Couch-to-5K Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: The Active Network, Inc

Keep on running! Now, once you have accomplished a 5k or just want to log an extra workout, you can! Keep moving and shaking by doing a FREE RUN on your own schedule!

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***iOS 7 GPS Tracking Update***

Many applications are experiencing GPS issues with iOS7. Within Settings, there is a new feature called, "Background App Refresh". This must be enabled for an app to continue to run while in the background. To ensure your GPS works properly go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh, and move the switch next to the Couch to 5k app to the on position.

For additional support please contact us at: [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

WINNER of the 2012 Appy Award for best Healthcare & Fitness App!

"The popular Couch-to-5K app helps new runners avoid injury from doing too much, too soon."
—Runners World, June 2012

"It's ridiculously easy to use (it's hard not to, as you just do what you're told) and it's fantastic that you have an encouraging voice talking you through things."
—Engadget, June 2012

Get off the couch with the OFFICIAL Couch-to-5K® training app from! This oft-imitated program has helped thousands of new runners move from the couch to the finish line. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and you’ll be ready to finish your first 5K (3.1-mile) race!


• Training plan designed by trainers

• Choose from 4 different motivating virtual coaches—Johnny Dead, Constance, Billie or Sergeant Block

• Hear real-human audio cues to guide you through each workout

• Listen to your favorite playlists with in-app music player

• Calculate your distance & pace and map your routes with FREE GPS support (requires iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0 or greater)

• Log your workouts, share your progress on Facebook and get support from the largest running community on Trainer

• Get an exclusive discount to register for a 5K in your area

• Repeat workouts and track your best performance

• Treadmill support allows manual entry of workouts

• Track your progress with total distance and average pace

• Graphs for workouts to compare distance and pace

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


"’s Couch-to-5K is one of my favorite couch-to-5K apps. With its customizable features, interactivity, and well-rounded interface, I may actually stay off the couch this time."
—148Apps, October 2011

"I knew as soon as I decided to start the Couch-to-5K program that I would need something to keep me accountable—not just to showing up for my training, but to actually doing it properly. Of course there’s an app for that."
—CalorieLab, April 2012

"If you have been struggling to get your buns off the couch and somewhat in shape before the summer hits, training for a 5K is not a bad way to start. If you are looking for a program to help get you there, then the “Couch-to-5K” running plan by CoolRunning is probably your best bet if you haven’t done an ounce of athletic activity for a number of years."
—Droid Life, April 2012


Customer Reviews

  • Another option

    by Idftblfan

    I really do live it. I just haven't been able to make it past week 5 and this is my 3rd time around. I need an ap, couch to 5k in 16 weeks. Ha ha :) I'm in no hurry. I know I can repeat workouts, but sometimes the jumps are too big for some of us.

  • Excellent app!

    by CrusherEAGLE

    Basically from couch to 5k in app form, so you know it's good. Motivated me to get into shape!

  • Best app ever!!

    by Luis vilarino

    I love it!! Strongly recommend

  • Love it!

    by Sgreshel

    Really eases me into the idea of running. Been at it 3 weeks and can't wait to see my improvement!

  • I love it!

    by Acidredsunshine

    Keeps me on track for a run. Good rest periods for beginner runners. I use this with music from FitRadio. Get my beats on, run around downtown, it's great! Worth the buy. Have a good run!

  • Such a fun way to get moving!

    by Wordstargen

    This easy to use app from Active is a great way to get off the couch and move!!

  • Wow

    by Breeskii55

    What a great app

  • Great app

    by M. Hay-man


  • Love it

    by Merrtttttttrp

    Love love love really motivates you and gets you up and going. It's a challenge which is really in my league and doesn't make me feel out of shape but pushes me every workout :))

  • Luv this app

    by vinishs

    Excellent app to keep me on the track

  • Motivating

    by Effulgently

    I'm not a very enthusiastic runner, but this app helps. The challenges of hearing the coach over music are improved, but persist to a degree.

  • LOVE! I finally enjoy the treadmill and it's perfect for asthmatics

    by Scooba322

    I want to start building up my endurance but it's diddicult to know exactly how to do that because of my asthma. This app is PERFECT! I can do a full 2.5 miles in one workout and feel amazing afterwards. The app is easy to use and motivates you. I have always hated the treadmill until now-- now I can't wait to go to the gym!

  • Excellent!

    by Ashlee Petty

    I actually look forward to my jogging. Without this I would just use a treadmill and push myself really hard and then never want to go back, but this makes sure you pace yourself and it truly makes me feel great about my progress. I've done 3 workouts with it and it's already gotten easier. The only issue I have is that, as someone stated earlier, calls/texts do interfere, and also the playlist I specifically made to use to jog with for some reason won't work on this app. I put my phone on airplane mode to avoid receiving texts and calls and that seems to work. It's only 30 minutes so it's doable.

  • Great

    by smathia1

    After the first week, I feel great. I've always loathed running, but this program eases you in at a good pace. I love the zombie trainer!!

  • Have to turn off auto-lock :-/

    by Missin Texas

    Just started the program. Apparently I have to leave the phone unlocked during the workout in order to hear the prompts. That’s sub-par for any app. in my opinion. Every other app manages to give me alerts when the phone’s locked; this one should too if it intends to be useful.

  • Good!

    by Bradyal

    It has definitely helped me off the couch! But I don't like that I have to take my auto-lock off during the workout. Please fix that. Otherwise, great app.

  • Love the app!

    by Boot scootin'

    My daughter and I are doing this together to get ready for a 5K in April. So far, it has been wonderful! We are looking forward to week #2!

  • Great App. Keeps me motivated

    by GatoRunner

    I am recuperating from a sprained ankle and wanted to find a plan to get back into jogging. This app has great pace of progress and keeps me motivated to continue pushing my self towards next weeks work out. Grate App!

  • Love it!

    by Helllyeaaayuh

    Love it, totally motivating!

  • Good, cld progress more slowly

    by DD01507

    Good app!

  • It's a great app but won't log my progress

    by Brittkn3e

    This app is fantastic, other than the fact that I can't log how many miles I've jogged anymore. It keeps saying "Can't update." and something else about not being able to connect to the server. Hope that gets fixed soon.

  • Easy! Keeps me going!

    by sharbel123

    Easy! I don't have to think, but just move my feet like I'm told to! App has worked perfectly for me. No problems.

  • totally works...

    by touchybirds

    love it

  • Easy to use and follow

    by msolheid25

    I like it

  • I Love This App

    by BerryDingle

    This app keeps me motivated. I am a 300 lb. man and it helped me to start running. I highly recommend it!

  • It's working

    by Ali4dkings

    I really like this app. I am on week 6 and feel like the training has been on a good pace. I just wish I could have biddies without going through Facebook. Other than that it is very helpful!

  • Good

    by Alunney

    Good program and smooth app. However, the GPS system is cool but it obviously doesn't work when you are running on a treadmill.

  • Great if you really are just getting off the couch

    by Lara907

    I have been sick w/ autoimmune flares for 6 months and really needed a place and encouragement to get back on my game. Three days into this app, it's already getting better. The times walk/jog cues are great because I don't have to think about it, nor do I have to look at the time left and be negative about it. And I run from zombies. ;)

  • Great!

    by kleary09

    Kicks my butt, so worth it!

  • So Great, Except...

    by Ladyharney

    When I use the app to track my mileage, it's off. It tells me I've gone a little farther than I actually have. And I feel the increase in duration of running time isn't gradual enough. Aside from that this app has been great.

  • Awesome

    by Fit-emt

    I've never been able to run and slowly but surely I am running at a good pace. And I'm only on week three. Everyone who thinks u can't run u can learn with this

  • Great motivation and tracking

    by TDalman

    Not quite a couch start. You have to have some experience. But a great app. I'm gonna try a 10 k next

  • Good program; glitchy app

    by NoelleEnigma

    It's good as a program and the app is mostly good, but I run into a technical glitch almost weekly if I need to adjust my mileage (running on a treadmill). It's going to get me where I want to go, though.

  • Love it!!

    by Kathryn Rawlings

    Definitely recommend!!!

  • Didn't think I could do this!

    by angep78

    I just completed my first week and I KNOW I couldn't have done it without this app!!! Thanks so much! ❤️

  • I've always wanted to run...

    by GrandCanyon13

    But I never knew how to start. This app may be relatively simple, but if you want to start running, this is a great place to start.

  • Great!!!

    by Xsarahco

    I am totally out of shape. And this app is definitely helping me take care of that! I recommend this app to any beginners who want a challenge and want to get healthy.

  • Couch to 5K

    by AuburnKimme

    I love this app!! Easy to use. Keeps me going.

  • Awesome!!

    by Tface93

    Love this app! Working into get in the military and it's deff a good workout to get going.

  • Great functionality for the price

    by Kosmerator

    Lots of nice features; smooth operation. Disappointing they have not fixed the problem where the phone screen must be illuminated for audio cues to work.

  • Doesn't track my progress

    by disc man 567

    The workout part works fine, but at the end of the workout, it doesn't track my progress that I've completed that day's workout. This has happened three times for the first three workouts I've done. To get it to log that I completed the jog, I have to go back over the same workout and just click next next next.

  • Love it!

    by Alioustalet

    I've been on week 3 for 6 months but it's a great workout!

  • Great app

    by Tomtomtom112389045674

    Great app

  • This app is exactly what I needed!

    by Cait(lyn)

    I would recommend this to anybody. Honestly, it is good a challenging me and motivating me and if I get discouraged, all I have to do is go back and look at how much progress I've already done.

  • 3 weeks in. So far so good!

    by Cmmckinney

    I am completely out of shape and I think it's pushing me just enough. It's not too much...yet

  • Great App!

    by Lggffry

    Easy to use and excellent for tracking your progress.

  • 15 minutes to setup the stupid audio

    by Markkg

    This app is junk. Takes me 15 minutes to set all the audio so I can hear music and the audio cues. Used different headphones, their help hints and still no help. I want to pick up and run- not play with the audio settings on my couch... Guess that's why they call it couch to 5k. Try zombie run 5k for a much better app with actual audio settings.

  • Love it!!!

    by Javaboley

    My favorite app!! Love the zombie trainer.

  • Good!

    by Mere415

    Good app

  • Good app

    by azadrielle

    I haven't had the problems other people seem to be having. It does what I want it to do.

  • Get little app

    by Ddubduder

    Get little app

  • Great app, great program

    by EscapeMN

    Over the years I've tried over and over to become a runner, and this time it's worked. This app has been so helpful! The coaches aren't too intrusive, and the logging is easy to use. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends who are starting out. (And I'm not someone who usually buys apps!)

  • Awesome app

    by Random Hero95

    Chugs you along nicely and keeps you motivated.

  • Just ok

    by Gamecock123

    This app has been a bit frustrating as it only seems to work if I leave the app open and turn off auto-lock, which drains my battery. It also continuously asks if I want to quit my workout. If I receive a call or text it interferes as well. It would be nice if it would count calories burned and continue to track your workout if you choose to continue after you complete the C25K workout. It's a great concept, just not working well for me.

  • Awesome app!

    by Dionne_143

    So easy to use and motivating!

  • Great!

    by ericthelutheran

    Plan is easy and then challenging, and then really challenging. Good progression, would be nice to see speeds for treadmill use, but otherwise great!

  • Awesome

    by acmorale

    I'm a total beginner and I don't feel like puking after every workout!!!!


    by FitnessLover21

    I'm on my second week, 2nd day of couch to 5k. So far I loveeee it and it is absolutely worth the money. You can switch trainers to motivate you even more. The only reason I'm not rating it 5stars is because I haven't finished yet..I'm hoping it prepares me to feel great while running a 5k! Love it!!

  • Love it

    by contheice

    Love this app it works if you stick with it!

  • Was better before the update

    by Jedgy

    Since this was a paid app I feel ripped off, at least for now. My older 3GS iPhone clunks through this app with many favorite features dysfunctional. I did learn however that I could tap on a blank area if the screen where the "go to workout" button used to be, so at least now it's usable. Can't blame me for not running in the subzero temps. So other than some personal gripes this app is ok.

  • Barely functional anymore

    by Yashkamr

    This used to be my go-to app for running, but with all the flaws like the trainers voice not being able to be heard and the music on my iphone not playing (all these features worked fine the two years before this) I am switching.

  • Fix the bugs

    by bama8808

    I love the app and the running plan, but the music will only play half the time. If I try to change the song too much, it crashes and loses all of my progress for that particular day. It can be very irritating.

  • Trainer too quiet

    by Deputy Tim

    I tried adjusting sound settings, but the volume of music is always MUCH louder than the trainer, so I can barely hear the instructions to walk or run. Unfortunately makes app pretty useless.

  • Can't get buddies to work

    by Krista McDaniel

    Wanted to restart the challenge with a friend with the new buddy feature and no luck so far. Otherwise it has been a great app

  • It’s good, but where’s the M7 coprocessor support?

    by what987

    Why release an iOS7 update without taking advantage of the coprocessor made specifically for exercise apps? Other than that, the visual update is nice and intuitive, but to be honest, a little overdue. It’s also nice the cloud sync is finally fixed.

  • ?

    by Xts567

    Where is the train on your own option?

  • Does not stop processing in itunes

    by evilnewt

    Not a bad app, downloads fine, but does not stop saying its processing in itunes. just stays there. also when coming back to site, says i have not downloaded yet. have to shut down and restart just to clear itunes. other than that its fine, but has a flaw somewhere.

  • Not happy AT ALL

    by aedisme

    Why did you do that? I was thrilled with the app, and now with the update, half the stuff doesn't work. Some of us still have to make do with older phones, you know. If there had been a warning on the update suggestion that it was only for 6 or later, I never would have updated. I am VERY upset, especially to lose the trainer!!

  • Great app!

    by Jenkins s

    Love the data sync and Buddies!!

  • Love the new features!

    by fattoslim13

    I love that I can now sync my data and never lose it again even when I lose my phone. Plus, the new look is awesome. A much needed update.

  • Awesome

    by Kodi5998

    This app is perfect love it

  • Okay

    by HiersIII

    I am upset that the new version got rid of my trainer, but other than that I like the new look.

  • Can barely hear the running coach

    by RitRit74

    not happy! please fix this.

  • Good... But it won't let me edit time

    by Chinjillavanilla

    I used to be able to edit both. ??????

  • Works Great! Results Great!

    by Kimbs00

    I downloaded this app ages ago and just finished the program! I run about 4.3 miles now and am going to get the 5K to 10K from them now! Love this app and highly recommend!

  • Liked it a lot

    by Jon in 33324

    It works as advertised. the programs were not hard to keep up with and I now consistently run/jog about 5K 3-4 times per week. Would like some other choices on the "trainer" voices. A male voice analogous to Billie would be great. Have now moved on to the 10K trainer.

  • Good App with One Glaring Issue

    by xshardx

    The app works well. I'm giving it 3 stars simply due to its Facebook posts. When you post a run to Facebook the post includes your distance but the rest of the post is basically an advertisement for the app. Most other running apps show a map of your run and/or your pace. Not Active's. It's just a link to buy the app. Some may say that 2 stars is a harsh deduction for 1 issue but I paid $1.99 for this app so essentially I paid Active to advertise for Active. Not cool. Fix it, Active, and I'll happily give 5 stars.

  • Podcasts??

    by Michael Pipkin

    I always run while listening to Podcasts which were supported in previous versions. Now, with this new version, I can't access podcasts directly from the app anymore. So annoying. BRING BACK PODCASTS.

  • Couch-to-5K Winner!

    by katieljackson

    I've always worked out, but never ran a race before. The Couch-to-5K app gave me the confidence and support to achieve my goal of running my first 5K. Since then, I graduated to tackling my first 10K and currently use the 5K to 10K app. I've tried several training apps in the past and Couch-to-5K is the very best!

  • Super fun

    by Damandaconda

    I tried some other apps similar and got bored but this one is super fun. I like the different trainers and their voices make me laugh when I'm running (which is a good thing!) I recently updated to iOS7 and the GPS has been working fine for me. I actually ran about 2 miles nonstop after a couple weeks using it! The music players really nice to have so I can get into the groove on steep hills. Really helps motivate me. Overall a really fun app (as fun as working out can be at least :P)

  • Super fun

    by Damandaconda

    I tried some other apps similar and got bored but this one is super fun. I like the different trainers and their voices make me laugh when I'm running (which is a good thing!) I recently updated to iOS7 and the GPS has been working fine for me. I actually ran about 2 miles nonstop after a couple weeks using it! The music players really nice to have so I can get into the groove on steep hills. Really helps motivate me. Overall a really fun app (as fun as working out can be at least :P)

  • 5-STAR App!!

    by Eternalbohemian

    The music player keeps me fired up and I love being able to choose between a number of trainers! It's mos definitely one of the best fitness apps out there.

  • Great for lazy folks like me!

    by Irate customer #223

    Actually works well with iOS 7. I like that I can play whatever music/podcast I want.

  • Full of bugs

    by /\/\!le$

    This is a great app and has some amazing features. It would be 5 stars if it only worked. After every run it will crash and delete your time and distance so tracking your progress is impossible. The music Player has bugs with adding your own playlist and refuses to play certain songs. Once they fix the bugs and make this app usable then will I be very satisfied with my purchase

  • Iffy on iOS 7

    by Great Holiday Game

    I love this app, but I would love it even more if it correctly documented my distance run. I have to run a different running app simultaneously to get my accurate distance then manually log it into C25K. Other than that qualm I have no complaints! Would rate 5 stars if fixed!

  • Needs update for iOS 7

    by Iamsamwise

    I have been happily using the app for running. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 the app mo longer plays music correctly. Now whenever the trainer speaks or you switch from walk to jog (or back). The app pauses the music and doesn't start it again after it's done talking. It doesn't matte if I'm listening to local music, or streamed audio, the audio will pause, and I have to start it again manually. This was a 4-5 star app, but until they can release an iOS 7 version that works. It's dropped to 2-3 stars.

  • Changed my life

    by vanhoven

    I love this app and have had no troubles with it, even on iOS 7. I was in dreadful shape when I started using the app. Never thought I'd finish, never thought I'd be able to run a 5k. Now I have run 2, with another scheduled next month (I started using the app 3 months ago). It's easier than you think, so get off the couch and do it!

  • GPS issues

    by Wondering what's wrong

    Great app. After becoming frustrated with runs dropping I found an article about Background App Refresh needing to be on. My wife's works mine drops runs. Her BAR was on mine wasn't. Hopefully this fixes everyone's issues.

  • App crashed on the first day of run:(

    by GoodIntention

    App crashed on the first day of the run;(. I am using iOS7. Very much disappointed. Wasted my $0.99. Let me know if U have any solution. Contact me if you need re- producible steps. Nambi

  • Good app, Bad problems

    by Orangejulius317

    By the looks of other reviews you can tell that this app is awesome, till you get the iOS7 update that is. Like many other people for the past two weeks I've been running and logging my runs but for some reason the app won't log all of them. The first time I thought it was a simple malfunction but when it happened again today, I knew there had to be a problem. Now I know what your saying it's just a log, what do you care if it's a little off or not? Well it's the principles of things, I don't pay money for an app that is suppose to log my runs that DOESN'T! Besides the current mishaps this app is great, I would hate to have to find a more functional app.

  • Not accurate

    by Phantomworks

    The GPS is not accurate. It says I've run farther than I actually have. I've done what they recommended and made sure the background app refresh is on, didn't fix anything. No point in tracking if it isn't accurate.

  • Not good

    by Todbot66

    This app is full of bugs. My first workout was never logged in. I emailed support but never got a response. Although it appears that your own playlists can be used with the app, it seems to only play 3 or 4 of the same songs over and over again. It doesn't allow to change the playlist during the workout. When I run on the treadmill, I hold my iPhone in my hand. But on the road, the app is easily paused. The only benefit of this app is that it prompts you to run and walk on a timer. It is a glorified stopwatch. Save your money

  • Awesome App

    by OccupyThis

    I am not yet done with the program (I'm on day 2 of week 7) but I am almost there. So far I've had no problems whatsoever with this app. It lets me listen to my own music without a hassle, the background cue option works for me, I've had no problem there. Just make sure your phone is NOT on silent if you want the voice cue to be heard from the app, which is something I've learned recently. This app hasn't crashed on me or bugged out in any way. Love this app. I plan to use the 5k to 10k app that they have next.

  • Fix the GPS!

    by Needs more variety

    My husband I both have this app on our phone and I was on a 1/2 mile track and went around 4 times for a total of 2 miles. The app only stated I went 1.2 miles. My husband went around 6 times and his app stated he went only 1.7 miles. I will definitely stop using the app if I can't trust the GPS because I will not be able to properly track my progress.

  • Love the app - Please fix it!

    by littlegator1111

    LOVE this app. It really did the trick to get me going, and to enjoy jogging. I'm mid way though and with the new iOS7 update it isn't tracking my runs! So disappointing, for the past few days it's been logging info incorrectly, if it logs it at all. The timer will work and you will complete your run and it will say you traveled 0.01 miles. Please fix so we can all get back on track! thanks!

  • Crashes

    by Rkhtbar

    I went with the paid version and logged all my runs thru week four. And then I updated to iOS7. Now it constantly crashes and loses my time, distance, etc. VERY frustrated.

  • Great app!!!!

    by Stevinator

    This app really helped motivate me and took me from zero exercise to getting close to my first 5K!

  • Deleted my run

    by bekahholle

    I just finished my best run yet and guess what, this app got all the way to the last minute of the cool down, freaked out and deleted the entire run! This is not okay, please fix this and get my data back or at least say I completed the run!

  • iOS7 problem

    by jennylee27

    Love this app, but there seems to be a problem using it with iOS7. Now I can only get my trainer cues and vibration if the phone is awake and in the program. Even with "run in the background" turned on for the app, I am not getting any cues or vibration when the screen is off.

  • Ads? Really?

    by iSnowdy

    The app is just fine and gets the job done, but why are you hitting me with all these Wisk ads when I am paying for the app?

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