Zombies, Run! Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Six to Start

In 2.5.2, the in-game ‘robot’ voice will now use your device’s default (high quality) English voice when possible. We also fixed a number of bugs.

Zombies, Run! 2.5 features an improved music playback system. The app now seamlessly plays all the music in your library, including tracks with DRM or streamed from iTunes Match.

Also new: See a map of your surroundings during missions! If GPS tracking is turned on, you’ll also see your route.

Other improvements:

- Speech synthesis has been improved on iOS 7
- Missions start even faster, especially when playing music with long playlists
- General performance improvements and bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
40 Ratings
All Versions:
2904 Ratings
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75% OFF FLASH SALE (originally $7.99, now only $1.99) Join 800,000+ runners in an epic adventure!

You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan - they’re everywhere. Zombies. There’s only one thing you can do: Run!

Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. We deliver the story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings - and when you get back home, you use the supplies you’ve collected while running to build and grow your base.

BBC NEWS - “The only way to save yourself is to run for real.”
WIRED - “In the style of Runkeeper, with an exciting undead twist.”
LIFEHACKER - “A really cool way to get outside and exercise.”
CNN - “Turns exercise into a game - a terrifying, terrifying game.”
NPR - "It gets you moving!"
TIME.COM - "Takes all the fun of a zombie game and funnels it into a fitness app."

“Evaded all zombie mobs :-) One of my best sprints ever; this app works!”
“This game will make you sweat. Perfect junction between game design and run tracker.”
“Just tried @zombiesrungame and for the first time in my life I feel truly alive.”

Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed. You can jog in a park, run along a beach, or walk along a trail. It even works on treadmills!

Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You’ve got to rebuild your base from a few shivering survivors into a fortified beacon of civilization by collecting critical supplies and avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse?

You become the hero in an epic story of humanity’s struggle for survival where your running *really* matters, and there’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered as well. This app includes all 33 missions from Season 1 as well as the first 7 missions from Season 2 — plus a further 57 missions are available for purchase!

Choose your own custom playlists before you start running: the story unfolds in between your tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings.

With our optional ‘Zombie Chases’ mode, you’ll need to increase your speed and work up a sweat if you hear zombies on your tail. That’s right - we’ve made interval training *fun*!

Register with our free ZombieLink service to view and share your runs online, complete with maps, full run history, and the ability to ‘play back’ zombie chases so you can see how much faster you ran when the living dead were right behind you! Plus you can sync your runs with Runkeeper and export them as GPX files.

With our new ZombieLink Social feature, you can keep tabs on how your friends are doing online, and also share your runs on Twitter and Facebook.

You automatically collect items like medicine, batteries, and ammo while running - but when you’re back home, who needs them more: the soldiers or the doctors? Which buildings need extra defenses? It’s up to you - and the bigger your base, the more missions you can play.

- Requires iOS 6 or above. Works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch 4th gen and 5th gen.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
- Accelerometer mode can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Customer Reviews

  • Keeps you running

    by PrincessNita

    I look forward to the next chapters, and that keeps me running. Great app!

  • Awesome app, great support

    by Will3141

    Always adding more content. Wicked fun. Go run.

  • Awesome

    by Prodigal73

    So motivating, excellent story and great acting.

  • Run, Forrest, Run!

    by jayclw

    Keeps you motivated, I ran 5 miles without even noticing it! It mixes a mission with your favorite music and when the missions over it keeps playing music and you keep on collecting items! I highly encourage anyone to buy this app. It's currently my favorite app on my phone

  • Just Great

    by Ana1007

    Works on treadmill and it's so much fun. The stories (from season 1 and 2) are very creative. They entertaining you as you walk or run. Ready for season 3!

  • Awesome but needs work!!

    by smithct2003

    I have always loved this app but it is not working right currently. The time and story just stops in the middle of the mission and then doesn't let you do anything so the only way to get back to the base it by closing the whole app in the background!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • Hated running until this app

    by Mario Gomez

    I love how outrunning the zombs raises your heart rate. Story line is interesting. Each story builds to the next story. Last note. I wish it can be synced to Nike plus. I tend to run while having both apps on. I think it would be interesting if you put a comic book you can read after each episode ? Just do that the mind can sync with the writers.

  • Great app

    by Tmtcatalyst

    This app gets me put to run. The story is great and it's well done. I kind of miss the creepy robot voice for supplies and income zombies, though (it was extra creepy).

  • So so..

    by Cheyanne!

    This app is dope but in all honesty I was expecting more of the whole "zombies would be chasing you in the background, run for you life" kind of thing. I love the storyline idea and stuff and it works really really well with the iTube music app but I don't really need to create a camp no collect items... just wanna run.

  • I hope zombies eat Pandora

    by Sodamnswift

    Thank goodness for this app for a change of pace to my pace. I hate running to pandora and running out of skips. Now I get to hear a great storyline along with my own playlist.

  • Good app - kind of glitchy

    by Hans2000

    I just finished six to start's other app "the walk" (great app) & figured I would give this one a try. Great concept -- uses an interesting story to keep those of us that hate running engaged. Only problem I have experienced is w/ music streaming. Some of the songs on my playlist are audible & others are not. Annoying. Every time this happens (& it happens a lot) I have to reload/re listen to the most recent audio clip & hope that a song will play afterwards.

  • Great concept-still slight issues

    by Johnsop2

    Upgraded to 4 stars with latest update fixing some of the 2.5 bugs. Thank you! Much better and really enjoy it! Still have had to replay last audio clip once in each of the last 2 missions I ran as it didn't automatically play (S4 & S5). Otherwise would be 5 stars!

  • Amazingly fun

    by LiquideFeline

    Such a welcome change to running apps! Also motivational! :) Zombie chases are much too hard for fast runners. Increasing my speed by 20% is super hard when I'm already running a 7:30 pace.

  • You Make Running Fun!

    by Tree Gypsy

    There are so many good things about this app, that I hate to whine . . . but it would be the ultimate if you could add an option for setting up warm up and cool down periods before and after the missions. I also use the app ismoothrun and it has the option to customize this. I miss that when I use Zombies, Run!, and I have to warm up to my music before I start the mission. Not a big deal, but when you have the iPad mounted on your shoulder, it's a pain in the butt to have to change apps/modes when you just want to keep running. The cool down is not really a problem since it switches to radio mode. Thanks!!

  • Love it

    by Puff-puff-give

    I love this app so much! It motivates me to run farther so I can complete the mission. I hope they continue to update with new missions!

  • Best running app

    by 8ae87d

    I don't like running, but I love this app! It has a compelling story, is well executed, and makes running fun. The bugs in the previous version are gone. I recommend this to every person I talk to.

  • Great App!

    by Narsosis

    The mixture of exercise story and gameplay is awesome! I can't wait for the third season!

  • Whenever I start missions it only plays songs

    by alstrong

    I always have to restart a mission when I play it because it goes straight to my playlist and only plays the playlist and not the mission. This might be an issue with replaying old missions but not sure. Other than that, it's great.

  • This app is awesome.

    by Jessi: Destroyer of Worlds

    I never used to enjoy running, but the immersive gameplay and gripping plot have me hooked. I actually look forward to a good run now.

  • Great app but

    by Lisa Person

    I love this app it got me back running and it has help me to increase my speed but I am positive that when tracks the distance it's not correct at all that's my only issue but besides that it works and gives me motivation i need to get out and run

  • Nice idea, but very glitchy

    by Paul Mullins

    When it works I like the app, its an interesting story in general, though some of the rules don't make a lot of sense to me, but it always sends me 10 synchronize errors each time it opens; I cannot sign in online; missions keep running only with music; and the email for support does not work. The support for the app online is really weak, and if I cannot activate my account online it's very tough to manage. Small investment I suppose, just be realistic and don't waste money on upgrades.

  • It's ok

    by Nic colley

    Zombie run is an okay app. It doesn't work at all with slacker or pandora. If you are using nike run, it will interrupt it if you are playing music. You must have a playlist in order for ZR to play music. Gameplay. When running and zombies are chasing me, I will speed up. However, as it doesn't tell you "zombies at your 12 o'clock" you don't know which way to turn. You loose items. Should be able to predict direction within a threshold. "Run run!!!" But then no zombies are chasing. When I'm told to run, I do. I book it fast. So it is a great motivator in that regard. Let me listen to my music apps then 4 stars. Gameplay 5 stars.

  • Great motivation to go running

    by Christinejwarner

    This app is the reason why I've been running daily for more than two weeks now. I could never force myself to run before, but the story is so absorbing that it makes me want to go run so I can find out what happens next. The base building mode is pretty fun also, and the zombie chases are genius. Just when I think I need to take a break, the undead are after me and I find out I still have plenty of energy to keep going! In previous versions the robot voice was a bit hard to understand, which was annoying. The newest version has fixed this, though, and I no longer have anything to complain about. :)

  • Must Have

    by Clear1048

    This is one must have app. I would not be a "runner" if it wasn't for Zombies, Run! And now they got the voice-over right!!! Just beautiful. I can't wait for Season 3.

  • Addicting

    by Aaron Leyva

    You don't want to stop playing. You just want to keep making your camp better.

  • Amazing app

    by DrZK13

    I have tried other walking/jogging/running apps and always ended up not being motivated to continue an exercise routine. This one keeps me going, with the expanding story, need to collect supplies to assist Abel, and integrating my music into it. Love this app!

  • I hate running...

    by mclomeli

    Update: 5 stars now for me! I still find running for no reason stupid. But this app does give a reason. I dig the new season. Well done... Running to me is dumb. There is no point in "just running". I play soccer, do Insanity (all of them), P90X...so I'm not against fitness, in fact, the opposite. But, running for no reason, to me...is pointless. I'll listen to music from the comfort of my couch, thank you very much. Enter...Zombies, Run! This is a game built around running. I have a purpose for running. This is a brilliant idea that is very well done. The story line for this game is well put together. I started this app the first day of winter...in Utah...18 degrees in my first run. The cold weather doesn't stop me, as I look forward to "playing the game" every day. Sure, the snot bubbles aren't my favorite...but this app is just awesome. Four stars only because of a few crashes. This isn't acceptable for an app at this price. Fix this and I'd give 10 stars (if that was possible).

  • Best Health Fitness App

    by Veracto

    Seamlessly blends a story/game/workout into one. Any one of those could be a cheesy knockoff but they all integrate great. Truth be told, the cheesiest thing is the "base" mode, and even still, this is feels like "Farm-Ville" but running for supplies. Not entirely bad.

  • Awesome !

    by Bucca358

    I can't say enough about this game.. Support team is awesome. The game play is awesome. This is the best running app. I have encounter. The external motivation this game provide is untouch by any other app to date .. Thank you !!!!

  • Save your money until it's fixed

    by run2tunes

    This used to be a great app. Then they "improved" the in-game updates voice and changed music management. Since then I've completed very few missions without crashes or audio interruptions. Very frustrating! I did really love using this app.

  • Got me running again

    by Ian Sweeney

    I was finding it hard to find the motivation to get out and run. When I found zombie run though I couldn't wait to get out and get immersed in the next mission. What an amazing app. Please continue to build upon this!!!!

  • Very good execution of a great idea

    by Anominius

    This is an awesome concept. Making my run interactive. And building in sprints to out run the hoarde. Genius. I did have one crash on my first run. It would be nice if I could stream iTunes Radio instead of just the play lists. But, when the app dialogue kicks in, it disconnected it. I love the building of the village with the supplies from running. Awesome concept. Tweak the bugs, this will be a top 5 fitness app.

  • Itunes radio compatibility?

    by Chocodana

    I was able to listen to itunes radio while using this app before, but since the update itunes will stop when a zombie clip plays, or, if I turn the music back on, the run stops! Help!

  • Great motivator to run

    by Zach woodicus

    Always gets me out running more so I can listen to the story and try to collect some of those elusive materials :P I'm hoping that as time goes on they'll add some more purpose of building the camp and maybe some more map interactivity via some sort of mini game or something but overall amazing app!

  • What about...

    by Kadee1822

    What about the music working with pandora?? Everytime I listen to pandora, when I get a notification it turns my pandora off and I have to go back in to pandora to play...not easy when you're running!

  • Can we not get a patch?

    by Ben In Robbinsville

    I love this app, but every time there is an update (even a minor one), I have to download the entire 452 mb app again? I don't have the best internet speeds and it clogs up the connection for the hour or so it takes to download. Are less frequent updates or patches a possibility?

  • What an app!

    by bcdsw

    With great voice acting, and an interactive story, this is one running app you can't pass up! also, make sure to turn on the zombie chases to have a scarier, but lots more fun run! the app also incorporates your music between narratives.

  • Great with update fix

    by 3panman

    Good story, an engaging way to keep running! Now that the latest update has fixed some major bugs, I'm a huge fan. Doesn't even feel like I'm exercising.

  • Just the best

    by P-row

    Can't stress enough, this app will make you want to run. Every moment sitting in the couch it will gnaw on you. Buy it. Now!

  • Doesn't work!

    by gotta luv musiq

    When I go running using the GPS it quits on me less than half a mile in.

  • Great App

    by BekahTg

    Run the zombies are coming! Great for people who are walking or running. Makes you want to walk or run to get supplies and hear more of the story. Worth every penny Only down side is missions end abruptly and I wish the next mission would automatically start on its own. Oh, and a Runner 5 backpack would be very cool! :)

  • Nice Change of Pace

    by Susie M B

    Pros: -Having a story intertwined with workout music keeps me mentally engaged and fresh. -I have worked out when I wasn't feeling it simply to move the story along -Base building adds a small extra layer of motivation to get out and run Cons: -Had to turn off the voice-overs that announced pickups. It was unintelligible. Last patch this was addressed, but I haven't turned them back on yet Overall: If you just need that little extra kick to get moving, this app is perfect. So far, I find the storyline decent and engaging, acting is good, and base building to be good. Gives my mind something different to think about during runs, which keep things more fresh. Looking forward to outside use of GPS when spring arrives. I would want them to offer a lifetime pass for downloadable content.

  • Great game, buggy release

    by dbwoodside

    Love this app, but the current release is buggy. Stopped music a couple times and then crashed, losing the run data. Sigh. Hopefully it's fixed soon because it is really the only thing that keeps me from hating my run... Update Jan 20, 2014: nope, latest version still buggy. Also, the support link is broken, so this will have to qualify as my bug report.

  • Love this app.

    by Jimmmamaha

    I use this app when I'm running it keeps me so motivated. I also use it at work to see how much I'm walking during my nights

  • Love the app when it works which is true

    by NobodyFrmNowhere

    1/19/14 issues have been fixed with the last update! Love running with the app.

  • Total time

    by DontTellCoach

    The only suggestion I have is that it would be nice if the app announced how long you've been running and your pace. The Nike running app does this but obviously I prefer this one! Great job!

  • I will survive!

    by Uddogugg

    Amazing! I feel fit and ready for the zombie apocalypse!

  • Great

    by mriejl76

    This is one of the best running apps out there. Would be perfect if you incorporated iTunes Radio or Pandora into this app. Then I will give 5 stars.

  • Love the app, best all around!

    by Nrgwise

    Update after the 2.5 Zombie attack is stellar! Perhaps better perimeter maintenance is in order. Use this every day while running and thoroughly enjoy it even though I have no other ‘zombie’ interests. My only beef is with the music randomization.

  • Complete all the seasons!

    by Chris Fin

    There is so much great content and I can't wait to get to season 2! I've been walking around my neighborhood even after I'm tired of running just to get extra supplies. Never have I been so easily motivated to get on my feet and stay moving. I'm still amazed I went ten miles in less than a week.

  • Best app ever!

    by lolCRAZYlol

    Not only does this app make workouts feel like less of a chore, but it has an amazing plot and awesome characters! I would recommend it for everyone!

  • It's pretty fun

    by Super-Toaster

    Keeps me running. I wish the game was quicker and not so repetitive.. (Song, mission, song, mission, etc.)


    by Terrible monkey king

    So I got this app a while ago and it would crash a few min in. I looked in to it they said they had a fix coming so i waited for the next update and tried again. Same problem this is a broken app do not waste you money

  • Great but more zombie sound effects!

    by Deedles is AMAZING

    Would love it even more and buy all of the missions and side quests if the sound effects were more immersive. It's good as is, but more zombie sound effects would make it so much better!

  • Love it

    by Runner 5 wannabe

    I haven't run in over a year, today I got outside to try this out and jogged half a mile, walked the rest.. I love zombies, and I love this app (:

  • Imagine Portal but Zombies

    by Sibrits

    Well, portal 2 actually. I swear to god radio announcer guy is Wheatley. But for an actual review of the game: Bought it on the Black Friday sale, started using it yesterday. I am a lazy, overwieght young girl, who can't run for more than a block. I RAN WITHOUT STOPPING FOR A MILE, PUKED, /THEN KEPT GOING/!! The story's amazing, the characters are interesting, and it's pretty much the ideal way to get in shape, or to just run for fun. I'm serious, a week ago you couldn't pay me to run, now I'm begging to go out for that reason. It's basically amazing. If you have to save for it, do so, it's entirely worth it 100 percent

  • Love it

    by SimplyBrittnie

    I love this app it's so fun and motivating. The only thing I would change is giving the ability to use the apple radio or iradio what ever it's called

  • Great story and a fun run!

    by UF Doc

    One of my top 5 programs!

  • Fantastic App, Some Issues

    by (Jeff H)

    First want to say this app is great for motivating you to workout! Got me running again after months of not running, but just swimming. There are some things that could be fixed though. The voice that states you collected something is kinda fuzzy an unclear. Also when you do start a mission and finish it, it ends abruptly. Also when you stop in the middle of a mission and then continue the next time, I think it skips one chapter ahead. Aside from these issues, excellent app!

  • Fun

    by Ruozzi

    Made my runs way more fun

  • One word: AWESOME!

    by Try tone

    The best running app I've ever come across in my years of running. Running with GPS, embedded interval training, your music playlists, AND an immersive & interactive storyline?! This app ticks sure all those boxes. Plus, you can even run on a treadmill using your iPhone's built-in accelerometer...cool! Worth every penny!

  • Must Have

    by Clear1048

    This is one must have app. I would not be a "runner" if it wasn't for Zombies, Run!

  • Crashes a lot! But I get my music.

    by Rotsuura

    Nice to be able to play my music but crashed in the middle of my very short run. Then, when mission completes, it crashes again instead of going over to radio mode. That happened on two consecutive missions. And then when I was being chased, the beeping wouldn't stop - even when the chase does. Super annoying. Need to figure out how to undo the install and go back to my limited music version. Boo. Please fix.

  • Crashing

    by HalfOfAnAngel

    It has crashed on my last 3 runs :(

  • Loved this app until it crashes!

    by IrinaLives

    Like many on here have already mentioned, as the app currently is 2.5, it crashes at the end of every mission. Not fun! Please fix this Six To Start! I miss the motivation of finishing a mission and then hearing the Zombie radio banter afterwards.

  • Crashed

    by The person playing

    This is a a great game and I love it but it freaking crashes needs to fixed ASAP

  • Don't download!

    by OG Flizzle

    Sooo excited to finally get this app and it crashes constantly. It crashed 7 times in a 1.5 mile run and then I finally gave up.

  • Hate? Love?

    by SaraCee

    Keeps crashing! I love the idea, it pumps me up but the app crashed 3 times during my run..! I was dissapointed. Please please fix it.

  • Fun app, very engaging, just a few glitches

    by kgrierson

    Updated: The latest version (2.5) was intended to "fix" the music player, but it is a mess. The app hangs repeatedly when trying to play clips. The computer voice is marginally better but still pretty much garbage. This WAS a great app--please fix it now! Orginal review: As a fairly experienced runner, I was looking for something to add a bit of variety to my runs, and this app really delivers. The storyline is immersive, and building your base is fun (though perhaps less developed than it could be). I really look forward to getting out the door and seeing what's in store for Runner 5. A few quibbles that keep this from being a five-star app: 1. I'm sure the developers know this by now, but the computer voice that tells you when you've picked up items and when zombies are detected is one of the worst I've heard on an iPhone. Many times the voice is unintelligible, especially if you are playing music. Most running apps do a much better job with voice-overs--they don't have to license Siri to get something that people can understand. 2. There are occasional glitches that can be very frustrating, such as not picking up any objects as you run, and occasionally getting caught by zombies no matter how fast you run when you get the warning. 3. It would be great if the program interfaced with more running apps. I use mapmyrun, and in order to keep my log of runs I need to run both apps at the same time. These are, however, fairly minor issues, and I think this is a very clever and successful way to get people to get some exercise.

  • Crash run!!

    by Sgtbigmikes100

    Can't run 2 miles without it crashing five times! Don't expect me to pay for more episodes if I can't play the first ones that I paid for. Hello Nike I'm back!

  • Great app....but

    by Byon_23

    Amazing app, gets me to run a lot. Only problem if that it keeps crashing during my runs. Please fix

  • Still Like the Story

    by CheriAnne29

    I have written reviews before about this app and how much I love, but like many others I am disappointed right now. At the end of every mission the app just crashes, and doesn’t let me return to base and turn in my supplies. Since I post my runs to FaceBook where my friends and I all compare runs, I am the odd woman out it seems. Please, Please, PLEASE fix this app for me, so I don’t need to go to something different….

  • Pretty fun!

    by Effycrush

    I like a good story, and this one is actually pretty fun! I might look weird when I walk sometimes though, I can't help making faces or laughing sometimes. I like the new robot voice, I'll miss picking up crotches though. The new media player doesn't like me, however. Nothing but problems since the update, it would get stuck on the same song until I replayed the clip, and got a new song, kinda harshed my buzz. Hope it gets straightened out soon!

  • Great app, but

    by Wieps19

    It keeps dropping my run right before the end. Why!?!?

  • Best app I have found

    by The2ndmouse

    (I will change back to 5 once it is fixed - but at the moment the app I loved and wanted to use every day is broken due to the update) As someone who doesn't enjoy working out or running very much at all zombie run makes it fun and exciting to get out on the track and go a few miles. I would suggest it and have been suggesting it to everyone and anyone who enjoys running hates running once lose a little bit away once you get off the couch once in a while stories fun and interactive and it really changes the dynamic of jogging. This is a must get for anyone with an iOS or other device

  • Update needs work

    by L1lio

    App crashed at end instead of going to radio mode. Please fix?

  • Update broke app, demand refund

    by Fggbjjuu

    Its been almost a week since failed update with no fix insite. This app is unusable after a zombies chase, it keeps beeping and volume is down. I demand my money back! Do not download!

  • Wonderful!!

    by BrieBrieTrue

    This is a really great game. Though, I personally think it would be nice to have an option to completely erase all of your stats and base, and basically start from scratch, so if you haven't ran in a while and you've forgotten the story, you don't have to go through the old episodes and not get anything from it. Just a thought.

  • Tell me when they fix it...

    by Nick calhoon

    I loved this app before the update. It made me forget the fact that I was running and made me look forward to running the next day. But come on, the app crashes all the freakin time now. It's not even worth using with the update. I'll be running, trying to beat my PR, when it shuts off and loses my progress. I liked it before, so until it's fixed I'm switching to Nike+ App

  • Absolutely Wonderful

    by Acidflame65

    This app has helped motivate me to keep walking/running. I wanna keep progressing through the story and in order to do that I gotta keep working out!

  • LOVE this App!

    by danibelle25

    The newest update is causing the app to quit near the end of my run... I know it'll get fixed soon so I'm not docking any stars right now. This is the first issue I have had in the 9 months I've been using it. This app makes running so much more fun. Outside and inside I can't imagine running without a few zombies chasing me. It's totally worth getting if you are looking to start running or just want some motivation beyond your catchy tunes.

  • Love the app when it works which is true

    by NobodyFrmNowhere

    The latest release has broken the app for me. I start a run, get the audio for a minute or two, then it stops. It loses the run. Started it multiple times with the same result.

  • Crashed 6+ times, needs fix!

    by Krazykras

    Just downloaded it after rave reviews from my friends. It crashed at least 6 times on my short run. Please fix this to restore to my friends quoted glory!!!!!!

  • App crashes after update! :(

    by Math coach123

    A great app until the latest update! It crashes before you complete a mission! Please fix!!!!

  • Not what I expected

    by Richard "Bruce Lee" Knapp

    I was under the impression that your actual movement would some how effect the gameplay and rewards you get for running. You can run 5 miles while using this app or lay in bed and watch tv with your phone sitting beside you. The results will be the same as far as the game is concerned. It was a waste of money for me, but maybe I just don't get it.

  • Great app, terrible update

    by Tmtcatalyst

    I loved this app until the update and will up the rating back to 5 once it's fixed. Not only can I no longer enter radio mode at the end of a mission, my app crashes as soon as the mission ends. Though chases are enabled, I haven't gotten a single one since the update either.

  • Great concept-lots of bugs

    by Johnsop2

    Bought for Christmas gift for me and spouse. Just started using after new update and doesn't work very well: 1) keeps beeping at me even after zombies done chasing 2) middle of mission it went silent (except beeping) and didn't play music. Had to replay last audio clip over again in mission 1 3) plays music list in alpha order every mission so get same songs every run 4) crashed multiple times during mission 2 Too bad-seems like it would be fun and willing to buy more seasons if it worked.

  • Glitches in Update

    by side show jess

    I went on a run this morning using this app, but the app randomly closed 4 times during the run. I am very disappointed that I paid money for an app that does not properly work.

  • Update ruined this

    by Mrjswhitfield

    This WAS a great app prior to the last update. While the update did make it easier to hear and understand what supplies you pick up and when you are being chased by Zombies. Unfortunately the last 3 times I've used the app it's crashed multiple times in the middle of my run. After I stop running to reopen the app and resume he current episode, it skips ahead to the next chapter as well as loses all time distance progress for my current run. This is extremely frustrating. Fix ASAP! Also, as far as the plot and storyline goes.....could you stop with all the crying emotional garbage. I mean I understand there is bound to be a little of that in the storyline...but the last episode was pretty much all a woman crying and sobbing...ugh....very deflating during a run.

  • Very good

    by Jon JJ Schmidt

    I thought zombies had jumped the shark, but this is an entertaining story and - best of all - it gets me running further and longer (and faster) than ever before.

  • Newest update crashes on 4S?

    by Inktea

    My mission stopped playing clips and kept playing the same track repeatedly until I ended the mission. When I resumed, the app crashed near the end of the mission. :/ would have stayed with the prior version, which was working fine.

  • Super buggy update!

    by Zimuzo O

    Towards or at the end of a mission, the app just gets silent. Mission doesn't end or go to radio mode. Just silence. The beeping keeps going even when the zombie chase is over, and the app keeps dropping the music volume. Please fix!

  • Great app but please fix crashing

    by lordpigley

    Please fix! The update causes the app to crash in the middle of EVERY SINGLE SONG. This causes the run to stop and relaunch and lose all run progress. Please fix because this is the only thing that keeps me motivated to keep running! Very well done on this program tho. I have lost 30 lbs since I started using the app. Thanks!

  • 2.5 is not working!!

    by Heather Holdgrafer

    I loved this app until the update. Please fix it!

  • It "was" great. Perviously 5 stars

    by ZRunner19

    It wont let you run Pandora in the background anymore. Anytime the zombie run voices come one it cuts the pandora out completely. Fix it!!!!

  • Great game, buggy release

    by dbwoodside

    Love this app, but the current release is buggy. Stopped music a couple times and then crashed, losing the run data. Sigh. Hopefully it's fixed soon because it is really the only thing that keeps me from hating my run...

  • New update = new bugs!!

    by Jason Cain

    When I'm running, the new update crashes and I have to stop to resume the current mission. Pls fix!! Thanks!! Before the new update, it was awesome!! That's why I gave it 3 stars.

  • New version crashes constantly.

    by cacotigon

    Since the update, app is very unstable.

  • Don't update yet

    by j6d2jskx9/8mdlsbs-1

    Crashed three times during run, the new voice is hard to understand, and doesn't change to radio mode when your mission ends.

  • New version buggy!

    by Echo Tandem

    I love this app, but new version crashing right before I finish an episode.

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