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Moves becomes a complete exercise diary:
• Over 60 new activity types!
• New activities are not (yet) automatically recognized, but easy to add

Moves 2.5 is iOS 7 only.

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Moves automatically tracks your everyday exercise, commuting and time spent in important places. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag.

NEW IN MOVES 2.5: A Complete Exercise Diary!
• Over 60 new activity types
• New activities are not (yet) automatically recognized, but easy to add

• Automatically tracks walking, cycling and running
• Recognizes the places in your daily life
• Shows your day as a simple storyline
• Plots your routes on a map
• Step counter (pedometer)
• Calories burned for each activity
• Support for the M7 co-processor in iPhone 5s

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Seeing your everyday life in a new way can motivate you to move more. Set simple goals (e.g. 10,000 steps a day) and start with small changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Moves has been designed to use GPS and other sensors sparingly. The app relies mostly on acceleration data, cell tower and Wi-Fi locations. The Battery Saving Mode will further minimize battery consumption when stationary in a place.

Moves needs to run continuously in the background to track your activities:
1. Ensure that you have BACKGROUND APP REFRESH turned ON for Moves (iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh)
2. If you close Moves in the multitasking view by swiping up (this is the view you get by double-pressing the home button), Moves will be turned off until you open the app yourself again.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love the app

    by Ali Muslami

    Great tracking capabilities; however, it does drain a little bit of battery but that's to be expected! By far the most useful app on my iPhone!

  • Overall great,but more visualization

    by jiamingz-_-

    I think line chart is better to compare the trend of some data over time, which Move is missing right now. A line-up bubble is really not that informative

  • Elegant!


    I love the recent update! Moves app is so beautiful, elegant, awesome! Very well done! just, please make sure it does not eat my battery life. It would also be great if it synced with my apps, "Lose it!" and the LifeFitness machine.

  • battery warning

    by Sad73$:!.7:7!;!?:!.

    It's kind of a cool idea, but it should have come with a battery warning. My phone battery usually lasts me well over a day. I've had this app for less than a day. And I've already gone through 2 full charges. In order for this app to function you have to turn on background app refresh. Even though this is the only app it's enabled for I can practically watch the battery tick down. (I've lost 2% just while writing this review.)

  • Incredible update!

    by Buddhagem

    The Moves App just gets better and better. No need for a $100+ accessory when your smart phone can do it all and then some. This app leaves fitbit, jawbone and Nike in the dust. It automatically determines whether you're walking, running, biking or on some sort of transportation. You can add in thirty other activities. It's a great app. I've been using it for about a year now and I'm thoroughly impressed.

  • Great App!

    by Meeee.<3

    This is a great fitness app. But I wish that we are able to see our walking/run steps during our workout even though we do not have access to wifi. I noticed the app continued tracking, but we aren't able to see our actual progress until the next time we have wifi connection.

  • Love!

    by Brittany

    I barely ever type reviews but I truly do love this app, I use it everyday to track my walking, running, etc. It's accurate and I love all the features!

  • Confusing

    by Lily4212

    It was kinda confusing at first to figure out where to add the other activities. I was kinda disappointed that you couldn't add hula hooping.

  • Great App

    by BenHill

    Works as advertised.

  • Simple, Beautiful, Powerful

    by Wa3ed

    I use it to keep track of my movement in general

  • In-place Activity

    by chesurow

    Great update. Can't wait till you can suggest the activity labels too!

  • Great app

    by leo

    Great app. Helped me lose weight and keep walking.

  • This app is great when it works

    by sdellis93

    It's a great app when it works like it's supposed to, but lately I have been having many issues with accurate steps, It had been very on point. But it Is only picking up about half my steps, I counted 40, got 22. So I found Argus, and have been having much better luck. I love the ui but please fix!

  • The best

    by Gdhft

    I like it

  • Awesome app. Looks great.

    by JC_Real

    I tried other apps but i never really liked them. Moves app is great. I keep checking it every hour or so. Love the interface and how clean and simple all your data looks. Other apps try to put too much data on the screen. The only thing I hope they will add in the future is to use a badge with the steps count.

  • Brilliant app, lousy battery life

    by Bulwer-Lytton

    I really couldn't love this app more. It does a spectacular job of tracking my steps, and I love the record function – it's nice to see which days I've walked the farthest or bicycled the farthest. But the battery life is atrocious. I'm good at keeping apps closed, use the battery saver mode, but I still drain the phone often before I get home. Then am I not only out of communication, but there's no steps being counted! It's a five-star app idea, but the battery life makes it a three-star execution.

  • Works great but...

    by silentpredator

    Drains battery like crazy. I am using an iPhone 5 and end up charging my phone 5 times a day because the battery goes down so fast while this app is tracking.

  • Cool but stats are basic and battery drains

    by laskdfjosiajdf

    Even with the battery saving mode on, it really drains phone battery. I'd love to see more detailed stats. Like what locations burned the most calories last month and how many cheeseburgers worth of calories I burned etc. It's a good app and I recommend it to friends but those are the things on my wish list. Cool app.

  • Love this app

    by eahiv

    Better than an expensive gps watch. All you have to do is carry your phone!

  • Good

    by Dnitch

    The app is good for what it does but would be great if it did more. Ability to see how many steps you took in a specific location would be a huge plus. Maybe even a separate run mode for exercising.

  • Uninstalled

    by Ankurchdry

    I hate that moves doesn't use the m7 processor I don't think it makes senSe to keep running in background ... Fitbit app is better or even Argus

  • Not so accurate

    by Luviphone4

    Unfortunately it arbitrarily tracks steps and time so you never get an accurate account of your movements. It's interesting because you can generally see where you've been all day since it has a 'maps' map (also not always accurate). Maybe some people are 'smoother' walkers or bouncier walkers and that is the difference in these reviews that either say yay or nay. Maybe it could have an initial sensor to track the way it's user moves... Ah well back to striiv...

  • Does not work

    by Jude812

    Not accurate. Worthless. Going to try the Fitbit for daily total steps. Map My Walk good for a single workout but not for daily steps.

  • Does not work

    by DrBee2012

    Great idea but completely unreliable. Here are some results over the same route. Several days ago, I walked and the distance measured was 5 miles and 11000+ steps. That was fairly accurate. Today I walked the same distance and it measured 4.6 miles and merely 6800 steps. I didn't change my stride nor the route. Yesterday I walked about half the distance and it measured 2.9 miles and 7600 steps. Completely arbitrary and not even close to accurate. Don't spend your money on this.

  • Potential

    by Gretsch59-2010

    No Withings connection for weight?

  • Not working!

    by Tigger7189

    I bought this to work with the pact app - would be great if it worked! Yesterday I kept my old app (doesn't work with pact) and this one. This one said I walked 5000 steps all day. The other one was well over 8000 before I got home from work. After walking around for several hours at work this app told me I walked for 3 minutes. Seriously? Today I've been running back and forth playing with my kids and cleaning... This app says I've gone 0 steps. What a waste of money!

  • Doesn't track unless GPS is on

    by sdeetz

    Most pedometer apps track your steps, even when the app is in the background. This app however will only do that if you let it use your GPS, which drains your battery. They say they use minimal GPS, but the location services icon NEVER turns off when this app is on your phone. It uses locations services non-stop 24/7, which destroys your battery. If you turn GPS off and just want to use the M7 data, it will only track your steps if the app is open on the screen. As soon as you open any other app, it stops tracking your steps if GPS isn't on. Other apps like Pacer do NOT require any GPS at all, and will still track your steps in the background using nothing but the accelerometer. This is a far better solution to save battery and still count steps all day.

  • Battery killer

    by A M

    Poor accuracy and battery life, deleted after two days

  • Lost days for no reason

    by Piekillar

    Doesn't track where I go anymore just shows I've been home whole time Not what I paid for!!!!

  • Does not work

    by DrBee2012

    Great idea but completely unreliable. Here are some results over the same route. Several days ago, I walked and the distance measured was 5 miles and 11000+ steps. That was fairly accurate. Today I walked the same distance and it measured 4.6 miles and merely 6800 steps. I didn't change my stride nor the route. Yesterday I walked about half the distance and it measured 2.9 miles and 7600 steps. Completely arbitrary and not even close to accurate. Don't spend your money on this.

  • only to let you know

    by udonthaveasoul

    before i delete this app this uses too much battery it may help me track what i do and where i go but it kills my iphone life with that crazy battery consumption

  • Battery Hog

    by Nickname00000546

    Depletes battery way too fast!

  • Doesn't always work!

    by Looking Good 2014

    I had high hopes when I downloaded this app. I've been sorely disappointed. It doesn't always work. It keeps stopping and not counting steps even when I've walked well over 100 or more steps. It lacks accuracy more often than not. I'm deleting this app and trying something else.

  • Latest update broken?

    by Exechobo

    I have used Moves since it came out- a year ago. Like it a lot. Accurate enough, battery drain acceptable, the simple interface and clean approach is great. it is wonky. Each day the record of yesterday is replaced by today's data. Then at midnight, what is one the day before yesterday goes back to the right total, and the "new" yesterday is erased, and starts showing today's totals. Aggravating thing is, after 4 emails to developers, no reply. Is it going unsupported?

  • Disappointing

    by MedStudentI

    App must be running in background at all times and really drains the battery... Making this app worthless.

  • Battery Hog!

    by Crossone

    Wanna see how fast an app can drain your battery?Load this! I have to remove Moves so that I run other applications.

  • Nice interface, terrible battery use

    by Jordeke

    It has a nice feel to it but it used all of my battery juice in less than one morning. I had to delete it after two days of downloading it. I'd like my $3 back.

  • Awful

    by Nbamom123

    This app is worthless. Completely inaccurate. Completely drains the battery if you have it on accuracy mode and still doesn't log steps. With battery save mode it's even worse. Not worth the money

  • Love but UNUSABLE….

    by KatsyM

    Ok, that may sound like an oxymoron, but I really did LOVE the app. And, it really is UNUSABLE because of battery life. On my iPhone 5S i am at 20% charge by 6pm when running this app. By the time I get home in the evenings I have to immediately plug in my phone so it doesn't crash. And, it's not as if I start my day at 3am, I'm saying between 7:30am and 6pm I've lost 80% of my phone's battery life. Maybe for users who run zero other battery-hogs that 's not a deal breaker… But I'm not giving up my podcasts or google-maps to track how many steps I've taken. Period. Broke my heart, but deleted the app this morning... P.S. this is WITH their "battery saver" mode enabled...

  • Too much battery drain!

    by nbdevito

    Used app for a few days now, and even with power mode on battery saver (which is supposed to use the M7) my phone is constantly using location service which results in HUGE power drain! Phone is dead by 3:00 after very light usage where I'd normally last all day. Would like to enjoy the app but I like to enjoy my phone better.

  • Inconsistent

    by stateslab appleid

    Works well for me (6' male) but often fails to log steps for my wife (5' 4", both using iPhone 5s). Not just small errors, sometimes misses 70% of her walk. They need to work on their algorithms.

  • Great Concept, but...

    by VanishedHawk

    I bought this app to replace another fitness app, Argus, because it looked great and sounded like it tracked more. As it turns out, Moves is a battery drain that doesn't track my steps as accurately and tells me less information. I'm back to using Argus and I'm $2.99 poorer.

  • Good app for overall tracking, but...

    by Jus d'Orange

    This is a good app for tracking overall movements throughout the day. But it is not accurate enough to properly track your running if you desire accurate running tracking (including accurate routes, pace, etc.) I suspect the reason that this app does not use as much energy as other GPS-enabled apps is because it does not constantly use GPS to track your movements which subsequently also means it does not track your movements as accurately as other apps do. This would be a superb app if there were a setting to increase the accuracy for faster movement tracking. For example if an increase in accuracy could be enabled just for the running portions of tracking this would both increase the accuracy of the tracking, and also not use as much battery life as other apps would.

  • Thank you for true data export!

    by jonamar

    Such a great app!!!

  • Driving total

    by tmogadouro

    The app is great as it is. I would like for it to track my driving totals as well, since it has the information already but simply ignores it, you could show the total miles and hours of driving besides walking, cycling and running!

  • I'm motivated

    by mimimeesa

    I downloaded this app on Dec. 26, 2013 have enjoyed using it. It motivates me to get my 10,000 steps. As of a couple of days ago it is not tracking my running correctly. If that could be fixed it would be GREAT for me.

  • Battery drainer & inaccurate

    by Salbjorn

    Drains the battery and isn't even that accurate, sometimes it doesn't even notice transport and counts a lot less steps than there really are. Uninstall, don't bother installing this on your device.

  • poor accuracy

    by dmn77

    Accuracy is horrible, took the app for a test walk. (i’m 6’2”) Walked a 1,000 steps recorded 487.

  • Works Great!

    by Infamous DR

    It does what it says and works really good for me! When you have an issue with the app, they work on the fixes right away!

  • Excellent

    by Janie DuBois

    Beautiful and useful. May drain your battery a little but not really that badly (and probably not at all if you have an iPhone 5s, since those have those M7 motion chips). The most annoying part is if iOS quits it to update it, though it'll show an alert then.

  • Pretty crappy.

    by Jman2335

    I was really disappointed in this app. Upon entering the app, everything looks great. Really nice interface. But you need to have the app open and running if you want it to actually track your movement. I wanted something that could just work in the background and be closed.

  • Elegant location tracker

    by Aaron Wolen

    This app is a beautiful replacement for Google Latitude with a much more elegant approach to visualizing your location history.

  • Amazing app.

    by DK ESQ

    Wow, this app exceeded all my expectations!

  • Time zones

    by Jloyless

    Nice little app with decent features but gets confused when moving through different time zones and recalculates and loses location data.

  • Boy I'm lazy

    by Dendronotus

    I never realized how inactive I was until I got this and saw the timelines of my days. Now I'm motivated to walk to work every day just so my summary has SOME green (walking) in it. I love the maps with individual information for segments.

  • Can I undo an update???

    by Queen Eunice

    It was perfect up until the December 4, 2013 update. It didn't use too much battery and the steps were very accurate I checked it against other pedometers I have. Since the update on December 4, it uses battery way too quickly and I have to charge two and sometimes three times a day. It thinks I'm cycling when I'm driving, it thinks I'm cycling when I'm walking - and I do not walk quickly - it thinks I'm not walking it all when I've been walking for 40 minutes! If all you need is to keep track of where you've been every day, it's great. However I do not need an alibi for anything so I am very disappointed in this app.

  • This app makes your battery disappear faster than ice cream in the summer

    by kcwookie

    I've used a lot of other apps the counts steps and use the coprocessor in the iPhone 5s. Unlike those apps, this conception of battery dad really fast. My battery was half gone after six hours, and all I did was about ten minutes of web browsing and letting this app run. It appears this app needs to be rebuilt from top to bottom to be iOS 7 compatible. If they improved the battery life on this app, I would hate to see what it used to be. At this point I believe I was ripped off the purchase price, but time will tell.

  • Awesome app but some issues

    by legendary squirrel

    Great app, its very useful how it tracks in the background although, It sometimes has gaps in the tracking. I ran 8mi yesterday and it recorded it as 4mi.

  • Seems to Track About 1/2

    by 303ssp

    Seems to only track about 50% of my movements. I’ve even tried taking it out of “battery save” mode but no luck.

  • Was wonderful, now doesn't work

    by Joe the Volunteer

    I love this app. But now doesn't sync to my account and repeatedly goes off line. I've tried all the fixes in the help section. I'll change this review to a 5 star when stability returns. What happened?

  • Great app!

    by John L S

    Love this app. Never have troubles. Competing apps drained my battery and seemed less accurate. I'm not even using their battery saving mode but my battery on the 5S seems unaffected. Only downside is the app or maybe 5S can't recognize inclines to properly include in the calorie count. So my daily treadmill activities match close on miles completed but far off in calorie count. Hoping they find a way to analyze and include that. Still a 5 star app though for what it is...

  • Moves

    by andruwa13

    Огромное спасибо за программу. Хотелось чтоб программа еще умела считать сколько вы спите.

  • Battery drainer

    by Diego Garcia

    My battery was gone within an hour of downloading this app, it's a good app but the battery problem is too big had to delete.

  • Lovely

    by Susiesix

    Love this app!! I definitely recommend it.

  • Finally, low power consumption.

    by JoshiePoopies

    Wowsers, I never even remember that it is running in the background. Not sure if it's just that good at low power consumption or working harmoniously with the 5S M7 co-processor. Well, whatever it is, great job!

  • Would be perfect. . .

    by Julia Vincent

    This app is awesome except that it devours my battery power. I can't go half a day without having to recharge because it's about to die. The worst part is that if I charge it I don't have it on my person the track steps and if I don't charge it dies and stops tracking steps. I feel like I haven't got an accurate count since I've gotten this app.

  • I miss the old version.

    by Lisa Nguyen

    I love the new interface. However, the old version was able to automatically record anywhere I go without turning the app on and without wifi or connection. Big downer because I really love the new look. I realize it might has to do with iOS 7 updates. I'm so bummed!

  • Battery killer

    by Dohun Ham

    Pretty cool! But drains battery too fast.

  • Battery drain

    by Jonsamuel

    Seems to impact battery a ton on the 5S. Usually I can go a full day but with this installed I'm down to single digits by 5 or 6 pm.

  • Shouldn't need the internet to track!

    by Conomist

    This app is useless UNLESS you're within connectivity. So, if you're, say, hiking, don't count on it to actually count your steps. Who knows what it's doing, but not that. If I wanted google maps, I would have downloaded google maps.

  • Great App!

    by TRP23

    Moves charts my walking mileage daily without any thought or effort on my part. I’ve tried many of these sorts of apps, and Moves is far and away the best of the bunch.

  • No instructions

    by Rater659

    I can't even figure out how to make it do anything and it won't track right. Also they show how you can schedule your exercise on a chart that doesn't exist if it give you actual help on how to work the app or instructions I would probably give it five stars

  • Great app

    by Jayzzzzzz123

    Design is simple. Never crashes and works beautifully

  • Buyer's Remorse

    by Kris Schindler

    This app functions merely as a pedometer that monitors activity only when one's phone is on their person. It is not a good match for someone who runs on a treadmill or who otherwise doesn't use an armband when running. The app doesn't align with other apps like FitnessBuddy or RunKeeper, nor does it perform calculations that inform the user whether calories burned are offsetting the calories consumed.

  • Excels at promoting healthy behavior

    by James H. III

    This app excels at promoting healthy behaviors thus making you a healthier person. I was initially rather reticent to download Moves fearing that it would contribute to my battery running out of juice more quickly. To my surprise, because it employs GPS sparingly, I notice my battery draining only a bit more quickly than normal. The app also makes use of cell tower triangulation & wi-fi IDs, only using GPS when necessary. Those who complain of GPS "constantly running" truly misunderstand how this app works. Moves is also very well designed with a minimalist UI that I appreciate. I'm now telling everyone about this app! Keep up the great work!

  • Great again

    by Branden Russell

    Last update seems to have fixed battery issues. Now it is very good at listing where I have been throughout the day and how active I was. Also nice that other apps, like Momento, can access the data.

  • Better than a Fitbit (or anything similar)

    by goronbjorn

    Tracks all your different activities (walking, running, cycling, etc) automatically and accurately. The location feature is really cool too.

  • Needs Withings scale support

    by JoeMitchell79

    I've been using this app for months and I check it everyday; I've really enjoyed tracking my progress and setting new goals. However, I'm unfortunately going to have to leave this app for another that supports syncing my progress with the Withings scale until this one does.

  • Amazing app

    by Desposi

    2nd review Still a good app- Suggestions are to start showing us total number of steps we took/ calories burned in an overall bubble --why?...this motivates us to run/jog more to get to our overall goal. Currently the app treats running steps and walking steps as separate steps. And while yes, we need to be able to see and understand them seperetlyaly, we also need to understand our "overall progress" through the app much better as that's what motivates. I can also say this app is useful when looking for your car and figuring out what street you parked on. Also, we need a social feature to challenge and keep up with friends and a way to send the app as a gift to someone from the apps social dash board that I'm proposing. ...........................…………… 1st review(prior to getting basis B1 Band for health tracking) ---- I can track my fitness and activity without even thinking about it, an app after my own heart!

  • Get it now.

    by Dannnaaayyyyy

    So much more useful than you think it is. It amazes everyone I show it to. Extremely accurate, gets smarter and smarter overtime, yet somehow manages to not drain your battery or consume that much data. Priceless.

  • Occational app greeze

    by Kaydee.L

    It does work well when its working. The app is running in background and quiet often ill have to manually close the app and restart. When its frozen it wont track your move at all. It drains battery quiet fast even if i set the battery save mode on. Except the problems mentioned above an awesome app.

  • Battery drain

    by joshpeek

    New UI is great, but still has battery issues even with the M7.

  • Encourages activity

    by Honest Review 21

    I've been considering buying one of the tracking bands for some time now, but didn't want to spend the money on the current generation, and was afraid id lose it anyway. This app offers features they don't at 1/40th the cost. I have not yet observed any significant battery impact on my iPhone 5. My only suggestion is to add some trending over time charts.

  • Incredible App!

    by ted_twins9

    Really is the gold standard of motion tracking/pedometer apps on the App Store. It's very simple, easy to use and quite accurate. Sometimes step count isn't perfect but certainly very close. I highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Where is my app

    by PowerOfYellow

    I bought this app but it does not show on my phone, it says I have it installed, it gives me the option to open the app through iTunes Store but it will not open, I'm trying to find a way to uninstall this app just to redownload it without resetting my phone, I tried looking on iTunes on my my computer and it still does not show that I have it.

  • Asked for iTunes store rating in the app

    by runithome

    Please stop asking me to rate your app in the app.

  • Fantastic journaling app

    by interactivenyc

    This app helps me remember what I did the previous week. I wish it would integrate somehow with Google calendar.

  • Superb app! Exceeds expectations!

    by James Weythman

    This app is a great way to chronicle your day. It's fun to see how long it really takes you to get between places and how long daily activities really take. This app really shows off the motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s. Nice job, developers.

  • Great idea, but...

    by notabothere

    This would be great if it worked consistently. Sometimes it counts treadmill runs, sometimes you get nothing. Sometimes it counts housework (vacuuming/mopping/raking leaves), sometimes it doesn't. The "Moves off" problem has been fixed, but it's more likely to miss the treadmill now.

  • App is useful in many ways

    by Business1

    Very accurate and simple to use. I've had no issues with battery drain. Great look and feel.

  • Best step tracking app!

    by Laura Lopes

    It's a beautiful app and I love that it tracks all my daily activities.



    It's great just great I love it very much I own a small farm only about 30 acres I walk around it and it don't show me on the GPS or I'm walking it just shows me sometimes in the driveway sometimes in the garage when I'm not even there but you know what I mean

  • New update is great!

    by Martin Grundle

    Now that this is updated for ios7 it is back to the great app it was. This is great for keeping track of your day walks, runs, or shuffles around the house.

  • Great app

    by RicardoRacer

    It does what it says. It does not tap out your battery but keeps track of your moves. Really simple and easy. If you are interested in a very efficient way to track your activity without the other hardware, this is the app.

  • Beautiful and dependable

    by Mr Magical Hobo

    This app is fantastic. It tracks your movement in the background and knows whether your in a moving car, bicycling, jogging or walking. No need having to remember to turn it on. Also very battery friendly. I highly recommend it.

  • Great Tracker

    by ArclightImages

    Maps out your whole day, walking, driving...great

  • Amazing and Convenient

    by El ambajador

    Works great for conveniently tracking my biking - just load it and you are good to go. No more start/stop!

  • Magic

    by Dodge137363

    New update using the iPhone 5S M5 solves all battery issues from the past. This app is magic!

  • Keeps me walking

    by Tdawsondeer

    Love this app. Pushes me to walk more each day.

  • Innnnnnnnerestiiing

    by YoungEasthood


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