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We've listened to your feedback and have updated the app with some great new features!

- New section where weight lifted and reps can be logged for exercises
- Exercise reps and weights can be viewed on an interactive graph
- The exercise log can be exported from within the settings screen
- Fixed the issue with units over lapping on some of the measurement pickers
- Fixed the issue where some graphs were crashing on some versions of iOS
- Fixed the issue where the apps data was not exporting correctly when the units were set to inches

If you like what you see, can you please leave a review for the app or update your existing one.

Please if you have any comments or if you need help with anything email us at [email protected].

We're already working on the next release of the app, which will include a nutrition journal! If you'd like to see anything else, please drop us a line.

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This app is not associated with Beach Body LLC or the P90X3 Program in any way.

Tracking your progress of the P90X3 Workout has never been easier!

The aim of the app is to act as a log for people who are starting out with the P90X3 workout or people who are already completing the workout. It allows you to store and track your progress and monitor how well you are doing and how far you have come. The app also allows for multiple users, so you can store results for multiple people. The app came from the directors husband who is doing the P90X3 workout and couldn't find an app to log his results.

The app contains a list of the workouts involved. For each workout you can:
- Log the date the workout was complete
- Log your weight
- Log measurements such as waist, chest, hips, arms, legs and body fat %
- Log weights lifted and reps for exercises
- See previous weight lifted and reps, so you can compare day on day
- Add notes to accompany each workout
- Add multiple photos with an accompanying note
- Share on Facebook and twitter that you have completed a particular workout and share any photos you have added
- Log fit test results

There is a photos screen where you can at a glance quickly see how far you have come, moving through the photos with a swipe of a finger.

We've also included a Graph screen, where you can view your progress of weight and measurements in a graphical view.

And lastly there is a settings screen where you can:
- add new users, as many users as you like can use the app
- edit existing users
- set what units you would like to use in the app when logging weight and measurements, stones / kilos / pounds or cm / inches
- Export all recorded results in csv format
- Email us with any comments you have about the app
- and much more!

Our apps are continually growing, we'll be adding new features with each update, if there is anything you would like to see in the next update, then please drop us an email at sup[email protected] and we'll be sure to include it!

Customer Reviews

  • Nice!

    by glennirvinem

    I was disappointed that I couldn't find this/wasn't ready(?) on the App Store when I got P90x3 for Christmas, but the app is simple and easy to use, especially after a workout.

  • Needs Worksheets

    by Celery147

    I love p90x3, and now the app reflects the workout! The worksheet feature is a great addition, and I can easily track my weight and reps! Thanks x3!

  • Meh

    by Mofos2002

    Pretty crude, but good enough til update comes on beachbody's. Doesn't offer a way to track what dumbell weights used or how many push-ups/pull ups were done on previous workouts. There is a notes section on every workout that you can plug in, but kind of a pain. It's basically a digital calendar to mark off. Not terrible. Better than a pen and paper.

  • Okay but needs workout sheets

    by Gr8gol4

    It's great that I can track measurements and show that I did the workout but I want something that has the sheets for the workout that I can track each week. Add that and you've got a good app.

  • Useless

    by ragnorrox

    If you can't keep track of workouts what's the point

  • App does work well

    by Meta4ikl

    App crashes every time you try to use the graphing feature.

  • DO NOT Purchase this App!

    by Oshoguy

    It's not an App, it's CrApp. It does not have any recording for your workouts just measurements of your weight in Kilos (not lbs) and body parts. Complete nonsense!

  • Do not buy!!!!

    by Rich0599!!!

    Inadequate data entry and tracking tool. A complete waste of time and money.

  • Wait to purchase.

    by Angry Bird Fan Too

    This app needs to have the ability to record weights and reps, until then, save your money.

  • Not ready for prime time

    by FebiFit

    Each workout section is set up exactly the same. No where to note workout like actual sheet provided. Seemed to be thrown together just to have app! Nothing as good as the P90X app... Should have waited


    by RoyBerry

    When I purchased it I thought you can track your workout- meaning log every exercise but NO, this app let's you mark if you completed the workout or not... Useless , stay away!!!


    by RoyBerry

    When I purchased it I thought you can track your workout- meaning log every exercise but NO, this app let's you mark if you completed the workout or not... Useless , stay away!!!

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