!My Candles, with "share" feature and collection of custom wicks and music. Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Evgeny EGOROV



Create. Burn. Share! Send creative custom Candles for every cause and occasion.
Candles really light and really burn!

Create Candles for:
-- Birthdays
-- Anniversaries
-- Holidays
-- Tribute
-- Condolences
-- Special Occasions
-- Celebrations
-- Causes
The opportunities are endless!

Full version contain a ton more images and the ability to use you own photos!

With the full version of Candles you can:
Post a Candles on a friends Facebook wall for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. Surprise your boyfriend or husband with a special anniversary candle. Or privately email a burning candle to a friend.

Tons of crafting possibilities!

Light your candle and enjoy watching it burn and then save it to your custom display case.

Upgrade to the full version of Candles and:
Enter to be featured in the Hall of Flame!


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