Etsy Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Etsy, Inc.
  • Updated: Nov, 16 2011
  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Size: 17.44 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Etsy, Inc.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

Customer Ratings

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29 Ratings
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3023 Ratings


Fall in love with Etsy, anywhere. Shop on the go with our free mobile apps - also available on iPhone and iPad.

Discover over 17 million unique items from 800,000 sellers around the world.
Explore what kindred spirits are favoriting on Etsy.
Shop whenever inspiration hits.
Manage your shop with ease.

Customer Reviews

  • Greatttt

    by A.E.Doug

    Ilove it !!!!!

  • Decent

    by Jndeans

    This app would be great if the "conversations" feature worked properly. Every time I try to send a message with a picture, the message box freezes and I have to exit the conversation and re-open it. I basically have to send all images separate from my messages. Annoying. I would also like this app a lot more if it displayed my shop "stats" and allowed me to monitor my business more comprehensively while on the go.

  • Please Fix!

    by DolphinGirl848

    I love etsy but the only problem is you can't add products off your phone!!!

  • It's ok

    by Awwnana

    For the most part the app is amazing. I am a photographer and I use the app to shop for props. The only problem I keep running into is the messages, sometimes it says it didn't send other times it says I have a new message but I don't.. I can't upload pics from my phone to the shop owner on what I want.. Really need to fix the messaging part! ASAP

  • Love Etsy

    by js.aesops

    I love Etsy and I love this app, but I'm from the perspective of a buyer and not a seller, so I don't know how well it works on that end. I wish that they would update the app so that you could leave feedback for purchases and also so you could see a seller's items sold. I have to go to my laptop to do those two things. I'm an Etsy addict, though, so I love having Etsy on the go. Great job!

  • Pretty good

    by Collagemom

    Overall the app is pretty good. I love the cha-ching sound. And it's great for doing some basic shop tasks. I would love it if I could see a list of sold out items in listings section.

  • Love Etsy!!

    by Brandifaye91

    This app is awesome and so easy to use! Etsy rocks!!

  • Love the app...

    by T LIBRA

    Great app from a buyers perspective, although could use a "leave feedback" button after making a purchase. I see you have the option to view feedback left in the past but no way to leave current feedback. Please consider to update. Thx!

  • Fairly good app

    by M. Appeal

    This app really serves it's purpose for most of my needs. For the most part it's been great for for managing my shop. I have a full time job in addition to my Etsy store, so I need this app to function well. I need access to Etsy on the go. The only real problem is in the "Conversation" section. It's rather glitchy. Sometimes messages are slow to send. And I recently had an issue where I didn't get a notification for an order. The customer had to contact me because it hadn't been shipped. I certainly can't have that happening repeatedly.

  • Love it , but now it has so many bugs (in convo section)


    Please fix it! I can't attached pic when I'm in conversation section, no bottom "send" . i need to use my computer or open Safary to attache something in convo. But all other - it's fine , very nice app! Thank you!

  • Great

    by Last Hope Nick

    Love etsy

  • Perfect!

    by Lakalaka125125

    This app is very good and has no problems at all! Highly recommended!

  • Okay

    by MistsMoon

    It's all right. I prefer the website..

  • Great app!

    by Aly28294729204443

    Easy to use!!!

  • Adorable!

    by Goth Freak

    Great app for sellers and buyers with "different" tastes than that of eBay. Cute socks, wicked jewelry, and fantastic handmade things. The app itself is easy to navigate and very ascetically pleasing!

  • Adorable!

    by Goth Freak

    Great app for sellers and buyers with "different" tastes than that of eBay. Cute socks, wicked jewelry, and fantastic handmade things. The app itself is easy to navigate and very ascetically pleasing!

  • Love it!!! Feedback on app?

    by cmiea

    So glad there is an etsy app for when I'm on the go! It's so easy and clear to use. I operate my etsy from my phone at all times! Love it even more now that you can add and edit new listings! Is there any way for customers to leave feedback from the app? That would be great!

  • purchase sound

    by Vadim Koleshchuk

    please, give us back *chi-chin* purchase sound. thanks!

  • Great App for Sellers! But buggy w iPhone

    by K8lyninjbeast

    The conversation tool does not function properly. It's freezes and times out. Sometimes the box where I type goes white where I cannot see letters typed. Don't remember this happening w droid. Other than that it's awesome!!

  • Cool!

    by ;alkdfj;makldsf

    I guess I'm first. This app its pretty cool and well organized... It's very custom to the user which I like, so yeah.

  • Feedback

    by Morguesndasia

    I used to be able to see the feedback people left for me but I can't anymore. Can you bring that back?

  • ???

    by  Selwyn Williams

    Having problems. Etsy screen pops up and then app just crashes. Worked great once.

  • Etsy iPhone app.

    by TTKillinSpree

    Listing an selling items are sort of confusing since I find myself having to go to the help section to get to list anything. I think I'm blind because I can't find the mentioned "Sell" button anywhere....make an Etsy Store app just for selling!!!!

  • Fix this app come on smh

    by Theappleman

    App won't even let me register this app needs to be thrown away from the App Store or needs to be fix or hire me or something smh

  • Etsy iPad app

    by JanetRachel

    When I want to relist an item, I try to change the shipping price and it won't let me. I can't just go there and change the numbers. Something about creating shipping profiles. I don't want to do a profile. I just want to change the shipping charge on the listings individually and can't. Please fix this to be more user friendly. The same for adding new items also. I really mostly just look at this app to see activity. As far as actually using it for listing, relisting, editing, it is not much use. I have to go to my desk computer to get things done that I want done on my listing.

  • Horrible.

    by Verysadwithetsy

    On iPhones negative feedback still shows up even when it's been corrected, my sales have been slashed dramatically. The customer told me she meant to write the feedback for someone else and immediately changed it on her end. The correct feedback shows up on computers but not iPhones. after realizing this very untrue comment shows up at the top to everyone I've been humiliated and lost lots of business. It's been there for over a month and I'm paying the price literally for a mistake made and admitted by someone else. Please fix this!!! :(

  • Too many convo bugs

    by Lilpunky66

    As a seller this app is only good for notifications. Many issues with messages/convo system on app that are still not fixed no matter what I try. My messages stay marked as new after I read, and they do not sync with my PC properly. I receive no confirmation that a message has been sent and get a constant spinning wheel when I open a convo. Brought this issue up in the bugs forum many times and it has yet to be fixed. Very frustrating. I like the concept, and I can see this app working for shoppers, but there needs to be many more improvements before it will be useful for shop owners.

  • Not good for seller

    by HKG DongDong

    The conversation is not functioning!!!! Some messages are missing in the conversation, takes long long time to load a conversation and when you write reply, the word will not pop up instantly.

  • Terrible app for selling

    by Sallyclog

    Terrible app for selling. Lots of problems. Slow to load photos. Slow to take data. Sometimes when I tap the screen I can't get the app to open up and accept an entry. Partway through a listing the app freezes up and only way to deal with it is to close it, lose it and start over. I hate this app but it's the easiest way to take and import photos.

  • Horrible update! Don't...

    by selinadenise

    This app worked fine before this last "up"date :( now I get error messages when I try responding to messages in the convo section, can't see my past orders etc... Horrible! Don't do it! Wait for the next one which will hopefully be VERY SOON! I can't use this at all.

  • Love the app!

    by Lacy.Berry.3

    Love the app but really wish you could review your purchases on the app!!

  • Love the updates

    by Ilovelumpia

    The updates have made this app so much better than what it used to be! I only wish I were able to see my specific Favorites categories!!

  • Simple improvements for shop owners

    by Corbusier15

    I am a shop owner and really appreciate that etsy even has an app. I'll start with the one thing I love: when you make a sale and your ringer is on the "cha-ching" sound plays. Improvements to think about: -why when I rearrange my items on desktop is it not reflected in the app? -super low resolution photos for browsing makes for a bad shopping experience. - listing variations are not an option when listing an item with the app. - why can't I attach 2 different prices to the same item if it's available in 2 different sizes? Instead I have to make a whole new listing for each size if the cost is different.

  • This is my favorite app.

    by MichelleG246

    I LOVE Etsy. This app makes finding neat and personal gifts for my loved ones SO easy. I use it all the time.

  • Crap app

    by Regretsy

    Shows the prices in £ but with a $. Imagine the confusion. And the nasty shock when you pay up. Would you trust an app that gets money transactions so horribly wrong?

  • Ehh

    by Ihateevry1

    I wish I was able to my make my shop on the app and not have to go on the computer to do this. It would help if it was on the app since in on my phone 24/7. If this gets updated I will def rate it 5 stars

  • Etsy Convo upgrade stinks.

    by Renfenable

    I preferred a working tiny conversation screen to the slow, impossible to scroll, teeth grating load time of the new version. Ugh...

  • Great app still needs to be fixed

    by Salih narman

    Pros: Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Cha-ching sound Improved messaging experience Cons: Everything except for its pros

  • Conversation error

    by Nannerz11 Ana

    "The connection was lost" this pops up 100 times when I'm looking at a pic in the conversations.. Annoying! Fix it please

  • Not as good as the website

    by CinnamonBun

    You can not see or read feedback for sellers, nor can you leave feedback. If I want to purchase, I have to go to the website to read feedback first. What's the point? The app should be as good if not better than the website.

  • Awesome app

    by Mushroomt0p

    Addicted to etsy. Easy to search and filter items I'm looking for. One thing the app lacks is the leaving-feedback-function.

  • iPad etsy UX is still terrible for sellers

    by punkassjim

    The conversation view is nice. Long overdue. Now if only you can make the seller/store management into something larger than an iPhone-sized sub-view on iPad, we might be getting somewhere. Yet STILL tapping on Etsy notifications takes me to this useless splash page for following/trending. And why doesn't the Following screen reflect any of the stores I'm following on the etsy website? Do I have to maintain separate lists for the same function? That seems a strange choice. And for now, since I don't want to start curating a second list, I'm continually greeted by a screen of blinking rectangles whenever I tap on a message/sale notification from this app. It's irritating, and the website is a far better experience on iPad. Fix that.

  • Full of scammers and fraud.

    by Arizon793

    There's no way to rate sellers and no way to report scammers. Because of that, Etsy is filling up with scams and fraud. It's a neat concept but poorly designed and managed.

  • Fave

    by Danijoymc

    I love etsy and love the app. One thing I would add is being able to give feedback on the app. Otherwise it's perfect!!

  • 5 stars

    by HopeSparrow

    5 stars, great website

  • Photo Viewing Incomplete

    by kingsmuse

    Very nice app except for the way product pictures are constrained to a consistent size. This results in photos that are only partially viewable with no way to enlarge or scroll the photo to view the entire image.

  • Love etsy. Loathe their app.

    by SJHLondon

    I just love etsy, but I just loathe their app. Difficult to navigate. Poor user experience. Doesn't do justice to the great site.

  • It's Okay

    by brihar73

    I like the simple interface and design of the app, but a lot of features are still missing for sellers. Also, when run on an iPad, you can't customize the home feed with different channels like you can on the phone (for some strange reason).

  • You can't even sell stuff

    by Honest seller

    They have you waste your time uploading and adding info only to not let you save your shipping info! What a f---/////)&;$&:7$ waste of time

  • Like it

    by Angel0209

    I like this app a lot. They fixed a lot of problems it had before and it's actually functional now. I just wish there were a way to see reviews on the app like there is on the website.

  • Would love if they...

    by kel83

    Could let me access teams, detailed stats and other key functions I use on the website. It seems really counter productive not to have this on the app for those who have tablets instead of laptops. I use my tablet for on the go business because it's light and compact. It would be nice to have all the tools available.

  • needs some work for sellers

    by xey111

    I love the look of this app, very appealing in presentation for a buyer. As a seller it needs some work. When adding descriptions to a listing there appears to be a limit to the amount of text that can be added. You can scroll the box down and add more, but I found the hard way that this additional text is being lost. Also there doesn't seem to be a place to add the shop section info or category descriptions. As a result I have to keep switching back to my Safari browser. Also, when a customer emails me or buyers something and I get an announcement on my Ipad then click on it, instead of opening either the sale or the convo it just opens my app, period.

  • App still needs MAJOR improvement!

    by Veghead11574

    I am a shop owner, and I rely heavily on the Etsy app. I appreciate the convo notifications, the ability to list/edit items, and that I can provide my customers with shipping notification and tracking numbers. I would love the ability to add private notes to my orders, and also view the private notes that I have previously added. At this point in time, I am toggling back and forth between the app and the website in order to read/write private notes, and accomplish everything that I need to do. I use this app several times each day, and I feel that it isn't very user friendly, and I still get irritated trying to navigate it. Even with some serious limitations, this app is one that I cannot live without.

  • Lists

    by Emily Schnepp

    I'd like to be able to access my lists as well as my favorites due to the fact I keep them separated, therefore I can only access them on a computer which is a tad inconvenient.

  • Love it but want more

    by CoreyBugg

    I love this app and have no issues with it not loading or freezing. The app is basic and easy to use. Although I like what it has, I would like to see things like stats, billing, etc. It lacks many of the "behind the scenes" info that I regularly check for my shop.

  • Works well enough

    by Bailee<3333

    This app may be not as good as the website but the small things don't matter as much. I love going on etsy and this works just fine!

  • Where's the download for your shop?

    by Frankiedoodle

    I've just started making my own craft items and needed to post them really fast through an app on my phone like how eBay would allow. I downloaded the app for etsy and thinking I would have the area to touch for my shop, I only had four of the selections for my profile to work on with etsy. Why isn't "your shop" able to download on my iPhone?

  • Etsy Shop

    by MrsBB2u

    I want to be able to navigate through my own shop and add products/pictures to my listings through the pictures on my phone. This would save me a lot of time.

  • Recent huge flaw

    by Cory Warren

    I love Etsy, however, I have been unable to edit my postings recently. I have tried deleting the application, signing out and back in, resetting it.. etc. Basically, it's broken. And it's hurting my business as I now have to make sure I am always able to get online from my computer to make changes and alterations. With this defect, you cannot add or delete photos, change prices, edit the description, or basically anything. Please fix it!

  • Etsy iPad app

    by JanetRachel

    When I want to relist an item, I try to change the shipping price and it won't let me. I can't just go there and change the numbers. Something about creating shipping profiles. I don't want to do a profile. I just want to change the shipping charge on the listings individually and can't. Please fix this to be more user friendly. The same for adding new items also.

  • favorite

    by Kayleejomarie

    I love this app but please make an ios 7 update with a new ui and ios 7 keyboard

  • Useless

    by Tinsleymay

    Favorites are not organized like the web based site. Therefore you have to scroll through hundreds of items to get to what you are looking for. I've also noticed some of my favorite items are missing from the app. Finally I've tried searching for stores by typing in their exact names as they appear on etsy & the app still comes back with no search results. Very frustrating. This app is no good

  • Doesn't work

    by watabottle 

    Won't load. Won't open.

  • The website is better

    by Alexiskilgannonn

    I was happy to find a mobile version of etsy so I could run my business on the go, without the hassle of desktop to mobile. Sadly, this app is not that great. It really is missing a lot of key features that you would find on the desktop version of the website. It has potential, but I will definitely wait until the app improves.

  • Poorly designed and missing functions

    by Cjgait

    Not a good design at all. Feedback entry, if it's in there is not in a place I could find. Very disappointing app.

  • Looks great but not nearly as functional as website

    by Kim joy84

    I am a etsy seller and shopper. This app looks great but doesn't do a lot I wish it did. One thing I get really annoyed by is that when you favorite something you don't have the option to put it in a category like you can on the website so all of your favorites are unfiled! I also can't believe that you can't see a shops rating/review AT ALL on this app. I'm hesitant to make a purchase if I can't see a review. As a seller there the function isn't nearly as good. I basically only use it for conversations with my customers. If I need to do anything else I have to go to the full site - which sometimes is okay, but a lot of times is annoying.

  • Please fix the issues!!

    by Armywife2be

    Everything has been working fine..... Up until now. I'm trying to add things into my cart. When I click on an item and it opens the listing up, I can't get it to close by clicking the "x" for a condensed list. It's beyond frustrating.

  • Disappointed

    by vengenzbunny

    As a seller, this app is pretty useless. It would be SO convenient and save an immeasurable amount of time for those of us that run businesses on here if it actually worked. I feel that it is more catered to buyers, and not at all to sellers.

  • Fun to browse

    by KrisLorraine

    I love looking at Etsy because you can always find something unique.

  • Awesome but needs....

    by CantTouchMeh

    Calculated items in checkout Single button to buy all items instead of buying individually Look at organized items

  • Perfect

    by PurpleDancinYogo

    I love browsing all the awesome, creative stuff shops have to offer. it's such a fun pastime!

  • Not terribly helpful to sellers

    by Supercat58

    This app lacks the functionality needed to actually run my site. Adding items doesn't seem to function. So far it just hangs at some point in the process. There is no way to leave feedback. Not terribly useful other than as a quick check. When app first opens there is an incredibly annoying flashing of item squares - get rid of that and add some real functionality!

  • Needs better functionality

    by hoffmalr

    The fact that lists are completely missing and you can't leave feedback make this version effectively unusable. I won't be using the app until those are fixed, unfortunately.

  • Disappointing!!

    by WhoKnowsBrittany

    I need to use this app often as an Etsy seller, and it is just frustrating! When I click on my shop or items, the display is tiny... Why not utilize the entire, beautiful iPad screen? Not being able to send refunds from the app is ridiculous as well. The entire app needs an overhaul, and I end up using the web page on my iPad more often than I use the app.

  • Annoying

    by Irritatedasfuck

    I like the app but it's annoying every time I switch to a diff app for a sec or use safari my whole search disappears and I have to start over also when using my iPad it constantly freezes

  • Wait for a better app. Worse than using a browser.

    by dolores2175

    Has no functions I need as a seller. Viewing items as a buyer is clunky. No reason to use this over the site in a browser.

  • Love etsy but..

    by Hippieface87

    This app is missing some features as stated by others. What I miss the most is being able to leave feedback :(

  • Needs some help.

    by Rater1298

    Reviews of products/shops seem to be nonexistent - to make or see. This alone is highly aggravating, but the chat function is also faulty, as well as a few other small issues that all add up.

  • Great! Needs improving!

    by Fishianado

    I really like this app but I would really like a search option for accepted payments i.e. Check, Money Order when I look for items to purchase. Also, when I do find things to purchase I usually have to ask the merchant for their address because it's not listed in the app, only on the website.

  • Highly recommend

    by Sshock29

    I love everything about the company. Download the app and purchase with confidence. Amazing products and customer service that should be adopted by most companies. Extremely satisfied.

  • Absolutely useless for anything more than browsing

    by JoeCT521

    As a tool for buyers and sellers, this app is useless. If you want to reorder an item previously purchased or browse other products from the seller's shop, good luck; there is no way (at least that I can find) to link to a seller or product from the order or convo history, and you can't search by seller name either. And if there is a way to leave feedback for a purchase, it eludes me. I suppose this is Etsy's passive aggressive method of forcing patrons to join "circles" and favorite sellers and products. Not interested.

  • amazing!

    by Erin the STAR

    This app is amazing! I love it

  • Fix the search capability

    by Lalaalalaa

    I want to be able to search for a store, not just a product.

  • Useless for a Seller

    by Alarmed 4 AM

    Why would you bother to create an app that can barely perform the basics? Very frustrating and buggy.

  • Best. App. Ever!!

    by  Unggg

    Absolutely love it!!!

  • Please make improvements

    by Shana....

    Many features missing. I wish I could see my shop the way others would. Why do I only have this tiny pop up screen? I was really hoping to do most of my Etsy work from my iPad but it doesn't seem likely based on this app. Boo!

  • Listing is easy!

    by El36856887914

    As for shopping, there's handpicked lists that have nothing to do with my interests, favorites or purchases. They're just hipster junk I don't want to see. Doesn't the site have a smart handpicked section that bases items on your faves? And there's a couple lists you can't turn off, no matter how uninterested you are. That's frustrating. Search works well enough, except for when it doesn't work. For instance, I thought up a shop name and wanted to see how anyone was using it. It came back no results. Completely dumbfounded I checked on my computer and came up with an abandoned store. I understand that you don't want shoppers finding empty shops, but if I'm looking for someone specifically, I should be able to. What if I wanted to use the convo feature in the app? Kinda dumb that the shop has to be currently active for me to find it. Shop stats seem up to date. Editing shop info works finally. I like that I can create drafts on the computer then update them with pics from my phone. It's my favorite feature. I don't like, however, browsing the sections and finding irrelevant crap. Supplies under kids, home decor under apparel, etc. It's confusing and annoying. Fix it! (And don't give me "it's the sellers responsibility to tag correctly". They should get in trouble for tagging wrong!

  • Bad feedback remains in App

    by Kinetic West

    Why does bad feedback still show up in this app even after the customer has changed the review? This is a slap in the sellers face. You work hard to get someone to change a review and then it just remains the same in the app. How unfair is that?Could u please fix this ASAP it's absolute bullocks

  • Can't pin to Pinterest

    by Bdmama13

    Wish I could pin stuff to Pinterest. I could before. Now it takes me to Pinterest but doesn't allow me to pin. I can't pin from iPad mini. Are you ever going to fix this issue?

  • Fix the app Etsy!

    by Podengo1

    10/16 Lazy Etsy- now it's been almost 2 months. You changed your policies to include items made by children in slave shops in 3rd world countries ("handmade!") but you can't fix this app's slowness for those of us who made you a success. Tsk, tsk. 12/18 It's been 2 months. You should change your name to Waletsy. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.

  • Problem

    by Rissa - Lou =0)

    It won't let me click off of a picture when I click on one. It's getting annoying!

  • Open with link !

    by waldolove

    Every time I am viewing an etsy link out of the app and then try to * open the etsy app to view it doesn't bring me to that specific page/ shop so I may save the shop/ heart that item into my favorites! I then try and search for the shop which turns into frustration and aggravation !

  • Very limited

    by Kim hates pandora right now

    Just not as good as it should be. Please fix the search local button. It used to work but it's been month!

  • It's okay

    by candy ARIELS

    It's great for shopping and browsing... But as an etsy seller I would like to edit and add coupons for my shop and I can't with this app. Also want to add items to certain fav lists and I can't do that yet. Waiting and waiting... In my opinion they are way behind on the dev of this app and they need to get ahead of the mobile game here!

  • Mostly good for what I need, but...

    by Raquiellet

    2 times customers have left negative feedback and I was able to negotiate until they agreed to change their reviews. But, the negative feedback still shows on the app and not the updated feedback. Forever. Why? This is pretty infuriating since I'm guessing that a pretty sizeable percentage of customers browse with the app.

  • Crashes when opening proofs

    by Veeplusthree

    In conversations with sellers, when trying to open up digital proofs the app crashes. Please correct. Thank you!

  • Feedback

    by Jlrach

    Please add the ability to leave feedback from the iPhone. I do almost all browsing and purchasing from the app and forget to leave feedback a lot due to having to go to my PC.

  • Add Registry!

    by sds0917

    Please add the registry feature that is on etsy's website. It would be so helpful to access and edit my registry from the app! The app needs to have more stuff like the website. Please!

  • Can't even open!

    by jrratis

    I installed the app from iTunes, but there is no icon on my iPhone for it and it won't open from iTunes either! Uninstalling!!!

  • Satisfied customer

    by Abid A 

    I think Jensies soaps are fun, great smelling, and super gifts... I gave them as Christmas gifts, and that's what my friends asked for their birthdays also !

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