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* Take snapshots of your countdowns to your albums. Share image from your album on Instagram, Flicker etc
* Added 4 week repeat option based on your requests
* Various bug fixes and stability improvements

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Countdown to your events, birthdays, and holidays with the top ranked countdown calendar and timer app on iTunes.
#1 app in Free Lifestyle (UK - June 2013), Top 20 Free Lifestyle (US - April 2013, AUS - May 2013), Top ranking in over 150 countries.

Featuring unlimited Countdowns and reminders for all your events. With Countdown+ Reminders, you can count down to your birthday, wedding, spring break, graduation, cruise, trips, retirement, concerts, any memorable events in your Calendar and even Facebook. Also countdown to holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Years, Valentines, you name it.

Tell the time to or from any event in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. Want more notifications closer to an event? With the smart reminder feature, you configure your countdown event and get notifications more frequently as the event approaches. Never forget an event again!

Countdown+ Reminders also integrates seamlessly with your Calendar and Facebook. With a monthly display of events and birthdays, you can pick your most important Calendar events to track and add to your Countdowns with a single click. Countdown+ Reminders also pulls Facebook birthdays and events making it a great Birthday Calendar. Want to be reminded of family and friends birthdays? Add birthdays from the Facebook view to your countdowns with a single click. Each calendar entry is also a countdown clock so you see the exact time left to each event.

Countdown+ Reminders doesn’t stop there. A timer is included that lets you label and save timer presets. This is great as a game timer for board games, kitchen timer, sports timer, countdown clock during homework or exams, you name it. The timer runs in the background so you are free to use other apps and still get a reminder when the timer expires. Reusing a saved timer is a click away making it easy to repeat timed events all through the day.

You can also share your event countdowns by text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter with a snapshot of the countdown background and a link that allows family and friends to join in your countdown.

Its not all about features either. Countdown+ Event reminders does this all with style. With a colorful fun interface, Countdown+ Reminders lets you use your own photos or custom backgrounds. Configure your font, color, and position of your countdown and select from several alarm and sound options to further customize your countdown experience.
With many settings and custom options to choose from, you have to try to experience it all. Try it today for free!

- Track an unlimited number of events and reminders
- Receive notifications more frequently as the event approaches
- Use photos from your album, take a photo with your camera, your Facebook photo albums or use one of the custom backgrounds included
- Ever wonder how old you really are to the second? Count up from your actual date of birth
- Integrates with your Calendar. See time remaining to events in your Calendar in a monthly view.
- Integrates with your Facebook events and friends birthdays. Monthly display of birthday and events with one click quick add to your Countdowns list.
- Backup and sync to iCloud
- Event sticky notes
- Auto imports your friend’s profile picture or the event image to your countdown background
- Includes a timer with custom labels and presets you define to track your everyday events
- Select time units to count in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
- Multiple widgets and custom displays to further customize your Countdown
- Customize the countdown font, color and position
- Multiple alarm and alert sounds to choose from
- Share screenshots of countdown events with Friends!
- Days to next upcoming countdown event on the application icon
- Facebook community of users sharing in their experience with Countdown+ Reminders application

Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Missjenilynn

    It's awesome. I've never had a problem with it.

  • Great app

    by Crz672010

    Very easy to use! I love being able to have a countdown to some of my upcoming events! I like the customization option, where you can use your own photos.

  • Hella awesome

    by Jhzee


  • Creat app


    Only problem: It will not allow sharing although it gives options for it. I tried to share via text, e mail and FB and couldn't get it to work. It's a pity.

  • Great app!

    by H.Nimo

    I love this app! It's helpful and efficient. Definitely a good thing to download!

  • Great app!

    by H.Nimo

    I love this app! It's helpful and efficient. Definitely a good thing to download!


    by Peter Leo

    It's amazing!

  • Was okay

    by klryan

    I prefer my countdowns to be shown in days or at least have the option to set them that way. I couldn't get this one back down to that level. Other than that its fine. Easy to set up.

  • I love countdown!

    by TheTempest87

    This app is really cool, I like that you can screenshot and send your own countdown to people.

  • Good

    by Jnac90


  • In app purchases

    by Devilsfan3

    I know its part of the industry, but this app is filled with features that u can't use unless u buy it. It's disappointing, but its ok if u dont want what's actually advertised on the apps cover page... Shame

  • I love this app

    by BrookeAnneLove


  • Love this App

    by Don Calloway

    Works great! Now, I'll never miss an important event again. Well worth the money.

  • Easy & Useful

    by MoniUTalk

    So useful! Tracks my whole life & keeps me on schedule. Easy to use & always on time.

  • countdown to awesome!

    by Dorshy

    Great app, has everything I was looking for!

  • Great app!

    by Fernandatralala

    I love to countdown the import events in my life and this app helps me to have fun doing it cause I can share on Facebook and other places. It also send reminders that the date is getting vlose! It's easy to use and the design is nice. :)

  • I like it but.....

    by AliceLynn

    I for some reason have 45 notifications on it. Can't get them gone. The red 45 number annoys me seeing it on my phone lol. Someone plz tell me how to get it gone!!!

  • Make it your own!

    by Trevro

    Love the features with the 1st tier payment option. $0.99 got me everything I wanted! Love this app! Use it all the time! I have countdowns for everything with my own pics & different fonts & colors! I can change whether it's counted down in years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes, or seconds. Love love love!

  • Good but minor issues

    by CowPi

    This is a pretty good countdown app. I have two minor issues. You can turn sound off for reminders but no way to turn sound off the clicking. Second, I only want to see days but I seem to be forced to show hours, minutes, & seconds (or years, months, weeks with upgrade). I set the Dual Count to days only but it does not affect anything.

  • Not bad

    by Darko1985

    Cool app

  • Worst calendar app ever!!!!

    by LB

  • W T F

    by PissdOffUser9

    I used to love this app. It worked great, didn't ever have a problem. Yet now that I try to save an event the app shuts down. What is that? Time to go shopping for a new countdown app.

  • Love it!!!

    by Bossassbitch101

    Great app. Amazing. Easy to use. It's a great reminder.

  • Good.

    by tayomayo22

    It gets the job done,and that's it.

  • Amazing

    by Imacutieforfruttituttiicecream

    This is an amazing app I love and I never forget when I have to go some where.

  • Best countdown app

    by ThatonegirlwholovesChristmas

    This is by far the best countdown app I've come across so far. It allows for complete personalization and it's very organized.

  • Great app

    by JSTrumps

    I love this app! I use it for upcoming visits with friends and family, birthdays, time to retirement, time to pay off mortgage, and exact age of my dogs. My only suggestion would be that is like to be able to share my photos in my countdown with the people that I share my countdowns with.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Dunk K. C.

    I will highly recommend it for everyone

  • Yay

    by Martin kids

    It's cool

  • LOVE IT!!❤️❤️❤️

    by Coopertroopa

    If your looking for a countdown app STOP looking and get this AMAZING COUNTDOWN you can use pictures behind your countdown or just use one of their backgrounds! It is super easy to use and fun!!❤️

  • On point

    by crickettss

    Def my fav countdown app on the iPhone

  • Great countdown app

    by littlebutt9999

    I love that you can add personalized photos. Works great. I upgraded for .99 to get rid of adds!

  • Awesome!!

    by Jesse Alfred

    Great pretty app!!

  • Cool app

    by Daniel brockman

    Just downloaded it, starting to get used to it!! Seems pretty cool!

  • Great app

    by C$lick

    The $0.99 version is

  • Pretty cool app.

    by Gerri Davillier

    Never miss a date like it says

  • Nice

    by Gfczxbk

    Nice app. Wish the pictures didn't cost money but everything else is lovely!

  • Best app!!!

    by Benfica9

    It is a really good app u won't regret getting it Right now I'm using mine for birthdays and my One Direction Concert!


    by User of app!

    Love this one because I don't have to open the app to see how many days are remaining.

  • I love this app!

    by Sassy9107110111

    I got this app only a few days ago, but i already love it to the moon and back! Its helped me remember things and I never forget friends B-Days anymore. I have to say this app is worth buying and downloading for. Im addicted to making countdowns. I love it!:)

  • Amazing

    by Jesslub

    Way better than any other app!!

  • Love It!!!!!

    by Italbaby29

  • So fun

    by Oscar_2384

    Love this app, I'm all about dates and deadlines - this app is fantastic

  • Awesome

    by PatMartinDDS

    You should really get this app

  • Wicked

    by AlqaedaJ


  • Crashing app

    by Bigred269

    Crashes and closes everytime I try to use it since last update. Grrr... And I liked this app a lot!

  • by Isa


  • Keeps Crashing ):

    by BigD12345678910

    The app is great! But it recently started crashing. Everytime I open it, it closes out.. ): it needs to be fixed!!

  • Awesome app

    by Robin Boehning

    I luv this app on my iPhone it's one of my fav apps on my whole phone. The only thing I want SO FREAKING BAD is iPad version PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ make an iPad version very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOVE!!

    by A Ninja Grasshopper

    Great app

  • Crashed

    by Albee97

    I love this app but all of a sudden it doesn't work. I deleted and reinstalled the app but it doesn't work. The app crashes upon opening. Please fix it ASAP

  • Useful!

    by cortney Corpus

    Great app! Wish the actual countdown could be visible on home menu.

  • Yay

    by Nicollesantosc

    It's a good app.

  • Slick

    by Pakun

    Good job!

  • Beautiful app

    by Kimmstuhh

    The design is wonderful, I am using it for all my events and also bought the full version !

  • Notification.

    by Kidmcl


  • Great app!

    by Monte72SC

    Great app! Different fonts and can add a picture!

  • Carl the Cabbie

    by UBM CT

    Perfect app for a busy taxi driver with lots of appointments.



    No words. BEST COUNTDOWN APP E.V.E.R My friends love this app too GET IT NOW!

  • Love it

    by Hhhuscbuh

    The vest app ever and it keeps me organized

  • Great app!

    by Mom, wife, career woman

    Works great, customizable with your own pics and easy to use!

  • Love this app!

    by jdCummings

    It's just awesome :)

  • Amazing

    by Nisalbot

    Proud to this app in my phone

  • Love it

    by Dr.yay

    I really like it

  • Great

    by Wpsiatwinfwnhsiasam

    Fast and easy to use no hassle.

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