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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Spanish


- Added “Inspire” - our Yoga social community
- Beautiful new design for iOS7
- Rebranded to ‘ Studio’

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Limited offer! Get both iPhone and iPad version for $4.99 only (50% off the retail price $9.99)!
The world's favourite mobile yoga studio! Enjoyed by over 7,100,000 fans worldwide.

- Available for iPhone and iPad
- 300 poses and breathing exercises
- Inspire: our global social Yoga Community
- Share photos, comment and follow your favourite Yoga Teachers
- 45 predefined programs
- Create Custom Programs
- HD Video demonstrations for all poses
- 3D muscle images for every pose

Shape Magazine,
If you're a yoga newbie, this is the perfect app for you

Great yoga app that can be used anywhere and any time Studio is beautiful, simple and delightful to use. 300 poses and breathing exercises, all shown in stunning HD video, make it the largest database of yoga poses. Search for poses by skill level, your fitness goal or by type to start creating custom programs. Or choose from an amazing list of 45 pre-installed programs, individually designed for better health and wellbeing.

Join the Inspire Community
- Be inspired by yoga fans from around the world
- Find beautiful pose photos by the best teachers
- Share your progress photos
- Comment, Like and follow those who inspire you

Other Blissful Functions
- Add your own poses to the database
- Track your workouts with the calendar
- 15 calming music tracks to choose from
- Inspire your friends by sharing your progress on Facebook or Twitter

Create Custom Programs
- A favourite tool for Yoga Teachers
- Set the order and duration of each pose
- Edit pre-installed programs to your own needs

45 Programs Pre-Installed
- Individually designed for better health and wellbeing
- Suitable for all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced
- Choose your goal: Flexibility, Balance, Wellbeing, De-Stress, Weight Loss
- 4 soothing breathing exercises to aid relaxation and meditations

Customer Reviews

  • Highly recommended!

    by twbeaner

    I have recommended this app to all of my friends and family. I use it very often and absolutely love it!!! I am stronger, healthier and thinner than I've been since before my pregnancies 6 years ago. It's a perfect way to get a workout, relieve stress and stretch at the same time!!! Thank you for this gift!!! I cannot live without it!!!

  • Love Yoga at home

    by Blackwellskitchen

    I love this app! I don't want to take classes but love yoga. This app allows me to get great yoga practice in at home or when I am traveling. The variety of programs gives you whatever you need! I've done most of the programs - not advanced or guru yet though. Thank you for the pics, videos, guided practice, exactly what I was looking for.

  • Mariam.

    by Maryamjjdd

    Its greatttt!!

  • Amazing

    by Danni2013

    Live it love it

  • Excellent examples

    by Karlita777

    I love this app it's very helpful and simple.

  • Love this app

    by en41p

    Great app for times when i needed a workout but lazy to hit the gym. Although this does not replace yoga class for beginners especially since they don't show good transitions between one pose to the next and they don't have someone telling u if u do the poses incorrectly. And with only one music on the background in their programs, it should have off music button so we can play our own music in the background.

  • Great yoga app

    by Camifan

    Very well designed and executed. The programs are very good a simulate a real class. With my constant work travel I can keep up with my practice.

  • Incredibly convenient & easy to use

    by Lindsay Chapman

    I love this app for its ease of use. The number of programs keeps it interesting from session to session. My only request, as has been mentioned by many other reviewers, would be more music options, including a voice over only option.

  • great

    by friarmike

    very good - very easy - like having your own yogi in your home to teach you... highly recommend

  • Awesome!

    by Stoked 2

    Best app ever..if your into yoga this is app is for you. Offers several yoga sessions, breath work, has a part that shows each part of the body that is being worked, music options, instructions, and allows you to talk with others.

  • Helpful

    by @45fgb

    So much content here it will be a long time before I get to all of it. Great combination of routines with illustrations, text, voice, video and still photos. Very useful for clarifying poses that go by too quickly in classes and adding to knowledge in an organized way. Sensible flow in routines. Lent path of some routines seems a bit daunting right now, but they are clearly labeled so you can work up to them. Highly recommend.

  • Fantastic for Travel!

    by MissAngeleah

    I love the Programs! They range from 10-90 minutes long, so I can fit in as much or as little time as I have. I travel for work and love the ease of packing (iPad and sports bra!) and not having to find special gym passes or pack my running gear.

  • Love It

    by Debbie Carboni

    I'm a beginner at 52 (well I did do yoga years ago) and this program has been perfect for me. Wish there were more options for beginners my age who are out of shape and not as limber as I used to be but other then that ... I love it!

  • Barber mom

    by Beanie760

    It's a good app. A lot of variations in programs. Instead of still frames for the poses the movement of the pose should be done, or just have the person doing the whole routine throughout the workout. It would help if the narrator would give suggestions on alternate pose if you can't completely succeed the position.

  • Good Morning!

    by Anonymous625

    Great app for morning stretch or any time of day. You can create your own practice, too.

  • So convenient!

    by CuDi MaN

    So easy to use. Perfect for traveling, or those days when you have to have a dose of yoga ASAP!

  • Need to name muscles

    by 8packbeast

    I think this is a great app but, it would be helpful to name the muscles being used as well and possibly in the order of the muscle firing. Also because it only a picture of superficial muscles and there could be deeper ones that need to be engaged.

  • Perfect Yoga App

    by Muzakopolis

    A perfect pairing to live classes. I can familiarize myself with breath work and postures in occasional classes, and use that base at home with this app. It's exactly what I had hoped. Thorough, stable, and very high quality.

  • All I ever wanted!!!

    by treehugginnerd

    I looked everywhere for low cost yoga. This app is the only place I could find it with detailed instructions. I'm finally able to afford yoga whenever and wherever I can do it. Awesome!! Thank you God for this app and the people who created it!!

  • Absolutely the best

    by Mrsrq

    Always wanted to try yoga but was such a beginner I was intimidated to go to a studio, this app starts with simple basic poses, easy to follow as they are demonstrated and explained, and include all different levels and even more. So impressed, my best app purchase ever.

  • Refund please?

    by Kdg11

    I just bought the app, spent my money so i would be promised a Functional app. Spent more than 1HR into my exercise trying to get any of the programs to play and not one of them will download. The whole purpose i bought it. I tried to report a problem but there was not an option in the menu. I would appreciate my money back ASAP.

  • My Favorite Yoga App

    by Teresa Cabansag

    This is my favorite yoga app! It is so easy to use. The customizable features are great, functional, and easy to set. I feel at peace going through the app to select my program. Then when finished I'm happy and satisfied with my practice.

  • Love this App!!

    by Radgirl-1

    Finally I found something that will help in taking my yoga practice to the next level!!

  • Beginner here

    by Pahokieman

    Was looking for an app to get me comfortable with the practice of yoga. After many misses I finally found this and am very pleases so far.


    by кулинар

    Very convinient,usefull asanas,i like it.

  • For $4.99 I was hoping for a better app

    by onecrazystitch

    I've used many yoga apps because I don't like doing the same thing over and over, and this one came so highly rated that I thought I'd try it, despite the high price. I was sorely disappointed. The classes are not in an order that makes sense. Even when you choose one type of program, like Flexibility, the classes that focus on flexibility are still in alphabetical order meaning Advanced is first, Beginner is second, then Intermediate, then Guru, which I assume is more advanced than Advanced? They have interesting names, like Shakti, but if I'm not familiar with those names it certainly doesn't help me find the class I want. Then when you actually take the class, it is not a live action video of each pose. It is only a still image of what the pose is supposed to look like. There is no instruction on how to transition from the previous pose into the new pose.yes, you can always pause and watch the instructional video in the poses section, but how is one supposed to concentrate on their breathing and body awareness if they have to keep pausing, watching instruction, then resuming their class? Additionally, the voice over instructor that tells you when to inhale and exhale is extremely off time. You hear "inhale, raise your arm, exhale bring it down, and then..." And there is a pause while the counter finishes counting off that pose before it moves to the next pose. Then the voice starts narrating the next pose. I guess it assumes that all your inhales and exhales are 4-5 seconds, which is good breathing... Unless you are a novice and haven't trained your breath yet, or are constantly having to pause and continue! The classes are also much longer than they need to be with an average of 40 minutes, which only comes from the needless repetition of poses. Yes, repetition can be beneficial, but more than twice for almost all the poses is just trying to kill time, in my opinion. AND one would assume that because this app was almost $5 that there wouldn't be ads... But alas, that is not the case. After your class you are given a pop up ad that you also must deal with. I also find the Inspire section to be intrusive and annoying, especially when I am shown images of girls in their underwear doing wall handstands with their legs open. Not very inspiring if you ask me. I think that the only reason this app has gotten such high ratings is the developers are paying someone to make it that way, the same way they are paying to have its ads on Facebook. The only reason I didn't give it one star is because the pose library is actually very good, despite the model's look of anger in every pose, and the muscle diagrams are interesting. I won't name the apps I actually LIKE because I don't want anyone to think I was put up by them to leave a bad review, but they are out there, they are cheaper, and I suggest you try them instead.

  • So much fun!

    by Baby Tater

    This app is so fun. Very helpful for a beginner like me!

  • Well done, informative, individualized

    by heatxfer

    Have used for 1+ years now. Most of the programs are similar, but distinguishable. The magazine has not been updated, but gives some ideas about diet, and yoga principles. I would recommend this to anyone with chronic pain, stress or a desire to self practise outside of a large group setting.

  • Can't Download

    by Elebrun

    I cannot download content over WiFi. This makes the app completely unusable. Support says it will be fixed with next update.

  • Awesome

    by Mohammad_s


  • Crashes, won't show poses, then crashes again

    by Ranch Girl T

    Downloaded the update and now it will not function. It was my favorite. Now, I can't use it at all.

  • Good for all levels

    by Soonerfl

    I am a beginner and I think the routines are good. Nice verbal instruction to soft background music and visual position displayed on the screen for the correct pose. I like it,

  • Computer voices

    by Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!

    One voice says the title of the pose and a different voice instructs viewers on how to move into poses. Both voices are done by a computer. I don't find anything personal or relaxing about computer voices. I'm disappointed but happy that I've found the best yoga app--Yoga Studio.

  • Fluid and easy!

    by Jansgardn59

    This is the first yoga app that has senseable flow of yoga positions. I look forward to adding onto the difficulty as I progress.

  • Love this app!

    by Bwhite107

    I love the app! So many poses and great pre-designed programs. The ONLY thing that would make this better is an online version of the app so that I could create custom programs on my computer. Kind of a pain to design workouts on my iPhone and iPad. Other than that - this app is perfect!

  • Kimberle the night RN

    by OrangeRN

    I have a crazy busy schedule & this app allows me to get my workout in at whatever hour works for me. The variety of types of workouts and program lengths allows me to fit my needs, moods and time frame. I have the flexibility to do my workout wherever I desire...the park, the deck, the hotel room, the staff lounge on my break at work, or in the cozy comfort of my family room at 1am. I cancelled my gym membership & between this & my Nike training app, exercise more often and am in better shape than ever!

  • Meh

    by Aldeg

    Just pictures of poses. Was looking for more...

  • Yoga for All

    by Lynn-0

    This app seems good to me; it has beginning levels to advanced, relaxation/breathing, individual positions, etc. It seems to be a complete program. I like that it allows you to do a portion of any one program or all of it.

  • Finally, a yoga app worth keeping

    by Johnrite

    Comprehensive list of poses and something besides just beginner routines. Plenty here to challenge and keep it fresh.

  • so easy to use!

    by A chefs cooking studio

    I have been using this app to teach myself beginner yoga moves - love the opitons, the routines and the pose base index. I have used this app for about nine months. It has become an integral part of my weekly workout routines. Love the easy access and it travels with me too. Thank you!!!!

  • Amazing Yoga App

    by Melaska-

    I absolutely love this app. Although some of the beginner classes are a bit hard on my arms, (I have puny arm strength) it's still very enjoyable and is very relaxing. I love all of the features (e.g. classes, making your own classes, 'Inspire', etc...). The only con I have, is it would be nice to have a more "soothing" teacher voice. But that is my only con, I love the app. And always look forward to using it:)

  • Not for beginners

    by Proseygirl

    I started with a beginner program and was very disappointed. First, there was no coaching for different poses, which is essential for novices who don't know if they are doing things right without some hints along the way ("you should feel the stretch in your shoulders", or "line your hips up parallel to the wall", etc). Without some tips while learning poses, it's so easy to do them wrong and cancel out any benefit. Second, narration on timing and a moment between poses with preparation narration would be helpful. I spent half each poses' time looking at the clock or catching up to a no-warning pose change. Disappointed I spent money on this without previewing better. Lesson learned.

  • Amazing app

    by Mikey Fresh 1974

    Love it!!!

  • Me gusta

    by Salssoul

    Y lo disfruto mucho, fácil, ideal cuando no quiero salir de la casa.

  • Good so far

    by Chinese learning

    I like this app because I can edit the routines. I can take out some and change the duration of each pose. I am a newbie so this is important for me. I have tried to start doing yoga many times and this app has kept me motivated to continue. The proof of how good this app is is if I am still using this app later on.

  • Fantastic app

    by Lilshap84

    I love the calendar, inspire and the fact you can add others on here. The app is separated by positions, balance, and levels. It's great for beginners and high level yogis. The only thin is want is a add to calendar feature for if we have a class and want to add that in as well. :)

  • Helpful

    by Mississippi H

    Though I use this and like many features like being able to change the music, there is not enough time between poses to set up and some poses considered for all stages of expertise really are beyond my ability

  • My favorite app ever.

    by BryceeGirl

    That is all.

  • Doesn't work!

    by PerfectPlay

    The app has no sounds and bad English! bring back the old app!

  • Awesome

    by GSWChef

    I love how convenient this app makes practicing yoga when I'm traveling. Thanks for putting together a great app!

  • Very relaxing and enjoyable

    by David King

    I purchased this mostly for the relaxation and stretching. I use it in conjunction with my other work out system. The relaxation and before bed program is my favorite. Not sure you could take a single class for the cost of this app. I applaud the writers of the program. I would like to see more music options and more information on the screen during the playing of the program with regards to doing the pose correctly. I know this info is in the help section, but you can't really refer to these instructions during the exercise poses.

  • Meh

    by HoldensGirl

    Not very impressed with some of the routines. I've done 3 so far and the only one that was worth anything was the sun salutation. The "fit abs" was ridiculous- 10 minutes of spinal twists. Not very interesting. Hopefully I can find some routines that capture my interest.

  • Meh

    by HoldensGirl

    Not very impressed with some of the routines. I've done 3 so far and the only one that was worth anything was the sun salutation. The "fit abs" was ridiculous- 10 minutes of spinal twists. Not very interesting. Hopefully I can find some routines that capture my interest.

  • Liz

    by Cacla0903

    Nice app, it would be nice to see the model move into the positions and show alternative to poses throughout...

  • Life changer!

    by Run26point2

    This app is fantastic. Nine months ago I had back surgery. Five months ago I still struggled to bend over and pick something up from the floor. I have practiced yoga with this app nearly every day for months now. My core is strong. I am feeling flexible, mobile and balanced. I am very thankful to have discovered this life changing app.

  • Excellent

    by Omar Alesharie

    Very smart App

  • Mediocre at best

    by Mysticbonedoc

    I expected more from this highly reviewed app. I found it to be poorly organized with titles such as "deep cleansing" and "better eyesight" and "tight sleep". The programs consist of still frames of poses rather than an actual instructor guiding you through the practice. Sequences don't flow well with repetitive poses and poor transitions. I have used it about a dozen times over the year or so that I have had it and have yet to find a program I like and would do again. A much better yoga app that i do use regularly and like much better is "yoga studio".

  • More than 5 stars

    by SueM iPod

    I really, really like this app. It works well, has a lot of variety and the pictures and descriptions are clear.

  • Love this program!

    by G317

    The diversity of programs is great! I have my favorites and every week try to add a new move. The move diagrams are terrific and I love the calendar! It's been a wonderful tool helping me keep track of my progress and encouraging me on my lazy days to get up and do it.....even if its just a short salutation, if I get that far I usually keep going because it makes you feel so good!! Perfect program for all!!

  • All In Yoga

    by Liz1000287

    Truly enjoy the program! Wish I could get sound to work! Pictures describe poses well?

  • Great yoga ap.

    by Katharine Majestic

    Does not replace live yoga sessions but if you have a knowledge of positions and flow in between and into new positions its a great ap. love the new music and the large pose base and created work outs make your experience never ending .

  • The best app for yoga ;)

    by Zolalololo

    Excellent and complete. Is the best app for yoga and relaxation.

  • Great app

    by ishan1010

    Easy to understand

  • Wonderful

    by smelting

    So good.

  • Great App

    by Super Mac Daddy

    Informative, motivating, great for beginners and avid yogis.

  • Awesome app

    by Anew Perspective

    I love how this app cN be used as a video to follow along with or as a still image. Excellent!

  • Yoga App

    by Barb1268

    Love this app!!! Lots of options for programs and levels. It's a must have.

  • Very Detailed

    by Kale9993

    Poses are very well described and the pose base is extensive.

  • Love this!

    by Amber Finnicum-Simmons

    Totally worth the $5! It's like having a guru in your house 24/7!

  • Great App! Very Informative!

    by Myriam Sofia

    This is a wonderful tool filled with lots of great information for the beginner or seasoned practitioner.

  • Good App, but...

    by SVB1965

    I use this app almost daily in my yoga practice. My only complaints are two: 1. It's time for new, additional practice sets after three years 2. The times stated for some of sets is not accurate. Please align the descriptions with the actual time each set takes. Aside from those two issues I have no complaints and regularly recommend this app to others.

  • The BEST app for yoga!

    by Awakening Electric Body

    Program your own sequence and timing in poses. What else do we need?

  • Yoga App

    by JaiDag

    Nice App, and it works very well, I use it and consult to my asanas constantly, thank you very much!

  • The best out there

    by Slowhand2k5

    Great program!!!

  • Wonderful App

    by Kaoru Hasunama

    I love this app. I knew next to nothing about yoga before using this program. Now, I find myself mastering poses all the time. I've never felt better. I recommend this app to all who want to try, or have been doing yoga for a while. It is helpful to anyone at any stage.

  • Nice App

    by Nupetsb

    This is a very good app especially when traveling.

  • It's ok

    by karencelly

    Some detail on what the pose targets and positive effects from it would be nice. Also would like to know calories burned. Other than that its ok.

  • Yoga loving Grandma

    by ShaunaMom

    I feel so much better and ready to start my day after waking just doing the 14 min sun salutation.

  • Just great!

    by alexmnazarenko

    Taught me a lot

  • I use this every day

    by Monique Ortiz

    Great app for those who have yoga experience. I use it every day.

  • Beautiful and helpful!

    by Pauline Ortiz y Pino

    Love it!

  • Amazing Content so well organized!

    by David Grishkevich

    I am in teacher training, so was searching for an app that had some ideas, showed names in Sanskrit and English next to the pose, and could help me pull it all together. This is that app and so much more! It has access to articles from Yoga Mag and sequences for special circumstances like backache, improve vision and sleep. The content is full and complete though there are a couple of poses named differently than my books and instruction. Tons of content! Best part is how well this tons of content is organized! While going over the 300 poses in one section, there is an option to sort by type, level or a-z. After a pose is chosen, there is a video demo, text with optional voice, and image showing affected muscles. Every time I open this app something more valuable leaps out at me. Thank you to the developers! I would like to add that anyone at any level in their yoga practice will find great value in this app and the app itself is extremely user friendly, so no tech challenges, either. Namaste!

  • Great app!

    by PennyR

    Use this app 6 days a week. Keeps track of my hours and has nice variation workouts plus all poses.

  • Excellent App

    by SeeJacRun

    I have had this app for quite a while now (2 years). Love it! Much cheaper than a gym membership.

  • Fun app!

    by Yogahippie

    I haven't had a lot of time to use it yet but I am excited to in the near future. I'm having fun interacting with other yogis. My only request would be that you list the muscles or muscle groups that are highlighted with the poses instead of just showing them.

  • Amazing

    by Tynee Dancer

    This app is impressive! Totally worth the $5 and covers all yoga levels. I recommend this to every yogi out there

  • Very well organized

    by Christianchoclate

    This is a very well constructed app. You can organize the poses by body region or level of difficulty. And there is a section where all the poses are arranged alphabetically. And for each pose there is a picture, a written explanation, a diagram showing which muscles are affected, AND a video showing how to get into the pose. I cannot judge this app from the perspective of a yoga expert, 'cos I am not one-tho' the app has a large collection of poses, and they all seem authentic. But, from the perspective of someone who has a lot of apps, (I am a sort of app expert) this one is excellently made.

  • Great! Except a few details.

    by carlge

    I love the app, it's easy to use and very helpful for people of various experience levels. One thing I found is that there are some programs that are repeated with different titles. Another is that the picture on the programs page is not usually anything like the program's poses. But those are just details. I use it every day and I think it was definitely worth the price. I just hope they might fix some of those issues later.

  • Love this app!

    by GingerMB

    Such an array of great yoga work outs. Need to know basic transitions, though. If I wasn't already a yoga buff, I would have been confused about how to transition into the next pose, but I LOVE it & use it all the time!

  • Phenomenal App!!

    by Imakarolinagirl

    Love the ability to create new routines.

  • Well rounded!

    by karenvonk

    Very easy to use. About the only short coming I had with this is trying to edit the programs. But everything else is so excellently done it was hardly worth mentioning.

  • Problem with update?

    by Beginner025

    Is anyone else having trouble with the update to version 1.2? I'm using an iPad 3 with iOS 7.0.4. After I downloaded the update, the app will not show any video or pictures, nor does it show the asana list for a program. I tried downloading all content and still no help. Also, when I start a program, the music plays, but the clock and voice do not start unless I pause the program and start it again. I liked this app, but at the moment it is essentially unusable.

  • Great app!

    by stranger_grrr

    Love to practice yoga with it

  • Pretty good

    by Ivesun

    As a beginner I found this to be pretty user friendly. However, I wish it would show the transition from one pose to the next.

  • Awesome Yoga App

    by Scerrytotts

    I am really impressed with this app. It is simple to use and has great explanations of the poses and breathing techniques. My practice has become more focused at home and this app makes it feel like I am in class! Love it!!!

  • Enhanced variety

    by Tina Bennett

    I used this app as a beginner & it has really helped me to enhance my overall fitness and personal being. I have a very busy schedule which makes it impossible to attend scheduled classes. It has given me the flexibility to keep motivated & try new things at my own pace. I suggest it to others all the time. Is there a chance more will be added??

  • Beginner

    by Brutusjr323

    As an extreme beginner in yoga I can say that this app is awesome. It gives you detailed instructions on how to do every pose and you have so many programs to choose from.

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