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- Random crash depending on a certain localization and country combination is fixed
- Minor fixes
- Some improvements of sleep cycle and sound recording

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Top 1 paid app in the US and 70+ countries all over the world!
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Our ergonomic algorithm has been designed to optimise your sleep and help you achieve full rest. Our technology tracks your sleep cycles and chooses the optimum time to wake you gently. Revitalize as you wake up every day feeling well-rested and full of energy with the one-of-a-kind Smart Alarm Clock.

* Sleep cycle tracking to determine your best wake-up time
* Specially designed music for your pleasant falling asleep and easy waking up
* Fully compatible with iPhone 5s and 5c! Optimized for iOS 7!


* Automatic recording of sounds in your bedroom that are longer than 5 seconds
* Easy mass-deletion of sounds by day


* Monitors your sleep cycles
* Determines the best time to wake you up
* Gives detailed statistics of your sleep cycles and stages


* Wake-up at the light stage of sleep
* Adjustable snooze time
* Adjustable wake-up time period


* More than 100 special tunes for your restful sleep and pleasant wake-up;
* Automatic chillout/wakeup volume: chillout volume is 2 times lower than the alarm volume


* Weather forecast: detailed weather stats from anywhere in the world

* Use tracks from your iPhone or iPod's library for falling asleep and waking up

* Low battery reminder

* Up to 3 alarm clocks 

* Possibility to delete music packs that you don’t need any more

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Customer Reviews

  • Perf

    by Erichg313

    It's great for someone who talks a lot in their sleep to try and hear what I'm saying.

  • Abel

    by Brandon Benjamin

    Great App

  • Okay

    by Kennipohoppy

    I like the app, but there's some things you should change. The apps music is to much. Some is just to loud and over the top on this app. I prefer to wake up to softer sounds and music. Another thing is the snooze. I have to pick up my phone and click snooze. I think it would be nice since your phone is down. If you could just tap it. It's a good app I like how it records your sleep. But if you fix these I'm sure the app will be much better.

  • Great alarm

    by Lilmama1972

    Love it!!!

  • Very useful

    by Sshea15

    I like the recording feature. It's fun to hear what's happening agile you're asleep.

  • Worth

    by TheZohaun77

    So worth it. Especially while it's on sale

  • It was amazing.

    by aari

    It shows you how much time you've slept and been awake. I thought that was cool.

  • You won't regret buying it

    by Jescompty

    I was always curious about my sleep patterns, if I talk or snore in my sleep. This app had confirmed I don't snore & sometimes I talk. I find myself waking up more rested, I enjoy the fact that I can set an alarm & wake up on time & still track my sleep patterns. Worth purchasing the app!!!!

  • Amazing smart app!

    by Rivercitychef

    One of the best sleep study based apps on the market. Great price, true to description results. I've used this the past few weeks; and ivd successfully pinpointed problems in my sleep. Now I'm starting to sleep so much more soundly :-) buy it!

  • Great app

    by Jobbo7

    Nice and easy clock app, which helps you drift off to sleep and then get woken in a manner of your choice! Records good sleep data too.

  • Good

    by alexusmc


  • Interesting

    by Momma of Maya

    Love the info. Think it could use some improvements on being able to navigate within the app, but I do enjoy it. And hearing myself sleep is different

  • Awesome

    by Guitarii

    This app is awesome

  • App

    by Varsitycatcher22

    Best alarm clock I've ever had, wakes me up on time all the time, and actually lets me know how well I'm sleeping a night. I love it!!!!

  • Most used app I have ever purchased

    by SabTGO

    The Deeper Dreaming part 1 is amazing or at least the first 3-5 minutes!! I have battled insomnia my entire adult life and have found nothing to help me relax enough to fall asleep with in minutes of going to bed! The statistics of my sleep quality are neat, my quality is improving - I love to see the and yet alone, feel, the improvement I experiencing from this app! My neurologist was rather impressed as well when I told and showed him at my last visit for MS! Thank you!!!!

  • Awesome, the best

    by Jonathan.l27

    Buy it if you want a high end alarm clock

  • Amazing

    by Emeress

    I really love this app, it's a life changer!!!

  • Sweet

    by Fro1100

    I dig it

  • It's good

    by Teamtps

    It helps

  • Love this alarm/sleep tracker

    by Iwontdnyit

    I have used other apps but this one by far is the best. I love how it tracks all sounds and movements. I now see why I'm tired on most mornings.

  • So so buggy

    by Paul from boston9

    I can't believe they released this.

  • Complete waste

    by kervkov

    Save your $2. The app stays on/shines all night, and the stats don't work. Rip off.

  • Amazing

    by branden ronchetti

    This is an amazing alarm clock because it tells you how much deep and light sleep you get in a night

  • 看到的评价都很好

    by Huang Jiahao


  • It's good

    by Aznchic31

    It's better than the one that came with it

  • Awesome

    by Ligosde


  • Great app

    by Jonathan Macgregor

    Worth the money

  • Hilarious

    by Caitlyn Shell

    I've always been told I sleep talk, but I never quite believed anyone. Using this app, I've found I sleep talk nearly every single night.... Now I just need to figure out what I'm saying!

  • Crap data

    by DrXer

    The sleep data from this app is pure crap. The charts are one step away from pure fiction. Avoid at all costs.

  • Awesome app

    by Jordeke

    This is an awesome app with a beautiful interface. Just make sure you go through all the settings and that you understand what are they about. Otherwise you might wake up too early.

  • Awesome, intuitive, incredible feedback

    by PoWeR2VeTo

    Feedback helps to pinpoint why you toss and turn some night, also sleep tones work well!!! Wake tones pleasant... All around great app!!!

  • Awesome

    by Hemihunter

    Best alarm clock ever

  • Fall asleep faster

    by Ladi_Del

    Good app to identify sleep habits. I notice I fall asleep faster and sleep through the night with the chill out music. Sometimes I wake up before the alarm feeling refreshed. I do wish the statistics were a little easier to read other than that good app thus far.

  • Love it

    by rebmayco

    I like not being shocked awake in the morning. It's nice to have something wake me up during the appropriate sleep cycle.

  • Didn't work

    by Waywordstranger

    I've used this three nights. Twice the alarm didn't go off. It recoded my sleep nicely but never woke me up. Once it woke me up. I'm deleting it.

  • Like it

    by DB24kevin

    Yes I do

  • Hasn't woken me up sometimes

    by Nickykens

    Won't wake me up every few mornings. But when it works it works great

  • My wife is a saint

    by Chuckkellie

    This app proved that I do occasionally snore...quite loudly. By monitoring my sleep patterns I have been able to adapt my positions & add breathe strips to bring down the volume. The stats are also a good reminder that I need to get more sleep. Well worth the $.

  • Can you lock your iPhone while testing

    by looliooo

    Can you lock your iPhone while testing?

  • Pretty cool

    by Sxynsy

    Like that I can see my average sleep time and record noise to see if I snore

  • Awesome!

    by Linea07

    No complaints here. It identifies when I've had a horrible night sleep (waking many times) so very accurate in my eyes. Wakes me up on time too! Awesome features!

  • Fantastic

    by Cinopt

    I like this smart clock app so much. I now wake up completely awake and refreshed.

  • A very helpful sleep app

    by Sachin Wadhawan

    I have started tracking my sleep patterns every night. I am also an occasional talker during my sleep and this app allows me to finally listen to what I say. Waking up alarm sounds are so much better than the typical ringer. I wish there was a way to dim the sounds in and out for the wake up alarm.

  • Love

    by Ajjohnsonec

    Love this App!!

  • I like it

    by Knight6210

    Just wish the alarm was a little louder. It's a personal thing.

  • Yeah

    by supermanthehulkandbatman


  • Love it!

    by KayliJ

    It's a great not just for waking you up but also going to sleep. The night tones are very relaxing and help me fall asleep faster.

  • Room for improvements

    by Deity Dark Link

    Customizations? More clock designs? Themes? Love it so far!!!

  • Good

    by Jeanne Bennett

    Like the storms sound at night and morning wake up sounds very nice to get up to

  • Relaxed

    by Randa Roberson

    This is great! I like how I get the ability to see how often I am awake during the night!

  • Good app

    by upmored

    The app is good but I hate when apps keep asking you to rate them. Especially paid apps. Ask once and STOP!

  • Optional chill out sounds

    by Widdowso

    Needs, needs, needs to have the option of turning the chill out function on or off.

  • That explains a lot

    by Rada Culciar

    The first night I used it I got 2 hours of deep sleep out of 9 that I was in bed... That explains my life lol

  • Really interesting

    by RoniPo

    I'm not a pro with this yet but the only thing I can see missing is the ability to play a series of songs while going to sleep. Going to play around with it.

  • Impressive

    by thecarsfreak

    First night trying the app and I love it! I used Full Mode, set my alarm to 6:05 with Marimba waking tone, and the alarm woke me up at 5:52. I woke up so easily and don't feel near as groggy as normal!! Also confirmed that I don't snore, yay!

  • Beware your own habits

    by Basil P Roosli

    First of all, this is entirely worth the price. This app is lovely. I always wake up feeling great and the bedtime sounds are a nice touch. I say beware because, if you're used to hitting snooze all the time with your normal alarm, breaking the habit of snoozing a few times is really hard. Actually, getting up right when smart alarm goes off is the best plan because I've noticed that hitting snooze actually makes me groggy and less refreshed. Wonderful app, but I wish the volume controls were controllable from the phone buttons.

  • Good, not great.

    by Taylor Tucker

    I like the app. As simple as the layout seems, it is kind of confusing. Streamline the app, and it will be the best sleep app available.

  • Love it

    by Kenpokarate

    I woke up this morning with a calm and relaxing sound. With the added bonus, of knowing my very own sleeping pattern.

  • Best alarm I've ever had.

    by Rogpog3319

    This alarm is awesome. It wakes me up feeling refreshed and i never oversleep. :)

  • by __LovelyD


  • Would recommend!

    by Eikcaj

    So fun! Really enjoy the complexities of the app, especially the audio recordings during the night. Always so fun to hear what I've been saying.

  • Great app

    by David M123456789

    Great app

  • Great app but need to log into phone

    by DavidLozzi

    Great app, and I would give it five

  • Gr8 app

    by RockstarRossi

    Best alarm app I have ever had

  • Awesome App

    by Josh752

    Its an awesome app! Now I can track all my sleep time and with the background sounds a fell asleep faster and rest more.

  • Review

    by Kkaadd

    This app is really good but I wish that they would change it so you can pick to play Pandora or some other music site

  • Smart alarm

    by Mr Temmy

    Great App

  • Really cool!

    by Deanomites

    Had it for a while and love it ... Does the job well!

  • Great app

    by Happy dancer 29

    I use it every night and it helps me see how I'm sleeping and whether or not I'm snoring. Would love it if it could over ride the ringer on off switch. I usually turn my ringer of to not be disturbed at night by e-mails and things. Other than that I really like it

  • Awesome Alarm Clock

    by Ladystar08

    This is so cool. The sounds of the alarm clock are perfect selections. I truly love how it records you waking and falling back to sleep... Get it now!!

  • Great

    by Persephone93

    I really like this app

  • Great app

    by noteasilyimpressed

    Love this app. I love being able to hear the play back of how I slept.

  • Great App!

    by wendy8g

    Really love this app! Easy to use, love the music to wake you up or just to chill out!

  • Finally an app that tells me what

    by Calby59

    I needed to know. My poor wife has to listen to that snoring, no wonder she kicked me out to another bedroom. I found out that I may be a candidate for CPAP study. This is an incredible application, worth every dime spent. I know that part of my weight loss problem is not enough sleep. My eyes have been opened to a new knowledge.

  • Great

    by Jourdan11

    Great app

  • Joebug1

    by Joebug1

    Very useful!!

  • Really cool App

    by Zombie72

    Is very neat. You can even use songs off your iPod.

  • Perfect!

    by Cr7queen

    Just what I needed!

  • Good app but....

    by Salcabrera17

    This app is raw but I would want a option to create a playlist for my sleep not just one song cause it gets old after a while

  • Very useful

    by PenGwennsMom

    Does what it says it does, which is saying a lot with so many apps these days that simply don't work.

  • Not as good as the old version

    by MeganBalk

    I loved this app before the ios7 update.

  • Sleepy time she cometh

    by #1iPodvideofan

    Very interesting & informative. I sleep with a Fitbit on my wrist and it doesn't give near the accuracy Smart Alarm does. Fitbit doesn't always stay set to sleep mode. I feel like I'm invading my own privacy when I listen to the sounds I make at night. Weird emotion I know. I drink to many fluids in the evening so the apps alarm usually doesn't stand a chance against my bladder's alarm. Well worth $1.99 price.

  • Great app

    by Bjamesmacpherson

    Did everything it was designed to. Great app

  • Amazing

    by PammyGoff

    This app is really awesome!! I love the sounds you can fall asleep to and the fact that you can control how long you want them to play. The wake up alarms are very soothing as opposed to getting startled out of your sleep by traditional alarms. I love the summary of your night's sleep you receive in the morning it is helpful to tract what times you are waking through the night!!

  • Gets you up

    by Roheem

    This app does wonders for the heavy, and over sleepers.

  • Does not work, disappoint tris versión

    by Iordonez1

    This application stores pretty recordings of snores but it does not work as an alarm using manual mode; the app won't allow you to set a wake up time other than 7am... Be careful: if you trust this app you could lose an appointment because it won't go off at the time that was set before. It seems to me that this application only works for unemployed people who can wake up when they wish to. The support area does not provide smart and helpful solutions. iPhone 4S with IOS 7.0.4

  • Amazing

    by Vhouc

    I didn't realize until now that I talk in my sleep.

  • Alarm clock

    by storD003

    It's good !

  • Good app

    by Craigslist hobbyist

    I like having a record of what my sleep habits have been. That alone can make a big difference.

  • Better w latest updates

    by Ohraley

    It works and the interface has gotten a lot better.

  • Solid

    by Kazza9

    Proved to me had sleep challenges,

  • Amazing

    by Rikybob

    This is the best alarm clock ever it tells me how i sleep it has improved my sleep

  • Great

    by Real talk!!!


  • Great app

    by Andrew2743

    This up works wonderfully it allows you to see your sleeping patterns and the sounds you make... Me and my younger brother share a room and I recently found out that he talks in his sleep

  • To get the notices to stop

    by J&EADAMS

    I'm only writing this note to get these requests to leave a review to stop.

  • WORTH THE $$!!!


    Great app. By far one if the best of the paid versions of an alarm clock. Very worth it!!

  • Excelente

    by Le faltan detalles

    Al principio tenía muchos errores pero al final valió la Peña excelente aplicación

  • Great app

    by Thomas Fidler


  • Great app but no sounds!

    by lwhiz

    I love this app, but something has caused the sounds to not record...either an app update or an iOS update. I've ran the test and it tests fine, but each morning it shows 0 sounds. Anyone have this problem?

  • Really Great!

    by Cooldogdaddy1

    This app actually records the "disturbances" in your sleep, and is helpful to decipher whether it not you're a wild sleeper, as myself. Do you snore? You can find out with this app. Just give it a try! Definitely worth the two dollars.

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