All-in Fitness by 1200 Exercises, Workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI calculator Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Spanish


1. Local food database in English

2. 200 new exercises that you can do at home

3. Fully updated Fit n’ Share social network

4. Fixed bug with decimal point in Calorie Counter

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Over 5 million men and women all over the world rely on All-in Fitness to be in perfect shape
Limited time offer $2.99 (50% off the $5.99 retail price)
Now you can track your daily food intake using our local food database in your language.

*** "The gym rats dream. From calorie counting to workout tracking, this one does it all." -

*** "Think of every feature you could possibly want in a fitness app...Yeah, they're all there." -

*** "Perfect for the gym rat as well as the weekend warrior." -

*** "Includes everything you need to help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals." -

Fitness encompasses the totality of bodily wellness!

This app is an all-in-one fitness solution to complement the training of fitness enthusiasts at any level!


• HD-quality audio/visual encyclopedia containing 1200+ fitness and yoga exercises suitable for both men and women and categorized by muscle group and equipment!
• 100 ready-made workouts designed by our fitness experts for different goals!
• Create and save your custom workouts!

• Join the rapidly growing social network for all things fitness
• Upload and share your favorite fitness pics
• Like and comment on the photos you like
• Mingle with fitness enthusiasts near you and all over the world
• Browse top rated photos and follow the users you like

• Local food database helps you find all your regional specialties.
• Fitness is the ONLY app on the App Store that features a high-quality built-in calorie counter and nutrition guide with a database of over 300,000 foods and recipes!
• Vitamin calculator advises you about your daily vitamin requirements based on your goals!
• BMI calculator - a quick and easy way to determine if you really need to gain or lose any weight.

• Workout calendar so you stay on target!
• Body Tracker lets you accurately monitor the changes in your body!

• The monthly Fitness e-magazine provides helpful articles to keep you informed on fitness and nutrition!
• Access FREE professional support directly from the app!

• Automatically share your progress with updates on Facebook!
• Get motivated as friends and family encourage you in your progress!

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, then join millions and go for the all-in-one solution: the Fitness app!

Customer Reviews

  • It has it all

    by lanottemanuel

    Great app. Really helpful

  • Over a year & still can't be beat

    by Waze Hawk

    I look at other fitness & nutrition Apps & none come close. I even saw a hydration App, well this tracks that too! Don't see your favorite exercise, simply add it! Can't beat this App!

  • Best of the best!!!

    by Dimunakis

    The best sport app ever seen. Don't hesitate and buy it!!!

  • Great APP!!!

    by Khite

    Awesome app. Everything I need.

  • Perfect app

    by MaZzzutttt

    If you wanna get ripped this is your app.

  • Everything you need!

    by Ottovonbismarck34

    This app is legit.. Everything you need to log in your calories and food intake is easy and simple. The great thing about this app is you can look up the nutritional statement of the food/drinks you had via scan bar code, search, category, etc. there's seriously no excuse not to be able to keep track of your eating on this app.. Hooked!

  • Greet app!!

    by Nonvp

    I used it to gain weight and it really helped me to do that !!

  • Gudie oney

    by Tzrioh


  • Now, I'm an addict

    by dante.the.poet

    In late 2012/early 2013; when I was using the now-old-school version of Pedometer. I don't know what happened, but between then and now, but these apps have become a comprehensive fitness application suite that covers total body fitness. I used to have to depend upon several different apps from several different developers, all with different layouts and means of tracking. It was annoying!! I was spending more time entering and syncing information across several different platforms, than actually doing what I love to do. Now, I've deleted all of those other apps, and am starting fresh in 2014 with only the All-In-Fitness Family!! I'd highly recommend you do the same!!

  • Great stuff

    by JaxJunior

    All in all great app but like the other guy said some machine filter option among many others like maybe body weight only filter (similar to the at home workout) might be somewhat difficult based on certain things but most likely doable from a dev standpoint and would be greatly welcomed I'm sure Though in the end I think your method of including a workout based in home is a better approach so you should add more like so, as mentioned the no machine and body weight only workouts

  • Love this app!

    by Erik Watson

    So far I really like it.

  • For Beginners or experts

    by Steel Head 72

    This app is great if your really looking to add something different to your workout plan. Just be ready to BRING IT!!!!

  • by Deagleshooter

    Awesome! I love this app!! Gives me the best workout routine ever!!

  • The best

    by Boricua in The moon 23

    Over the roof

  • Good all around app

    by Blakmaskingtape

    The app Dora's what it says from both a workout and nutrition standpoint. I'm impressed with the size of the food database. All the social media stuff is a little annoying. They should make it easier to suppress some of that. Also, the workouts are organized well but they should consider filters for machines, smiths, etc. so you can toggle those on an off. Also, if adding and removing exercises from an inflight workout should be easier and not indicate you didn't finish the workout if you remove/replace exercises.

  • Awesome App

    by WindRider of Korialstrasz

    Great app keep up the great work!!!

  • Great app!!

    by 6fjll

    It's like having a trainer every where you go!

  • Good App

    by Haguilar23593

    Great tool.

  • One of the Best

    by Redex white

    One of the best workout apps I've used. It's great and I recommend it!

  • Solid app to gym

    by PowerEPlayers

    I downloaded exercises offline and use it to exercise at the gym

  • UI design is a disaster!!!!!

    by Rustywayne

    Totally don't worth 2.99!!

  • Love

    by Wanztttttdyhv

    Love this app, lots of cool features . I switched from myfitnesspal to this app because it has more features and is so easy to use and is more fun.

  • Really helpful

    by Yuan S.

    The app does everything for you including planning your routines based on your experience....just get it and it will be worth it.

  • Good

    by charsobees

    Good app

  • Great

    by Gonzo7800

    Great app. Must buy for anyone interested in fitness.

  • Fitness ready

    by JamesGfromAZ

    I like how this provides articles from magazines with information. I will utilize this going forward.

  • Wow

    by LoverBoy12201992


  • Jay

    by Jayjesse


  • Nice.

    by Force.

    You have to use it to do it!!

  • Good app

    by 1Burner

    Good app lots of info

  • Amazing!!!

    by MissEmme

    Best fitness app out there! It does it all!

  • Best exercise app

    by WhoCaresItsiTunes

    Very good worth money

  • Awesome

    by Rescuemiller

    I like the simplicity of it and I can track dieting as well. I wish that it could sync with Nike+ which is my running app so I would have to add those events to the calendar.

  • The only fitness app to use!!

    by StaefflerGroup

    This is the only fitness app I will use again! This is definitely the best one I've seen where you actually WANT to use it!

  • So far I love it!!!

    by x JRobbs x

    I'm only one day in but it is a complete system!!


    by snowman2240

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Helped me lose 40 lbs!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Good app

    by Chocolation

    Good workout app

  • Grade A application

    by leviathan6873

    I am really looking forward to the organization that this application is going to give me!!!

  • Very good app, food log needs work

    by bleedmaizenblue

    Very good app, food log needs work.

  • Great app!

    by handsomewilliam77

    Fantastic app. Best one yet. Would rate 5 stars if you could see all your workouts at anytime as I don't like being forced to decide how long I wish to stay with current workout. I prefer to change when I plateau.

  • Great app

    by Cmrose9

    Love it!!

  • Good app

    by Artem Boldakov

    Like it

  • Very helpful

    by KJADAIR 59

    I've just started using the latest version, it's been very useful. Better tracking & media player works much better. Already feeling a difference.

  • Awesome

    by MOONCHILD2015

    Great layout awesome work out easy to use!

  • Its Cool

    by DubboTap

    I would've given if a five star rating but its missing my favorite exercise, the incline dumbbell bench press

  • Tốt

    by Li Bao Zhong

    Nó đã giúp tôi tăng từ 52kg tới 60kg. Thank

  • Excersice

    by Ramsis Olazagasti

    Very good App.


    by n3C1O0130

    Great app for routines & diet plans!!!

  • Love

    by Megansih


  • Nice.

    by Force.

    Pretty cool app.

  • Very good app

    by Carol1311

    I love it, is helping me a lot

  • Awesome

    by Dyclas

    I got many others fitness apps but no one has be better than this one I 100% recommended The price is not even fair for the great purposes

  • A life saver!!

    by lushmusic

    This app helps me keep up with my progress and routine during a busy day!

  • Just Awesome

    by Al Ansari111

    It has all what I need

  • Great app

    by mathmantx

    Has almost everything you need in one app. If it had a more in depth meal planning section, and generate a shopping I would not need another fitness app. Over all the best fitness app I have tried which has been several.

  • Awesome app and very practical

    by Kamatss

    I have been using this app to plan and track my workouts and progress. It is also helping me on keeping track of my eating habits and reaching my goal of maintaining BMI

  • Kick Butt!

    by Chickafeenahnay

    This has replaced every other fitness app but one. If you add a few stretching routines for before and after the workouts this will be perfect!

  • Great app

    by Robert Dunn

    One of my favorite

  • Fantastico

    by Jes!2k10

    Fantastico Es divertido completo, y detallado. Es una aplicacion completa y que mejor esta en Español

  • ..

    by Al-bozi


  • Great app

    by tunes453

    Very helpful need to use it more

  • Great app!!!

    by Incognitoman

    Love it!!!

  • Love this App

    by ElaneC

    Awesome app, and got even better with the new update.

  • Its just okay

    by Nileshw

    Very difficult to use. Doesnt have routines. I expected weekly routine that beginners can follow

  • Great app.

    by Mrnasi

    It keeps me on track!!! From the food I eat to the workout I do. Love it!!!

  • Great to build the body of your dreams

    by Swagga meeds

    A whole lot of good stuff in there. If you're motivated you can achieve a whole lot with that! Cheap investment for such precious guide.

  • Best fitness App

    by Hefnar

    Very useful app with a great design and easy to use

  • Best fitness App

    by Hefnar

    Very useful app with a great design and easy to use

  • Disappointment

    by Myssle79

    I can't believe for over two months they haven't fixed a very obvious, very trivial bug that doesn't allow a period to be added to serving size. Terrible customer service. Was promised 2 months ago that this would be fixed and nothing has changed. Was my favorite app on the market now it is just a source of disappointment. They've updated all of their other apps multiple times but apparently All-In Fitness customers aren't worth the same. I always leave last posts. I've posted twice once was constructive criticism with 4 stars. Next was update needed. Now it's too late. I've switched to MyFitnessPal. Little harder to find certain things but at least it knows how to update. And if I send criticism they'll probably listen. UPDATE NEEDED! I left my original comment up so users can read and hopefully developers will read. I've been suggesting app adjustments and pointing out bugs for them and they haven't delivered. I even used their "48 hour" "Live Support" it's been over a week with no response. You can't use a "." To put portions in ever since iOS 7. I've pointed out many things that could be adjusted and even received an email saying they'll consider, but there hasn't been an update in months. The fitness magazines are from last year and there are many other issues. Please fix your app. Was once my favorite but I eat portions all the time and now it's just annoying. Soon I'll be switching to MyFitnessPal if things aren't done. "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Close, but no cigar - I enjoy this app and use it daily however, there are many easy things that could be added to make it much better and win my 5 stars. 1. Allow more than just Carbs, Protein, and Fats to be added to custom foods. 2. Have the custom foods put into a database for others to use. 3. Allow searching in categories. (Example: Food Categories -> Vegetables -> Peppers. After getting this far their should be a search option which would make it extremely easy to find foods) 4. Allow swipe deletion. (eg. Accidentally added food, swipe delete as opposed to opening and hitting delete. Helps with multiple deletes) 5. Have activities like jogging and biking not have set speeds, but a calculator where you only need two of the following three: speed, duration, and distance. 6. Put statistics next to where you actually fill them in, not on a completely separate screen. Or keep on separate and just add a shortcut under each section. 7. Fix bug where weight randomly jumps to different numbers when trying to search for workouts. 8. Allow addition of barcodes to custom foods to save time. 9. Add/Allow photos for regular/custom foods, not just recipes. There's more issues I can think of but I believe these are all a good start. I have many of the apps from plus sports, but to compete with other apps these fixes along with others should be added. In addition there should be a way to use the other apps made by plus sports in series with each other. (Example: I did a yoga routine in all-in yoga, I should be able to enter that directly into all-in fitness for workout calories. And the same with all-in tracker)"

  • The BEST!

    by Nescafnor

    I am using this to lose weight and if you are like me and don't know much this a great guide and if you want to build muscle this has hundreds if workouts and tutorials on how to do then, I'd you want to get in shape this is the app, you are getting what you paid for and even more.

  • All in one fitness disappointing

    by Monnie914

    This app has malfunctioned for months at a time. Currently the decimal point doesn't work for entering partial portion size. I do find this all helpful when it works. Please fix existing bugs!

  • Great

    by MinionDW

    Excellent app. Gives you workouts of all kinds and equipment. And examples of how to do each exercise correctly I made a custom plan to my needs, is working real well. Give it 5 stars!

  • Wow

    by Jr567264

    Incredible app.

  • Bad app

    by toynach

    This app froze every time when I launch Daily work out. I will pursue to get my $2.99 back

  • Best App I have


    This is the app I recommend to all my friends. Easiest, motivating, excites me to use :) Please give it a chance!!!

  • Genial

    by Necxo

    Muy buena

  • Won't work

    by Oval1

    Keeps saying check my internet connection... Uninstalled and then reinstalled, no luck.. Phone is definitely connected?? I even downloaded all the data.. Please help, looks cool if it worked.

  • Had app for a long time, calorie counter used to be better

    by Jennw78

    I used to love this app above all others because I could control entering portions if I didn't eat an entire serving. Now I can't enter in "half a serving" or any other increments other than what is predetermined as a serving. Huge fail I think. What's the point of keeping track of nutrition if I can't be accurate. Also, keeping track of a workout routine is hard to navigate AND enter. Who has time to go through all that???! Not going to all that trouble. I'm switching back to a lesser favored app because they have more flexibility. Also, an amazing thing I think many would appreciate for any health app would be to have the ability to access your current log in multiple devices! It's a pain in the rump when I've entered half my day/week on my tablet, only to realize I entered some things on my phone. Fix these things and you're back on my number 1 list!

  • Perfect Workout Partner!

    by DeOppressoLiber.5

    It has been many years since I've stepped foot into the gym or on the track, and with Fitness and the ready-made workout regimes I don't have to worry about which exercise I need to do next or which muscle group it targets. And the health tracker and calorie counter are easy to use. Holistically, this app opens your eyes to fitness, motivates you to do better for yourself, and teaches you about calories, nutrition, water intake, healthy habits, and how to feel better every day.

  • Perfect Workout Partner!

    by DeOppressoLiber.5

    It has been many years since I've stepped foot into the gym or on the track, and with Fitness and the ready-made workout regimes I don't have to worry about which exercise I need to do next or which muscle group it targets. And the health tracker and calorie counter are easy to use. Holistically, this app opens your eyes to fitness, motivates you to do better for yourself, and teaches you about calories, nutrition, water intake, healthy habits, and how to feel better every day.

  • It's cool app

    by mimimi430

    It's cool app. It does have some delay.

  • 4s

    by wpimentel

    no se instala en un 4S con IOS7!

  • Very good

    by Renatod2


  • by Carmelo Olivas

  • Very Good

    by Wladi yankee


  • Great App

    by The Wire Addict

    Great App

  • No Decimals

    by Jdizzy100

    No decimals after update

  • Best calorie counter I've ever tried

    by AlexaSpelling

    They need to fix commas in calorie counter though for availability to check in half of the portion for example. Good body tracker too! And exercise database has pretty much everything.

  • Awesome app

    by Joseph Powell

    Great tool

  • It's ok

    by Orthelj

    The app needs before and after photos and workout routines and a good diet that can get you similar results of that person.

  • V.good

    by Moh1123344


  • Bad calorie counter

    by GKV10000

    I hate the fact that you can't enter portion sizes in fractions. It has to be either 1 or 2 or any integer. What if I hate half the portion!!! That just makes the whole calorie counter feature useless. Their customer care and feedback system is junk. Reported this immediately after 'purchasing' this app, but no action, no response.

  • Muy buena app

    by Carlos al 100

    Excelente App se las recomiendo

  • Simply amazing

    by Spenjeeezers

    I've never written a review. Must tell you something about this app. It covers all of my fitness needs and wants. Too many people think they are smart and know everything about getting big. I did. But this helps find different exercises, keep track of your nutrition, and keep track of your progress. Its simply amazing and totally worth 3 bucks.

  • Great

    by Firjel

    The best app to workout and do ur diet I've ever seen

  • Great app But...

    by ikissnyc

    I love everything about this app EXCEPT one major thing. In the calorie counting section they don't allow you to alter the size of your portion to decimals or halves. So when logging your food, you do not have the option of inputting half of an apple or 1 1/2 muffins, etc... Not a good issue to be having when trying to specifically log your calories!

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