Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: English

Seller: MyNetDiary Inc.

Many fixes and improvements:
* macronutrient planning
* offline search fixes
* layout improvements

In the previous update: beautiful iOS7 redesign

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327 Ratings
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12603 Ratings
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Make your New Year’s resolutions stick - achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals with MyNetDiary! MyNetDiary helps you plan your diet, track food and exercise, make better food choices and achieve your goals.

MyNetDiary is the easiest and most comprehensive iPhone diet app, with a huge food database, barcode scanner, and great diet tips and analysis helping you stay motivated for healthy weight loss.

- Selected by Apple as Health & Fitness App Store Essential
- Featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, and more.

Proven science that works: rated #1 in a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

With over 50 screens, 535,000 foods database and barcode scanner, MyNetDiary Pro is comprehensive and yet very easy to use. Includes free website for online food entry and backup.

MyNetDiary has already helped over a 4 million people work toward their dieting goals – why not start on your goal today!

* "This is the best tool I have ever used to keep track of my weight loss.”
* "Best all in one APP. Deleted 4 apps for this one."
* "This app is very easy to use."
* "Absolutely awesome – it’s like having your own nutritionist with you at all times.”
* "If I could have only one app on my iPhone, this would be it!"

#1 food database in the world - over 535,000 foods, powered by PhotoFood Service. If a food is not in the database or out of date, send us its photos directly from the app!
* Built-in barcode scanner
* Absolutely fastest and easiest food entry in the world, saving your time every day. Searches as you type.
* Works great offline without Internet connection, with a streamlined offline database
* Up to 45 nutrients, including carbs, protein, all types of fat, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins
* Multiple servings for most foods - grams, oz, cups
* Daily and Weekly Analysis - learn how you can improve and eat more healthfully
* Track your water intake
* Optional PIN protection
* Syncs foods and exercise with (free account included)
* Syncs with a special MyNetDiary app optimized for iPad - the top iPad Healthcare & Fitness app
* High-quality, beautifully-designed app

* Very fast and easy to use – absolutely the fastest app available for food entry!
* Searches foods as you type – finds most foods after entering 3-4 letters
* Organizes and remembers your favorites and typical servings
* Enter your own custom foods
* Create recipes
* Detailed food labels and food score
* Optional food time tracking

* Over 500 activities and exercises available at your fingertips
* Calculates exercise calories based on MET - your weight
* Allows exercise calorie entry - great for body monitors and exercise equipment
* Time or distance for running and walking
* Enter your own custom exercises

* Set your target weight
* Plan for your target date or desired weight loss rate
* Calculates target calories, weight maintenance calories, BMI and BMR
* Calculates based on your age, height, weight, gender, and activity level
* Includes weekly exercise planning
* Carb, fat, and protein budgets/targets, with energy percentages

* Tracks daily steps, blood pressure, hours of sleep and work
* Beautiful charts comparing plan, averages and meals, measurement charts
* Weight progress chart with target weight line
* Record and chart all body measurements
* Food Scores - understand a food label at glance
* Weight-loss projections
* Before and After photos
* English and metric units

* State-of-the-art online website for food and exercise entry
* Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian
* Family and private groups, sharing with your doctor, dietitian, or coach
* MyNetDiary Maximum subscribers get access to advanced website features, including a full set of charts and reports, printing, and Excel export

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by dan_ef2

    Fast to use. Intuitive interface. I haven't counted calories before and I find that this app makes it very painless. Plus you can track progress which is very motivating. Love it.

  • Cool App

    by Chuckmcgee009

    Has a lot of food options and the barcode scanner is choice. Very nice.

  • Great!

    by JLNCL

    I have been using this app for over a year. It keeps me on track with regard to my weight. Easy to use and updates to info put in are pretty fast. I like it a lot! Update: I am still using this every day and still love it. Easiest way to keep your weight in control. I especially like the bar code scanner feature.

  • 37 year old guy

    by Jop556308

    It works well, easy to follow, you just have to have a commitment to want to stick to the plan. I like how it gives you daily and weekly analysis. That forces you to make changes to what types of food your eating as well as portion size. It helps to have one day that you allow to eat whatever you want.( kind of like a day off from the plan). Well worth the upgrade price! You just have to spend time with it to figure it out, but once you get dialed in you off and running. To date, over a 3 month period I've lost 25 pounds. Good luck!

  • Works great

    by Cinder6

    Would be 5 stars if the food search was a little better and listed ingredients. For instance, it's hard to get an accurate calorie count if you aren't sure if something in the database matches exactly.

  • Easy, integrate and convenient.

    by Mike Greene


  • Very useful

    by Emortensen20

    When I am using this app my weight loss is so much easier. It's also the best way to help me keep the weight off.

  • Amazing App

    by Colony88

    I've lost 48 lbs since June of 2010. This App drives you to your goal and keeps you there. It's perfect in every way.

  • Love this app

    by Eeyore1980

    I have struggled with my weight almost my entire life. One day I stepped on the scale and was blown away that I was 273. So far this year by using this app daily and following my calories I've lost 15 lbs in a month and a half. Still have a long way to go, but this app will be by my side everyday.

  • Losing Weight

    by avoidnwrk

    Every time I get serious about counting calories, using this app, I lose weight. Very intuitive once you start recording YOUR foods/meals. Easy and quick entry of food and exercise. Charts are helpful as well. Have used other apps, like this one the best.

  • Keeps you on track

    by Birdie987

    Very helpful and makes it easy to keep on track for the day. Easy to find foods or add them if needed. Great tool to track nutrition values of what you are eating too. Super easy to use.

  • Simplicity at its BEST !

    by Holy Cow !!

    So many diets !! So confused !! Back to basics...counting calories. Eat less + exercise more = weight loss the healthy way !! Love this app !!

  • I love it!

    by Bhandarism

    I've used myfitness pal and my macros and I think this app is easily the best I you want to track macronutrients as well make sure you are hitting your nutritional goals (fiber, calcium, iron etc) and tells you when you are doing stuff right in terms of cholesterol and good vs bad fat. I don't think that the recommended breakdowns are good, but no site is. That's something personal. But you can bypass it fairly easily. The best part is easily the food entry. It's super easy and really responsive. I also was able to figure to out really fast, so the user interface is great. I recommend this to anyone who does "If it fits your macros" or anyone just wanting to watch why you eat with ease!

  • Great app

    by Twinparents

    I found this app very good and useful. If I could change anything I would give the option to input a number of calories instead of food. Just because I have other apps that can more precisely do a specific calorie count. However you wouldn't get the counts for anything else so I can see why they don't.

  • Best calorie tracking app by far

    by ElvaM

    Huge inventory of foods. Self-populates quickly based on your prior choices.

  • Well worth it!

    by Dmodmodmo

    Worked perfectly for me. I haven't had any issues besides spelling errors for certain foods, which can make it a difficult search every once in a while. Other than that, this app has been essential to keeping my diet, and I've lost twenty pounds so far! All through calorie tracking and exercise. Love it!

  • Great App

    by Christopher Gorgoni

    Ive been using this system (as needed) for years -even before it was an iphone app. The integration with the web platform is great and the food scanner has been an incredible time saver. Love it. Very robust app. Easy to use and lots of great features. Highly recommend.

  • Works perfectly!

    by Bwilson1869

    It has everything you need to track and monitor your caloric intake and exercises. The scanner is one of the quickest I've used and creating homemade recipes couldn't be easier! Follow your plan and track EVERYTHING you eat (only takes about 2 minutes for every meal, even if you have to enter your own recipe) and you WILL reach your goal! Works for me and all my friends I've recommended. Worth every penny.

  • Super easy to use

    by Cpmerr

    I love this app because it comes with a barcode scanner- which is really convenient for quick counting. I don't use this as frequently as I should, but this app is crazy easy to use and has a pretty simple interface.

  • Great app

    by DRK-47

    Much better than one that costs you about $40.00 per month to use!

  • Thank you!

    by Badnama

    I am 29, married, and a mother of a 13 yr old boy. I work a full time job but don't have the money for the gym or a personal trainer. This app is like having a dietitian with you at all times! I love it! I have tried several things to lose weight, however none have worked for me. I am also taking visalus shakes in conjunction with this app and I am losing weight! Slowly but surely I will reach my goal with this app, my goal you look good naked!!!!

  • Awesome

    by xxBlackheart

    Great program. Very helpful and a wonderful tool. A must have

  • Excellent app...only 1 complaint

    by Mdhaughton

    It seems like an app this good would give you a guideline for sugar based on your caloric intake...i'm not diabetic...just want to live healthy and it seems like it would be a small thing to add...

  • Very helpful app

    by CatieK

    This is a very useful app, even if you're not looking to lose weight but track how you eat. Before I started my diet I spent about two weeks just getting used to the app and to entering things (so if be less likely to forget to during my diet) and I learned A LOT about my eating habits that's been very useful for me in tailoring my diet. I've only been using it a few weeks, but it is definitely worth the money.

  • A must have for anyone...

    by mysterio74

    I just had gastric bypass surgery, and this app is the easiest way to keep track of my eating habbits. I am A little obsessed with it and never miss a log in. I have already lost 82 pounds in two months and feel amazing. I'm about 60 pounds away from my goal. I will keep using this app after I reach my goal. It's well worth the price. I even told the Doctors office about it, and they are now suggesting it to patients. Great job guys, best app I have ever purchased.

  • Best ever!

    by David1438

    I've tried several weight loss and calorie counter apps. All have disappointed me. I love this one however. The scanning feature is great. I've only found one food item in over a month of usage that it did not recognize. The nutrition info is great, the charts, the recipe function....all superb. Love it! If you need an app to help count your calories and lose weight this is the one. I'm down 20lbs in 6 weeks thanks to this tool.

  • Awesome!

    by Lexio84

    I've lost 8 pounds since using this app. Makes me really count every calorie!

  • This is a really good app.

    by Tincupfish9

    I have tried this app and many others. However I have kept coming back to this app because it really is the best app for this purpose available. It is easy to use and makes data entry very simple. The key to an app like this being used is that it must be simple to enter the data. The only thing I can think of that would make this app better is that if you had the ability to plan your meals out during the day and then go through and check whether you actually ate those items are not.

  • Love this app, good buy

    by Willyo84

    Love this app and it's graphs. Leading me to a healthier life.

  • Great App

    by Fanofiphone

    Best app for monitoring diet and nutrition, as well as exercise. Very pleased.

  • None

    by PawnPhilosopher

    The best app I have! Everything works as advertised, easy to use. I use it constantly.

  • Best out there

    by Nin7

    This is the fastest, most efficient way to keep track of calories, diet and exercise. Handy charts help you view your progress over time. Set goals. Achieve results. Love it!

  • Nice food journal app

    by CTCladdagh

    Nice software. A good value. Most foods that I want are in the database.

  • Easy to use

    by Twodimples

    Lots of items in the food data base. Love the barcode scanning option which makes it so easy to record what I'm eating without searching for it. The custom food feature is really nice if I am making something from a recipie. This app opened my eyes to how much I'm really eating (too much)and how much I'm supposed to be eating!

  • Did I waste my money?

    by Nikki367

    I just started using MyNetDiary and already irritated . I scanned my chobani yogurt and it was suppose to be 140 calories instead it turned out to be 160! That's what I have always loved about just scanning the barcode . I guess if this continues I will go back to my fitness pal.

  • 60 pounds lighter

    by Germaine195557

    I am doing great moving this excess weight from my body to oblivion. MyNetDiary was the way I got'er dun. I have osteo penia so I've waited until now to exercise. I'll begin walking very soon and progress slowly so I don't break my bones or exacerbate the Fibromyalgia. My goal is 180 and then we'll see about 170. Not bad for a 57 year old 5'10" grandpa.

  • Great.

    by abe in CT

    It does everything you could ask for to make tracking your food easier.

  • Good App

    by Hiram392

    Does what it is supposed to do.

  • Great app! Worth the few dollars

    by Anthony Iaconelli

    This app has helped me lose almost 60 pounds in the last 6 months. It is virtually identical to the WeightWatchers app which has a monthly subscription fee. Granted that comes with a lot more support and tools and recipes but I never used those features so My Net Diary is the best choice for me. I just wish it had alert reminders.

  • Love it

    by ambersan

    Great app and great features!

  • Very Impressed!

    by CupcakeNY

    Highly customizable! Exactly what I was looking for too :). I will definitely recommend this to my friends and gym admin! Only wish you added a mood diary with a selection of 10+ faces or mood descriptions! Please consider this! :) Thanks!

  • This will app will work for you!!

    by dr. dj funkswiggle

    this app has the largest food database and will record all the food you intake, also the amount of water you drink per day, and how many calories you burn, great app overall

  • Pretty good

    by Mtarheel

    I have used the app on and off. So far, everything works well.

  • Easy App to Use!

    by CUPEEPN

    I tried many different health apps out there and by far this is the easiest app to use. It has many features that were made with the enduser in mind. I use the app each day and most times I track my meals as I complete them. This is a necessity for me on my health focused journey.

  • Amazing App. The most valuable tool in the tool box

    by Corn-bread

    I Couldn't have lost 100 lbs without this app. It teaches you about food and nutrition. If you'll use this app and be brutally honest with the info you log in it you will lose weight. Just imagine if the fuel nozzle at the gas pump didn't shut off automatically. If you didn't watch the fueling process properly it would overflow. This app gives you a way to shut off your fuel intake while monitoring what type of fuel your putting in your body. It also gives you a fuel gage of sorts. I could set my scale as to what MND was telling me I'd lose, it was dead on. I recently quit using the app for a few months and surprise surprise I gained 20 lbs. I'm refocusing now to loose the weight I gained.

  • Excellent

    by TKRules

    This app has a very user friendly food entry program and AWESOME barcode scanner. The exercise tracker is also useful. I would recommend this app.

  • Good format

    by Latcatin

    I tried several of the most popular fitness apps and I like the format of this one the best.

  • Awesome

    by Giggleball

    Love this app! The best I've found. I absolutely love that it will scan the bar code & all the nutrient info pops up!!!! I will never use another app I love this 1 so much

  • Great app

    by Rehdem

    Along a diet program, tracking daily intake with this app helps me loosing weight

  • great app!

    by nonicknameforme123

    Still a little new, but so far love it! It holds me accountable, love the macro tracking and calorie counting. Being able to see my results in a chart puts things in to perspective. I would definitely recommend this (and have).

  • Super easy!!

    by queenb728

    Love it... I never realized how many calories I eat! I getting results

  • Great app!!'

    by Sean Killion

    Feeling like I have more energy and I'm losing weight!

  • My net diary pro

    by ManU4Life

    Love this app. Easy to use, great motivator. Best feature is the scanner so you don't have to search for all foods.

  • A great ap for type 1&2 diabetics!

    by Mpg9395

    Helping me with two goals. Goal one: trim down! I enter everything I eat, and all my exercise. Working very well. Goal 2: Maintain tighter diabetic control. This ap helps me accurately know how many carbs I'm eating, which helps with my insulin intake. One caution... Some of the contributed foods are not accurate.

  • Tried a ton of other apps

    by Kurlysue

    I absolutely love this app. I have tried so many other food diary apps and this is by far the best. I love how you scan food labels but also create your own recipes.

  • Works

    by keylime29

    Fast and - Easy to use. Specially the barcode reader. I have lost 12 lbs in one month. I use it to control calories/ portions because my idea of a portion is evidently WAY off, I discovered by just recording what I ate and looking at the totals and analysis. Wow. So I play with it to build a meal and plan snacks I love the analysis daily and weekly. May I request a rolling month analysis as well ? Thank you


    by Laceybre

    Love being able to track my vitamins & minerals! This app is hands down the best diet tracking app out there. Wish there was a filter to check off when searching to filter out contributed foods! Otherwise it's awesome

  • Totally changed the way I eat and exercise

    by Howell Cobb

    This app is awesome. It keeps me honest. Calculates everything for me. It's made my new lifestyle simple.

  • Super App!

    by WarpOne

    I use it while eating. Scan barcode saves lots of time. Perfect app.

  • The best - been using nearly 2 years every day!

    by gdc9

    ...and I've never stuck with anything 2 years. Here's why, IMHO. It's not a diet, just a tool. But I've slowly, smartly lost close to 50 pounds using it without dieting because I stay aware of how many calories I'm taking in without much effort. Great planning tool for how to eat when you've got that "big night out". Worth every penny. Makes me much more aware of salt and calorie content - love the scan content of packaged food so easy. Awesome! Blows every other one out of the water. I review hardly nothing. This app would be worth $99.99, and this is not a paid review. Honest!

  • A good app. helped me loose weight

    by Red-Stashe

    I love the app. when I commit to using it to its fullest I feel it is a good tool to help me with my weight control. If you guys keep adding things into the barcode scanner the app. will keep getting better and easier to use. Thanks. Matt

  • Great App!!

    by VCrew001

    This is a great app with lots of features, I just wish it had a larger food database.

  • Great app

    by DchanslorMN

    The one thing I would add to this app, is the ability to edit existing recipes.

  • Awesome!

    by Jess8329

    Very helpful and easy to use. I've used other calorie counters but this one beats them all. :)

  • I love this app

    by Gncastro

    I love this app!! So easy to use! One of the easiest apps I've used to monitor my weight loss goal! Enjoy the daily charts and reports on how I am doing. A tool I can truly not do without!

  • Fantastic if used

    by Easy Apper

    This is a great app. The only downfall is the operator. If you don't use it it doesn't work. But if utilized it's easy and handy to have.

  • Love app, problem with chart feature

    by Netdawn

    Having tried weight watchers, I know accountability is key to successful weight loss. This app provides those accountability features. I love it. Not happy with the charts feature. Get a blank screen. Otherwise, fantastic app!

  • Use it

    by dubs925

    Awesome app!

  • If you want to loose weight you should try it!!!

    by Jzert

    Taking a few minutes to easily track your weight, exercise and food can help you in your goal! The app is easy, flexible and has been improved over time. You should try it!

  • Love it

    by Chicktrex

    Really helpful to keep track of calories and nutrition. Has helped me to realize I was not where I needed to be to lose weight!

  • Keeps me honest and on track!

    by Taytesmommy

    Love this app! Tracks my work outs, calories, steps, measurements, nutrients and water! Keeps me honest! I just wish that there were more work outs available in the list to choose from...;-( other than that this is the best app I've used for weight loss and I've tried them all!

  • Easy easy easy

    by Mando2802

    Great program. I have used other calorie counters and this is by far the best and easiest. Highly recommend.

  • Easy to use!

    by JM210705

    Helping lose pregnancy pounds. It's easy to use. I recommend it.

  • Helpful

    by heapers326853

    It's great for me. It tracks everything I could ask for! I use it everyday.

  • Worth it.

    by Ohio paddler

    Very well done. Food database is pretty impressive. Barcode scanner is lightning fast, although it sometimes struggles to read codes on shiny bags.

  • Worth it.

    by Ohio paddler

    Very well done. Food database is pretty impressive. Barcode scanner is lightning fast, although it sometimes struggles to read codes on shiny bags.

  • Great App!

    by CJHolliday

    This diet diary app does it all. Scan barcodes to find food values or enter your own ingredients. Track weight loss and protein intake.

  • Very nice

    by Lotsoflight

    Great app. I've had it over a year & it's got just about everything. It's well designed & excellent scanner, very good food data base that includes food from less traditional markets like Trader Joes & Whole Foods. Easy to use, attractive. Would love a way to enter an approximate calorie count for times I eat out. That would make app perfect!!

  • PCOS

    by monkeybutt.3

    This app is so easy to use & motivating. I could not loose weight no matter what I did. I started using MyNetDiary & I found a lot of my hidden calories. It also motivated me with all the different charts it offers to see my progress. I like that it can do a special plan for me. I lost 54lbs with the help of this app.

  • Best app purchase EVER!!

    by Girlpanic

    This app has helped me lose more weight than any other diet, even weight watchers! I've tried other apps, this is the best diet one! Not A lot know about it but this app is all you need to help you lose weight, goal setting and tracking , huge database and no monthly fee! It is worth every penny and u sign in and it's on all your devices! Very convenient too! Easy to use! It works and is the best out there for sure!!

  • Great app

    by Trouble5258

    Great app! Has a good variety of foods and exercises in it to make for easier logging. I really like the bar code scanner feature for the few foods that are not listed.

  • Great app

    by MortenBulow

    So easy to use. The bar code reader is the greatest

  • Program

    by Lakeladywi

    Excellent tracking program

  • Great helpful app

    by Likefeather

    I combine it with exercise app which gives it a big plus. Very easy to use

  • Very good!

    by SendLoops

    Calories in, calories out. Sounds simple enough but it's very hard to keep track without an accurate tool like this. Easy to use, love the bar code scanner and the recipe/favorites features.

  • Not Bad

    by Miraj12

    Not a bad App, very helpful but food database needs some updating and sometimes the Nutrients info does not match the product info. MyFitnessPal seems more accurate and has lots more food items

  • Easy peazy!!

    by Big-B77

    This ap is great! It counts everything! I use it every day as I try to put on lean mass while losing flab! Buy it today! You won't regret it!

  • Great App! Have used it for a long time!

    by dgmommie

    I have used this app off and on for years. I've tracked my calories, my water, and my weight... sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times. I love that I can pick and choose what I want to keep track of on the app. Tracking calories is easy because most if the food is already in there and what isn't can be easily figured out and added. Tracking weight is great because I'm visual and love seeing that progress on a chart as well as having the numbers right there showing me my progress. ...... Updating this to say that for the past few months, the chart feature has not been working for me at all. The screen shows no chart when I choose a weight chart option on my phone. Unfortunately, since that is all I am using the app for at this time is to track my weight, I have no choice except to adjust my rating from 5 stars down to 3 stars until the problem is fixed since is has been going on for so long without being addressed.

  • Love it!

    by Lisamaboe

    Very cool! When you track everything like this it really makes you consider what you're putting in your body and motivates exercise!

  • Amazing app

    by LosingAgain

    I find it very challenging to keep up with a food journal. I've gone from paper and pen, to websites, and have tried other apps. MyNetDiary is, by far, the best. The more you keep a journal, the better your chances of success. This app makes journaling easy and actually fun. I upgraded to the Pro for just $4 and I have already gotten my money's worth. The barcode scanner is fantastic because not only do you get a nutrition label, the MyNetDiary gurus also give the food a health benefit rating from a scale of -5 to +5. A raving fan here. At the very least, I don't hate keeping the journal anymore! I find this to be the most valuable app on my phone.

  • Worth Every Penny!!!

    by Collector of Many Things

    I have been using this app now for about 6 months and have lost 42 pounds thanks to being able to conveniently track calories consumed--it's like a check book...when you get down to zero calories left for the day, you just stop eating. Great APP!!!

  • 52 yr old guy swears by this app

    by RMS

    I am a 52 yr old guy, who was pretty athletic and have been around sports my whole life. As I grew older, I forgot that I couldn't eat like a kid anymore and proceeded to slowly put on lbs after lbs. At 6'2 , I finally got to 262 and realized that I'm going to die young if I don't watch out. I tried them all. : and logic sets in eventually and you realize it's all about good calories in and living/exercising them out. THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN BY MY SIDE FOR 8 MONTHS: I have lost 45 lbs and I have never been more confident that this is a game changer. It's simple and it's always there to help me understand what I'm eating. I consider it a life changer and educator. I also think it's easier to use than others. HOWEVER, it needs a place where you can store the more popular items that are regulars. As it is now, the storage area loses it's data after a short bit. That's all. Thanks again. UPDATE: 1 year later and still down 40-45 lbs. Took the sumner off dieting. Getting back to it today to lose another 15 lbs. Update 2: tge program has gotten better in the last couple of years. Still the only thing that helps me monitor and maintain my weight loss. I'm proud to say that either because of my suggestions or obviously many others they have improved things by adding better favorites.

  • Great app!

    by cassandra reynolds

    Easy to use, allows you to monitor what you want.

  • Great for accountability!

    by Lilly b.

    Love it! Holds me accountable for what i eat, praises me when I've done good which i love and didn't know it and especially love the barcode scanner, Makes things so easy!

  • Very easy to use...

    by jcwoelich

    This app is very easy to use, and I think it is going to become a staple in my resolution to become healthier. I think the ease of use will make it easier for me to turn tracking my diet into a habit. I have lost just over 70 lbs using this over the last year, and would recommend it if you plan on making a lifestyle change.

  • A healthy addiction

    by JoystickM

    I honestly wouldn't stay nearly as on target with diet/exercise if not for this app. The resource library of food brands is incredibly extensive and the app is super user-friendly. I've gotten in the best shape of my life with this little gem as one of the must-have tools in my fitness kit.

  • Fantastic

    by LeoTheZen

    Possibly the best food/activity/calorie tracker out there. It is only missing a subcategory for body builders, but all do. This is only important when calculating the BMI. But it still allows you to enter measurements in :) I love this app!

  • Excellent tool

    by Twistinshout

    This is by far the most thorough tracking system for monitoring intake and activity. With the latest updates it is easy to add even more food varieties and exercises. Instant updates from iPhone to iPad & MAC means I don't have to worry about missed entries. I could not function without this.

  • Awesome App!

    by Harley chik

    I've done WW for years and this app is just as good, if not better! Very easy to use...I highly recommend it!

  • Yes!

    by Kzuniga

    I love this app. Since I started using it I have lost 5 lbs in 5 days. I'm excited to work the next 45lbs off using this app. :)

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