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Thanks to everyone for spreading the word and letting their friends know about the 7 Minute Workout Challenge! Your wonderful support has allowed us to become the top selling fitness app in over 20 countries!

This update brings many new things (free of charge):

+ support for Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Turkish languages

+ new timer that allows you to schedule phone alerts to tell you to workout

+ sharing option that lets you tell your friends about the app via twitter, facebook, or text

+ UI improvements to make things look better

+ iOS 7.0 support

+ 4 new badges that can be earned

+ iCloud support so you can backup your information on Apple's cloud

+ much more!

PLEASE - if you enjoy using our app, and would like further free updates in the future, leave us a positive review on iTunes! Our app survives off of your wonderful comments! Thanks again.

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The "7 Minute Workout" is a research-backed workout program that has become an international hit!

Published in the leading research journal ACSM, and then popularized by the NYT, the "7 Minute Workout" is simple but effective.

Researchers have selected 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds with 10 second rest intervals. This high-intensity training with little rest results in higher daily metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour - for only slightly longer than 7 minutes.

The best part? The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! NO MORE EXCUSES.

This app takes this research-proven workout and guides you through the process. Further, it tracks your results, and makes it fun by allowing you to unlock rewards as you continue working out.

App features include:

- stunning design
- both male and female trainers that guide you by video, audio, image and text
- all content is INCLUDED (no additional charges, and no need for internet connectivity)
- track your weight with our weight tracker
- track your activity with our activity calendar
- workout and unlock various achievements

We are dedicated fitness professionals and app developers. We strive to make the highest quality products - if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us. Our apps are regularly updated at no charge.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!

    by Hayhay@167

    This fitness app keeps me motivated and inspired. I love that it keeps track of all that I've done and uses charts to graph my information. The exercises are explained simply and come with a video. Great job!

  • Everything promised

    by kilianwhite

    This app was recommended by a friend who was using it as a supplement to a trainer. It is very effective and I've seen positive results in the first week in stamina and improved muscle tone.

  • Great!

    by amy lin

    I love it!

  • by SAABtastic2013

    I do this workout 5 days a week in the morning and repeat before bed; the results are explosive! I was a cardio junkie spinning every morning for 40 minutes, not anymore!! Now I love this workout. I continue to drop fat and gain muscle definition. (And I've only been doing it for 30 days!)


    by EcofreakX312

    Nuff' said...

  • Effective

    by tunji_dolapo

    Does what it says.

  • Great mini burst!

    by Seablue77

    Love this! I used the app for the first time today.. I already went to the gym earlier but felt I need another quick burst of energy! It worked.. I'll try to do this every day.

  • Great

    by Brandon Peluso


  • First timer!

    by JenReed1008

    This app made it quick and easy to fit working out into my day!

  • Good quick workout

    by Schuess60

    This is something you can start your day off. It helps to motivate you to go to the next level of workout.

  • Simple and Effective

    by trth20

    Great motivation to stop the "I have no time" excuse. Very quick and gets the job done.

  • Would give 5 stars but

    by Atlantis4569

    I'm not real happy that I have to pay for both an iPhone app PLUS an iPad app as well. That's not right.

  • Amazing

    by Cjgqqjdj

    I love this app! It has changed my life.

  • Started Dec 5th.

    by RafaelxRafael

    Really useful so far, makes it easy to get it done. Will update In 8 weeks. So I've lost about ten pounds. I haven't changed my diet and I only do the workout once a day on weekdays. I will point out that before this I was completely sedentary. Still, the workout must be effective for me to have lost the weight. Very soon I will be transitioning to two workouts a day on six days a week which should help me avoid the weight lost plateau. Also I would advise people with weak joints to check with their doctors first.

  • Amazing!!

    by Alejandraaa__

    Workout are easy but get the job done! Waking feel soreness!

  • Ohav

    by Colhaasvh

    Great App! But add more exercises please!

  • Easy, fast, energizing workout

    by pamssmith

    This provides a great, quick workout - complete with video demos of each exercise! Cycle can be repeated to create a longer workout. Results and Activity Tracking keeps up with how often you exercise and (if you choose) your weight.

  • Awesome

    by Florida Iphone nut

    Useful when on the road! Very effective!

  • Perfect

    by Punky8497

    Just what I needed

  • Simple. Helpful. Works

    by webjay

    Use it

  • App Crashes on last exercise!

    by grand_kanyon

    On the last exercise the app crashes and it won't record the workout!

  • Misleading

    by Richard VanDuyne

    Purchased this app on my iPhone and it stated it was compatible with iPad but it is not. Tried to use it on my iPad and it prompts me to purchase the HD version and will not allow it to download. Very misleading.

  • Great little workout

    by DocDirt

    Simple but effective. Nice little app.

  • Fantastic

    by Mwmoe

    This app is very well done. Clear easy cueing, good timing and good illustrations.

  • Great App!!

    by Meghan Teress

    I'm pretty lazy and definitely didn't wanna get a gym pass (300-500 bucks seriously!??) This app is awesome. I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight or just get a toned.

  • Love it

    by HeatherHappyMommy

    Love this it's is kind of like having a trainer! My little one does it with me so it wears her out as well. There is no way you can make a excuse for not doing these exercises so quick and easy and definitely works love it!!!

  • Gets me to work out

    by p0se1don


  • Excelente para empezar el Día..

    by Nelsonoil

    Rápido y trabaja muchos músculos a la vez..

  • Perfect!

    by MACCN1997

    No excuse not to exercise every day with this app!

  • Beautiful app

    by Yori yori29

    I just stared it so far is wonderful loves itttt❤️❤️

  • by Ktwid

    Since day one I knew this was going to be a great workout!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!

  • Great way to start the day!

    by Coco&Matilda

    If you don't have time for a longer workout, this is perfect. It's more challenging than you may think. Do some stretching before and after.

  • 85% of the way there

    by BWarren89

    Things to add (take note developers) charts per excerise that how a heat map of muscle groups that each workout affects, people can more easily grasp how the workouts will be affecting their bodies and where they should be feeling tension in their muscle groups. Also a way to mark each day as easy or difficult. Finaled with (and I'm sure this is already being worked on) pairing with other fitness apps.

  • Super!!

    by Dozier35

    It works !! Be determined !!

  • Great App

    by God's Warrior

    I'm so glad I downloaded this App. Been using it since. I've seen great results especially with my energy. 7 minutes workout thanks again. Much needed.

  • Lifesaver

    by OSFA

    This app seem likely to improve my health. For those days you can't go outside to exercise or just don' have the extra time, the circuit exercises work really well. I have to see how my lab work will look in a couple of months.

  • just what I needed

    by Private5477

    This app is simple and easy to use. There is no excuse for not being able to squeeze seven minutes of doing something healthy for me each day. It is just what I needed to start building a healthy habit into my daily routine. Start small and build from there. Thanks!

  • So far so good.

    by Jacquì

    With everything that the app offers, it's worth the price.

  • Hmmmm

    by Natalie Thelusma

    I like the app but I wish there was a different workout everyday so that ur body does not adapt to the same moves

  • Dormant to Movement

    by Elisabeth;)

    This is an easy app to get you up and moving, especially when you have been non-active for a long period of time! I'm excited to see the results in the next few weeks!

  • Excellent app but Plz add more...

    by Safemook

    Good Morning! This app make me fit from start of the day! But plz add more exercise or more course to select...

  • Boo ya

    by Smartonis

    Seems to be kicking my butt so far. I have very little time with two jobs and two kids, but I have time for this. Much appreciated.

  • Awesome

    by Teema28

    This is my second day doing the exercises and I'm super sore. Great workout!

  • Gets the heart going!

    by Jennsawe

    Totally cool app! Simple, easy to follow moves- I really dig it!

  • Love this!

    by Jennifer5292

    No excuses now!

  • Great workout

    by Michael Belnap

    I've really enjoyed the exercises on the app.

  • Just started

    by runnerxc12

    So far so good :)

  • Totally worth the upgrade!

    by Maha.Is.Jinx

    I used a different(?) lite version of this app a couple of months ago and it was very blah, but this one is great, the VoiceOver is so clear and the videos are crisp! And it helps to see how many reps the coaches are doing in the videos so you know how many to try for and the rests are great because they give you time to get into position for the next move without hurting yourself. I'm not vey active so from my perspective it works because I was sweating but not out of breath so let's see how it goes!

  • Great workout!

    by Mimi17252675

    I started doing one cycle now I'm doing two cycles and I look forward to doing three cycles in a row! I partnered this with additional cardio.... Seeing great results!

  • Great workout!

    by Mimi17252675

    I started doing one cycle now I'm doing two cycles and I look forward to doing three cycles in a row! I partnered this with additional cardio.... Seeing great results!

  • Sleek, works

    by Masterminding

    Straight to the point. Works. Easy to use and understand. Get it.

  • The Review are True...

    by MaketodayMatter

    Feel the burn after 7 min No excuses - 7 min Basic exercise - 7 min Want more advance, look some place else. Want results Do it for 7 min!! Want more results Do it twice!!

  • Easy and doable

    by KarenTD

    Just did my first workout. This is totally doable each day. Motivating and easy to follow. It was over before I new it.

  • A+

    by People:Cake

    Awesome, easy, and everything you need. Great app!

  • Meme

    by Newwmeehellickson

    Totally impressed!!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Exercise wherever and whenever I want. What more can I ask for....FUN FUN FUN!

  • Nice workout!

    by ~Buble'Babe~

    So far I love this app! I've been using it for 3 days and I get a good sweat in in just a few mins. I like the ability to make the workouts longer if you felt froggy that day. It tracks your progress and what days and how long you worked out. The moves are muscle building/fat burning moves like squats, planks, push ups, high knees, and jumping jacks to name a few. Absolutely love it!!

  • Well done

    by CO Orf

    Nice design. Does exactly what it should.

  • Love it

    by _Spack_

    Just finished one rep. The app is just what I needed: a high intensity interval circuit coach.

  • Great for anyone

    by Menotfit

    I have been a fit junkie and a lazy butt. Over the last year and 1/2 I've been doing a lot of sitting between work and school. This is simple and perfect for a quick work out or to extend it. Great for those lazy teens too. Get them in on it with you.

  • good

    by JY_Kwon


  • Really works

    by Josh's fiancé

    I've been using this app for months and I noticed progression. Though I think their should be more variety in the workouts

  • Great app!

    by Ifuenmayor

    The best so far!

  • Awesome App.

    by Favrefan4

    This is the best little workout! Absolutely love it! Thanks Apple your the best as always!

  • Lovee this app and I hate working out

    by Skylar Webster

    My friend and I downloaded this app and did it during the Grammys and it was awesome. I hate working out because I never know what to do and hate being around sweaty people. This is perfect for me because I can do it in the comfort of my home or with friends when I'm busy. I even catch up on my tv shows while doing see real circuits. Lurveeeeeee

  • Great app!

    by Mr. Mugwump

    I just started, but it feels like a great way to get exercise when your biggest obstacle is time.

  • Works for me

    by r&bm

    Use it most mornings. Very easy and effective.

  • Timely, & time efficient

    by Bill44444

    Good daily core workout for the one with little time

  • Amazing, Fun, and I want more!

    by Epiicc guyy

    This app is the best one I've seen of its kind! The only thing that could be in proved would be to change up the exercises. Other wise great app!

  • Wonderful!

    by Carmen Rodriguez

    Love how easy and quick it is, but still makes you sweat!

  • Can't walk!!!!

    by Kelly O'Keefe

    After I did this workout the first day, I was ok. I woke up the next day and couldn't walk or move without being in pain. NOT for beginners. Lol

  • Love it!!

    by Mama901

    I am very busy with work and my 15 month old and this has really helped a lot!!! 7 minutes is nothing and I've already lost 5 lbs just starting out!!

  • Good pains

    by Mark-1096

    Lol it's a very good app. I've recommended it to some of my friends already too!!!!

  • Perfect

    by Bibby b

    Simple and efficient. Helps to motivate you. I go to the gym often, and this is the perfect way to start my day or my workout.

  • Very nice!

    by Jeff Weber

    See title!

  • Nicely done

    by adr150

    Structured and easy to use. Good job

  • Definitely worthwhile

    by Me123AbcNyc

    This app is inspirational! What a great idea!

  • Very good.

    by Kaytie676726

    Very good app for a quick, directed work out. The app itself is brilliant and easy to use

  • Great motivator

    by Tyson Eckerle

    Easy to follow and well done!

  • Love it!!!

    by $emper

    It's easy to use, it really works. Try it.

  • Great App for getting motivated to work out and continue

    by Cocolovesflowers


  • Great app

    by Rogereqbbit123

    Im a football player and i wanted a little challenge for workouts so i downloaded it. It runs smoothly and takes a little amount of time. The work isn't that hard but it sure does get you sweating and moving. I don't have any problems with the app so thank you for making it

  • Excelent!!

    by Marioamador1


  • Love it

    by Cjpowers3434

    Working out is fun

  • Amazing!

    by Thelostwoods

    I do this 2-3 times per day on top of Insanity it's a great little cool down workout!!

  • Excellent

    by Enthios

    Gotta love it. No weights and can do it at home. Perfect.

  • Well worth the price

    by TheresaM615

    This app was ridiculously cheap and is very user friendly and most importantly, it's helping me build endurance. After the first 7 minute workout, my abs felt it the next day. I'm sorely out of shape and hate dragging myself to the gym. The exercises are so easy to learn (pictures, videos and text descriptions make them impossible to not pick up within seconds) that I find my self saying, "yes, I can spare 7 minutes". I love the achievements it keeps track of too. Can't wait to see the results after a month.

  • Excellent Workout

    by BusyMom, CareerWoman&Student

    I downloaded this app in hopes of convincing myself that I was actually being able to dedicate some time out of my jam packed day for working out. Not only is it true that I'm taking the seven minutes to workout but I'm actually seeing results! Highly recommend this app!!

  • Very Useful - Gets Heart Pumping

    by WFDIII

    Does the job - great quick workout

  • Awesome

    by Giggty12$;:?))

    I got this app 2 days later I have a 6 pack jk I don't even have this app

  • Simple, functional, efficient!!

    by FM1

    Would recommend anyone this app... Very simple extremely functional and perhaps the most important, EFFICIENT!!! Looking forward to future updates and features...

  • Good so far

    by Mariah Blizzard

    I'm only on day two of this workout. I like it, and it definitely leaves you out of breath. My only problem is I have a slight disability and it makes it hard to do some of the exercises, and I'm lacking the upper body strength for the push-ups and crunches. Other than that though, it's totally worth the money.

  • I love it!!

    by B.j.c.l

    I am a mother of 7 kids and do not have time to do a whole lot! I do one series and if I have time I do more! And I feel like I've gotten a great workout!

  • So far so good

    by Bubbles1663418263

    I like this app. It gives me an energy boost in the morning and keeps me going. I just do it whenever I am feeling sluggish and it I better than putting caffeine in my body. I love the tracker in it. And the little achievements. :) it's worth the money. :)

  • Very effective way to start working out

    by TonyRAZ

    It's hard for me to stick to a workout plan. Bought this app during Apple's 12 Days After Christmas event. It's been amazing. Only takes 7minutes so made it impossible to for me to come with an excuse not do it. Well laid out. Videos showing the exercises are great. And it tracks your tigress. Have lost a little over 4lbs since I started using this 3 weeks ago. Great way to motivate myself & control eating. Highly recommended for someone starting their "getting in shape" journey. Probably not very useful for a very fit or athletic person who already has the motivation and discipline to workout consistently.

  • Great

    by hbchongo


  • Good workout

    by Jhaggreyjag

    Didn't know how out of shape I was. Very good cardio blast.

  • Great way to get back to working out regular

    by NYSE*

    Wonderful work out I love that I can be done in 7 mins completely fits my busy life style.

  • Great for all fitness levels

    by JKahzaa

    I'm an army officer and sometimes I'm stuck in a hotel or I'm traveling and I want to get a quick workout in. I recommend this for those trying to get in shape or if your like me and workout regularly this is a great body weight workout that can be used so you don't loose your gains when going without access to a gym.

  • Solid workout app

    by SometimeLater

    Does exactly what it advertises and does it well.

  • Love it!

    by Undoing Fate

    So easy to follow. At first I didn't think it would be very effective but it is. Glad I downloaded this one!

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