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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Jun, 15 2010
  • Version: 2.9.1
  • Size: 6.35 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Apple Inc.

- Various improvements and performance enhancements.
- Make the most of your visit to the Apple Store with new In-Store Notifications. We’ll send helpful information to your iPhone and give you fast access to store services based on your location in an Apple Retail Store. (U.S. only)

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When you’re on the go, the Apple Store app is the best way to research, personalize, and buy products from Apple. You can also use it to make Genius Bar and workshop reservations at the Apple Store. And it’s also the easiest way to get a new iPhone — right from your current iPhone.

Here’s what you can do with the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPod touch:

- Buy products on the go and pick them up at your favorite Apple Retail Store, or have them shipped to your door (U.S. only).
- Personalize an iPad or an iPod with free engraving, plus get signature gift wrapping for select Apple products.
- Custom-configure a new Mac with the options you want, including larger drives and more memory.
- Track your stuff: View the status of current and previous orders in the order status section.
- While in an Apple Store, quickly purchase accessories on your own with EasyPay (available in select countries).
- Request help, check in for reservations, and meet up with a Specialist at the store.
- Make Genius Bar and One to One reservations and sign up for workshops and events.
- Receive helpful information and fast access to store services on your iPhone Lock screen based on your location in the store.

Now you have even more ways to shop - check out our Apple Store app made just for the iPad.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app...but

    by Solelymusical

    Its a very good way to shop but what about the people who have iPhones with T-Mobile. There is no way to buy one from this app or check upgrade eligibility.

  • Shop for Education

    by mvp013

    I wish the app gave you the option to buy items for school. Other than that I really like the app!

  • Good. Now All It Needs.......!

    by  VSteele

    Great app that allows you to have more options when purchasing Apple devices & accessories for those items. I'm rating this as good as it get's because I'm sure (assuming) there will be an iPad app or alter it to work on both devices; iPod/ iPhone & iPad. It's the only thing missing to this wonderful app. Thanks

  • Best way to get a 4s!!

    by  Kahlon

    Flawless - I pre-ordered my 4s in 60 seconds. The app took me through the phone options and plan options and I was literally done in under a minute. Fabulous!

  • Easy to use & great app

    by Layla09876

    I think this app is very useful. All you do is get this app and your all set to go to the apple store and use this app to look at things easier.

  • Just a few ideas for everyone

    by Sadiebug630

    Ok... I'm not sure who does it... It's just be nice in the next updates. 1. Have different screensavers. I have an idea of making multiple screensavers for each page of my I pad on the home screen. Everyone likes more than one picture. 2. Get the updates to the I pods. I pods r becoming unlikeable for most users because it doesn't have all the IOS 7 stuff. That, or make a new I pod that does have the ability to do this.

  • Screen Recorders

    by Dubreon

    Please bring then back I'm a mobile gamer and want to make videos but I can't find a recorder on AppStore if you can't bring them back pleas make one

  • sumit

    by R

    Apple iis the best Idea to show this app

  • Useful... But.

    by Snrkmc

    The app isn't bad, however, not being able to filter search results means I cannot look for all of the available accessories for a specific model of each device. Back to the internet browser I go...

  • Good app, but….

    by RMtzC

    I always find the experience of buying Apple products more enjoyable by going to retail store or buying from the online site. Not that the app is not good, but prefer I to see and touch the product or box to considerer buying it.


    by Niall's Wife ;) 

    Where the deuce is the store for students? I want my gosh darn discounts goshdarnit!

  • Have this App in Australian App Store?

    by professormac 

    Hi, my review is not exactly for the review purpose. I work for Apple-Retail Australia (store Chatswood Chase). I am not sure how to flag this so that is why I am attempting to communicate here. Please help me by refer my message to appropriate department and do NOT put this review in public. I see great value in this app to help encourage customer to take on Apple product in conjunction with One-to-One membership (book & check workshop, genius bar availability on their iPhone, simpler than the webpage). I want to tell my customers about this app. Any chance to have this app available in Australian App Store?

  • Baby Blue

    by chrisopherjohn

    Love your products, good, efficient, and safe quality stuff guys. Love Apple, the apple from the tree of knowledge.

  • Great App

    by Great game, buy it

    Everything I hoped the app would be. Very simple, lots of products, well done Apple.

  • No point to check in with app.

    by Bacchusvino

    Idea is great. Can't understand why I check in with this app and then I have to check in with the Apple representative? Would be be nice to buy more then one item at a time.

  • Still waiting

    by MikeTedesco

    Still waiting to see the iPad version. What’s with you guys?

  • Apple Store Rocks

    by Eve_Webb

    It’s nice – keeps me updated with all the new Apple products and helps me get in touch.

  • Uh huhhh...

    by Mrs. Future Stypayhorlikson

    I like the app and I can find what I want on it and its not confusing! AND I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! I can't believe Louis is already 22!!! OMG AND I GET TO GO TO THEIR WHERE WE ARE CONCERT TOUR!!!!!!! AHHHHH I love them so much!!! Who agrees ??

  • สมเพชพวกชั่วแฮกคนอื่นยังหน้าด้านมาเม้น

    by Nittayaya

    อน่าด้านมากเลยแฮกคนอื่นมาพอแล้วจะยังหน้าด้านมาเม้นสมเพชว่ะ ระวังตัวเถอะเพราะตอนนี้ทีมงานappleช่วยฉันและจะไม่มีวันที่คนชั่วอย่างแกจะแฮกฉันได้อีก

  • Really Worthful app!

    by  Redneck#24

    Recently installed and suprised with the info just gifted a mac for my son, who is at vegas in final year ms, impressed with the app like on whole appstore, nothing compares to this any other app on store, it's great!

  • Meh

    by raxel99

    A good app but u can only do a few things if u want to buy something and your on the go then use it but if your someone who has a lot of appointments than keep it but it's not all useful.

  • Can't ship to PR

    by Jim Appleseed

    App gives error that it is unable to ship to PR but if ordered through Apple website order is accepted. Please fix. For the moment will give only one star.

  • Not supported on the device they sell

    by FaroeseViking

    No longer supported on the original iPad.

  • Other region?

    by CocaCola121

    Should expand these services far and wide.

  • Are u kiddinng!!¿.?

    by xronicax

    I've gotten 10 messages in the last hour, from Apple that I need to upgrade my ios, but apple wont let me do it. Omg. Just fills me with warm feelings toward apple. My auto correct just corrected "appl" to "a pile". Hear hear!

  • iPad version

    by Blackberryroid

    Steve Jobs would have never allowed this.

  • Doesn't use iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader

    by DimeDancer

    What the hell?

  • Redo it

    by USA Made?

    Redo it


    by Mrydrk_2001

    I hate the fact that ot of things are still missing. All the apps and somethings like certain "devices" are turning garbage. And about iTunes Radio im tired of the stupid Macy's, Nissan ads that gets in my way alot and wastes too much internet. So i think its time for a revision Apple !!!!

  • Won't work on original iPad

    by Stoogiesfreak

    I have an original iPad and I can't upgrade to iOS6 so I can't even download this app. Also, the original app won't open, so I'm screwed either way. Not real happy with this situation.

  • leaves a lot to be desired

    by BigDaddyBob869534

    Crashes constantly, or else takes forever to load -- and then displays a blank, white screen! Just awful.

  • Disappointed

    by JimHance

    The only app on my iPhone which refuses to work unless I upgrade to IOS 7 is the Apple store app. I have an iPhone 4 and have had heard so many stories of how the performance will plummet with IOS 7 that I am waiting for 7.1 to address it. Beta indicates it will. Funny that Apple is the only company that is not flexible and forces me to update if I want to use their store app. Every other app I have gives the option to use the latest version that will work with the IOS I have. To use an old phrase - like shooting yourself in the foot. I can't browse/buy new products on their own store app!!!

  • Horrible experience with iTunes

    by Mrutyunjaya Hiremath

    iTunes and iTunes Store to authorize my computer just to take a backup, no phone support, I should find my own answer to troubleshoot using google. Walled garden is primed to crumble.

  • Easy Pay is tedious

    by WorldBoogie

    Pros: nice idea Cons: 1. Unlike a typical retail self-checkout, you must check out, re-enter your password and pay for each item separately. Very tedious! 2. Processing errors sometimes force you to go through the checkout process multiple times. Of my 4 items, 2 went through flawlessly, 1 had to be processed a second time, and one never would process. Tried 7 times on hue rope lights - scanning, pressing pay and going all the way to password entry each time - before giving up and using a sales associate. The app on her phone had no problem with the item (perhaps 'easy pay' should have been based upon *that* app). Total amount of time to check out was over 20 minutes. I wouldn't call it 'Easy Pay' yet as it still seems half baked and I felt like a beta tester.

  • Hello?

    by Cuz91642

    I think the online apple store is better.

  • Support

    by KeithRice2125


  • Great

    by Cream121

    Great app, and yes there is an ipad version, it released just now

  • Awesome

    by Peevi

    Same original awesome apple software :)

  • Pretty Nice

    by samanater 

    I just wish you could track your purchases and customize your computer (like when you purchase it from the Apple Store in Safari).

  • In app purchases

    by Supermonkeymanwithatie

    Dear apple, You guys should put in an mod. so people can use iTunes money to buy stuff because people give me iTunes money but I'm almost out of space for videos, apps, etc. and I want to buy a new iPod but I don't get that much cash.

  • So close...

    by bassbrass

    Loved this app the first time I used it. The one complaint, still no ability to make multiple purchases with one transaction.

  • Other region?

    by CocaCola121

    Should not limit such service to U.S only.

  • Genius Bar appointment check in doesn't work

    by DrRedBrown

    I checked in with this app when I was in the Apple store. Waited for 10 min, passed the appointment time, and another 10 min passed, but still didn't get a notification. So I asked an employee what's going on. He told me my appointment had passed. Great. I shouldn't have used the app to check in in the first place. Other than this it is a decent app.

  • Uglier and harder to use than previous app

    by ComicBook

    The first time I used this app it was a delight. Now it is ugly and harder to use than it used to be, like all Apple software.

  • Refurbs

    by LAS VEGA5

    There are more refurbs in the website than there is on this app- How come? There should be a refurb "page" on this app.

  • by Hipopotonounstrosis

    Dear apple genius, we want to give you a suggestion about new products. We all one a Macbook air with retina display, also a macbook pro & imac touchscreen. Thanks

  • Wish List!???

    by mjp2110

    The app is normally fine, but it is Christmastime & there's no way for me to create a wish list on the app and email it to family!

  • Great App

    by rich.beasley

    I absolutely love the new user enhancements. The only problem is that this APP should be made for the iPad. Can someone at Apple help?

  • Thanks for not supporting ios5

    by Bowshanks

    Can't use it anymore

  • Apple Store App for iPhone

    by Iluvshihtzu

    Many people are complaining this App doesn't cover the iPad. I found this App on the Apple Website. There were 2 to choose from. "Apple Store App for iPad" or "Apple Store App for iPhone". How could you possibly put all the accessories for all Apple devices, MacBooks & Desktops, etc. into one little App? Look before you criticize. Also, on my iPad, when I'm searching for an App, I can filter the search for iPad only or iPhone.

  • Nahhhh Why no iPad App

    by MiaMiaQ1911

    I hope apple teem are working on it

  • There is an iPad version!

    by Fat Bizzle

    Amazing how many bad reviewers don't realize there is an apple store iPad app! It's a different app. Came out nov 8, the same day many bad reviews are from, so don't pay attention to that :)

  • Cool

    by sd913

    Awesome that you can use this to purchase items right in the store

  • A great apps

    by Rubelmoon

    I am all time enjoy apple apps but this apps is awesome. This is a great apps. I also believe that apple will create more apps like this.

  • Hello???

    by Disappeared Town!!!

    Seriously People!? This is a awesome app! Stop giving it one or two stars for no iPad version!! Because, guess what? There is a iPad/ iPad mini version! It's a separate download. Just go into the app store on your ipad, search for apple store, and under iPad apps, there it is!! :)

  • DarkWaveDisco

    by Dark Wave Disco

    Who f'ing cares if there isn't an iPad version! You all apparently can access the app just fine with your iPhones. Now if all of you illiterate, simpleton, low IQ pieces of trash could just learn to so much as complete one concise sentence as well as you use your iPads to play Angry Birds this country might actually be a more interesting place...

  • Asowme Apps

    by JamesHjall

    Good App but need to Update right Now.. With All Apple device.

  • Unable to pay with gift card...

    by 1.8track

    I recently purchased an iPad air through the app on my iPhone 5, and everything went smooth. But I received a $75 gift card and wanted to use it to buy a smart case. I was unable to use the gift card on checkout in the app, I had to go to the apple website in safari. I was disappointed that I A. Couldn't figure it out or B. The option to use a gift card in the app wasn't there.

  • iPad?

    by Sujugirl28

    Really? I will fix this review when it fits the iPad..

  • Constantly needed to updated.

    by big kuntree

    This is ridiculous! This app needs to updated almost everytime I use it.

  • lalala

    by Coral_Li


  • It is a great app

    by Peter-Wong

    Nice to use it!!

  • Beware - can't use a gift card

    by zzzzz1

    I have a $50 Apple gift card from a Thanksgiving purchase and expected to use it to buy an accessory using the iPhone app. At no point was I given this option, and before I knew it the order was completed against my credit card. I realize that sleazy retailers do whatever they can to avoid redeeming gift cards, but I really expect better from Apple. Buyer beware.

  • Apple ID

    by POW

    We need to open App Store just for changing Apple ID? Why were you even think of linking these two apps together.

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