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Calculator for iPad done the right way!

Calculator Pro for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. The app features calculators sporting elegant interface that won't leave anyone indifferent. Users who want to make basic calculations will definitely enjoy the standard option while math gurus will find it very handy to use a scientific mode.


• Two modes are available: do basic calculations in Standard Mode or go advanced in Scientific Mode
• Degrees and Radians calculations
• History Bar: access and check your most recent entries
• Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations
• Copy and paste numbers from or into display
• Accidentally input the wrong number? Just swipe with your finger to edit it

Calculator Pro and your iPad were made for each other. Now you can do any calculations on the go seamlessly!

Customer Reviews

  • Cal pro

    by 4 Now

    Works well for me! No problems!

  • Wow

    by 2 PM rocks

    1 word: Wow

  • Nice app

    by Ajonesman

    This is the app that should have been included on the ipad.

  • It's good

    by Science Guy 1234


  • Great calculator

    by GrammyCK

    Great app and it is so nice to have it at my fingertips at any time! Would miss it so much!

  • Great

    by Eamon N.

    This app is great, well, after you remove ads. It is almost unusable otherwise. After you remove ads it works great and looks like it is good enough to be a built in app.

  • very incredibly awesome and cool

    by this is a super dooper app

    get this app

  • Nice, Clan App

    by LianiDC

    Simple to use, sensitive touch buttons. Get this app for everyday use or or school scientific calculations. I'm glad I did!

  • Great Calculator App

    by LMCusenza

    This is the best calculator for everyday use around. It is cleanly designed. Never any problem with crashing or other difficulties.

  • Its nice but...

    by Suzanne Ibarguen

    Too many add!

  • Easy to use

    by Cookiepc04

    Great little app!

  • Great upgrade

    by I'm DisneyDiva

    Big bright screen and large numbers. Love the swipe to correct numbers and memory function.

  • Calc

    by Epoppa

    Great! Big, easy to use..Thanks!

  • Calculator Pro for iPad

    by Rely on App

    Very good calculator. Clear,simple, easy

  • Calculator Pro for iPad

    by For-Get-It

    YES, I do like this calculator..

  • Great

    by Sfhsfukh

    Good for math. Helps me all the time

  • Gets the job done

    by kjajfkl;sdj;laja

    This calculator works as it is advertised

  • Excelente Apple

    by Jmocampora

    Muy buena.

  • Oh no

    by Nonnash

    Great calculator but too many ads. If this continues I will delete and try another calculator

  • goood

    by efjvhfejvhjsdgjhwkqpejcnx


  • Too many ads

    by 782845

    I upgraded to Full and nothing changed.

  • Annoying

    by Grannyjg

    Game ads, ads, ads, how annoying

  • Obnoxious ads!

    by Jdsharp

    The ads are beyond obnoxious! Opened the app once and immediately uninstalled.

  • Extremely intrusive ads

    by CJ Modiano

    I can only imagine the multitudes of five star reviews must have come from bots and fake accounts, because nothing sets this app apart from the rest, and the ads are incredibly obnoxious. Full page pop overs and smaller pop ups make this ad vehicle extremely frustrating to use. I'm just trying to do a one minute problem, and I'm bombarded with worthless ads for equally crap apps, causing accidental clicks and even more time wasted. Terrible, terrible app.

  • Stupid

    by Ronaldo770

    I hate this app

  • Calculator Pro

    by Patty212

    Great App

  • Rather use a calculator

    by Kat1e160

    This is a very slow and hard to use app. Ads and notifications showing up every second, which make the app annoying and slow. I don't understand people giving more than 2 stars for the app. I would recommend to everyone to rather use a traditional calculator than download this BAD one...

  • Calculator

    by Golf war

    It's good. Nothing to write home about, I like it.

  • I like it

    by Sergey krykun

    I really like it Thank you

  • Sweet

    by Sweetevil07


  • Calculadora excelente

    by Gustavo Ugarte

    Muy buena calculadora es la que necesita una iPad. La recomiendo

  • I like the old version than this.

    by Iwakiva

    Pls return the % sign on portrait mode

  • Absolutely horrible

    by dr_punditington

    You can hardly ever use this app without having to respond first to a popup ad - which might pop up in the middle of entering numbers. Would you like to upgrade, would you like to buy something else, would you like to leave a review, are you enjoying the app? NO. I am not enjoying the app. In fact, it's the worst app I've ever seen, because they constantly badger you. I'm deleting this as soon as this review shows up.

  • Calc

    by Zachariah10

    This app is helping me with my test scores very good app just the app bothers you only when you come in

  • Great App

    by MikyD1

    A great app to have. Like the scientific as well.

  • Swamped with ads

    by Deafgirlnamiko

    Ad keep popping up waaaaay to often. Very annoying. No thanks. I'll be getting a different calc app.

  • Decent app

    by Jeffrey Moore

    I guess the ads were inevitable. Decent calculator, but continual pop ups are annoying.

  • Nice

    by DaveCowell

    I like it!

  • Nice app

    by Luvdad98

    Great calculator but less (flashing) ads would be greater!

  • Incapable

    by Awesome and fun to play

    For my nuclear experiment, I computed 999,999,999,999,999^999,999,999,999,999. The result was ERROR. I am pretty sure that nuking North Korea will NOT result in an error. This calculator is very incapable by far.

  • use it often

    by Yummmmmmmmmy,

    like it a lot!

  • Quick and easy

    by Dale Q

    Quick & easy to use. Large numbers buttons so I don't need glasses for a quick calculation. Scientific mode avail if needed.

  • Works great for me

    by Dad-2-1

    It's as simple as this: every time I need to do simple calculations I use this app. It is very easy to use and it works.

  • Great tool!

    by michalene stabler

    Great tool!

  • Ok...

    by vulcam

    Good, but the ads kill the calculator

  • Good App

    by RPF55

    Works well, good app.

  • good app

    by me 237547

    Does what it's supposed to.

  • Good

    by Ethangammer564324

    It is a o ok

  • Idk

    by Ut fan 567

    A calculator

  • Nice

    by {{-kerry_lynn-}}

    Easy to use

  • The Best

    by Prissiecat

    The best calculator I've used on my iPad. Not cluttered, easy to read numbers, love the functionality.

  • Удобный

    by Petrov_kh

    Почти как на айфоне классический

  • Ok

    by Normie boy

    It does the job!

  • Good app

    by Neotoxo54

    Simple and effective

  • Great calculator

    by ghator man

    I love this app a lot....much more stable.

  • Calc pro

    by Angelr44

    Like it, kool

  • Calculator

    by Thuan Bui

    Very good

  • Very nice, clean calculator

    by Jerryvt

    I like this very much. It is a clean, simple interface, with most functions you would need in everyday work with finances etc. it has trig functions, inverse trig functions, hyperbolic trig functions, etc. Also non-integer powers, degrees or radians, factorial, the while enchilada. Nice. To copy your result showing in the register, just press on it and a Copy or Paste option shows up.

  • Nothing Great

    by Curt on

    Not much different than all the calculators already out there. Also, way too many popups asking to buy full version.

  • Horrible

    by Rod5.8

    The calculator it's self is ok, but there is way to many ads and I always have to download the latest version of the calculator. Which is a whole nother app to download, which I quote is exactly the same as the last. There are no new features added and the same old 2 backgrounds stay the same also. And there is no way I'm buying the full version!

  • Great app

    by steelermand

    Easy to use. Plenty of features

  • Nice app

    by Clairepota

    Great calculator, really brings what was missing in the iPad.

  • Works for me

    by Rick 11/11

    It is great for what I need.

  • Popups way annoying

    by Popup disaster

    Impossible to do any work because there are way too many popups. I would never recommend this calculator to anyone that frequently uses one or to someone who uses one at all! I start trying to use the calculator again and I all of a sudden find myself looking at apps for the company instead of my calculator! I don't care about them, I just want to use a calculator for 3 seconds, not 2 minutes.

  • G

    by HVPbass

    It does math

  • Nice calculator

    by Tennessee3

    Works nice both ways

  • Very Useful

    by Barcher

    I use calculators all the time. I love the power and ease of use.

  • Calculator

    by Kenw36

    Clean - easy to read - straightforward design

  • Nice

    by Onierjon


  • Aweosme

    by spacellamas

    Best calculated out there. Almost like the real ios7 one.

  • Best in the store.

    by Savannah45z

    But as others have suggested, please back off the frequency of pop ups.

  • Too many popups

    by UdayB

    pop up comes in the middle which is frustrating

  • Calculator pro

    by Dabnei

    Great app comes in very handling when calculating my bills.

  • Simple and easy

    by 53-bob

    When want to do some simple and QUICK calculations THIS IS IT!!

  • Yayis Andes abby

    by Abby :)))

    Very good

  • Pretty good calculator!

    by Jgfdethbnjik,

    I like the way it shows exactly what you have plugged in as far as numbers and operations.

  • Missy6650

    by Missy6650

    I like it

  • Calculator

    by Adrafter1

    Your calculator is fabulous. However, your pop up drive me crazy! Way too many, too insistent, too interfering!

  • Nice

    by G gzar

    Practical and fast response

  • It does what I want

    by Michael Barrett

    This is a good calculator. It does what I want.

  • Already purchased this app

    by Gatica78

    Sorry Apalon, I had purchased this app back a long time ago and after restoring my iPad I discovered that the app didn't install, then found out that it was removed from my purchased history. Had to go to a backup I had on iTunes to find out if I was missing something. I refuse to have to pay for add removal again, I am moving on to another calculator instead.

  • Best Calculator Period

    by BooBoo130

    This is one of the best apps, it provides all the functions most people will use for personal and business.

  • Nice

    by Carlollero

    Work great

  • So far so good!

    by Celestial9802

    Works pretty well. Ads aren't too big. Nice design too. I also really like the history feature where you can see the values that you entered as you type and the delete feature is very helpful as well.

  • Kate

    by Kbugg0120

    Works for what I need it for

  • Works for me

    by JANRedego

    Just what I need in a calculator.

  • Great App

    by Al Muerso

    The app is wonderful. I specially like the scientific calculator. The ease of rotating my iPad and switching calculators.

  • Review

    by Ischmah

    Great app

  • Calculator

    by tornado alley cat

    A vast improvement in appearance!

  • Enough already with the pop ups please.

    by Bad Marauder

    The app is nice but the pop ups to upgrade are way too frequent. I can't recommend this to anyone when it behaves this way.

  • Nice

    by Havpint


  • Alright

    by inoueorihime

    Too many pop ups when you first open it to use to either rate the app or upgrade or something. It's always something, I can never get right down to business with all the questions when I first open the app!

  • Pop up

    by L_M38

    I would like to see the auto pop up to upgrade be removed. I have looked for other calculators just to avoid the pop up.

  • Review

    by Kdjma1969

    Works as advertised.

  • Favorite calculator app so far

    by Mattdrummer92

    I really like the clean interface and that you can change the theme if you want. I also like that it displays what you entered so you don't accidentally make a mistake.

  • so so

    by alone_gamer

    It gives me the feeling that I tap on a picture not on buttons, the interface is so dark I can't see any changes when tap on buttons, the banner is disturbing. The entire interface is so cold and like stone, I prefer another calculator app istead of this.

  • Neat!

    by mohammadshahri

    Very clean and neat! But should need to change icon for paid pro version, and i still get Ads, for dev other apps i guess, when first launch.

  • Name of the App

    by Bin Zang

    Should change name and icon for pro users!

  • Pretty good

    by Meli459

    Does its job. Should add scientific calculator when in landscape!

  • Sound won't turn off

    by LDS Sailor

    Why can't the sound be disabled?

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