow and stop scrolling for a while. But all in all a good app.

  • Vinted rate.

    by CravingPenguins

    I love this app! It's fantastic! It's greatly set up, easy to figure out and I just love it. I've been extremely happy with everything I have bought on the app, and I've sold some things too! I recommend using Vinted for any shopping needs!

  • Love this app

    by Hogs girl 929424

    Definitely recommended! So happy with this app!

  • Vinted for Men's

    by jazzarcinas

    I hope you consider allowing men's stuff to be sold at Vinted. I've got a lot of them and most are brand new so hope you really consider. Thanks!

  • Love!!!

    by Brianna<3 <3

    Love this app! Such a great way to buy name brand stuff without name brand prices. Also, a great way to make some extra cash! Definitely recommend it to anyone!

  • Omg!!

    by Courtneyc89

    I absolutely love this app!!!!

  • Great App

    by lulie8383

    Love this app... So many good thinks and also tracking shipments are good.


    by Bdbdhsh

    The buyer accepted her item and said she liked it. But vinted supposedly didn't get the shipping label scammed! She received her item! They are no help and never reply to you! WORST APP EVER. And now the buyer will not answer me so I lost money and my item which was brand new! Do not sell stick to poshmark unless you want your money and your item gone!!!!

  • No money

    by Haha Emma

    I can they my money out of the app


    by sophiegoldberg

    no one ever answers the emails and the Viinted moderators never answer in the app either very unreliable and sketchy app (overall) don't buy!

  • Liking my extra income!

    by Ntwally

    I've had a wonderful experience so far on Vinted. My items are selling rather quickly and the user community is pleasant. Continued success!

  • Easy & Addicting, but with Issues.

    by fromDeanna

    The app is really well designed. Fairly easy to use and really fun to look through. Reminds me of Pinterest a little. I love that you can follow your favorite brands and sellers. It took me a while to finally sell something. The selling process is pretty easy and I love that you can print out the prepaid shipping. Swapping is a little weird- you can do it on your own, or change the price to $1 for each item. Not exactly swapping, but you then don't run the risk of getting swindled. There are a couple major problems though: ANYONE can leave you feedback. A person can leave you positive, neutral or negative feedback without ever doing a transaction with you. Vinted MUST change this. I haven't had any problems yet but the possibility is there. Also, the Vinted team only have an email. A more reputable company would have a telephone number to contact should there be any concerns. Big thumbs down for that. Suggestion: make the pictures cropped square - must more visually appealing than the vertical rectangles.


    by FaCeBoOk AlL dAy!!!

    Amazing app!!

  • The best clothing resale app so far

    by Unicorn Rental Co.

    I'm on 3 different resale apps and this one is my favorite so far. Not flooded with creepy, over-zealous salespeople like Poshmark. It has a genuine, friendly community of buyers and sellers, and doesn't try to rip you off on the shipping, AND it's pleasant to look at.

  • Buy, sell and trade with a whole new concept

    by Damazon

    I really love this app, not only because it is user friendly, but because it brings together its users in a community where you can get to know others on a more personal level. The forums are great because you can chat with others and promote your closet. Absolutely love this app!

  • Holy mother of shopping

    by t3(r2)!

    I love this app. Everyone I've come across is super friendly and there's a lot of great stuff! Most definitely suggest you check it out!

  • New addiction

    by TheOneAndOnlyTayBabbii

    Absolutely love this app! I've been a member for like A week and have already bought three things and received them all already spending less than $20! It's not just simply things either it's a scarf, dress and heels, a whole outfit! I'm on this app so much my phone dies! I will definitely be sharing this with everyone I know! Love how easy and simple it is to use also!

  • Yay!

    by Daphne N.

    The sellers on here are so nice! I got my product in perfect condition! Love this app!

  • Not recommended

    by Tvirka

    No customer service number! Bad customer service. Has requirements like no other selling apps/websites and delivers much lower service. No recommended . There is much better selling and buying places.

  • Love Vinted!

    by Raeshellia

    It's such a great way to make extra cash and become friends with girls from all over the place!

  • Love love love love this app!

    by Toothpick ((:

    I think this is by far one of the best shopping apps! Just the fact that you can narrow it down to almost anything you're looking for is amazing, and it's always helpful to be able to talk to the seller! A definite app every girl should have :)


    by CaileyMarie

    This is by far my favorite and most used app! it's so easy and a great way to meet people and make extra money and trade really cool old things that you have! Thanking God for this app! ❤❤❤

  • Thrifters love

    by Kladehelena



    by Britpxo

    Title says it all!!! Pretty self explanatory to learn and get yourself going! I just started today and I already sold so many items :)

  • Love all you can do

    by Sugarshane84

    This is a great app. Have had no problems on my iPhone 4. Just started addi g my clothes I was gonna give to goodwill so I hope I can get some customers :)

  • Addicting!

    by KaightEDGE

    Haven't sold anything yet, but just browsing and the forums are addicting.

  • Awesome!

    by Miranda Voller

    This app is just what I need!

  • Love this app

    by joydennis

    Downloaded the app and made good money so far and got cute clothes I love this app so much it's the best!!

  • Lovelovelove me some vinted!

    by Vgraciaxo

    I honestly love this app! I've met some awesome girls, swapped for great clothes, made money & refreshed my wardrobe up a bit! I've recommended this site to everybody. The only flaw is the lack of mods, they need more staff now that this app is growing more and more. Aside from that, great app, overall great people and I deff do not regret joining :)

  • Best App!

    by DulceSJuarez

    Love this App! It's soo addicting!


    by kaylinierr

    I love this. The price of second hand clothes, with the ease and organization of online shopping. I can buy, sell, or swap items. Has user ratings and I can instant message whoever I buy from or who buys from me. Awesome

  • Amazing ❤️

    by Kasiwheel

    This is such an amazing app! I am OBSESSED.

  • Great App

    by Candi09

    It's so easy and fun to use.

  • Fabulous!

    by A_Sav

    This app is great! So many cute things, easy to spruce up your wardrobe.

  • Wish I didn't have to give one star!

    by Lesley England

    This app is terrible! Never got any help and lost over a hundred dollars worth of stuff! Hate this app and the people running it are a joke!

  • Wonderful and Easy to use

    by Slisiph

    They do need to come up with a way to swap that's reliable, but otherwise, selling my unused items has never been easier or more enjoyable. Personally, I love swapping because it's a cheap way to get rid of my clothes AND get an item I want out of it, while giving something some else will use in return.

  • Love

    by goalie1522

    Items are so cute! Cool way to find cute new things!

  • Love this site

    by Mona Morrison

    Omg i love this site...everyone is so amazing and very true to their word! I recommended my cousin to this site and instantly she fell in love with it. Had no prblms with buying, majority rather makes deals thru PayPal

  • Love it

    by Bethypooh15

    So awesome! I've sold so much!

  • by Michelle Maddaluna

    Hate it. Difficult to sell on here, the shipping is ridiculous no matter what you pick, the sells I've interacted with are rude, and no one answers your questions when you have a problem. If your trying to run a successful business you should answer emails back in a timely fashion and actually care about your customers.

  • I love vinted

    by FashionStarstruck

    I love vinted best app there is great place to buy items from & also to sell your items.items are fairly cheap on this app but a lot of girls be Tryna get over with the items they try n sell they will scam you girls so watch out but I love the app if you where to buy anything I would just pay thru the vinted app it's super safe

  • Great app!

    by Cmaffprod

    Like eBay, but better! For cute clothes and accessories for women. They filter it to avoid people from trying to sell things like electronics and stuff. Such a great app. I've bought and sold tons! Made a lot of money my first few weeks.

  • I love it!

    by Justiniebby<3

    It's an amazing way to get extra cash for ur clothes juss sitting in ur closet and I love being able to swap with another vintie to refresh my wardrobe. Could be a little bit better though ....

  • One of my favorite apps

    by larryb71

    Love it!!!

  • Spam seller!

    by sine4clover

    I got bad luck first time shop from, I bought two bangles and received them not as described quality, and when I shipped them back for a refund the seller said never got them back!!! So, I lost my money and bangles are gone also. I highly recommend can use something like paypal to protect their buyer.

  • Amazing

    by Kara Williams

    Absolutely love Vinted. It's such an easy way to buy used clothes without having to drive to a thrift store - though most of it is more expensive. There are so many wonderful Vinties! It's very addicting. There are a few things they can do differently on the app to make it more user friendly. Other than that it is amazing! :)

  • Not what I thought

    by Knznic

    I liked the app at first. Can sell almost anything. But my payouts do not work. Cannot speak to anyone about it get the same automatic email. And the "moderators" will not respond. And some girl has yet to ship one of my items and I still haven't gotten a refund like I'm supposed to.

  • Harassment/money taken with this site

    by Hawiianjojo

    Stick with postmark ladies you wont be disappointed! With this app, They will take your money after you sell! You have to be popular in the forums in order to get any moderator or anyone from the vinted team to reply to you or to help with any type of problem including harassment! If you have a problem, good luck getting it fixed. I will never recommend this app, I would never tell my friends and family good things about this app. You guys allow people to write negative feedback on someone's account when they have never even done business/transaction with .You don't even take the time to know what a situation is about from both parties! Oh and ladies DO NOT defend someone they are attacking in there stupid forums because those people are ruthless and vinted sits back and allows it to happen.

  • Greattt

    by Soojin iloveyou


  • Love.

    by WongDingDong

    I love this app! It's so easy and so simple! I just wish I could sell different things that they will let you sell. Other than that I love this!

  • It's ok

    by Soysussy

    It's ok it's not poshmark for sure, not exactly sure how this works. How do sale on here? I kinda feel like the clothes are doing the same thing they do in my closet JUST SIT THERE!! It's MEH!!

  • Love it

    by Cnya

    Lots of fun!

  • Easy and fun

    by weebs14

    Easy and fun!

  • Love it!!!

    by Kcraiggg

    Only down fall about this app is that you will spend countless hours browsing! Love it! Xoxo

  • Easy cash :)

    by Humpingturtle

    I enjoy this app it helps me get easy cash and I like the way it's set up I just wish I could get more people interested in my stuff! Over all I love everything about it and everyone's really nice the people are really helpful and customer service is great :)

  • Love!!

    by All TIME IN LOVE

    I loveeee this app!!!!

  • Love

    by ThatAshleyK

    There's nothing bad I can say find what you want for the right price and buy it. Love it

  • Great App

    by AJT :-)

    Love this, I can search what i want and add favorites. Everything is such a great price!

  • In love with this site!

    by Bre

    The site is amazing and it doesn't charge you until you've received your item. The sellers on the site are so nice too! Plus vinted gave me $10 to spend on my first purchase!! This is a wonderful site with amazing clothes that are hard to find in stores. You won't have to "hunt" for that perfect outfit anymore when it's right at your fingertips now!! Love love love. So perfect!

  • Watch your back!!!!

    by ashleia

    When this app was first released you were not forced to pay through their app which was nice and to that understanding, if something happened you were on your own. But now that they earn a percentage from the app the still DO NOT HELP. You will never get a refund if someone steals from you and they don't care if people abuse or harass you on their site.


    by brittdawnm

    I absolutely love vinted. My items sell so quickly, I've already sold 10 things and I just made my account a month ago! The system is super easy to use and everyone I have done business with is so sweet.

  • works great and safe!

    by funny bottoms :3

    very safe and easy to use.

  • Best APP ever !

    by Mtzminerva

    I love this app I just started a month ago and made over $500 dollars. Plus girls are so nice and shipping super fast :)


    by Camidlittle

    One of my new favorite apps this is amazing! I love thrifting and the fact that I can do it on my phone now


    by Camidlittle

    One of my new favorite apps this is amazing! I love thrifting and the fact that I can do it on my phone now

  • LOVE IT !!! Totally Addicted !!!

    by PrincessCharliee

    Best Clothing App Ever !! Buy and Sell !!

  • Ehh...

    by Patpat2454

    Honestly, I was going to give vinted a two. But it's not the owners fault for my horrible experience. First, I ordered a swim suit and was not told the truth about the size. Second, I ordered a skirt (that I fell in LOVE with and couldn't wait to get it in the mail) that took wayyyy to long to get here. AND it wasn't even the skirt I ordered. I am furious!!!!

  • Best for fun finds

    by J&R************

    Love this app so much for finding great vintage things. :)

  • Love vinted!

    by awebster113

    I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of clothes and accessories they no longer need and make some extra cash while doing it!!! I think they should start targeting men to start joining also!!

  • In love with this app!

    by Hujfddfh

    Being plus sized this app makes finding fashionable plus sized clothes so easy for me. I love that it caters to every size.

  • Great App

    by Anne123lee

    Have fun shopping and Selling with many good people.

  • Great App!!

    by Gnm52692

    Awesome for buying and selling never worn or pre-loved clothes!

  • Pros and cons

    by IG: @moemaung (Moe Maung)

    So I made more sales on here than on Poshmark. But poshmark handles scammers better. I got scammed through Vinted and emailed them more then 3 times, waiting for a week, and NO REPLY. I still haven't gotten my money back and it's been over a week. Not planning to buy on here ever again, I'll only sell.

  • Love it and addicted lol;-)

    by Huneebeez05

    I love this app! It's legit! It's helped me get rid of the clothes that I no longer wear with extra cash in my pocket:-) The reason for the 4 stars is because for those of us who are constantly selling, it would be nice if it actually showed the pending transaction instead of taking me back to the FAQ page. That way we know if we actually received the payment from every item that we sell. The only thing we see is the tracking and when they received it.

  • Love This App!!


    Great app for buying unique pieces to add to your wardrobe

  • Sharrell0407

    by Vinted Member

    Love this app! I've refreshed my entire wardrobe just my trading my clothes I don't want with girls all around the country! I've even made extra money selling stuff! Definitely recommend this app for any girl obsessed with easy and quick online shopping!!!

  • BEST app ever for buying/selling clothes!!!!

    by Madmaxch

    By far the BEST app out there for buying and selling clothes. Found some gorgeous clothes on Vinted. The other girls are super nice too. So much fun, great selection of clothes.. I used to use Poshmark but got fed up with their non-stop emails and high charges. Vinted is so much better.

  • This is great!

    by Suelyna

    I love this app! A lot of people have tons of cute clothing for cheap!

  • Awesome!

    by Sanoe Garcia

    I love this app! Better then other apps that are similar.

  • Great App!

    by Vinted Seller

    Makes selling and purchasing used items so easy! I've made over $100 so far. First time sellers would find this easy and fun!

  • Amazing!

    by Ayeeemayy

    Such an amazing idea and such a success! Met great people and told all of my friends about it! And it's just a plus that I'm making some extra cash!

  • Amazing!!!!

    by Rilez

    I love this app. I just received a shirt from a seller and not only did it come in just a few days, but I also got a thank you card with the shirt from her. It was such a great first experience. This is definitely my new favorite merchandise app.

  • So simple!

    by MissMassie

    Vinted keeps getting better. Fast and easy to sell clothes. Also really like discovering styles from other members. Everyone is super friendly!

  • miss

    by Joyfullyservingtheking

    Excellent app!

  • Only one problem...

    by PhoenixTheGreat

    This app only has one problem it gets me to spend so much money... Love the clothes though

  • by 3ggman

    In love, definitely recommend

  • Awesome!

    by JassaRae

    Great app! Run by an active staff!

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