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In this update, you now have the ability to see the most up to date database every time you use the app. Simply click on the "Check for DB Updates" button in the menu, and if any new foods have been added, changed, or removed since the last update, you'll get it right away! If you search for a food that's not in there, simply click "contact support" and let us know what food is missing, and we'll get it updated and shoot you an email to let you know what our caveman researchers have discovered!

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Paleo Central, the PERFECT iPhone app for Paleo beginners, helps remove all of the questions about what you can and can’t eat while trying to follow the Paleo Diet.

With a database of 4000+ items, Paleo Central will let you know which items adhere to the Paleo lifestyle, and which items don’t make the grade.

You can also browse a database of just Paleo foods, separated by category, so you know what to buy when you’re at the grocery store.

Last but not least, we also have an extensive Beginners Guide to the Paleo Diet that explains what the Paleo Diet is, how it works, and how to get started with it.

We’re constantly working to improve and update the app. If there are particular foods or features you’d like to see added, please contact us at [email protected].

Now go.

Be Paleo.

Customer Reviews

  • So far so good, responds a little slowly

    by Alfred327

    Some already made foods like fresh guacamole, aren't listed so I had to search each of my 7 ingredients. New to paleo world to need to triple check everything I thought I knew. No corn?! :( red onion aren't listed, but they should be safe. And instead of writing: get eating or stay away recommend or link a recipe for paleo friendly ketchup and BBQ sauce. Recommendations would make this awesome app perfect!

  • Very good for beginners

    by Janell Campbell

    This app is very handy for beginners.

  • Good stuff

    by sivamani fan

    Quite helpful. Simple. Could have more recipes or a 'commonly confused' paleo option. In this section there would be lists of foods that are commonly thought to be paleo but aren't actually. Also they can have a 'tasty paleo item of the day' option

  • Great and easy

    by Malo35ny

    Easy to use and informative

  • Awesome

    by Kramer19

    Little handy app to use during shopping and helping reach fitness goals! Worth it!

  • Nice

    by Cdr Shepard

    Funny and easy to use.

  • Great app

    by Jayhawker93

    Perfect for someone trying to figure out paleo.

  • Perfect

    by Dabishup

    Simple, fun, and full of information. Best paleo app hands down.

  • Needs Improvement

    by Tapper Inc.

    It's good for starters but has a long way to go. I kind of wish I didn't pay $1 for it, but can't do anything about that now. It has weird issues like I search "shrimp" and nothing comes up but if I scroll down to where it would be there it is. There are a lot of missing foods too and some things should be kept simple like "rice" instead of all the extra details in it. It would be helpful if they kept it to a few words maximum and then you could go deeper into the type like raw, cooked, fried, etc. I hope they continue to update the app and I can one day change my review to five stars.

  • Simple Go-To Tool

    by __Eric__

    Is it or ain't it is front-and-center. Super helpful when out of the home.

  • Good app!

    by taylor gunderson

    I really like this app, it helps when I am at the grocery store (since I am new to paleo). It doesn't have all the products though and some of the descriptions are grey so that is why I rated a 4. Overall I love it :)

  • Love this app!

    by schooch58

    Very simple and informative. Love the descriptions as to why a food item is/isn't paleo.

  • Fast & Easy

    by HeyKellySue

    Easy to navigate, fact filled, simple and to the point with some humor added

  • Super App

    by eschdawg

    The perfect app for the Paleo lifestyle!

  • Awesome!!

    by Kino54

    A great app that will only continue to get greater as the database expands.

  • Great

    by Thatcentaur

    Makes following paleo so much easier

  • Does what it says.......

    by RTG1811

    Provides a good overview of paleo and helps keep your food choices on track

  • Won't Dissapoint

    by Nw24

    I have been Primal for a while and it is still a good quick reference.

  • Simple and pretty straight forward

    by Lacho0418

    I love the simplicity of this app

  • Review

    by FFSRandy

    Very helpful to somebody just starting a paleo diet!

  • C'mon

    by Neanderthal 9th realm

    Great idea. Bad app. Better off buying a recipe app or book.

  • Not that great

    by Dani M P

    This app is really no different from the information you see online. The explanantion of the paleo diet on this app is exactly the same as it is on the Nerd Fitness description. Not that helpful.

  • Very useful

    by AmberWhitney

    It's nice to be able to go "yes or no". I do wish there were more recipes though.

  • Fantastic app!

    by Patrick Raymon

    This app is amazing and does what it says! Steve rocks!

  • Opinionated crap

    by Parker2174

    It's all bro science, they have no clue what they're talking about

  • Great one stop place to check foods

    by Acraddacid

    Amazing App!!!

  • Great and informative app

    by wellraquel

    This app is amazing for anyone who is eating Paleo. I would totally recommend!! :)

  • Great App!

    by LecheLoco

    Very helpful and informative for beginners. Maybe add a feature with meal ideas?

  • Good app

    by ShorePatrol

    Good information - hopefully they keep updating this app!

  • Excellent

    by T-Terp

    This app has been a huge help!!

  • Too Basic

    by KAS1989

    Most of the foods listed on this app are so obvious as to whether or not they're paleo. It would be nice is more "rare" food items were added, not just the basics.

  • Nice resource!

    by Torgo the Defiled

    I appreciate that a lot of work goes into keeping the database up to date, as it is. I would give the app 6 stars (if I could) if there were explanations of WHY some foods are bad in terms of what physical reactions they cause. Perhaps with a link to a paper or article. For example: I get that split peas are legumes and hence not paleo; but rather than just be a paleo-fundamentalist :-) I'd like to know which post-agricultural foods might not be SO bad. Now I'm off to research the nutrition of split pea soup on the rest of the intertubes. Thanks for the app!!!

  • Use it Everyday

    by emArika


  • Basic information

    by Brelli89

    This app is what it say to an extent. It helps people get a general idea of what to eat, but does not have a large database of information. I tried to search for certain items and the app could not find it. These were quite common items too! Recommendations: Large database, or option to search past the apps capability and pictures.

  • Great app

    by Lou da man

    Great app

  • foods way too specific

    by TrippingMonkeys

    i'm not interested in seeing 50 food items when i look up peanuts, like "little debbie cakes". all i wanna know is if peanuts are paleo. i can see an ingredient list on the back of food packaging. the problem is that there's too much information and that results in the app being difficult to use.

  • It's an app...

    by Asupermoose

    This app is exactly what it is. No bells and whistles. They could maybe throw in some pictures or something...

  • Paleo Central

    by Bbmewe

    I love this app! Full of relevant information, yet with a bit of humor that brings a smile to my face almost every time! I so recommend if you learning Paleo!

  • Yes please!

    by Lissabee23

    A very thorough and easy to use guide to paleo foods!

  • Helpful

    by sidi 345

    Just keeps you on track!

  • Excellent aid!

    by Rayle1993

    Perfect diet companion. Has a very wide variety of foods right down to brand names that are and are not paleo friendly. Definitely pick this up if you're on the diet!

  • Incredibly helpful

    by Sarper1

    I have done paleo before but now I have to due to a medical condition. It has made it so much easier than last time. I cannot imagine paleo without this app. Thank you!!!!

  • Functional

    by Harrison Philly

    It's a good app for beginners and gives a basic rundown of what Paleo is all about

  • A Must Have For Beginners!

    by Hop Nugget

    Simple but still informative. The elaborate analysis of the how's and why's are best left to the numerous books and blogs out there. This is a simple tool to get you started quickly. Also entertaining! I use it less often now than in the beginning, but when I DO need it, it has always come through for me. And things I questioned early on were borne out by further research from sources like MarksDailyApple and the works of Robb Wolf. If you want to jump right in and hit the ground running, THIS is the app for YOU!

  • A Must Have For Beginners!

    by Hop Nugget

    Simple but still informative. The elaborate analysis of the how's and why's are best left to the numerous books and blogs out there. This is a simple tool to get you started quickly. Also entertaining! I use it less often now than in the beginning, but when I DO need it, it has always come through for me. And things I questioned early on were borne out by further research from sources like MarksDailyApple and the works of Robb Wolf. If you want to jump right in and hit the ground running, THIS is the app for YOU!

  • Great beginner paleo app

    by Yamahatomaha

    Straight forward no b.s.. It was very helpful in educating my family on paleo eating

  • Informative and funny

    by Tyneeponi

    Gives me what I need as a reference. Wish it had recipes. But other than that it has been very helpful in changing eating habits.

  • Good but limited

    by Paleo beginner

    Very useful tool and great suggestions for alternatives, but lots of foods or sauces don't show up. May get better as time goes on and more items are added.

  • Helpful

    by Sammiegt

    This app makes starting this way if eating easy.

  • Incredible, easy to use!

    by Data augur

    Very useful and easy to navigate app. Love it!!

  • Awesome

    by M((4nn

    I love it

  • Tremendous Help

    by Mike Pohl

    No matter where I go I always have my cell and this app. I have lost almost 35lbs in 6 weeks!!! I find myself constantly opening the app and looking up foods and a lot of times ingredients to see if they are Paleo. This app has been key in changing my lifestyle and will continue to play that role!! Thank you do much for helping me get my body back!!! Evidently I didn't submit this! I have lost 55, feel great and still going strong!!!

  • Love it

    by Smsr3d

    I'm new to the idea of paleo and can't wait to get started. This app. is easy and simple to use. Perfect for uncertain paleo beginners that are unsure if an item is paleo approved or not. Only a buck so you can't go wrong.

  • Holly butter

    by Good guy fry

    Very nice

  • needs polishing!

    by s.s.Awesome

    it's really informative and convenient but it would be great to have a bit more work go into this app. more foods, recipes, refined searching for example. great for beginners to get a feel for what's paleo and what's not though!

  • Meh

    by Krissygeo

    It does what it says. Being new to paleo this helps. Clearly the stuff I'm searching for that is not found most likely it's not paleo

  • Great guide.

    by Fa113n0n3!!!

    I've read quite a bit of info on the paleo diet so the beginners guide didn't teach me much, but would be great for those new to the "diet". The list of food items are great. Don't hesitate to use the search function if you're iffy on something.

  • Great app

    by Msshortytink

    Very useful at grocery store!!

  • Fast and easy

    by Makarbar

    It's so easy to use. Thank you so much. I'm going to be using this every time I eat.

  • I never write reviews, but....

    by All the names are taken I want

    This app is amazing!!! I fairly new to the paleo diet so not only does it go into full details about why I should go paleo but if I ever question about what I'm about to put in my mouth, I type it in and boom it tells me if I'm good to go or not. If you're thinking about going paleo, spend the 0.99 and do it!!!

  • Best app ever

    by Alexander Fields

    Definitely my most used app on my phone. Very helpful already lost 66lbs using this guide with tough workout routines! The app has answered virtually all my questions even the few items that I thought were paleo that turned out not to be. The explanations are very helpful in explaining why something may or may not be paleo. Very excited to continue using it and looking forward to new updates.

  • Yes.

    by Sam Sundermeyer

    Simple. Helps ALOT. Go Nerd Fitness.

  • Don't waste the money.

    by DumptruckCarrier

    App is not sophisticated and has a very limited food library. Also difficult to navigate/locate food items.

  • True

    by :BOOM:

    True to what it says it does. If I am unsure I look it up on here and sure enough I check the back ingredients and the app is right on point with it. It seems that took someone a long time to go through all non paleo ingredients. Totally worth 99 cents for all that work.

  • Love this app!

    by ErikandRobin

    Not only is this useful, informative, and convenient...but I appreciate the tongue in cheek humor that's inserted throughout.

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