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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Nov, 20 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 21 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Apple Inc.

Various improvements and performance enhancements.

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208 Ratings
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An app designed just for iPad that lets you shop the Apple Online Store like never before. Explore beautiful, high resolution image galleries, discover the latest products and accessories, and check out with a few taps.

Here’s just some of what you can do with Apple Store for iPad:

- See the latest trending products that others are buying, sharing, and reviewing.
- Use pinch gestures to zoom, browse and compare.
- Personalize an iPad or an iPod with free engraving, and get signature gift wrap.
- Buy products on the go and pick them up at your favorite Apple Retail Store, or have them shipped to your door.
- Find an Apple Retail Store near you and view hours , get directions, check product availability, make Genius Bar reservations, or sign up for workshops and events.
- Explore Apple Retail Stores around the world and mark stores as favorites.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool, but universal app please!

    by everte

    Cool, but universal app please!

  • جميل

    by عمر حري

    برنامج جميل يجعلك تواكب إبداعات التفاحة المقضومة

  • Can u make a update

    by Michaelrobinson11

    Can u make a update for ios 7.0.5 plase can make it today

  • Hands down.

    by gamerscul9870

    Wish this was like the site with the cool animations of the products but I love the clean emulated feel of the looks just like the stores you walk into. Best fast simple store app ever used, period.

  • Its alright

    by Torrez602

    I would love if you guys add online chatting i will rate this a 5 if you guys add that;)

  • Yes, however.....

    by Capt Carl

    Clean and beautiful display of your product. Descriptions are adequate. Some of the text that is light grey on white background is difficult to see. Annoying to have to strain.

  • Best shopping app ever!!!

    by Samsonsu

    Sets a new standard.

  • Beautiful App

    by RickyJoe01

    All shopping apps should be this beautiful.

  • Smooth shopping experience

    by Hacky nick name

    Apple has built a smarter way to smoothly slip the money from its customers pockets to its own. :) Its amazing how this apps makes you feel as if you are in shop even though your are not!

  • Excellent User Experience

    by iApp4

    User Satisfaction: Appealing and Attractive App The overall app is attractive with pleasing graphics and typography. The app's content will keep you coming back. I would highly recommend this app to a friend or colleague.

  • Great app!

    by SomeoneFromThere

    High-quality photography helps to shop online.

  • great

    by Asadaporn


  • Very Nice

    by skipper5315

    Have been using the iPhone version on my iPad since I first got it. Finally there is a very nice version for the iPad. Nice job Apple.

  • Not Sure Yet!!

    by Sue245

    I'm not too sure about what's going on with the settings, I can't seem to get out of the App Store when I download something. I have to shut my IPad off in order to get back into my IPad.

  • Great

    by UnknownSourcerer

    Great job apple well put together and just an awesome app

  • Ship Times Don't Match

    by jwpolley

    Yes the app looks nice, but I don't see the point. You can't browse offline and it still sends you over to the web page if you want to check on an order status.

  • iPad Apple Store App

    by LGCG

    Unable to sign up for One to One training on iPad app--must use iPhone app. There is the option to sign up for Genius Bar and Workshops/Events--but no option for Personal Training. Also it will sometimes crash and then I reload it and it works. I have sene email to app website and informed the Genius Bar who also duplicated problem and reported it.

  • About Tax

    by Awaiting4U

    App is good!! I have a question. If I pay here online, and pick up at apple store near my work or anywhere I designate, is it taxfree?

  • Great on iPad Mini with Retina Display

    by oreonalakiara

    This app looks great and was worth the wait. Awesome experience shopping with this app on my iPad Mini with Retina Display. Thanks Apple!!!

  • Finally

    by Rich246

    Apple finally made a App Store app for the iPad and it is was worth the wait!

  • Wield for a separate app

    by Dragonite小D

    First this is almost the first Apple app that does not support both iPhone & iPad which is wield since it was developed by Apple. Second, where is the education price?

  • Horrible user experience

    by FromSeattle

    I am a huge apple fan. Usually I love the apple software experience but the apple store app for the iPad is something that I just don't understand. It's very confusing to use. It attempts to remove the interface, but does so in such a obtuse way that I get instantly frustrated. Simple actions as looking at a list of products in a category is confusing. I am deleting the app. :(

  • Junk!

    by BattleFieldHan

    Just like that.

  • Genius Bar

    by Mabidopa73

    I also can't make any Genius Bar appointments on my ipad air. It doesnt even load the page at the genius bar register.The strange thing is that it works on my ipad 2.

  • No One to One?

    by SASD

    I am attempting to make a One to One appointment like I can do on the iPhone version of the apple store app. It doesn't appear there is a way. For this reason I have to continue to use the iPhone version which isn't as great to use on the iPad.

  • Nice interface, not consistent features

    by Budinski

    I don't understand why there are different features between iPhone and iPad apps. This is made worse by the fact that I cannot run the iPhone app on the iPad any longer.

  • Terrible. Go back go back!

    by goldfishrmyheroes

    Can't make Genius Bar appointments. Terrible.

  • Not so great

    by Bkk32

    Not user friendly the iPhone app. Is much better

  • Cannot make a Genius bar appointment

    by RuthieDubb

    I used to be able to make a Genius bar appointment on the app for the iPhone. I ought to be able to do it on the iPad app too. But apparently the app just wants me to buy stuff.

  • I Don't Get It

    by Coleman W.

    What is the point of this app? If it is just for shopping, great. But, the iPhone app has the ability to review your existing receipts in the app without being sent to log in to the Apple site through Safari. I also can't set up appointments like I can in the iPhone app. The really, really bad part is I wouldn't care about this if I could just use the iPhone version on the iPad, but when I try, it makes me use this app. I just don't see the point of an app that removes functionality while forcing you to use it.

  • Did not work in store

    by kendradog

    I went to the Apple store and the salesperson said that with this app he could directly access my iTunes account and purchase items from there. But once downloaded, neither he nor his associate could figure out how to do this. He claimed it worked on the iPhone, but not the iPad.

  • Expect More from MS?

    by MNCPA

    Stop trying to emulate Microsoft! If it "ain't broke, don't fix it". You completely alienated all one-to-one customers by "forgetting" to include a reservation feature. It wasn't the "things" that made us loyal fans, it was the experience, the feel. Now, you have morphed into simply hawking half-baked wares (just like Stevie B used to do before he retired). Rediscover who you were, before it's too late!

  • App Store

    by Atpcfii

    Terrible. Doesn't work. Period

  • Disappointed!

    by le ciel 722

    I was initially so happy to finally have the Apple Store for my iPad, only to discover that One to One appointments are nowhere to be found. Gone completely. So I have to use my iPhone to make those appts. Not very effective. Please fix.

  • No refurb option

    by Knrstz

    I buy mostly apple refurbished products. This app doesn't include the refurbished models of apple products. What's the point of the app when it only includes half the apple store?

  • Why is this not a combined app?

    by Funnyguy00

    Why is the iPhone and iPad versions not a single app? Maybe they're saving storage space. The app is too overly sensitive to touching. You touch somewhere and all the sudden it changes to an enlarged photo of what you touched. Half the items are pictures only, no description, price or option to buy. It's usable, but I wanted more functionality. I tried reading reviews and there's obviously a problem with the layout. The too of the page is cutoff hiding the review summary. No ability to add ratings or reviews for items.

  • iPad 4- 64GB

    by Romantico Aleman ! !

    I have not bought an iPad a year ago in the U.S. and buy it today, I have the problem that reboots itself, any suggestions? Apple

  • What happened?

    by Rdlsgrl

    It downloaded on my apps icon and now I can't get to my apps! All the apps are grayed out! Help!

  • Volume

    by Putt puff puttedy chuff!

    My volume button doesnt work

  • Kind of awful

    by dr_punditington

    Very slow for some pages to load. Then you have to wait further for navigation options. Shopping for a phone involves having the app demand to know what phone number you want to upgrade or update (huh? it would be totally new service) and my SS number before I can access basic info like costs and options.

  • Good except one thing

    by sflomenb

    Good app, beautiful on my iPad Air. Just don’t understand why this is not a universal app, especially considering this was made by Apple.

  • No same deal as the iPhone app

    by Serey

    Why no same deal on the iPad app as the iPhone app? iPad is not the same as iPhone or as cool? Don't discriminate, or you lose a loyal customer.

  • Love app but where can put notes on appts?

    by fakrampe

    Great app but when making Genius Bar appointments, it is lacking the "comment?" Field. I like to get all details down before I get there and blank

  • Misleading title

    by Emeralz

    I was under the impression it was apps specifically for the ipad.. This is an app selling their products, ipad, iPhones,accessories, etc. Of course it looks good.. But I can just as easily go to the web page.. Waste of space IMO.. Would rather have an app with just ipad apps..

  • No Joy in trying to buy AppleCare

    by Dancestop

    I could not buy AppleCare for my new iPad Air. The app said I did not have a iPad so it removed it from the cart.

  • What?!

    by Marie Computer

    I updated, now I can't find the apps. Just ipad accessories to buy. Where did the apps store go?

  • Mojang updates

    by Kodial

    Let mojang let updates out faster I'll rate 5 if you don't I won't use apple any more becuse all I use apple is for minecraft pe

  • I'm not falling for this Apple.

    by IcePickZ

    What the poop Apple. I already bought some of your products, I liked them, but that doesn't mean I bought your products just to use them to buy MORE of your products. Why are you people giving 5 stars to this? You will use it ONCE to browse then realize that you're already holding an iPad on your hand and that it's friggin' pointless to buy another one. Seriously. You guys need to realize what's happening.

  • Looks great. Missing One to One

    by Wallacelv

    Looks beautiful but unable to book One to One classes from this new iPad app. This is a disappointing oversite.

  • Very nice

    by mprx

    Very nice app. Shows the apple store in a different light. Nicely done

  • Elegantly Unhelpful

    by Steve Mazich

    Gorgeous images and seamless flow from product to product. However unless you want to just enjoy browsing through the store it is frustratingly difficult to use. Apples minimalist approach makes for frustrating comparison shopping. Searching is difficult, the trending sections all look the same. This is not a good tool to do proper research before deciding what you want to buy. It is much nicer if you know what you want to buy going in.

  • Finally!

    by Darla Marie

    I've been waiting on the iPad app forever. Glad to see it be developed finally.

  • Meh...

    by Crescentclouds

    Kind of unnecessary.

  • iTunes Store for Iran

    by Nick ash

    I wish we had iTunes Store and persian support for all apple products in Iran Thank you

  • I'm starting to hate Apple!

    by Javierino

    The only reason why I downloaded this app is to get rid of the "smart add" banner on top of my safari browser but it doesn't work. I hate that banner! It covers important information at the top of EVERY page! I can't even use my browser because of it. Most websites have the most important options on the top of the page! How stupid are the people who designed these adds? THANKS A LOT APPLE!

  • john efanov

    by John Efanov


  • Love it!!!

    by chacha8585

    Loved it on the iPhone but now on the iPad Air retina it's even better.

  • Unlike iphone app, does not geofence apple store

    by surendar

    I had used the iphone app to buy online and when I get near the store, it'll prompt me, notify the staff and everything was smooth. Not so with this app. Askd the Genius Bar and they swore it is probably I had location turned off (no). After futzing for a while, they just gave up. Why treat ipad any different the phone.? Isn't ipad lte same as a iphone? Iphone version wouldn't run either and keeps pushing me to the ipad version :-(

  • Why did this take so long

    by Shaved Blade

    What was the delay

  • Horrible layout

    by Mizzac

    Thanks for making an iPad app, but it's hard to navigate and find products, very confusing. Try again.

  • About time

    by CDP's iPod & iPhone

    How could the innovator of all apps not have an iPad version for their store until now.

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