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Limited time offer! Get both iPhone and iPad version for $2.99 only!

First app designed exclusively for women.

Staying in perfect shape or acquiring it is so nice and easy with our great fitness app for women “Fitness for women: workouts and exercises by”! Get started to see and feel amazing results with our effective exercises, ready-made workouts and individual programs!

- 80+ pre-installed workouts designed specially for women by professional instructors for different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced
- Choose the right exercises for any zone you need: upper body, abdomen & waist or thighs & buttocks
- Add new exercises into your workout and easily delete the ones you don’t need any more
- Create your own routines in a few taps
- Complete easy to follow fitness workouts followed by real-time audio and video instructions
- Create your individual program according to your weight, height, age, body shape and problem areas
- Add your favorite songs to work out with pleasure
- All the exercises have been optimized to fit women needs and are simple, but very effective: all you need is your body, no other equipment required!

- Join the rapidly growing social network for all things fitness
- Upload and share your favorite fitness pics
- Like and comment on the photos you like
- Mingle with fitness enthusiasts near you and all over the world
- Browse top rated photos and follow the users you like

Customer Reviews

  • Categorize Exercises

    by Ryan Rhodes

    I think if exercises were categorized by the muscles they worked then the app would be easier to use. I would also try to organize the workouts in such a way that someone could do each workout in order and that would lead them onto the next level of intensity (intermediate.)

  • Good for now

    by Ladykaye

    Just started ~

  • Pre-trial

    by Zombigrl23

    Haven't tried it yet, still wrote a review, it looks good

  • Easy to install

    by muzikluvbug

    I just installed this app. I like it so far as that goes. I will write another review soon, after I've used it for a while.

  • No problems

    by Weechie12345667890

    Nice app good for working out and good while your on a diet!

  • Music glitch

    by DdanaDean

    When the instructor gif loops or when it goes to the next exercise the music stops or goes to the next song so it just sounds like a jumbled mess. Love the app otherwise.

  • Great way to start my day

    by Nakia Simmons

    Wonderful app with so many options for me to reach my idea weight. The workout are easy to do and it doesn't take too much time out of my day.

  • Lovely App, but Missing Several Features

    by Valentine S..

    I had been thoroughly enjoying this app until I decided to try using it alongside iTunes Radio. Impossible: either the teacher in the video freezes, or you have to stop iTunes Radio and forgo the lovely selection of music it has to offer. I would appreciate for this to be addressed in either of two ways: 1. Ability to play music from iTunes Radio directly from within the app. 2. Prevent the teacher video from freezing while playing iTunes Radio in the background. Less important, but nonetheless highly desirable: Once a workout has been completed, it simply ends as if it never began. There needs to be a notification of some sort at the end of a workout so as to congratulate the user and tell her to come back for more. If an achievement system could be implemented, then so much the better. Also, there are no audio cues—such as those heard in your Fit In 7 Minutes app—that would indicate transitions between exercises. Thank you very much for considering—and, hopefully, implementing—these suggestions. I will update my review as soon as an improved version of the app is released.

  • You don't need anything else

    by Beta988

    I love this app. I've only used it a few times yet I'm already seeing a difference. I would give it a five star rating, but I would say use some caution with some of the exercises. I have a sensitive back and neck and know that some of the things are not for me! I just skip those and do the rest. (Rolling your neck around and moving your torso around in the same way are not good for anyone.)

  • Good

    by Melime

    Can't wait to try all the different workouts

  • Love it

    by Brittany Pembleton

    Great app

  • I feel great!!

    by Katieco96

    End of my day, one word: BANG!!!

  • Love it!

    by Mommyflow14

    I love it!!!! I have a 2 year old and a 3 week old and its perfect cuz I don't have to even leave the house!

  • Totally Portable

    by Lugnuts1984

    I'm lovin this!!

  • Love it!

    by NetRawr

    Started this app today and I love it. I'm a waitress so it's so hard to fit in an exercise routine and this doesn't take long at all!

  • Great app

    by Chao Couture

    Great workout, three different levels, and customize workout to tailor body areas.

  • Great app

    by Ladydeath75

    I have purchased many fitness apps and this is one of the best for the money!

  • Lots of choices!!

    by Karinacb

    Good app

  • Love this app

    by Imafreak77

    This app is great! Workouts are ready and available whenever the mood strikes! I love having it all at my fingertips!

  • Perfect!!

    by Vikki22lynn

    Just started this app but already I love how I can chose workouts that are personalized for my age, weight, and body type. It gives great easy to do workouts with REALY good instructions. Love it.

  • Ms

    by Non-yaz

    It would be zero. Not helpful and not as advertised.

  • Meh....

    by VSH2

    This is okay. It will do in a pinch. Here are a couple of points: 1) My individual program had me repeating an 18 minute routine 4x. With small children at home, I don't have that kind of time. It would be better if you could truly individualize it to skill level and time available. 2) My individual program was the same routine everyday. BORING!!!! I definitely need variety to stick with something. The best program I have found on the internet, apps, anything is Nothing has come close. I would get a refund on this if I could :-(

  • Great app

    by Astridchusita

    It have a variety of exercises focus on specific goals. Love it.

  • Great

    by Ysawires


  • Just start

    by mk303511

    I have just started seems like a good idea.

  • Great

    by Blondie212009

    This is a great app for a new mom in my opinion, I do my little workout that doesn't take long and I still feel the burn that I miss so much from before when I was working out everyday. Love this App

  • Awesome

    by Flybird82

    Great workout

  • Love this app!

    by nadiabotzi

    Great variety of exercises and perfectly explained. It's awesome to have the possibility of working out where ever you want!

  • Oh yes!

    by Zoom98.46

    Buy it. 'Nuff said.


    by Lindsay957

    Love it sooo much :)

  • Best workout app!

    by Zack Moss

    I love the videos and timers!

  • Awesome app

    by JRT84

    I can do my workouts anytime a day and having them set up in here is great love this app

  • Good app

    by janu28

    Good app no need to run to gym

  • I love this app!

    by Mariah!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

    This is perfect for me, I just started working out again and needed something no to crazy, so I can get the hang of thing again after having a baby! This is perfect for me. ❤️

  • Feel it already!

    by OneandOnlyHP

    I wanted the opportunity to have a personal trainer without paying and having to go somewhere else to work out. I just finished my first personalized session in the comfort of my living room and then added an arms routine you provided and I feel those muscles already! Can't wait to see what kind of personal progress I can do and at a level I can actually complete.

  • Ok

    by Jamie71


  • Simple and effective

    by Jeah.

    Love the simple design, simple concept, and simple exercises.

  • Great, but

    by There are no nicknames...

    The app keeps closing on me and sometimes won't let me onto the Fit and Share.

  • Best workout app ever!

    by Abrielle421

    I love this app! All you have to do is make a individual workout and it works wonders! You just do the workout 4 times everyday. But it's not the same workouts everyday so it's not boring! I just got it yesterday and I can already feel the workout working. This is worth more than 2.99!

  • Love this app

    by josierose5689

    I have really enjoyed this app. I am a novice to working out so this app is absolutely perfect. It guides you through all the moves. I love the variety. I wish there was a stretching option. That’s my one complaint. Nonetheless 5 starts for sure.

  • Nice exercise program!

    by Mdsistas

    Really like that you can pick your level of fitness and move through to next next when it's not challenging. Very convenient for traveling because you use your body as your resistance, no need to worry about equipment. I give it a 4 because it would be nice if the workouts included warm-up and stretches.

  • Workout fanatic!

    by 0616Jamie

    Tried this today and was very disappointed. Did the workout as instructed and didn't even bust a sweat in the hour. Definitely not worth any money and not for veterans. I would like a refund!!!

  • Just downloaded

    by Lmndrop

    Checked it out a little. So far so good. Will let u know more after I've started workouts.

  • Crap!!

    by 12345leelee12345

    Absolute and total crap! Wish I could give it zero stars!! Save your $2.99 or buy anything else!

  • I'm just starting to workout again, and this is perfect

    by RWood82

    I am by no means a workout expert, maybe 10 years ago, but definitely not now. I wanted something that wasn't too hard in order to get back into things, I could do at home, and didn't need any extra stuff in order to do it. I downloaded this app from Facebook recently, and it works great on my iPad. It has crashed or locked up, but I haven't tried to play music through it (I prefer my Pandora stations anyway). The exercises are great and easy enough for me to do on my living room floor. I like that they are not too time consuming, and that it sets up a daily plan for me. I just started, but this seems like something that would be easy for me to keep up with. So far I love it!

  • Love it!

    by Alpha Driver

    It's like having a personal trainer on call at any time you want...even at 3 a.m. :)

  • Just right

    by Twiggette

    I have done this 3 times now. And for me it's perfect. I was in a car accident 1 1/2 years ago. Therapy didn't do much and the exercises they did have me do I find right here! I don't need to lose weight just tone up and trust me I feel muscles I hadn't felt or used for some time. My husband and I are renewing our vows in 2015 I have more than enough time to get in shape. It's convenient and cheaper to do these exercises in my home than pay hundred for 6 months else where. Thank you for having this app!!!! :)

  • Pretty good!

    by Smjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    I just started using this app today. It was definitely worth the money-- I'm so sore! (Which means it's working!) :) Only thing is I wish it told you how many calories you burned. It would be helpful for not only myself but for those who track their exercises and their lost calories! Any way to put the burned ones in?

  • Great workouts

    by Tls014

    Love it

  • Nurse

    by RN, NP

    This app is great! Exactly what I was looking for. Very clear instructions without all the silly hype and talking, make your own workout or follow theirs - love it!

  • I do like it but there could be several better ways to fix it

    by Natalie Dold

    Love the basis of it. I can't seem to run music through it (it crashes often). And when a person ends a workout it just ends - this would be a great opportunity for you to offer sharing features or at least state it has ended (right now the workout just closes abruptly). The sharing at the end of a workout could state so and so just finished the xxx workout and another opportunity to drive brand awareness for your app. And the feed for photos isn't exactly rich with any features - this could be enhanced greatly. Allowing ppl to share workouts and tidbits of details (instead of showing almost naked pictures which does nothing to promote the app or workouts it contains).

  • Three for now

    by svz5

    As a newbie stay at home mom I have 25 minutes (maybe that) with my two year old running around. For a better rating,I have to see results,my goal is to tone and flatten belly, tone lower torso as well. I just started so we'll see. Not expecting miracles but a noticeable change is fair.

  • Worth the purchase!

    by Esyac

    Could use a few more workouts. But I love it so far

  • Good app

    by Loveforever6610

    Not bad

  • Great

    by Bigsis_17

    This is a very good app to stay in shape!

  • Nice

    by BittyMomma


  • Doesn't work, $3 wasted

    by JYinMet

    Lesson learned- don't buy an app from a Facebook ad that other people have already said doesn't work. Couldn't get a single workout to load. Pretty annoyed, lost three bucks.

  • Not a bad app

    by Amc2.0

    Just started, it's not the worst app I have purchased. I'm at enjoying burn of working out and knowing I'm making myself better!

  • Great app

    by Mari0430

    I like the workouts because they offer multiple levels from beginner to advance.

  • Annoying notifications

    by i_luv_moozac

    It's "great" now please stop asking me to review it. :P


    by Isuperviseu

    I have left two emails about the app not working and was not contacted back. Not worth the few bucks, when it doesn't work and customer service is just as sorry.

  • Login failure

    by ~*~Stephanie~*~

    Cannot say whether this app is good or not as it won't let me login or skip login. What a waste of money!!

  • Crashes!!

    by ljtreyes

    Thought it was a good app and all it does is crash!

  • A little disappointed

    by Deeder522

    While there are a ton of different workout over the 3 levels, I don’t think that the price is in the right range. For $2.99 I paid I expected some weigh based exercise and the ability to add in my own exercises that I find online. While you can customize a workout you can only chose the moves they have listed.

  • Good purchase

    by musicmanager

    Great app, feeling sore already!!!

  • Workout vet

    by Workout vet

    Not worth 2.99. Maybe .99 but not 2.99. If you are a beginner this app may help you but seasoned fitness peers wouldn't be impressed. I use myfitness pal and UP now which help me tremendously with my weight loss/lifestyle goals. If you know what exercises tone which sections this app isn't necessary.

  • Worth every penny!

    by Tabbygriffiths1

    The exercises are well illustrated, their are a ton of different workouts and different levels. Their is something for everyone! Only one problem my music won't play:(

  • Just a couple of nits

    by Kcbernst

    Please add warm-ups and cool-downs. Also, when creating individualized workouts, ask for level of experience. I got a beginner workout and I am advanced.

  • Good so far

    by SamiiGrant37

    I've just begun using this app, but so far it is great!

  • Awesome app

    by Techa Ninna

    I haven't started working out yet but going through the app and it looks really great can't wait to start for the new year.

  • Awesome

    by laberge1

    It is a great app lots of different exercises. I really like it.

  • Great tool

    by prettynuggets

    I have a weightloss competition coming up for work. I'm sure to win using this app!

  • Awesome

    by Melly melly :)

    Awesome app!

  • Works Fantastic

    by Jenhamm12

    I like how you can have the app build a program based on body type. My legs have been positively sore everyday with their mix of exercises. Highly recommend.

  • Great app!

    by Onnabug23

    I love how it's set up.

  • Nice App

    by Music Addict22

    This is a good app. I am really enjoying it.

  • I love this app!

    by Sarabean123

    perfect way to get started and stay on top of your workouts!

  • Fit Women app is great

    by GingerMB

    Love the variety of workouts! Wish there were warm ups, stretches & cool downs, though. I know it's working b/c I'm sore! Love that I can get a great work out in 30 minutes, but wouldn't mind an additional 5-10 for warming up & cooling down. Also, love that I can get an awesome workout on the go without needing a bunch of equipment. Thanks for keeping me healthy!

  • Apps

    by cestarich

    Awesome app !!!

  • Just started

    by Kvde9607

    I only down loaded it this morning but already like the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, the different exercises. I have hip displacement issues and this feels like it will allows me to do low impact exercise to improve and strengthen my hip.

  • great app!!

    by Sweetlou28

    Love this app!

  • Nice and useful!

    by Alexey9101

    The app has clear design and lots of different workouts. Love it!

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