eBay for iPad Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: eBay Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2010
  • Version: 3.2.1
  • Size: 37.17 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: eBay Inc.

• Shop your Feed on your iPad
• Speed and Stability Improvements
• Fixed the Back button
• Improved Saved Searches
• More updates from your 3.0 feedback

Version 3.2 of eBay for iPad is a lot like version 3.0, but better. We read, reviewed, sorted, categorized, and discussed each and every piece of feedback we received and made improvements where it was most important.

What’s new in 3.2?

“The Feed”
If you've used eBay.com recently, you may have seen the new homescreen which can be tailored to your tastes. The iPad app now lets you view your custom Feed right in the app. If you don't see "My Feed" on your homescreen, tap the plus button (+) at the bottom of the homescreen to add your Feed. (iOS versions 6.0+ only)

Fixes, Updates, and Improvements:
• Improved Startup Speed and Searching
• We’ve improved launch times significantly, letting you get back to bidding and buying more quickly. Additionally, we’ve decreased the time it takes to launch the Search dialog.
• The Amazing Disappearing Back Button: Fixed
• In version 3.0, occasionally the Back button wouldn't appear when you expected it to. It's had time to think about what it's done, and now appears when you expect it to.
• Improved Saved Search scrolling list
• Somewhere between version 2.3.3 and 3.0, the list of Saved Searches began always starting at the top instead of saving your place. The Saved Search list now stays right where you left it.
• Improvements to View Item
• In the 3.0 version, viewing a seller's feedback and their other items took one additional tap compared to the previous version. Now both the seller's feedback card and a link to their Other Items are available with no extra taps.

Happy bidding, buying, and selling!
- the eBay Mobile iPad team

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
6887 Ratings
All Versions:
99483 Ratings


The eBay for iPad app lets you sell, search, bid, buy, browse, and pay in an interface optimized for the iPad. With seamless scrolling, advanced search, and high resolution pictures - you've never seen eBay look so good. The app takes advantage of the iPad's stunning image resolution, large touchscreen, and on-the-go portability to deliver a revolutionary shopping experience.

Customize your homescreen with your favorite searches and keep track of what's popular along with eBay's Daily Deals. Found something you can't keep to yourself? Share it with your friends, family, and social circles on Twitter, Facebook, email, and SMS messaging.

The eBay for iPad app is a must-have for savvy eBay users.

eBay for iPad app is built with your feedback and suggestions. Please continue to share your ideas with us at our forum: http://getsatisfaction.com/eBayMobile

Customer Reviews

  • Easy

    by LoisEA3

    I downloaded app on my iPad mini. It is easy & convenient to use.

  • Love it

    by Scullinconor

    Easy eBay access! Love it

  • Easy to use with little to no problem

    by Blktiger27

    The app is easy to use with little to no problem, fast, and easy to understand

  • Easy to use

    by Kevin's always searching!!!

    Love it, easy to use and can find items easily.

  • .

    by Cesar Balganon


  • Easy

    by Glasscockx

    Easy to use and great for selling items

  • The way to shop in eBay

    by edrocks52

    Easy , fast, & clean!

  • Easy to use

    by fields1701

    I like the easy features, was only thinking about using the app to view items but went all the way to publishing my item with no problems. Thank you.

  • Miss one of the older revisions

    by Jermunji

    The mew IOS 7 version is far to bloated visually and lacks the smoothness of one of the older versions. I used to come on ebay everyday but now, its so visually overwhelming it takes extra effort just to analyze everything going on on the screen which is uncomfortable. Just doesn't feel second hand like it used to. But otherwise the app is fine.

  • Awesome

    by Ayaya313


  • Awesome.

    by JMFerranto


  • One app that is as good as browser based site

    by Over TP

    Buy side excellent. Sell side the site is better for creating postings. The app is still clunky manipulating pictures.

  • A+A+A works great!!

    by Atsiry

    Great app I buy and sale on eBay works perfect for me.

  • Grate App

    by Triggerfish-25

    The eBay App has been grate for me. I have been able to do more with this App than any other App I have use. It has saves me money on fixing things around the house. I can look all over the US and the world to find what I need at a very reasonable price or what I can afford. I love this App. Thank You eBay!

  • Easy to use

    by noven69

    Easy to use and effective.

  • Excellent!!!

    by Jiggin4U


  • Less is not more

    by Ebpstudio

    When buying on eBay you want the most information possible and some how to make this prettier this app became less informative on the product I love eBay but with this I'll be using the web site more :.(

  • yup

    by Bubbles r fun

    Good stuff, just what you need.

  • Great app

    by J ..J..

    I really like it,great app

  • Beautiful, functional format

    by TheCoytoteDreams

    I like the layout, easy photo viewing convenient listing breakdown when selling.

  • From bad to worse

    by Bad ebay

    This new version is unusable. The search filters function only a small percent of the time making this app essentially useless. When they do function you have to wonder if you are getting the correct results. They have increased the number of taps that it takes to view a listings description which makes a clunky app even less user friendly. If you are in the middle of viewing listings and accidentally hit the home button, everything is lost and you must start over.

  • Trash

    by Richy rich5

    This app is trash on the iPad. Filters doesn't work. If I search for shoe size "11" I will see every shoe size except for size 11. Great app on the iPhone though. Horrible for the iPad please fix

  • Latest update crashes too often

    by Unhappy eBay user

    Update: The app still crashes far too often while I'm working on posting an item for sale. I shouldn't have to 'Save and Close' the listing every few minutes to be safe. *** When I'm selling an item and going into the 'Shipping' tab to adjust the specifications, the app crashes and all unsaved work is lost. This happens far too frequently since I updated the app to the current version, but hey, I can put it on night mode to save energy, so it all balances out, right? You know what else saves energy? Not opening this app. Locate the problem and repair it, please.

  • Nice APP

    by SheepSausage

    The new version is very easy to use I like the user friendly interface.

  • Excellent app

    by Bluewind Hawaii

    I use it all the time to buy and sell on ebay. Never any problems. Works great.

  • Very slow.

    by MikeNOh

    My biggest problem with the eBay app is that it takes forever to load. I've also had problems with my watched items vanishing and with saved searches not searching with the parameters I set. I do like that you customize the home screen, but again it takes forever to load it's as if eBay is on dial-up.

  • Love eBay on the go

    by Rayne1977

    I love having eBay on the go and not having to pull out my laptop to use it

  • Missing items from watch list

    by G3ordy

    There are things missing from my watch list on the app that are on my watch list on ebay's website.

  • Grat app

    by jjclocks

    Does exactly what it should. No glitches!

  • eBay App Review

    by Spisol

    I've been using it for about a week now and it seems to be working great. It's better for the iPad than the regular version. It's not as full featured as the PC version but it doesn't need to be. It seems to have all the features and functions that I need. If I want more I can always get the laptop out and use it. If I'm doing simple searches to buy something, I find what I'm looking for and the whole experience is good, so far anyway. If I was going to put something on eBay to sell, I would do it on my laptop because I am more familiar with it and comfortable doing it because of previous experience on my laptop. However, i believe I could do it on this App if I didn't mind taking a little longer to learn the process. I feel comfortable recommending the App to others using their iPad or tablet.

  • Works for me!

    by Jimmy Barraza's iPhone 5

    Like the way my iPad mini works well with it.

  • Needs an update

    by Chet 3

    Ever since the last update all the app does is crash and it takes a VERY long time to load or search if you can get to that point! Fix this quick please been happening far to long. I am using iPad and the latest apple version of Ebay.

  • Works well

    by my0key

    Works well for me I haven't had any problems with it.

  • Easy and convenient app. Love it!

    by Tmj71ss

    Great app!

  • It's ok

    by Gunny101

    I like it, but still slow & they could make it easier to navigate. I still use the app more than the website or on PC :)

  • Awesome

    by Beto_25

    Love this app

  • When it works...It works great

    by Pistol Annie

    I really like the app and concept, but often times I watch it clocking and waiting for the pictures to load more than actually searching and buying stuff.

  • Love this app

    by Jazzdude0628

    When I shop I use the app and it does everything I need it to.

  • Great app

    by Johnneb

    I use this all the time. It works very fast on my iPad.

  • Functional

    by craigwo1968

    I use eBay about once every couple years. I expected more. It worked fine. No issues. Great to check progress. Did all major on IMac.

  • Works too good

    by Rick10567

    It works so good I don't need to leave the house to shop!!!

  • Easy App

    by RBCBDB

    I've had no problems with this app. Easy to access and shop.

  • Great App

    by camjelly25

    This is a great app. It is fast intuitive with fun animations and it is simple to use.

  • eBay app

    by Cassi<33

    Need better description of items

  • Nice

    by Sexy Hill

    Super nice

  • Has many needed features

    by Trilliannnn

    I love my ebaying. But there's a lot of thing the app can't do that the full web version does. Really need all the same features on the app.

  • Great design on iPad

    by Ricky Palacios

    App looks way better on iPad. Seems like there's more features available in one page. No bugs. Makes selling easier.

  • Smooth experience

    by Gybem

    Great, well though application, makes it much easier, love how you can flip pictures

  • Getting better

    by Fiz the good

    App has gotten much better since i started using it. Stable, clean interface, intuitive, much better than the website version! But still room for new features. Some of the more complex actions are not accessible from the app, like opening dispute cases and other specialty things, still require the website.

  • Love this app

    by Vschrepf

    This app is so much easier then the web app and it's so easy to search and process your bids and purchases. To date this app has saved me tons of money and all the items that I've purchased arrived on time and performed as quoted by the seller.

  • Pt

    by Riad N

    Great app . I use it a lot great help full of every thing u need.

  • great tool

    by henrycard50

    I am very happy with ebay, I check it everyday.

  • Great App

    by 733127

    This app is very easy to use

  • by Embelle

    I like it. It's gotten better with each update.

  • Great app

    by O'Banion

    Easy to use, navigation simple.

  • easy to use

    by carlaint

    i like the app. its easy to post as a seller and format is nice

  • Great App

    by Owned By a Boston

    I have really enjoyed this! It's almost as good as the desktop. Easy to shop, easy see what they have in any category, easy to use.

  • Great App No Complaints

    by Shipalel

    Absolutely Awesome!!!

  • Very Good!

    by 1025IA

    This app does everything that I would want it to and more! Not a very long loading time, very nice searching. I have sold a few items on here, and haven't had any problems like some others say they have concerning selling. There were other issues though.. After I had this app for awhile, I would open it, and it would say there were no items in the "watching" list or the "sold" list when there was before. So I just reinstalled it, and everything works fine now. Thanks for the app, very usefull!

  • Great app

    by Debby&Madison

    Love it!!!

  • Could be better

    by Ms. Laurie

    In a sense I like this app, but lacks all the convenience of the website. I like that I can scan an item! What I don't like is the app doesn't let use shipping the way I prefer. I also have a problem being notified or the app doesn't update with info until I actually open it.

  • Handy but Crashes....lost some entries

    by Malicarden

    Its worth downloading so you can work on your stuff in your spare time, but I suggest saving after every change you make to your items for sale. I lost my description when I moved on to the shipping info. It seems to crash around that point. Also it is lacking some options that the website offers. It would be nice to see some of these things worked out going forward.

  • Ebay

    by Don.C.me

    Love the app. Use it all the time.

  • Love it

    by Frances Ridley

    It's easy to use and I use it all the time

  • Nice App

    by CAP001

    I'm both a buyer and a seller on eBay. From a buyers perspective, I love this app and have zero complaints. From a seller perspective, the app has come a long way and it is now easier to list items for sale. I still find it easier to create listings from my laptop; however, listing through the app is fairly simple.

  • Works good but...

    by JonathanMarcella

    I wish I could manage my paypal account options too... Besides that is a great app

  • :)

    by Cesar5312

    I like it .....;

  • Don't like the layout and crashes

    by v2or

    I'm using a iPad Air and I don't like the layout very much. I also have numerous crashes when looking at items and picking the watch tab.

  • Nice

    by bobdewill.703

    I don't always write review , but when I do, it means a lot, another word very good. Stay thirsty my friends

  • eBay app.

    by Golfsleepmaster

    Works excellently. Secure. Quick. Easy to use, and stays personal. Love it.

  • Str8

    by Bignigonthablock907

    I've never had any issues with it .. And I shop a lot so it's cool in my book

  • Needs more functionality

    by watersniper

    I still have to log onto my desktop to maneuver certain seller features in eBay. What a pain. As a casual eBay browser, it's great.

  • Works great!


    Love my eBay app! Easy to buy and sell!

  • Slow clunky

    by Kd4lgq

    It crashes a lot. Very slow, doesn't respond to taps when launched. Then crashes for no reason. This app won't run on an iPad gen 1. Runs poorly on gen two. Sorry eBay programmers... Back to the drawing board on thus one...

  • Great app

    by Coleslawter

    Great app

  • Love This App.

    by Carol Amy T

    I love this app..prefer it to actual site and only use the app. This is among the very bast apps in existence. It is complete, fast and so easy to use. There are multiple viewing options which really does help in decision and bidding processes.

  • Love it

    by jonbiggstaylor

    Great app. Makes it much easier than website. Love it

  • Just Plain Fun!!

    by JCat1212

    Fun Fun Fun!!!!! Love this App! Whether buying or selling this App makes it easy and enjoyable. Very intuitive, great for the not too techie set!! Makes shopping fun! Watch your favorite items! Follow your top sellers! Keep track of your listings! Fast and effective. Just Get It!!!!

  • Great

    by steffers09

    I really have gotten to like this app. The format gets a little confusing sometimes but I like it. It is organized and I love the notifications when the items will be ending soon! You should definitely try it out! :)

  • Only use in a pinch

    by Horribly Buggy

    eBay has given extensive thought to the facility of their site from the sellers standpoint. This app is for buyers mostly with only rudimentary features for sellers. If this is due to proprietary issues of Apple that is one thing but if it is due to lack of development of the app by eBay, that is quite another.

  • Excellent App

    by Johnny the 8th I am

    Makes Ebaying on my mobile device easy and fun. Great job

  • Slow, awkward, annoying

    by WebGrrlFL

    This update has installed a very slow and laggy program on this iPad. I also find the new UI to be annoying. It should be one tap to read the description not scroll then tap. Unless you want people buying stuff without reading descriptions maybe. Always read the description is the guiding rule, and this app should make that easier not harder. Also fix the crazy slow load time, please. Update: apparently the app has a nag function to get you to review it. Well, the concerns I mentioned are still a problem, and I see mention of a back button and that sounds like a good idea, except that I don't have one. I have to go home to start over all the time. Due to the nag function and further annoyance of the slow and awkward app, I am dropping a star. Please speed up the start an make it simpler to see the seller's description.

  • Limited functions

    by bikeboss

    Cant contact sellers, or sort by expedited shipping options.

  • So easy to list items to sell & so user-friendly!!!!!

    by Littleluskkat

    This app is wonderful. It's so user-friendly it makes my time for listing items so just as easy as 123! I've been using eBay for years and this has just made my life so much easier. This is a must-have app!

  • Better and better

    by cy92677

    Really been getting better and better over the years. It would be great if they incorporated some form of tracking and update feature to packages being delivered. Keep improving.

  • Great app

    by Canesfan311

    Great App

  • Great App

    by smaodeu

    It is a very good App. I use it all the time as buyer without any problems. User friendly.

  • Too Slow To Start

    by MustangGeeTee

    The eBay app for iPad takes about 3 or 4 times longer to start up compared to the iPhone version. If my iPhone is handy, I'll grab it to use eBay 100% of the time. Please work on speeding up the iPad version. It didn't used to be like this!!

  • eBay app for iPad

    by who, what, why, when, and how?

    The app is great. Easy to use.

  • eBay app is Great!

    by Brandyred

    I love this app! I get to keep an eye on the items I am watching, selling, and buying!

  • Downgraded

    by Gjdrvhjjhv

    Prefer the iPhone app, too much on here making it more complex n confusing. Shouldn't have made the recent upgrades, better prior.

  • Works well for me :)

    by Key_Key!

    I like this app it's very user friendly and works well for me... I haven't had any problems with it.. The only thing that bothers me is if I am outbid and wish to not bid anymore the notification still shows up on the app. But other than that it's good :)

  • Love this app

    by Jen Lyon

    I love eBay and this app is awesome !!!!

  • Easy app

    by Zachttak

    This app makes using eBay so simple

  • Friend

    by ZVBenny

    I have been on ebay buying and selling for 12 years.I have many problems with this app that makes it impossible to use without having to go back and forth to my desktop computer. Here are some of the annoying features you will encounter. 1.slow loading even with super fast internet connection 2. No invoicing capability 3. Loses photos when relisting 4. Shows wrong sequence in sell times 5. You cannot check on your highest bid when buying 6. Frequent crashes

  • Very Functional...

    by JaredJF

    Functional and beautiful interface, though two suggestions: No need for separate iPad and iPhone apps; just make one universal app. The auto brightness setting rarely works. All the time I have to manually select the dark theme at night...

  • Convenient alternative with a nice interface: easy to spend$

    by crcdj

    It's a good way to browse for items. Some features are easier to use than the computer.

  • Very hard to do much serious searching

    by JAK2007

    The app is better than previous versions now, but the search functionality is really lacking for any real 'power' searching. For example, I like watches. If I try to search for 6 specific brands, using the brand sort provided in the app, it just doesn't work. Hundreds of other brands show up. If I search for 'Hamilton' watches in the 'wristwatch' category (vs the watch parts category), I get thousands of watch part hits anyway, and few actual watches. Finally, when using more than 25 or so filters - like watch brands - the system won't seem to hold them, throwing an error message every time. It's fine for basics, but not for real searching. (And as many say on the chat boards, the 'reserve not met' feature blows). It isn't an app issue, but an eBay issue. As others have also said, it would be great if you could set trips or push notifications to alert you when an auction for a specific thing was ending in X minutes and was currently holding under $X.

  • I love shopping eBay!

    by Bishopojw

    This is an awesome app! I have enjoyed using it for years.

  • Few problems

    by Salemp2

    I love eBay and the whole shopping experience, I have not really had many issues negatively with the app and it often times seem to work faster than my desktop. The few problems I have had such as a page not loading right, or not clearly keeping up with ended items, I have enjoyed full use of the app and will continue to use it! Shopping is so much more enjoyable when I can find an item and checkout without major issues!!

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