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- Flow is a new way to search for multiple products at the same time using your iPhone camera. Flow works best with packaged groceries, books, DVDs, and video games. Available for iOS7 only.
- Bug fixes

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Customer Reviews

  • Needs to support media download

    by tjiceman

    Good app! But I can't even buy/rent movies or tv shows on it because it doesn't support download. Lame!:/

  • Works...

    by Cmlmrp

    Works just fine. Just wish I could leave feedback using the app instead of having to go through the website on a computer. Phone is with me more often than my computer is so it just makes sense to allow to app to do everything the the website can do. Add the feature and I'll give 5 stars

  • Needs work

    by spac92

    I'd like to see chat support added and also the ability to search for a specific item within past orders

  • I want to track my packages.

    by FastFoot23

    I love this app I just wish it was like the previous so I can track my packages hopefully they will add that back in the next update. Other than that it's amazing.

  • Love it, but....

    by Varya19

    I love the app and use it all the time. One thing that I would absolutely love is if there were sub categories or files in the wish list. Jewelry, home, toys, etc. that way you can look at just your items in one category.

  • Layout horrible. Go back!

    by Madonna24

    It takes forcer to scroll through info and it looks horrible. Previous version was so much better. If had known, I would never had updated. Notice I shop less on here now just because of this annoyance.

  • Awful orders list otherwise good

    by Marshgar

    Previous version would list your orders so you could review and tap for details. This version reverses that. You can only view by item ordered with added thumbnails making for a very very long list to scroll thru. Really difficult to see the shipping status of an order. Also cannot sort to see only open orders. You just see everything. Poorly thought out in design--not at all considering the awkwardness and annoyance of using on a mobile device.

  • Bad update

    by Ba$$nk

    It needs to go back to the old format

  • New version!

    by Nocturnalight

    I loved the way the app has worked, but the new view is terrible. It was so much better the way it was before. Please revert it back. Please!!!

  • Awesome

    by The-Impact

    Quick, easy, one stop shop!!!

  • Great, but not right now.

    by poofy1

    Have used this app religiously to buy things online. Only thing is for the past few weeks it won't open for me. I click, it flashes and crashes. Tried a couple different things, but now luck. Help?


    by Jkul777

    You changed it to the desktop Version the old app layout was so much better change it

  • Amazing App!

    by AGedela

    Have been using it for a while....really like this app!

  • Latest version is a step backward

    by Lmcc1

    Previous version was fine. The Orders section of this version is a big step backwards in usability. Big pictures, little information, more steps to see order status. Really, about 1.5 items per screen, awful layout. Bring back the previous format.

  • Awesome app

    by Cool a-dog

    Has great deals on stuff that u might not find even at Walmart

  • New layout

    by Matai29

    Not a fan of the new layout. It shows each item individually instead of the order as a whole. I liked being able to go to the orders individually and see what was arriving together rather than having to track each item individually. It was fine before. Why change it?

  • Best

    by Last Hope Nick


  • WWE related stuff

    by @RasslinFigures

    I use this app to buy WWE stuff that you can not buy at some stores where I am from. They have everything I want, and I am glad for that.

  • Needs return feature

    by KornShaDoW097

    I recall it had a return and feedback feature before. Well it needs those in the app! The new shopping cart idea is ok but the subtotal takes up screen space and I don't really care about the subtotal to the point of using up a 1/2" of my screen when it could be much smaller Orders have less options it seems now... I like OPTIONS!!

  • Reliable, easy to use

    by griffmayn

    Not sure where negative reviews are coming from. I have used this app to place orders, track orders, check gift cadd balance etc. hasnt once given me a problem.

  • Delivery for saturday, shows up friday

    by Rmchicago

    Get rid of Saturday delivery if you wont commit to it. Some of us work m-f and get screwed when you decide to ship early.

  • by Legit_Bro

  • Dreadful

    by RPMcestmoi

    Flow is a disaster. Identified one of five common products.

  • Update it

    by Ihateflappybird2232

    Every single time I try to log in it tells me I have the incorrect password and I used it just before I updated it and the password worked fine then And i am VERY UNHAPPY with this

  • Disappointing Update

    by Skiske5

    I have been using this app almost daily. The most recent update makes it feel more like a mobile website than an app. There isn't anything specific I am having problems with it is just the overall look and feel seems to be a major step backwards. Hopefully improvements can be implemented in future updates.

  • Terrible new version.

    by Squirrel Jane

    The new version looks and behaves like the mobile website does, but worse! It constantly stops loading and shows a spinning circle. It's so annoying! This needs to be fixed. This new version fixed something that wasn't broken and created an app that's slow and frustrating to use.

  • How about a Book Description

    by Gator 710

    Am I missing something. I'm browsing books and there are no summaries or descriptions of the books. Makes browsing useless.

  • Errors

    by papaoso21

    i have to many errors to Loading my wish list also icant enter on my orders since i download the last app on my iphone...

  • Why?...

    by ThatOneAwesomeDoode

    Why try to fix something that isn't broken? The old lost out was much better with no problems.

  • order tracking

    by tietietietietietie

    I can't seem to track my orders anymore! so frustrating cause it just says shipped but I'd like to know when it'll be here not just a delivery estimate.

  • order tracking

    by tietietietietietie

    I can't seem to track my orders anymore! so frustrating cause it just says shipped but I'd like to know when it'll be here not just a delivery estimate.

  • Can't stand the new design!!

    by Lubsy

    The most recent update is just a wrapper for the mobile website. So much harder to use!! My husband might like it though, because it means I'm going to be spending a lot less time on it spending money!

  • Comments, Variety, and Priority

    by Ejeffjyoexhshdl

    This app is horrible. I've been waiting forever to edit comments, variety, and priority.

  • Open & Recent Orders List

    by Intocable

    Needs to come back to quickly see items I have pre-ordered. Don't understand why it was removed.

  • if only

    by SFPepster

    It would be nice to have a place to Write A Review...

  • No apps for you

    by Kittyprogo

    I can't get a app no madder whate I wold give a zero but I cant if you have a apple device do not get this you can't get a single app

  • Another subpar app

    by Suckie 4531904

    Annoying. Poor features make it impossible to delete history. So don't buy your girlfriends birthday gift using this app. It also knows who you are even though you are not logged in. It crosses that boundary, between helpful and just plain stupid. Anyone who uses your iPad will have access to your history, things in your shipping cart and things you've bought.

  • Items showing in my orders

    by Puto_el_que_lo_lea

    I loved when i could see open and recent orders in a list, now its 30 days 6 months and 2013, 2014, just to see an item you placed you have to scroll down multiple times because it only loads like 4 or less items per load... They need to go back to open and recent orders

  • Open Orders Problem

    by dbrantly

    With this new version cannot sort by open orders, only show orders (open & complete by year). So if I'm interested is only taking a quick look at what I have open, I can no longer do this, I have to scroll, sometimes thru multiple years, to try to find the open intermixed with the completed orders, what a pain and a step backward!! PLEASE FIX!

  • It's ok

    by Tdubzhere

    Yep, it's ok

  • Wtffff

    by gifford88

    What did they do to order tracking?!? It was perfect before...... Now i HATE it. Whyyyy?????????

  • Latest Update

    by Lindsey Erin

    I used to use this app multiple times a day to shop and place orders multiple times per week in the past year...but since the last update I rarely use it at all. The user interface was completely fine and easy to use before and it was a great app, but the latest update makes this app totally useless to me. Please go back toward the previous version and get rid of the drastic interface changes.

  • Important

    by Will Goss

    Great app. Just redesign for IOS 7, I was thinking a light blue to replace the darker blue behind the shopping cart. Then a perfect app!

  • Needs a "Add to Registry" button!!

    by rachellynn318

    Other than that and the inability to also view registry lists, great app.

  • Stinky Poo

    by Nurse Jaxs

    I do most of my shopping through this mobile app but lately it's been nothing but problem after problem. Just today I tried to purchase a few items from my wish lists and it just sits there while I'm watching it trying to bring up my lists. Seriously before I would breeze right through the ordering process but now my frustration level is at an all time high. I think it's time to do all my purchases through my Chromebook.

  • No apps for you

    by Kittyprogo

    I can't get a app no madder whate I wold give a zero but I cant

  • Used to work great

    by Convict hank

    Recent update won't allow me to add items to wish list on iPhone 3 and iPhone 5 reason for 4 stars

  • Dislike new look

    by Gr8 Mama

    Normally a 5 star for my most used app, however, I do not care for the new format. What's the point of having the app since it looks just like the web version now? Please, please go back to the previous style!

  • Not a fan of upgrade

    by Tweetyfern

    I find the upgrade more frustrating than the previous version. I don't like the way it displays items. Please go back to the previous version and scrap this one.

  • Update is horrible.

    by Doireallyneedanickname1

    Like the layout so much better before the update. Now it looks like the web version and it's horrible.

  • Hate the update

    by Dreamn34

    I absolutely hate looking up orders on the new version of the app. I don't want to see the games my daughter has purchased on her Kindle. I don't want to check the status of every item separately if they were shipping together. Please change it back to how it was!

  • Meh

    by Captain Slippyfist

    Can't find a way to share my wish lists in app. Maybe I just missed it, but it seems like that would be something that should be pretty prominent. It being the age of social media, and I can't share my lists from my mobile device? Lame.

  • Can't review items.

    by elchamber

    Nothing else worth praising about.

  • I don't get it

    by CHRONO14

    Why would you remove a feature from the app??? Maybe I'm alone in this but why is there not an option to look at your open orders anymore?

  • A few problems

    by Jg797266

    I can't login into my old account and when I try to reset the password it still gives me the same problem,I keep making new accounts but the same problem with those accounts,please look into that

  • User friendly

    by Yum-e

    I like this app but I wish it included seller account or trade in account.

  • Broken after update

    by c.hack

    After the last update, the app just stalls and will not let you buy anything. Same problem on my iPhone and iPad.

  • App won't open

    by Obeychanny

    I had this app for a long time but it doesn't want to open I click on the icon and it just stay won't open please fix it, it was working up until I update the app

  • Works poor on ipad air

    by Hasna Begum

    It crashes , the selections don't work

  • Needs improvement on UI/IX

    by FinalFantasia

    This app is decent if not the greatest I've ever seen. There is still room for improvement though. For example, the search box is duplicated in two tabs, one on the home tab and the other one on the search tab. I think the one on the home tab makes little to no sense than cluttering the UI as the search tab is always visible and implies where you can perform searching. The other problem is the annoying automatic and unexpected focusing in the search box when you switch to the search tab. This triggers the keyboard to jump out on you in a very annoying matter. Do not underestimate users' IQ and just remove that "feature", please. Remove the gradient at the top bar, seriously it looks odd in iOS 7. Simply put, just take a careful look at how Apple's redesign of the App Store for iOS 7.

  • NO NO NO!

    by CharFromSc

    I loved that you could click on your cart and see if the item had decreased or increased in price! This update is horrible!

  • Don't update. They ruined the App.

    by Bo1379

    The last update killed this app for me. The load times on your shopping cart are now horrendous. Haven't you guys ever heard "if it ain't broke don't fix it"? This app was great. Now it's trash. Fix it.

  • Can not view my seller account

    by Pouya123-

    Do not like the app because it wont let to view my seller account. It is very limited

  • Replace This app

    by Noob1978

    This app is very difficult to use. They need to have fewer choices. Way to overwhelming.

  • Terrible.

    by AlwaysRadd

    New update format is horrid. The mobile app was perfectly fine before as far as how it looked and functioned. Fix bugs, that's fine. Make improvements here and there, that's fine too. But redo the whole way it looks and feels so that I might as well just use Chrome or Safari? Not cool. For shame. I used the mobile app because it was sleeker, smoother and more useful than using a mobile browser. Now, there is no need to ever open the mobile app again.

  • Open Orders

    by mistermeemee

    Where is the open order option for my order history? It's gone.

  • No back button, accidental purchases

    by EpiciPhoneTime

    First, I like others had an accidental one click purchase while browsing with no in app cancellation option which turned out to be very stressful as it was a $500 item. It took days to resolve!! Second, the app keeps bumping me into menus I don't want with no way to get back to where I was so I have to start my search from scratch. Super frustrating!

  • Regression

    by iMatt84

    High res product images seem to be gone - zooming makes blurry. Also the new updated product pages within the app are more difficult to read now... Way too much white. The old format was better and easier to read, even though the font was smaller.

  • Latest Update Poor

    by DebW1000

    Have been using this app since beginning and great! Not liking latest update, and not just because it's not working right at all. Can't imagine the orders missed. Hope fixed soon.... (Ever going to get app cart and online cart syncs? Or did I miss that?)

  • Hate the new version

    by Beth332

    Hate the new look and feel. Will probably shop less because of it, though, so that's a bonus. Don't like the buy now button at the top, it will be too easy to hit by accident. Can I go back to an earlier version?

  • Amazing customer service

    by RockstarrK

    The customer service number call back thing is so fast, easy and pretty much. Awesome :)

  • I got all my stuff and it never crashes or freezes GET THIS APP

    by Gamer_514

    Really good

  • Instant rentals

    by Amalgamut87

    What good is this app or it's video counterpart when you can't even rent instant video on either of them?

  • If

    by Nowwwwwwwwww

    If u guys could add like a button were if u click it it will estimate the total amout shipping and taxes included

  • dis updat iz as bad as mah speling

    by Neubeehunhun

    Used to be a wonderful app, but this update has killed the 'your orders' page, awefully hard to read.

  • FIX SOON!!!! CS3 BUG!!!!!!!

    by Socomxpertz

    Plz fix the cs3

  • Country

    by Lieseyrox

    I live this app but I can't change my country to Australia instead of America

  • Used to work

    by Pexas

    I have a bug CS3, and basically I can't do anything, it says they are working on it, I hope they fix it soon, the Jan. 16, 2014 update has bugs

  • Shopping made easy

    by CVotion

    I love this app. I am constantly getting items. It's easy to operate. Easy to find things that your looking for. And you can sort it all out while you are browsing. :)

  • Updates create more problems

    by Sam_$350

    Like the up and haven't had any issues with it in the past but since the last update I am unable to contact sellers thru the app. You can compose a message but it will never send. Please fix.

  • Where's the "buy" button?

    by Jb0786

    Am I the only one having trouble buying things in this app? Why doesn't the "Add to Cart" button show up when I am looking at items? So weird.

  • Needs Reviewing

    by BilboSwaggons

    Needs ability to review products we purchase. At least on the ipad app.

  • Sleek

    by Arizard

    It's user friendly and aesthetic. As long as I'm able to buy items I put into my cart while on a desktop, I'm giving it 5 stars.

  • Terrible, could never find the checkout option

    by the app_zagat_reviewer

    Terrible, could never find the checkout option, deleted after 5 min

  • Nice app

    by Eric Pedersen

    The new iOS 7 update looks great! A few suggestions: - Update the icon to make it flatter and more consistent with the look of iOS 7 - Swipe to delete an item from a wishlist instead of selecting "more options" (similar to the Mail app) - Add a notification system that would notify you when an item on your wishlist reaches a price that you have selected Keep up the good work!

  • Not bad

    by kara heise

    Would like to be able to sell through the app.

  • Like it

    by Sarah in China

    I use this app all the time

  • Wishlist needs to show comments/notes

    by jobo5150

    I enter notes and comments on my wishlist and others can't see them when viewing from app. Has led to some wrong purchases. Seems like a simple fix.

  • Still love it

    by keatingcwk

    Thanks for the update, low prices and speed

  • Great app

    by runswithsquirrels

    Only thing that's bugging me is that when you go back to "Home," it doesn't go back to the par it was previously at.

  • Be Careful!!!!!

    by !!MustRead!!

    I was all for this app and it was cool, but then I started viewing items and then I scrolled down and accedently selected one click while scrolling and ordered something, so then the app doesn't give you the option to cancel the order, so then I had to quickly run to start up my computer to attempt to cancel the order . . .

  • It's a god app

    by Aj3399086)5346890

    But when I order something it doesn't need to take a month to get

  • Shopper

    by Swagger 8954

    Really? New icon 3 stars Cuza dat dat stupid

  • Poor planning

    by Bbbabayy

    Could be improved if a button was added to make adding items to a baby or wedding registry easier. I find I have to add the item to a wish list and then move it from the wish list to my registry of choice. Rather time consuming and annoying and seeing as I have been primarily using this app to a mange my registry it has been rather inconvenient. Everything else on the app seems to work well though, needs some improvement.

  • Love love love

    by Bshutton

    This is a great app, however I have no found a way to indicate that my purchase is going to be a gift.

  • Great

    by Lad87nek

    I use this often and it gets the job done

  • Payment methods hard to manage

    by Doodlesimmons

    Some aspects of this app, like the browse and search features, have improved, but payment methods for checkout remain frustratingly difficult to manage. Credit card options may ask you to validate the number (a reasonable safety precaution), but then the app doesn't provide a place to type in the number. Old credit cards can't be deleted. Sometimes I just give up and go to my laptop. Fortunately I have this option.

  • Let Me Stay Signed In

    by greyjen

    You're not my mommy. I understand the risks associated with staying signed into my account on the iPhone. Extremely annoying — unless, like most people, your password is something like 'kitty1998'.

  • Great app

    by @dreburgess

    Follow me on Ig I follow back @dreburgess

  • Dumb

    by Cro759

    Need to be able to list things via the app like ebay that alone would make you better with ebay otherwise just a bother

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