"Enchanted Meditations For Kids 1" by Christiane Kerr Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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This high quality meditation audio app is the inspiration of Christiane Kerr.

Suitable for boys & girls aged 3-9 years, these recordings are created to to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing and to help children improve their focus and concentration.Children can float away on an enchanted journey that will leave them feeling happy and relaxed, whilst developing confidence and creativity.

Allow the beauty of Christiane's gentle voice and relaxation techniques to transport you away to the underwater world of the dolphins and the magic of the rainbow. This CD is a wonderful relaxation tool for use at home or at school.

Enchanted Meditations For Kids 1 APP Features:

* Four deeply relaxing audio tracks between four and ten minutes long: Jellyfish Relaxation, An Underwater
Dolphin Ride, Rainbow Relaxation and The Magic Rainbow.

* All audio's feature high quality professional recording techniques.

* Christiane Kerr's beautiful calm reassuring voice guiding you into a completely relaxed state of mind & body.

* A page where your children will be instructed in a yoga posture which will help to increase the ability to feel calm and relaxed.The yoga pose "Tree" is shown with full instructions of how to adopt the pose,encouraging children to have resources for feeling strong, confident, yet happy & relaxed at any time of day.

Christiane Kerr founded Calm For Kids in 1999. She has has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. She is also an is an experienced Montessori teacher. Her work has been featured in the national press and on television. Christiane runs classes for some of London's leading yoga studios and teaches in schools from nursery to secondary level. She currently runs adult courses and children's workshops in West London
where she lives with her children. These lovely meditations can be enjoyed by adults too especially where relaxation and visualization can enhance an overall feeling of well-being.


"This is the best relaxation CD I have heard. The voice and the content are both lovely usually one or other doesn't engage. Although I bought it for my very active daughter, we often listen to it together. The voice is very soft and calming and doesn't patronise children. My daughter responds very well to the relaxation exercises that precede each visualisation and I like the way they seamlessly run into each other. It has become a firm favourite in our household and is a really great relaxation CD."
Mary Brown (UK)

"With her soothing "Relax and let go, Relax and let go" Christiane Kerr ensured we were lulled and ready to join her on the Underwater Dolphin Ride. The visualisation was easy to achieve, Ms Kerr knows her stuff!"
S. Smith, adopter & ex-foster parent

"Enchanting Meditations is wonderful, suitable for five plus year olds and I mean plus, my 16-year-old, with a much lower emotional age and attachment issues responded quite positively and we both loved the twinkling tunes followed by meditational journeys."
Mrs Bentine, London

"My son was having problems with his peers at school and listening to the CDs helped him to put things in perspective."
Adrienne Robertson

"This is wonderful. My eldest daughter finds it very hard to 'switch off' at bedtime & as a result lies awake for hours mulling things over in her head. The soothing music, creative narrative & Christiane's calm & gentle voice helps her to totally relax, she is yet to listen the CD right to the end, she always falls asleep by track 3. Can't recommend it highly enough!"
Sarah W (Mother of two), UK

"Bedtimes are no longer a battleground. Calm for Kids are a big hit in our household."
Heather Connon, Observer

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  • Relax?

    by Ana Paula Parker

    The narrative is spoken too fast. Do not promote relaxation.


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