eBay Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: eBay Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2008
  • Version: 3.2.1
  • Size: 19.36 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: eBay Inc.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Plus all of the additions we delivered in version 3.2:

Use the "Free in-store pickup" and “Click and Collect” options to purchase items from local retailers on eBay and pick them up in stores at a time that's convenient to you

Your personalized Feed is now accessible from the home screen

Share items to your Pinterest boards with the new Pinterest sharing option

Share via AirDrop

Swipe through images while on the item screen

Save time listing your items with our improved selling features

Thanks to your feedback we have also improved saved searches and increased the size of the back button

We're always listening so please continue to send us suggestions and comments on get satisfaction.com/ebaymobile or send us a tweet@eBayMobile

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769 Ratings
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Tap into the world's largest marketplace with the Official eBay for iPhone app! Now you can buy and sell items, compare prices, access our powerful search tools and so much more all from the palm of your hand.

The new eBay for iPhone app is more powerful than ever, offering you more of the eBay functionality you love wrapped up in a shiny, smooth user interface. Selling is a breeze with the streamlined, mobile-friendly listing flow. The integrated RedLaser barcode scanner makes it easy to search for items, sell and add tracking information. eBay buyers will never miss the opportunity to snag that one of a kind item with instant mobile bidding, Best Offer and Buy It Now.

Make the eBay app work for you. Set up notifications and bid alerts to let you know when your item is ending, when you've been outbid, won or sold an item, received an offer, payment or message, and more! Saved searches and Saved sellers allow you to easily access your favorite items, members and stores with one quick tap. You can also share items with friends via email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter.

Go shopping, with the eBay for iPhone app!

Customer Reviews

  • Big buyer small seller

    by NotMyWhiskey

    It gets the job done.

  • Great app

    by Xolisa Ntoni

    Nice app, pure simple convenience

  • Awesome!!!

    by Johnny__Appleseed

    Love the app. It is very easy to use. Very simple to list items. Adding pictures to listings is very easy.

  • Amirage

    by Grant1111

    eBay has been improving their web site for years. Now they made it easy to even sell. I do both but I love eBay. I use it for my even my dictionary of finds and steals. Thanks Grant

  • Love it!!!

    by Sciaqua3

    Great app, love to see all the things I didn't know I needed. Very convent to use.

  • A+++++

    by Lord God Almighty 123


  • Great app!

    by Jāšōń

    Weither your a buyer or a seller your going to use this app frequently! The apps new version never crashes for me and I love the new features and I love ebay! Lol

  • Amazing

    by Mkennis

    This is literally the best app on the market. No need to ever use their website, very easy to use and very effective. Every company should use the developer who created this app. You cannot find a more user friendly, useful app than this one.

  • Great

    by Cornbread1958

    You can watch all the items at any time...

  • Awesomeness

    by 805pete

    I just love buying from eBay

  • Awesome, Convenient

    by MUNKKY

    It is very convenient and really makes it easy to buy my items from the privacy of my own phone, really like this app and definitely recommend to all eBay users.

  • Wow

    by Jaime217

    I love this app!! It dose it all!

  • Shopping Wonder

    by Greatautodeals

    Its the most amazing app ever.....!

  • Great!

    by iKaycee

    I always use it, barely ever use the website itself haha!

  • Great App

    by Tss06

    I love this app. I use it everyday and believe it is easy to use.

  • Great app but couple bugs..

    by Monkmonk2013

    I love this app. Works overall great. But I don't like that eBay charges 10%. I understand you have to make money as well, but 10% of 1000 is $100. That's crazy. As well as sometimes the bidding items don't refresh. You will see and item with 3 bids at $30, go to place a bid and it says it has 9 bidders at $45 or something. Also, when I sell items on here and somebody doesn't buy it. It stays in my "sold items" folder forever. It doesn't let me delete it. And when I go to write a bad review on the buyers wall, it doesn't give me the option (at least not on my iPhone 4S) to rate it with stars. So my review on their wall will have 5 green stars and say 100% but then underneath says "buyer took forever to respond to me and then backed out of the item and I had to relist".. But I do love this app!

  • Great EBay App But Needs Updates

    by Cristinabc67

    I am having trouble with replying to messages and sending messages. The app could also use all the other items that others have mentioned. Please do updates to add these other features to the app.

  • Good enough

    by xochr

    Does what it needs to do for what's nessasary at the time without a PC

  • Every eBayer should have this app!

    by My Chocorua77

    It takes a little getting used to but after a few times navigating around you figure out how to get around to view everything as a seller and buyer. Especially a must have for sellers on the road. However I can not seem to figure out how to send an invoice with it??? You should also get the Paypal app.

  • Best way to eBay

    by Bittahness

    Selling is a breeze and the interface is straightforward and effective for navigating eBay's items.

  • Notifications only sometimes

    by Summers03

    For the last couple weeks now all of a sudden I only get notified (if I'm lucky) for 1 out of 5 items before they end. I have missed quite a few good deals now because of this. I've logged out & back in to "fix" the problem but it doesn't. All my settings are turned on for notifications also. Please fix as it it quite annoying that now I have to set alarms on my phone for when items are going to end so I don't miss stuff. Otherwise this is a great app for buyers and I will change my star review when the problem is fixed.

  • No

    by Appa69

    Two words. Best. Match.

  • Great app!

    by Ilovesballyhoo

    This is a wonderful app. Very streamlined and easy to use. No complaints, as I can think of now, I'm sure one will pop up as I start to use more. So far, like it better than the mobile website.

  • Ebuyer

    by Mills705

    Love it! Only a few things I'd like to be able to do on the app that I can do on the desktop but this is my favorite app.

  • Love it !

    by Ismaelito1820

    Buy stuff is never been so easy, I can do it virtually from everywhere! . Even from my toilet lol.

  • eBay app could be better

    by Misty Moore

    It could be better

  • Awesome!

    by Ayu-Brit

    So easy to use!

  • Great app!

    by Hayden Parrish

    Love the eBay app as I buyer and a seller! Great work!

  • Good

    by Monthor125

    Perfect app better solution easy way to use

  • Phenomenal

    by ZAndrews81

    Awesome app!!

  • It could be better


    Good app, very user friendly. Easy way to list items on the go. However, it would be nice is Ebay wasn't as greedy as the banks and didn't take most of the "PROFIT" that I "SHOULD" make off of my items! Change it up ASAP!

  • Need some changes !

    by adriel hernandez

    The application is not updated often and freezes. It never updated the tracking system and when I buy something I want to know the location of the item, no matter if usps, fedex or ups, the monitoring system is never reliable.

  • Good app!!

    by badazz23

    Good app!!

  • A+

    by JadeTheTrade

    Absolutely love this app!

  • Awesome!

    by PrincessPlum

    I use it almost daily and love it. It's one of my favorite apps.

  • Very useful

    by Ashley6147

    Use it all the time. Works well. Never had any issues

  • Good

    by Hjdfjj

    It's very good I love it . ......

  • Great app

    by The k0ol4id man

    This app does everything I need it to do, no complaints

  • Smh!

    by TD113456

    Horrible didn't allow me to sell flappy bird... Smh 5 stars if allowed to sell.

  • V goood

    by Hussain1306


  • Great

    by Thinking of her

    No problems at all very helpful for on the fun

  • Best

    by Tas1243

    Out of all my other apps this is definitely my favorite. It's easy to navigate and control. Also always great deals and fun things to look at with possibly anything in the world to buy! 10/10 hands down and thumbs up!

  • Really nice

    by K-smooove

    eBay is an excellent shopping experience with great merchandise new & used at great prices.

  • Garbage

    by Hokiebear417

    I'm trying to sell and after I enter the title of the item, I try to take a pic and the app crashes at that point every time. Completely impossible to list items with this app. iPhone 4S, running os7.

  • Excellent with smart work

    by Umesh Balachaur

    This app is superb for Shopaholic people, overall best work by the developers. Need work to provide Payment options. Thanks five star.

  • eBay app is great!!!

    by Rblowjr

    Few minor details I would change but other than that it is flawless!!

  • Favorite App

    by Rate this 420

    I love this app. I am constantly on it. Don't know if that's a good thing.

  • Clean

    by Mulishafmxxx

    Very fast moving app. I was able to sell in just a few mins, GUI is clean and has great performance.

  • Clean

    by Mulishafmxxx

    Very fast moving app. I was able to sell in just a few mins, GUI is clean and has great performance.

  • Great app

    by Journeybound

    Wish it gave all options like in website but still good

  • iOS v Google

    by Mitchell Harvey

    I've tried the Apple and Google versions. Apple's is far more intuitive and informational. Great app for the occasional lister and must have for buying/watching listings. I recommend using the full version on your PC or Mac if you sell frequently and need access to shipping labels, customized pages, or other in depth actions/analytics for selling. Only gripe is that leaving feedback for buyers/sellers in the Google version was more similar and easier to use than the feedback I'm the Apple version.

  • eBay junky

    by Cheri'Smith

    I love it. Daily deals are great!!! I'm an official eBay junky

  • Love it!

    by pinkkiller

    This app has helped me clean out my closet to make room for more & give me the money to do that all at the same time! I love it! It really helps me supplement my shopping habit! lol No complaints. It's super easy to buy & sell, I actually prefer it over the desktop version.

  • Watch list

    by BlackeHavoc

    Deleting items from your watch list is incredibly annoying. You try to swipe to the left to delete, but it ends up taking you to the item. Frustrating! You should be able to select and delete multiple items a at one time instead of individually. Please fix!

  • Great app

    by Dwood2311

    I use eBay on a daily basis for both my occupation as well as personal use, I mainly use this app for personal reasons. No instruction manual needed, incredibly easy to use!

  • Great but still has one major flaw

    by Ultra Robo Awesomeness

    I love the app but one feature would be great if it were changed. eBay really needs to remove the Posted by eBay Mobile at the bottom of the description. It makes the seller look very unprofessional and the only way to remove it is go out if the app and on a computer. Then you have to edit it out of the description. The worst part is that this happens even when making a small change like changing the price of an item using your phone.

  • love it!

    by 412bro

    I love eBay! more so as a buyer than a seller but in the long run it's great! as for just the app itself, couple bugs here and there, but all around great app! one thing I would say (that I know will probably never change) is the heavy fees charged by eBay and PayPal when an item is sold. total of %14 is taken and then we have to ship the item too! very hard to make actual profit. but good if you just wanna get rid of some stuff and don't expect to make your money back.

  • ❤️ this app

    by Mrs_Lumpkin0423

    I love this app!

  • Ebay all day

    by Illz Da UZA

    I stay on Ebay in anticipation of all the cool old vintage collectibles people from around the world list. This app makes it easy to sell and buy. Genius.

  • Nice app

    by Msb1989

    Great .. Easy to use app .... A++

  • Increíble

    by Lizvillanueva

    Desde qué supe de este app solo compro aquí :) estupendo y compra sería, sin riesgo.

  • Get it together ebay!

    by Technokila


  • I love eBay but...

    by Amira A

    Since I last wrote my review my issues have been fixed. It's still limited but can you guys work on being able to view multiple lists please? I have a list full of laptops that I would like to keep an eye on constantly.

  • eBay rocks!

    by 2699327594

    I'm a musician and I get everything I need on eBay, thanks to the awesome app! I'm always performing places so hauling around a laptop is inconvenient because I already haul many instruments around but the eBay app makes my life sooo much easier!

  • One of the best apps on my iPhone

    by Wise8230

    It is so easy to buy and sell on my apple iPhone. If you love Ebay on your computer, than you are going to love this app even more. Thanks Ebay!

  • Very good!!

    by OldAppWasBetter

    Much better than earlier versions, I highly recommend!

  • Great app, just needs a few more things...

    by PlayDoh003

    If you do a lot of activity on eBay, this is a great app for managing both your watch lists and items for sale (if you also sell). It's great for my needs, but if the following two nitpicks could be fixed, it would be worlds better: 1) HTML editing - I can't seem to be able to edit my descriptions without wiping out my HTML formatted text. If there was an "HTML Edit" available when changing a listing description, that would be great. As it is now, the "Plain text edit" option wipes out all my tags. 2) If the watch count could be added in item details, that would be great as well. If the "X people have watched in the last 24 hours" alerts like the website has could also be added, even better! Again, small nitpicks, but that's what reviews and feedback are for, right?

  • Greatest app ever!!

    by petersworld

    I love this app it is very simple to use and very convenient thank you eBay!!

  • Feedback needs help

    by Malibumyluv

    This app is good but only half the time do buyers leave feedback for sellers. Wish there was a way to get feedback easier/quicker!

  • Great app

    by Daniel Munoz

    Easy to use.

  • Solid Mobile Version of eBay

    by Justin Norman

    I can do basically everything I can do on the web site, but it looks and feels better on this app. The developers are doing a better job than many working on big company apps.

  • by 12&$@657bea

    Great app; what can I say I'm addicted to it! Love the great deals I get. Cheap clothing from name brands.. What's better than that? Easy to buy and sell. Truly happy!

  • Love it, use it daily!

    by GA/AL circuit :)

    No problems to note. Every update is well thought out and useful. Very clean interface, easy on the eyes and mind. Makes eBaying easier!

  • Best app ever

    by Jez me

    Use this app for finding the best deals anywhere

  • Awesome App

    by Mycenna

    I am using it for a month and can tell you it is great for my business so easy to use million stats

  • Love this app!

    by SayTay11111

    I use this app more than any other. I love it and I can't get enough!

  • Very handy app

    by Edodaniel

    Quite useful and the only thing I would add in addition to some of the other suggestions would be the ability to PRINT the payments as a PDF file for records.

  • Quick and easy, love it!

    by Mlane77

    Easy to do everything from searches, to buying and selling. Great app !

  • Excellent


    Has worked well for me since I began using a couple years ago. Just listed first items with it and worked flawlessly. I use it everyday and have never had any issues, just plain works!

  • Basic seller features missing

    by Kobayashi

    Printing shipping labels from ios via AirPrint - is still absent after all these years. Until that functionality exists - still shackled to a laptop! Also, let sellers view and pay ebay fees and resolve claims already !

  • Easy to List BUT ebay charges too much!

    by Fun131511

    This app works well & listing an item right from my iphone5 is pretty simple. I just wish that things, like creating automated shipping discounts while creating the ad, were available in the iphone5 app that are available on the desktop version of ebay. My only other major issue is with how much $$$money$$$ eBay charges per month!!!!!! Bottom line is that many merchants only get 20-30% markup on their items to make a profit. So when eBay charges 10% it pretty much translates into eBay taking half of our profits. That's BULL! How about SOME sort of REAL kick-back eBay!?! What happens then is that sellers like me are forced to list their items at even higher premiums to hold profit "just to keep the lights on" & buyers are forced to pay higher premiums. That's NOT GOOD BUSINESS!

  • App is very convenient

    by Thayes0820

    The app is easy to navigate. Quick way to post a lifting. Overall the app is great for mobile. I would prefer it over browsing eBay on the computer.

  • Ehhh...

    by 1sckruck

    Shipping doesnt even show use calculating thingy...

  • Terrible Photo Editor

    by EFFaPIG

    The app overall is good. Except for the photo editor. Especially when using the cropping tool. Photos appear to be cropped and appear to be uploaded cropped but later on they are as they were shot.

  • Five stars

    by adamsm060988

    I use it to buy and sell and it suits my needs. Seemed to have one bug where I turned a notification off but it didn't actually turn it off but otherwise works well.

  • Owner

    by Tito Minott

    Easy to view your listings, quick navigation through your account, and shopping is fast and convenient. No matter where I'm at I can stay connected. This is a great app. A+

  • eBay

    by porcarooo

    Quality app yo

  • Great app!!

    by Dvfvbhfdvhf

    This app is great, it helps keep my business going.

  • Like very nice

    by Bebox69

    Perfect App

  • Great app

    by Phillip the undertaker

    Use it everyday!!!!

  • Amazing service

    by Peaceequalsluv

    This app is so convenient and affordable to use

  • Easy & Fast

    by BenSvendsen

    This is a great app for any big sellers on eBay. I've almost never had a crash on it, and it works beautifully. Pros: -Saves drafts -Profile viewing -Easily edit -Add photos directly from camera Just one con: If I am making a draft, and I need to research something and leave the app for maybe 5 minutes, I'll come back to the draft and it will be gone and NOT automatically saved. It's a bummer. Otherwise, no glitches or problems!

  • Excellent!

    by Anna Schollaert

    Works well whether I'm buying or selling. Great app! Always works no bugs.

  • Great App!

    by Mia 3

    I love everything about the app,very nice.

  • Great app!!

    by GreenLantern1999

    I do all my listings on the app instead of my PC. I would like to see a tab for feedback left by buyers and sellers.

  • Almost perfect!

    by Sheepdog707

    I absolutely love the mobile app... The one thing I wish I could do that I still can't on my phone is create and print shipping labels on the go! Other than that, app is solid and I hardly even log in on my desktop unless, yep, I have to print shopping labels! Keep up the great work EBay!

  • Simply Amazing!!!

    by Dozi120

    Does not disappoint. Made my life easier mostly searching for items to purchase. I highly recommend.


    by MoeMont

    It has everything you could want in one store.

  • Good

    by Dirttybirds


  • Ebay app

    by hdfxd04

    Excellent! Do all my listing from my iPhone. Much better and less time then using full site.

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